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Durarara!! 12 (0 comments)
Please find the raws at the DRRR!! community in LiveJournal.


[The story so far in DRRR!!!]

Simon: I came by to narrate the plotline because I don't have any appearances lately.
Simon: I'm jacking the plotline.

[Mikado bumped into a young girl as he was running toward the sound of the black bike.]
[That girl was being chased by the black bike, for some unknown reason.]
[Mikado grabs the girl's arm and starts running.]

Simon: Just kidding! That shop up there is imaginary!
Simon: What will happen to Mikado and the girl? / Find out on the next page. / I'm done with work for today, so I'll go read it too.
[The story continues on the next page!!]


[The basics of fliers. Hand them out as if you're... Read More " "
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Durarara!! 11 (1 comments)

Tom: Shizuo! Work for you. Read this out loud.
Shizuo: What's this?
[Heiwajima Shizuo]

Shizuo: Harima Mika, Mikado's classmate, was Yagiri Seiji's stalker.
Shizuo: ?
Tom: (You gotta return what you borrow.)
Man: (No… I still need…)

Tom: (Ah…)
Man: (Shit!!)

Shizuo: The head of Durahan was in the hands of Yagiri Namie, who worked as chief in the sixth laboratory.

SFX: slam
Man: (Ngh!)
Shizuo: Yagiri Namie is Seiji's sister, by the way.

Tom: Right then, let's go read the rest.
Shizuo: Okay..?
[The story begins on the next page!!]


[11 WaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWa!!]
[Love that does not connect, has no use for breaks.]

[Comic Volume 1 publishing complete!! // Anime DVD Volume 3 on... Read More " "
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Durarara!! 10 (0 comments)

DRRR!! So far?!

Seiji: I'm Yagiri Seiji. // I'll begin my 3 minute summary.
Seiji: Start.

[A nonsensical argument that sprung up between Heiwajima Shizuo and Orihara Izaya!! Thanks to Simon of the Russian Sushi Shop, Mikado was just barely able to slip away from the scene. With Anri in tow, they make a run for it. What will happen to them?!]

SFX: trickle

Seiji: Huh, there's still some time left. // You guys go on ahead.

[The story starts on the next page!]


[DURARARA!! // 10 WaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWa!!]
[Just for now, let's escape all the noise…]


[He intended to pull Anri to safety but...?]
SFX: run
Mikado: So… Sonohara-san!!

Mikado: W… Wait for me, Sonohara-san… // Can't breathe…
SFX:... Read More " "
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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 181 (0 comments)
Used by I Eat Manga.


[That smile // was her present for the "future".]

Target 281
The Remaining


[Byakuran was finally defeated by the power of the X BURNER!!!]


Kikyou: Byakuran-sama!!

Gokudera: We...
Yamamoto: Won!!

Ryohei: Yeah!!
Basil: Sawada-dono!!

Someone: We've done it!!
Someone: We've won!!!
Kyoko: Tsuna-kun!!
Haru: Tsuna-san!!


Tsuna: Ugh…

Gokudera: Tenth!!
Yamamoto: Oi, are you okay?!

Reborn: You did well, Tsuna.
Tsuna: B… // But…

Tsuna: Gamma… // and Uni…

Pg. 05

Tazaru: Princess...
Nozaru: Brother!!
Nozaru: I can't believe this!!

Tsuna: It's not just Gamma and Uni… // This battle has hurt so many people…

Someone: Agh!!


Bel: Shi, shi, shi. / Your boss went and... Read More " "
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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 280 (2 comments)
Please credit Majikayo if using as reference for international translations.


Target 280 - The Last Blow

[Who will prevail in this last battle… / White?!! / Black?!!


[Uni and Gamma sacrificed their lives during battle…!!]

Tsuna: Gamma!! // Uni!!


Tsuna: Uni…!

Fuuta: The Arcobaleno aren't reviving!!
Reborn: No, the flames should have been properly absorbed. // It'll take a little more time.

Byakuran: Hey, you! // What have you done?

Byakuran: You killed the final piece of the puzzle that I'd been searching so long for… // You've put all my efforts to waste.

