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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 278

"Sea", "Shellfish", and "Rainbow"

+ posted by Majikayo as translation on Feb 18, 2010 13:56 | Go to Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Reserved for I Eat Manga.


[Target 278 - "Sea", "Shellfish", and "Rainbow".]

[The creator of Vongola, Primo… Now is the time for him to convey that resolve!]


[The one who suddenly appeared before Tsuna, who was facing a battle with Byakuran, is…!!]

Byakuran: What kind of joke is this? Who is that? // That man next to you, Tsunayoshi-kun?

Uni: It's Vongola's first generation boss, // Vongola Primo!
Byakuran: !

Byakuran: Primo? // Hahaha, now is not the time for games. // That's foul to program such an ancient ancestor to project at a time like this.

Uni: He's not a projection! // I'm sure you can tell.


Uni: This is something that could never happen inside the Trinisette, your Mare Ring, or my pacifier. // It's the Vongola Ring's "Miracle of the Shield Dimension".

Byakuran: Miracle of the…
Mukuro: …Shield Dimension?

Uni: There is a song that has been etched in my memory since the day I was born.

[The sea knows no limit to its vastness,]
[Shellfish live through the ages, inheriting their shapes,]
[And the rainbow appears every now and then, only to fade away again.]


[Mare means "sea", Vongola means "shellfish", and Arcobaleno means "rainbow".]
- Arcobaleno "Rainbow"
- Mare "Sea" {TLN: Spelling error? This should be "Mare"} <-- LOL…they had ‘male’ instead of ‘mare'!
- Vongola "Shellfish"
[Yes… This song portrays the different skies of the Trinisette.]

[The endless "Mare" is the horizontal dimensional axis. // In other words, it lives across the Parallel Worlds.]

[The Vongola, which lives through the generations, is a vertical dimensional axis. // Which means it lives from past to present, preserving tradition.]

[And lastly, the Arcobaleno, which never stays in one place. // It exists not as a line, but as points within the two dimensions.]

Uni: Just like Byakuran has the ability to share knowledge across Parallel Worlds, // Sawada-san has inherited Vongola's own "time".

Tsuna: Time… That's right, I remember!!

Tsuna: What is this…? // A dream…? // An illusion…?
[The time, which is etched within our rings.]

Tsuna: Time… // Passage?

[It is your choice, whether you prosper or perish,]
[Vongola Decimo.]

Tsuna: !


Byakuran: Sorry, but I don't see any credibility to that story. // I didn't even have my Mare ring yet when I first became aware of Parallel Worlds.

Uni: That is because… // you were chosen as the rightful wearer of the ring.

Uni: Just like Vongola Primo.

["Now, Decimo."]
["I shall remove those shackles."]

Gokudera: !!
Yamamoto: Shackles?!

Dino: Is that what he… said?


["The current form of the Vongola Ring, // is only temporary."]

Xanxus: !!

["In order to preserve strict succession of the Vongola Ring, // it was divided into two between the Boss and the outside adviser for protection."]

Ryohei: That's what happened during the battle with Varia!!
Gokudera: It split right down the middle...

[This is about]
[The Half Vongola Rings!!]

["However, order to sustain the division,"]
["There was a need to restrain the highest output of the flames, unlike the Mare Rings and the Pacifiers of the Arcobaleno in the same Trinisette…"]


["There is no need for that any more,"]
[For I know that you'll understand both the true meaning of the Ring and my will."]


Tsuna: !
Tsuna: This is the original Vongola Ring!?



["Give that Mare boy what he deserves."]

Lambo: Gupya!
Ryohei: He's gone!!

Byakuran: Haha! // What a fool of an ancestor you have!!

Byakuran: !!


Bel: Woah?
Ken: What just happened?!

[This is the new Vongola Ring…?]

Byakuran: Hmm… // It looks like it's become…

Byakuran: A bit more efficient!!

Pg. 11

Tsuna: Nuts!!


Kikyo: [They stopped it!!]

Dino: [What overwhelming power!!]
Squalo: [What kind of battle is this?!]

Byakuran: !!


[Burning Axel!!]

Bykauran: [His reflexes are fast!!]

[White Applause!!!]


Byakuran: Haha, too bad♪
Byakuran: I've only shown eighty percent of my power so far.

Tsuna: I've only shown half.

Byakuran: Aaghh!


Kikyo: Byakuran-sama's // wings!!

Mukuro: What incredible…
Basil: …Strength!!

Tsuna: What's wrong, Byakuran? // Are you nothing without your wings?


Byakuran: You're amazing, Tsunayoshi-kun. // You're the only one of all the parallel worlds that has managed to make me spit out blood!!

Byakuran: I'm so happy! // I never thought this day would come!

Byakuran: What am I happy about, you ask…? // For the first time in my life…

Byakuran: I'm able // to fight with all my body's power!!
[This is it… The final battle of the summit!!!]

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#1. by ttan1642 ()
Posted on Feb 18, 2010
Isnt program -> 'hologram'?

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