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Doraemon Long Story Volume 23

Chapter 1: Entry of Fuuko the Child of the Wind

+ posted by maccha as translation on Dec 1, 2009 05:50 | Go to Doraemon Long Story

Doraemon Long Story VOL 23 TR-by maccha
Chapter 1

Page 003

Page 004
Doraemon, Suneo Shizuchan, Giant, Nobita

Page 005
[(“Introducing the characters” (big black box on top)]

Fuuko- A child of the wind that is very emotionally attached to Nobita. Usually stays inside a stuff toy.
Fuuko’s real form of appearance. Has the power to manipulate and use the wind freely

Temmujin- A boy from the wind tribe. Becomes friends with Doraemon’s gang and togther battles against the storm family.

Soon- Temmujin’s younger sister. Would be saved by Nobita and his friends while being attacked by the Storm Family.

The wind tribe’s senior member- the chief of the wind tribe. Gathers all the wind practioners and heads to Mafuuga island by boat.

Page 006
Gorado- similar to fuuko. A living creature of the wind but brutal and dangerous as a character

Storm: hostile to the wind tribe, he is the leader of the storm leader. His aim is to get Fuuko’s hidden power.

Uranda: according to Storm, He is the ghost of a revived master of magic who possesses and manipulates Suneo to practice

Ch1 The Entry of Fuuko the Wind Child
Ch2 Adventure at the country of the wind
Ch3 Battle against the storm family!
Ch4 Save Fuuko!
Ch5 mafuga revives!?
Extra read: Fuuko’s little adventure

Page 007
“Chapter 1: The entry of the wind child, Fuuko’s”

Page 008

SF: Gara Gara GAKO (bricks fall down)

Storm: Alright, follow me guys

Page 009.

Storm: I’m very sure…

Storm: This is the crest of arms that belongs to us, the storm family

Storm: Without a doubt, this is the holy land!
Storm: The place where God sleeps and rest

Storm: Begin!


Storm: Wow!!!

Page 010.

Storm: There the legendary balls

Storm: Owning them is like having the world in my hands.

Storm: Damn it! We failed to grab them.

Page 011.

One of Storm Family Member : It f…flew away!
Another Storm Member: Both of them?

Everone: !!

SFX: (Everyone Shrieks: Gya….Gyaaaaaa---!!)

Page 012.

Voice from the tomb: It’s a ghost---!

Storm: What did you say?

Page 013.

(ghost flying)
(wolf possessed)
(wolf gets fierce)
(wolf howls)
(heavy wind blows)

Page 014

Suneo: Finally, the typhoon has gone away

Suneo: I’ve been so eager to make you race

Suneo: As I expected, this newest RC car is so easy to control!

Suneo: Amazing speed too!

[THUD,, suneo slips]

Suneo: Who threw this ball into my yard!!

Suneo: Damn it!
SFX: BAN (trows on the floor)

SFX: PAKA (crack)

Page 015.

Fuuko: FoooooN!!

Suneo: wh, what on Earth is this thing?

Suneo: ?

Suneo: (A----! My RC car!!!) screams

Suneo: Stop!! You’ve got to pay me back!

Suneo: Shit! Which way did it go?


Nobita: MMmmmmm.

Nobita: It’s cold and delicious.

Nobita: (Whoa!)

Nobita: Wh…Whats this?

Nobita: Perhaps Doraemon sent him?

SFX: Jiiiiiiiii (Fuuko stares)

Fuuko: Foon foon.

Nobita: (No! I’m not giving you!! It’s mine!!) Shouts

Page 017

Nobita: (Ah!!)

Nobita: Hey! Give me back my ice-cream!

Nobita: No! Don’t drop it---!!


Nobita: Ouch!!

Nobita: (My ice-cream..!!)


Giant: “My ice-cream” you say~.
Giant: You!! Can’t believe you had the guts to!!

Nobita: Like I said, it…it wasn’t my fault…

Giant: Shut up, you should get the ‘giant-punch’!!


Nobita: Y…you helped me?

Fuuko: Foon
Nobita: Wha! I don’t want that! Don’t come near me, Don’t come near me!