Byakuran: My dream to awaken the Trinisette and make this world far greater than any dimension… // Is ruined all because of... Read More " "
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D.Gray-Man 192 (0 comments)
English reserved for I Eat Manga, but may be used as reference for International Translations.


[It was a like a lotus flower.]
[From within the depths of the mud, it shed light upon the world.]

[Almost as if]
back text: Whose memories are these…?
[That person once said that it resembled the destiny]

[Of an Exorcist.]


1st bubble: Creak
Doctor: Remove the machine and the IV.



[I see...]
back text: The awakening of truth / is the beginning of a harsh reality…
[So that's how it is.]

Bottom: Hosino Katsura // The 192nd Night - The Apostle, Revealed.


Person: I see… // Then let us leave the persuading to uncle.

Person: No, keep this area blocked off from the main branch. //... Read More " "
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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 279 (0 comments)

[Byakuran will fight with his full power against Tsuna, who has acquired the new Vongola ring!!!]

Tsuna: You won't be able to win against me, // just because your appearance has changed.

Byakuran: Haha, who said it was just my appearance? // It's about time you stopped playing

Byakuran: Games!!

[Target 279 - When the Rainbow Fades]


Byakuran: Ugh-


Byakuran: Ngh!

Byakuran: Nn…!

Tsuna: Is that all you've got? // I've only just gotten started.

Byakuran: Ha! // Then this only the start of the start for me!!


Tsuna: Crap!! // It'll fall on Uni!!


Basil: She blocked it with flames!!

Tsuna thought: [The flames are radiating… // from her entire body!!]

Byakuran: The dispensing of the... Read More " "
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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 278 (1 comments)
Reserved for I Eat Manga.


[Target 278 - "Sea", "Shellfish", and "Rainbow".]

[The creator of Vongola, Primo… Now is the time for him to convey that resolve!]


[The one who suddenly appeared before Tsuna, who was facing a battle with Byakuran, is…!!]

Byakuran: What kind of joke is this? Who is that? // That man next to you, Tsunayoshi-kun?

Uni: It's Vongola's first generation boss, // Vongola Primo!
Byakuran: !

Byakuran: Primo? // Hahaha, now is not the time for games. // That's foul to program such an ancient ancestor to project at a time like this.

Uni: He's not a projection! // I'm sure you can tell.


Uni: This is something that could never happen... Read More " "
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Durarara!! 9 (1 comments)
Note to English Scanlators: Please use these translations with the raws provided by Majikayo on MangaHelpers! Happy Scanlating!


Togusa: Heya, I'm Togusa Saburo.
[Last time on DRRR!!]
Togusa: Thought I'd read the plotline while I'm waiting for Kadota-san, but I can't seem to find it… // Where is it?

[Ryugamine Mikado finds his classmate, Sonohara Anri, being bullied.]
[Then appears Orihara Izaya, who drives away the bullies!]
[As Mikado lets out a sigh of relief, a trash can flies across his vision.]
[Izaya is thrown off his feet.]
[Who is that bartender that stands before him!?]

Yumasaki: (Sorry for the wait~!)
Kadota: (Hey,) you got some weird parking ticket.
Togusa: Eh!? Now way!! (Why!?)
[The... Read More " "
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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 277 (4 comments)
Reserved for I Eat Soul.

Pg. 01

Target 277 - Misfortune

[Their relationship hasn't changed since they first met! Spartan Tutor x Incapable Student!]


[Tsuna collapses, and Vongola's future is in the hands of Byakuran...!!]
Byakuran: !!

Byakuran: Did you say // that Tsunayoshi-kun will defeat me?

Reborn: That's right.

Byakuran: Haven't you been watching, Reborn-kun? // Tsunayoshi-kun was just taken down by me!


Reborn: Don't underestimate Tsuna's strength of dying will.
Reborn: Besides, I'm not talking about whether you can win.

Reborn: Tsuna, you've got no other choice than to defeat Byakuran.

Mukuro: [It's the same as before… // In Sawada Tsunayoshi's times of need, // the tutor, Reborn,... Read More " "
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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 276 (0 comments)
Reserved for I Eat Manga.


Byakuran: Haha, Tsunayoshi-kun!!
[What will Tsuna do against Byakuran's overwhelming power…?!!]
Byakuran: How helpless you are.

Byakuran: I could easily snap this thin neck♪
Tsuna: Agh!!


