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Durarara!! 12

+ posted by Majikayo as translation on May 25, 2010 04:01 | Go to Durarara!!

-> RTS Page for Durarara!! 12

Please find the raws at the DRRR!! community in LiveJournal.


[The story so far in DRRR!!!]

Simon: I came by to narrate the plotline because I don't have any appearances lately.
Simon: I'm jacking the plotline.

[Mikado bumped into a young girl as he was running toward the sound of the black bike.]
[That girl was being chased by the black bike, for some unknown reason.]
[Mikado grabs the girl's arm and starts running.]

Simon: Just kidding! That shop up there is imaginary!
Simon: What will happen to Mikado and the girl? / Find out on the next page. / I'm done with work for today, so I'll go read it too.
[The story continues on the next page!!]


[The basics of fliers. Hand them out as if you're giving a letter to a friend.]

[DURARARA!! 12 wawawawawawawawawawawawa!!]

[Comic Volume 1 on sale!! DVD Volume 4 on sale May 26th!!]
[Original: Narito Ryogo // Character design: Yasuda Suzuhito // Artwork: Satorigi Akio]


[The black bike speeds through Ikebukuro again today.]

Certy thought: I didn't find my head today either, // even though I'm always searching for my head when I'm off work.

Certy thought: Well, I suppose I wouldn't find my head by just roaming aimlessly around the city.

Certy thought: Which reminds me, I haven't seen any fairies or sprites since coming to Japan. / If I flew all the way to Hokkaido or Okinawa, would I meet them?


Certy thought: Then again, / it's not like I can leave this city right now.

Certy thought: What if the sense of my head disappears while I'm away?

[My head.]

Certy thought: There is no doubt that I sense my head is in Ikebukuro.


Certy thought: The only lead I have is that sense. // I've been patiently patrolling the streets all this time but-

Certy thought: I haven't been able to grasp a single hint in these 20 years.

[Why don't you give up?]
Certy thought: Like I could do that!!

Certy thought: It's not that I'm unsatisfied with my life now.

Certy thought: But in order to attain a peaceful life, I need to see my head again. // No matter what.


[And the reason is… something I can't tell Shinra yet.]

[I can't tell him about these emotions that twist within my chest.]

Shizuo: Hey.


Shizuo: Certy, can you come with me for a bit?
[Heiwajima Shizuo.]

Certy: According to Shinra, this is "the man who doesn't live up to his name in the least."

Shizuo: Izaya's in Ikebukuro again.
Shizuo: I almost got to punch him but, / Simon interfered at the last minute.
Certy: …..


[Heiwajima Shizuo and Orihara Izaya have been archenemies for a long time.]
[Until the day Izaya moved to Shinjuku, the two were fighting on 60 Street every day.]

[Simon would often forcefully interfere, // and drag them into his sushi shop.]

[The reason Shizuo doesn't mind me, is probably because I don't talk.]

Shizuo: Unlike Kadota and Yumasaki, I'm always alone when I cause trouble. // The same goes for Izaya, since he doesn't have any friends.
Shizuo: It's not like I'm never lonely.


Shizuo: I want to meet people too, even if it's only a shallow relationship.

Shizuo: But…

Shizuo: Why did Izaya come to this city?


[That's because Izaya's target of his twisted hobbies was coincidentally in Ikebukuro…]
[But wait, that was yesterday!!]

[A few years ago, Izaya moved his office to Shinjuku, after leaving Shizuo with a few felony charges.]
[It's unthinkable that an Informer who works in Shinjuku would spend two consecutive days in Ikebukuro.]

Shizuo: That's right-
Shizuo: I remember he was talking to a kid from Raira…


Shizuo: Huh?
Shizuo: Did someone fall?

Certy: !?
Shizuo: Should we give them a hand… / Ah-
Shizuo: Hey!


Certy: It can't be.


Certy: It can't be.
Certy: It can't possibly be.


Mika: Aaaaahhhhh!!

Certy: W-Wait!
Certy PDA: I just want to see your face closely!
Mika: Noooo!!
Crowd: It's the black bike! // The rider is grabbing the girl!


Shizuo: Ah, please calm down.
Shizuo: We're not trying to hurt-

Shizuo: -you…

Shizuo: Eh?


Seiji: Let go of her.


Certy: Shizuo?!
Certy: Ah!!

Certy: Wait! // But Shizuo…

Shizuo: It's alright. // Go on.

Shizuo: Don't get what's going on, but you need to chase her, right?


Certy SFX: Clap
Certy: Wait!


Certy: Wait! / That's-

Certy: That face-

Certy: Isn't that my head?!


Certy: Another High Schooler?!
Certy: ?!

Certy: Eh?!
Certy: Ehhh?!

Certy: W- Wait a second!!!

[Certy chases after Mikado!]


TV ANIME "DURARARA!!" After-Recording Report Manga.
Torino Seito

[We visited the recording of "Durarara!!" episode 21!]
[As always, a rich cast bring the characters to life!!]

[Mikado does the narration for episode 21.]
[Manager - Katoppe]
Toyonaga: That time, why did I…
[The voice actor is Toyonaga Toshiyuki-san.]

[This episode, worries and struggles take over Mikado.]

Toyonaga: I decided I would change… but…
[He moved me with his heartrending acting!!]


[And the ones who really left an impression were these two.]
Miyano: You really don't remember anything?
[Kida Masaomi - Voiced by Miyano Mamoru]

Ono: Eh? // Ehh??
[Heiwajima Shizuo - Voiced by Ono Daisuke]

[Their low tones really gave the episode a tense feel.]

[Not to mention we got to see a new side of Shizuo this time!]
Shizuo: Ah… Tom-san.

Katoppe: How refreshing…
Torino: He's so obedient…

[On the other hand, there's Shinra, voiced by Fukuyama Jun, who looks at everything very calmly.
Fukuyama: So… What will you do?


[Since he uses many difficult words, he checks with the director for explanations.]

Fukuyama: What does this mean?
Director: Oh, that's…

[Next up are the females! Something occurs between these two…!]

[Even though it's a serious scene, watching them is somehow relaxing.]

Certy Sturluson voiced by Sawashiro Miyuki]
[Sonohara Anri voiced by Hanazawa Kana]
Sonoara: Sorry… // Please don't ask me anything right now.

[The reason is because Certy almost seems like an older sister, the way she worries for Anri!]
Sawashiro: Don't worry. // Okay?

[But the peace is fleeting. Black shadows close in on Anri…]


[And the one who watches that from afar is…]
Kamiya: Good. // Good~!

Kamiya: It's getting exciting.
[Orihara Izaya voiced by Kamiya Hiroshi]
[As usual, he watches the scene from somewhere very high.]

Kamiya: The Queen // has been surrounded by black.
[What do those words mean…?!]

Bold: Find out on air!!

[The speed of the anime increases as we near the climax!]
[Secrets begin to unfold one after the next. Yet, there are still mysteries to be solved!]

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