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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 277


+ posted by Majikayo as translation on Feb 11, 2010 17:17 | Go to Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

-> RTS Page for Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 277

Reserved for I Eat Soul.

Pg. 01

Target 277 - Misfortune

[Their relationship hasn't changed since they first met! Spartan Tutor x Incapable Student!]


[Tsuna collapses, and Vongola's future is in the hands of Byakuran...!!]
Byakuran: !!

Byakuran: Did you say // that Tsunayoshi-kun will defeat me?

Reborn: That's right.

Byakuran: Haven't you been watching, Reborn-kun? // Tsunayoshi-kun was just taken down by me!


Reborn: Don't underestimate Tsuna's strength of dying will.
Reborn: Besides, I'm not talking about whether you can win.

Reborn: Tsuna, you've got no other choice than to defeat Byakuran.

Mukuro: [It's the same as before… // In Sawada Tsunayoshi's times of need, // the tutor, Reborn, always appears to guide him.]

Byakuran: Heh.

Byakuran: Hahaha! What a surprise!! // Your last resort at a time like this is to try and slap some fighting sprit into him?!


Reborn: This is my method.

Reborn: Listen, Tsuna. // You're not the only one who's fighting a battle of dying will.

Reborn: Uni's sacrificing her life // in order to return you all to a peaceful past!

Yamamoto: !
Tazaru: What?!

Uni: Uncle Reborn...

Reborn: The revival of the Arcobalenos does more than bring back order to the world. // It's the key to returning you to a peaceful past.

Reborn: And Uni intends to sacrifice her life to achieve that.


Byakuran: Eh? // Is that so?

Gokudera: Wh-
Yamamoto: Her life…?

Kyoko: Uni-chan!!

Uni: Uncle… Why do you know…?

Reborn: Of course I do. / I guessed as much. // You and your grandmother, Luche, are two peas in a pod.

Byakuran: Hmm. // Then I must stop you from doing such a foolish thing.

Byakuran: After all, Uni-chan's life // exists for my sake♪

Byakuran: Come.

Tsuna: Cough


Tsuna: Ugh- // Ngh…

Uni: Sawada-san!!

Gokudera: Tenth!!

Kyoko: Tsuna-kun!
Haru: Tsuna-san!!

Byakuran: Haha, I can't believe Tsunayoshi-kun really woke up from your reproachful encouragement, Reborn-kun. // You two really make an astounding team.

Tsuna: I won't… // hand Uni… over to you…

Byakuran: Haha! // You're quivering!!


Byakuran: The body is so honest, don't you think? // Yours remembers the fear of being beaten hollow.
Byakuran: Haha, your quivering is almost contagious.

Tsuna: Agh…

Dino: This is bad… Tsuna's dying will is waning… // He can' fight like this!!

Byakuran: How unlucky of you to wake up in a situation like this. / Ah! But then again, I suppose your middle school years have been unlucky from the start, Tsunayoshi-kun~ // I know quite a lot about you.

Byakuran: Not too long ago, you were merely a failure of a student who skipped school, // and then an assassin came along and told you you were a candidate to become boss of a huge Mafia group, which threw you into this scary world. // Since then, despite hating conflicts, you've been forced to fight for the title of Boss and such.


Byakuran: Your biggest misfortune, however…
Byakuran: …is that you came to this generation.

Byakuran: If you hadn't been brought here, you wouldn't have had to go through all this. // Don't you curse your own fate?

Byakuran: Right?♪
Tsuna: ……

Tsuna: No… // That's not… exactly… true…


Tsuna: Well… // The future is scary… and painful… and full of uncertainties. There've been very few times where I've felt happy since coming here…

Tsuna: But… // I feel as though I understand all that now…

Tsuna: It's not about what's good or bad… // Everything that happens here…

Tsuna: …is precious in my life.

Byakuran: You sure have an odd way of perceiving things. // But I want you to think very carefully.

Byakuran: If you die, // that'll only be a way to comfort yourself♪

Ryohei: Wh…!

Dino: No!!


Dino: Nooo!!!

Byakuran: Mm, you're right. // In his state…

Byakuran: a mini White Dragon through his heart // will be enough♪

Tsuna: Ahh! // W-Wait!!