[I can't… // move…]

Byakuran: I expected a better match. What a disappointment.

Byakuran: The size of your flames convey the amount of resolution you have. // Is your resolution to return your friends to the past so insignificant?
Tsuna: Ngh!


[No… Not yet!!]

[We're all…]

[going back to the past!!!]


Target 276 - Resonance

Byakuran: Hmm,
Byakuran: it seems your flame pressure has gone up just a little.

Byakuran: It's my turn♪

Tsuna: Ugh!

Byakuran:... Read More " "
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Durarara!! 8 (3 comments)

Kadota: We're Dollars.
Kadota: Ring a bell?

[Thanks to popularity, we present the top page in color!!]
Black: !?
Black: Do-

A color gang in Ikebukuro that continues to gain power.]


"DRRR!!" so far!
Kishitani: Hello, my name is Kishitani Shinra.
Kishitani: It looks like it's my turn today. I'll explain the storyline.

[Yumasaki and Karisawa tries to torture information out of a gangster by using novels and manga.]
[Dotachin, aka Kadota, appears and we find out that they're actually the colorless color gang called "Dollars".]
[With Kadota's effective threats, they were able to get the gangster to spit out who he was working for: "Yagiri Pharmaceutical... Read More " "
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Durarara!! 7 (0 comments)

Kida: Heya! Everyone's idol, Kida Masaomi here.
SFX: (bishi) salute
Kida: Here's the storyline for you!
Left box: On "Durarara!!" so far?
[Certy Sturluson, the rider of the black bike, turned out to be the legendary "Durahan".]
[People call her a headless rider, but in truth, she's actually lost her head, and came to Ikebukuro in search of it.]
Kida: And it seems as though she's has feelings for Kishitani Shinra, the Black Market doctor whom she currently resides with.
SFX: Heh heh
Kida: Could this be the beginning of a twisted romance?!
Kida: Read on!!
Mikado: (What's up, Kida-kun?)
Lower right: The story resumes on the next page!!


[Tanaka Taro is his usual self in the... Read More " "
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D.Gray-Man 191 (0 comments)
Reserved for I Eat Manga.


[Entangled destinies…]

191st Night - Love's Memories.


[Kanda Yu… The land of destiny…]

[What reflected in my eyes]
[was that vast, blue sky.]


[Ah, I knew it...]

[A vibrant blue]
[stretching endlessly.]


[Even though I've never seen it before,]
[I remember it.]
- I'm… sorry.
- I'm sorry, Alma.

[A sky so beautiful, it almost hurts.]
[I knew of it all along.]


[The disaster began just a short while ago.]

[Where am I…?]


- Before
- the petals fall...
[It's him again.]

- [you...]
- [must...]
[What the heck?]
[I can't hear him.]

[Move it, hand!]



- !!
- Gasp!
- gasp
- gasp
- …..
- gasp
- Not again…

- You were... Read More " "
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Durarara!! 6 (1 comments)

Namie: Hello, I'm Yagiri Namie.
Namie: I'll do anything for Seiji's sake, // and today, I'm here to retrace the plot in his stead.
[Last time in "DRRR!!"…]
Seiji: Hey sis-
Namie: You just stay there, Seiji.

[The legendary Black Rider appeared in front of Orihara Izaya, one of the most dangerous people in Ikebukuro. The two seemed to be acquaintances.

[Thanks to the appearance of the black market doctor, Shinra, we were able to figure out that the Black Rider is actually the headless knight, Durahan, often told of in ancient stories, and female.]

Namie: It looks like the characters of the story are beginning to interact with one another. // To find out more, read on.
[The story... Read More " "
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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 275 (0 comments)
Reserved for I EAT MANGA.


[The time has come to take flight]
[to face the greed of the great sky.]

Target 275 - Sawada Tsunayoshi vs Byakuran


Tsuna: Ngh!
Byakuran: Alright there?

[Byakuran has obtained absolute power…!!]
Basil: Byakuran's flames...!!
Gokudera: Did he just say they're the flames that GHOST absorbed?!

Kikyo: [So that's how it was… This was GHOST's abilities…] // [GHOST served as Byakuran's flame collector… // But…]

Dino: That would mean that he transferred the flames indirectly from another body, // but is that even possible?!