Suneo: …. …….

Suneo: It could finish Giant off like that…

Suneo: If I could get him to becoming my pet…,// There would be nothing left for me to fearr…

Suneo: Alright!
Suneo: I’m gonna catch him to make him my pet!


Nobita: What?!
Nobita: You don’t know either?

Nobita: I completely thought you sent him
Doraemon: I’ve no clue, about this creature.

Doraemon: Let’s find out by using this “Analyze-all machine.

Doraemon: What a miraculous creature. According to this machine, it seems to be like a child of a typhoon

Doraemon: What does this actually mean?
Nobita: Typhoon’s child? I see!

Doraemon: As anticipated, that’s why it’s a roughtneck!!
FUuko: Fuun Fuun.

Page 021.

Nobita: Whaa! Just not that place stop---!

Nobita: Fuuko! Please, stay still.

Doaemon: Fuuko?
Nobita: That’s her name. Because she’s a child of a typhoon so that’s why it’s ‘fuuko’

Doraemon: Why is it a girl?

Nobita: Well, don’t make a fuss.

Fuuko: Fuun
SFX: THUD (sleeping mat falls down)
Nobita: Oi! I told you to stay still!

Nobita: ([screams] aghhhhh)

Nobita’s mom: NOBITA! Keep it quiet!

Page 022.

Doraemon: We gotta let Fuuko go before mom find out

Nobita: huh?! Isn’t there a way to keep her here.
Doraemon: Are you intending to keep her!!

Nobita: Oh… please~!
Doraemon: Fine…Like I can do anything…

Doraemon: For the time being we’ve got to do something about her windy power before the house gets torn down

Doraemon: “Free size stuff toy camera”

Doraemon: We’re gonna use this camera to make stuff toys for her to wear
Nobita: Even a typhoon’s child will be able to wear?

Doraemon: No problem. The amazing this about this is that it can make a stuff toy that can be worn by anyone regardless of their size and shape

Doraemon: What stuff toy shall we make!

Nobita: Umm, if that’s the case..

Nobita: This will do! This is the currently hit manga, “dorakokko”


SFX: [click]

Doraemon: See, it’s done.

Nobita: Wow, Just like you said!

Nobita: Hey Fuuko. This is your body now, try it on.

Fuuko: Fuuun!

Fuuko: Fuun Fuun

Page 024.

Nobita: Seems like she likes it. Cute, Fuuko!
Doraemon: Now we don’t have to worry about having things in this room getting blown away

Nobita: I know! I will show Fuuko to Shizuka. Shizuka will surely be delighted!!

Nobita’s mom: Nobita, Go grocery shopping for me!

Nobita’s mom: I know You’re there. You should at least answer me!!

Nobita: Wha, mom’s coming!!
Doraemon: We gotta tidy up super fast

Fuuko: Fuun

Nobita: Ahhh! Fuuko what are you doing!

Nobita: Don’t scatter them up!
Doraemon: Wait! Watch her carefully.

Page 025.

Doraemon: Books are into the book shelf

Doraemon: Toys are into the toy chest

Doraemon: Scraps of paper are into the trash can

Nobita’s mom: Nobita!! Answer me!

Nobita’s mom Oh, he’s not here?
Then what was that noise just now…

Nobita: Phew, that was great help. I see you’re able to do many things using the wind
Fuuko: Fuuuun!
Doraemon: Even so, that was close

Doraemon Looks like Fuuko has completely become fond of you now Nobita

Suneo: Damn it…, That whirlwind ghost… Where is it heading?

Page 026.

Shizuka: Oh, Dorakokko stuff toy. What about it?
Nobita: Actually…

Shizuka: Typhoon’s child?!

Nobita: Her name is Fuuko. There’s a smoke-like living thing inside
Shizuku: wow, that’s amazing

Suzucka: Oh! There’s something nice I want to show Fuuko

Dorakokko doll: Dorakokko!