Byakuran: Don't wanna.


Uni: Sawada-san!!

Gokudera: Tenth!!
Yamamto: Tsuna!!

Kyoko: Tsuna-kun!!
Haru: Tsuna-san!!

Byakuran: Now, Uni-chan! // Your knight in shining armor is gone.

Tsuna: Ow…

Tsuna: Owww!!
Byakuran: !

Tsuna: *cough* // *hack*

Tsuna: …!!


Tsuna: Th-This ring!! // It's Lancia-san's!!

Byakuran: ! // The ring blocked my attack?!

[That's the ring Sawada-dono received from Lancia-dono ten years ago!!]

Tsuna: It's true after all… // Everything has helped me in some way…

Byakuran: ?

Tsuna: Nothing that has happened since I came to the future, has been pointless.

Tsuna: The bitter things… // The painful things…

Tsuna: The fun things…

Tsuna: It's because of everyone-


Tsuna: that…
Tsuna: I'm here right now…

Tsuna: All the things that I've found since coming here-

Tsuna: The skills,
Tsuna: and the weapons.
Tsuna: None of it would have done any good if I'd been alone…
Tsuna: It's because everyone was here, that I was able to achieve them.

Back bubbles:
1) These are band-aids♡
2) If you ever need a shoulder to lean on, I'll be right here!
- [Support… // I got it!!]
3) I want to see your perfected X BURNER.
4) I'll complete it for you.
5) Sorry!!
6) That box… // Maybe it just really wants to be friends with you, Tsuna-kun.
7) It's the "Vongola Box".

Tsuna: Would you call that unlucky…? // I wouldn't.


Tsuna: The time I've spent here with everyone… // is a treasure to me…

Tsuna: My flames… // were born because of this world you've taken over.

Tsuna: These are everyone's flames!!
Tsuna: The fact that you've hurt all those innocent people…

Tsuna: I'll make you regret it!!

Basil: The flames have rekindled!!

Kyoko: Ah!!
Haru: Tsuna-san!!

Uni: Sawada-san!!
Mukuro: However…


Byakuran: Hahaha!! I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but you've solved nothing at all!! // The difference in our strengths haven't changed since you collapsed!!

- "I wonder about that."

Byakuran: !!

Yamamoto: Hey- // the rings!!

Gokudera: What?
Mukuro: !?
Ryohei: It's hot!!
Lambo: Gupya?

[That child's words are the same as our Boss's.]
[The same blood runs through him.]
[He's an an extraordinary man.]
[It's a shame. That kind of weak idea is useless for Vongola.]
[How dull.]



[You should just do as you please,]
[like you always do.]

[You're right… G.]

Byakuran: !? // What?

["Decimo… // I agree with your thoughts."]

Byakuran: Where are you?! // Who's voice is that?!

[Vongola's founders…]
[The Family of Vongola's first generation…]

["I wish I could lend power to my true successor, // but unfortunately, I can't."]

Byakuran: !? // The crest!!



["I'll free you // from those shackles."]
[Through a wall of time, Primo and Decimo's hearts become one…!!!]

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#1. by revennge ()
Posted on Feb 11, 2010
IT'S TOTALY AWESOME!!! can't wait the next chapter :3
#2. by EKmisao ()
Posted on Feb 11, 2010
Is there time to still change things? Please just use "assassin" instead of "assassinator".

Otherwise, thank you so much!
#3. by mmlcs36 ()
Posted on Feb 11, 2010
>>["I'll free you // from those shackles."]

I wonder if we just leave the object empty in this statement. As 'you' is not cleared that who/what it refers to and seems to be uncovered in the next chapter.
Therefore I would have this revised for the above.

['Let those shackles be free.']
#4. by Majikayo ()
Posted on Feb 11, 2010
@ EKmisao: Thanks, I'll change that.

@ mmlcs36: I see what you mean, but I don't think I'd use "Let", personally. After all, Primo is stating that he'll take the shackles off. A compromise would be something like, "I'll remove (undo) // those shackles." - which is a very direct TL, and doesn't ring nicely^^;

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