Byakuran: Haha, but GHOST isn't really 'another body'. // He's me from a parallel world.


Dino: What?!
Gokudera: No way!!

Byakuran: Apart... Read More " "
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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 274 (1 comments)
Reserved for I EAT MANGA.

/KHR 274/


[Tsuna against GHOST!! How will this battle of absorption versus absorption turn out?!!]
Target 274 - The Way of the Flame

Ghost: Argh- // Arghhh!!!
Tsuna: Aaagh!!


Ryohei: Ugh!
Xanxus: Ngh-
Kikyou: Shit! // We'll all be sucked in!!
Kyoko: Tsuna-kun!!
Haru: Something terrible is going on!!
Uni: [The flames…] // [Sawada-san…]
Tsuna: Aaagh!!


Tsuna: Aghh!!!


Fran: Woot.
Bel: So GHOST was just a ball of flames.
Gokudera: Good job… // Tenth!!
Lal: Sawada...
Yamamoto: Wow.

Ryohei: That was great to the extreme, Sawada!!
Tsuna: Stay back.

Ryohei: What?!
Gokudera: Eh?!
Squalo: Something's not right.
Xanxus: …..…
Mukuro: Yes.


Dino: Zero Level Breakthrough... Read More " "
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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 273 (4 comments)
Reserved for I EAT MANGA

Uploading it onto MH by request - but strictly reserved.

/KHR 273/


[The Final Climax of the Future]
left side navy text: The battle of dying will - begins now!


top right:
[Target 273 - Absorption]
[Incandescence!! The last chapter of the Future segment and a popularity poll (Dream Match Division). The results announced in full color!!]

top left:
[5th Character Popularity Poll / (Dream Match Division) Results!!]

- 1st Place / Hyper Tsuna vs Vongola I
- 2nd Place / Adult Reborn vs 10 Year Later Tsuna
- 3rd Place / Hibari Kyoya vs Dino
- 4th Place / Sawada Tsunayoshi vs Gokudera Hayato
- 5th Place / Hibari Kyoya vs Fon

- 6th Place / Gokudera Hayato... Read More " "
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Durarara!! 5 (0 comments)


5 WaWaWaWawa!!


[Yesterday was really troublesome.]
[The job was supposed to be simple this time.]

[The commissioners were a group of young people that are part of a gang.]
[They said that a member had been kidnapped.]

[The culprit was a black company, who treated humans like objects.]
[The job merely required me to hurt them, and retrieve the victim unharmed.]

[And yet, the second I show them a little sympathy, they hit me with a car.]
[Luck has not been with me.]


SFX: crash


SFX: screeeech

SFX: Brr...

SFX: click...

Izaya: Hey, deliverer.

Izaya: Do you believe in an afterlife?


Izaya: I don't think it exists.

Izaya: That's why I'm scared to die, to be honest.
Izaya: I want to live as... Read More " "
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Durarara!! 4 (1 comments)

Pg. 57

4 WaWaWaWa!!


Izaya: I'm Orihara Izaya. Nice to meet you.

[S-So this guy is the most dangerous person in Ikebukuro?
[He looks normal, at least.]
Izaya: ...?

Mikado: Ah- // Um...
Mikado: I'm Ryugamine Mikado.
Kida: Wait, Mikado-

Izaya: Hmm.

Izaya: Your name sounds like an A/C.
Mikado: A/C?!


Mikado: That's Kiri*...
{*TLN: "Kirigamine" is an A/C model from Mitsubishi.}
Kida: What brought you all the way out here?

Izaya: I told you, I'm meeting up with a friend.
Izaya: It's nearly time, so I'll go now.

Izaya: It'll be troublesome if they come, anyway.


SFX: clap
Kida: Let's go.

Mikado: Kida-kun!
Mikado: That guy just now... // Is he really that dangerous?

SFX:... Read More " "
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Durarara!! 3 (1 comments)
**For page numberings, refer to volume 1 uploaded by me (Majikayo)**

Pg. 42

3 WaWaWa!!


[Durarara!! ①]


SFX: step
SFX: rr...


SFX: Brr...

SFX: slide

SFX: click

Kishitani: Hey.
Kishitani: Welcome back.