Nobita: I see, Shizuchan, you also own a Dorakokko stuff toy.//Th, That can’t possibly be…!
Shizuka: Yes it is! This is the limited edition. There’s only 100 of this in the world

Nobita: Wow, it can talk…I want one too…

SFX: GAAAAN (Fuuko: *Jealous*)

Page 027.

Fuuko: (Fuun!)
SFX: BASHI (*fuuko slaps*)

Nobita: ([yells] No! The thread is coming loose
The cotton stuffing inside is popping out!)

Nobita: look what you’ve done!!

Nobita: Stupid Fuko! I’m not going to care about you anymore

Nobita Shizuchan sorry…, I don’t know how to apologize
Shizuchan: That’s okay, I can sew it and it will be fine.

Nobita: Hey, apologize to her properly!!

Page 028.)

Nobita: uhh? Fuuko…

Nobita: Hey Fuuko.
Nobita: Oi, Fuuko!

Nobita: She hasn’t returned home

Nobita: Not to the vacant land.

Nobita: I shouldn’t have said to her that harshly…
I won’t get mad anymore Please come back Fuuko…

Nobita: FUuko?!

Page 029.)

NObita: Man… just normal wind.

Shizuka: Suneo sa--n!
Suneo: Hey shizuchan

Shizuka: Have you seea Dorakokko Stuff toy around here?
Suneo; stuff toy? N…no I haven’t

Suneo: Th, that’s weird

Doraemon: I’m looking for a stuff toy like this one. You know anything?
Doraemon: I see… so you don’t…

Nobita: Where has she gone…that Fuuko.

Nobita Would she ever come back…

Nobita: (ha!)

Nobita: Fuuko?
Fuuko right?

Nobita : Oh mannnnnn.

Nobita Just normal wind again.

Nobita: Th, that’s…!

Page 031.

Nobita: Fuuko, It’s really Fuuko!!
Fuuko: Fuun Fuun!!

Nobita: Fuuko! Where did you go?
Nobita: Didn’t know anyone would just leave because of something like that

Sizuka/Doraemon: He—y He---y.

Doraemon: You found her!! That’s a relief.

Shizuka: It’s alright now I’m not at all mad

[stomach grumbling]

Nobita; !

Nobita: Hahaha …I’m hungry. Lets’s get back!

Page 032.

Nobita: Aare you okay, Fuuko?
Doraemon: Looks like it shrunk in size, we got to get something for her to eat fast.

Suneo: Found it!!!

Suneo: I see! They’ve been hiding it inside the stuff toy…
Suneo : Now since I know that it will soon be mine

Giant: What are you doing Suneo,
Suneo: Oh, Giant.

Giant: That, the one that attacked me just now..!
Suneo: If we leave it like one day it will come get you again.

Giant: I won’t let him. Tomorrow we will both go to Nobita’s house and get it!!
Sueno: okay…

Page 033.

Nobita: Because it’s a typhoon’s child, that’s it feeds on hot air

Nobita: Fuuko, you’ve got to eat a lot.
Fuuko: Fuun Fuun.
Doraemon: I’m glad it’s back lively now.

Nobita: Haha…, because she’s full she’s fast asleep now.

Nobita: Let’s invite Shizuchan tomorrow to go to a more spacious place and let Fuuko play there.
Doraemon: I agree

Nobita: I’m sure Fuuko would be happy too. So, where should we go?

Doramon: They’re fast asleep already.

Doraemon: Sheesh, you could at least turn off the lights before going to sleep.


Fuuko: fuuun
Nobita: Fuuko… *mumbles mumbles*

Page 034.

Doraemon: Doesn’t matter where,

Doraemon: just take us to the ve--rry spatious grassland!!

All: WOW

All: Incredible grassland!!
All: Yeah, that’s good but…

All: We didn’t have to land h…here……

Page 035.

Fuuko: Fuuuun

Nobita: Look at Fuuko, looks like she’s having a great time…

Nobita: doesn’t it feel good to be able to fly freely around this open field?
Fuuko: Fuun Fuun

Nobita: Alright, let’s race to the rock over there

Page 036.

SHX: KYAAAAAAA [ screams]
Nobita: (huh!!)

Doraemon: (wh, what’s that?!)

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