SFX: squeak

Kishitani: Did you do good work today?


Kishitani: It really helps me when you work so quickly.
Kishitani: Amazing.

Kishitani: The information about Orihara Izaya seems to be completely faultless.

Sign in box: Raira Gakuen Opening {cut off}
Student: Er... I hope that together, we can all-

Student: face a great school year...

[My second day since coming to Ikebukuro.]


[My life as a High Schooler starts today.]

SFX: yawn...
Mikado: [I stayed up late... Read More " "
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DearGirl -Stories- HIBIKI 2 (0 comments)
Reserved for Simple Scans.


[DGS HIBIKI // is...]
[A secret organization that exists to help troubled girls!]

sign: DGS HIBIKI is
an ally of all girls.

Dear Girl ~Stories~ HIBIKI
Chapter 2


SFX: mi~n x3
SFX: jii~
{TLN: Sound of cicadas crying}
SFX: clack

SFX: mi~n x2
OnoD: Agh~
SFX: mi~n x2
OnoD: Aagh~

SFX: dull...
SFX: flap x2
OnoD: Why is it so freaking hot everyday? // And there's no wind...

OnoD: Aaahh! Hot hot hot!!!
SFX: roll x3
OnoD: I'm gonna melt! Melt!! Melt, I say!! Oh wait, maybe I just melted a little-
OnoD: (Crap...)
SFX: sizzle
OnoD: (That made me dizzy...)
OnoD: Ugh... I'll die...
HiroC: OnoD, will you shut up please?!


HiroC: You're just making it hotter, so will you stop?
SFX:... Read More " "
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DearGirl -Stories- HIBIKI 1 (0 comments)
Translation reserved for Simple Scans


[Cat Picture Guide.]
[Art・Words by: Saya (There are more lots more kittens!)]


1) An (White cat. Was fun to design, and therefore makes a frequent appearance.)

2) Gen (White cat. Short tail. Difficult to tell apart from An.)

3) Yuu (Red Tabby. Very wild in nature, and the boss of the house.)

4) Can (Panda cat. No, it is not a wig.)

5) Tomo (Black cat. Blends into the darkness.)

6) Kazu (Brown Tabby. Most likely found sleeping.)

7) Taitemu (American Shorthair. Is is just me or is he getting bigger every day?)
8) Tonkotsu Soup (Talk about excessive sodium and fat.)

9) Nose-hair Cutter and Hato (Pigeon).
- If you cut your nose-hair... Read More " "
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Durarara!! 2 (1 comments)
{TLN: For page numbering, check volume 1 available on MH, uploaded by me (Majikayo).}


[2 WaWa!!]


SFX: click // click click

Mikado: Let's see, // black bike...

Mikado: It was first spotted 20 years ago, // when it was caught on the news program "Gekisatsu! Ikebukuro 24H" by complete chance...

[I was captivated]

[by the legend of Ikebukuro, the black bike!!]
[To think that I was able to see it on my first day in Tokyo.]

[Maybe Ikebukuro is teeming with unusual things.]
[Even now, somewhere in this town...]
SFX: bam


Girl: Hello, you're in there, aren't you, Seiji-san?!
SFX: bam x2
Girl: Oh no! You forgot to unlock the door!!

[Warning, warning. Stalker attacking the house.]
SFX:... Read More " "
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Durarara!! 1 (2 comments)
[TLN: For page numbering, refer to Durarara! volume 1 uploaded by me (Majikayo).]


1 Wa!!
2 WaWa!!
3 WaWaWa!!
4 WaWaWaWa!!
5 WaWaWaWaWa!!

Guy: It'll be alright.

Guy: Let's run away together...

Guy: I love you.


1 Wa!!


[The thing is, I'm moving to Ikebukuro tomorrow.]
[Setton: Really? Congrats. Are you gonna live alone?]
[Tanaka Taro: Yes. What's something I should check out in Ikebukuro?]
[Setton: That's a vast question. (^_^;)]
[-Kanra-san has entered the chatroom-]


[Kanra: No question it'd be "Dollars" as of late.]
[Setton: Heya.]
[Tanaka Taro: Evening, Kanra-san.]
[Setton: By "Dollars", do you mean the team I hear rumors of lately? I haven't seen them... Read More " "
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