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Durarara!! 11

11 WaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWa!!

+ posted by Majikayo as translation on Apr 17, 2010 04:26 | Go to Durarara!!

-> RTS Page for Durarara!! 11


Tom: Shizuo! Work for you. Read this out loud.
Shizuo: What's this?
[Heiwajima Shizuo]

Shizuo: Harima Mika, Mikado's classmate, was Yagiri Seiji's stalker.
Shizuo: ?
Tom: (You gotta return what you borrow.)
Man: (No… I still need…)

Tom: (Ah…)
Man: (Shit!!)

Shizuo: The head of Durahan was in the hands of Yagiri Namie, who worked as chief in the sixth laboratory.

SFX: slam
Man: (Ngh!)
Shizuo: Yagiri Namie is Seiji's sister, by the way.

Tom: Right then, let's go read the rest.
Shizuo: Okay..?
[The story begins on the next page!!]


[11 WaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWa!!]
[Love that does not connect, has no use for breaks.]

[Comic Volume 1 publishing complete!! // Anime DVD Volume 3 on sale 4/12!!]
Original Story: Narita Ryogo
Character Design: Yasuda Suzuhito
Art: Satorigi Asayo


Seiji: Sister.
Seiji: I love that girl's head.

[Seiji's love… is a living "head"?!]

[Seiji, my beloved brother.]
[The girl that my brother claimed he loved, had nothing.]

[She had no name...]


[Not even a body below her neck…]
Namie: It's wrong for Seiji to fall in love with this thing.
Namie: I must dispose of it immediately.


Namie: Why? Why must it be this head?! // Why is it not me?!
Head: …….
[Something red and dark burst within me.]

Namie: Starting today, our laboratory will begin a new experiment.
Namie: "A clinical experiment for a new medicine for the immune system" will be its disguise on the outside.


Namie: But what we'll be doing, is experimenting with a subject that transcends life and death…
Namie: The fairy, Durahan.

[Seiji… My beloved brother.]

Namie thought: As long as the head is here, Seiji won't be able to come near it.
[And at that moment, what was born inside me was…]


[Not pity for the unnatural nature of my brother,]
[but it was, without a doubt,]
SFX: beep
[flames of jealousy that burned a deep, dark, red.]


[It happened on a day after the experiments had started, and it seemed as if everything had been resolved.]

SFX: scatter
Namie: It's gone! How could that be?!

Namie: The card key to the laboratory is gone…
Namie: I'm always carrying it with me.

Namie thought: And just when the American company "Nebra" have merged with us…
Namie thought: Could it be that we have a traitor?!

Man: Bad news, Chief! // Please hurry to the laboratory!!
Namie: What is all the commotion for?


Man: The "head"! // The head has been stolen!!

Man: The culprit somehow managed to sneak past the gates,
Man: and used a stun gun on the guards before getting in!
Namie: Gather all the members of the sixth laboratory! // Immediately!!
Man: Yes!


Namie: (beep) Hello?
Seiji: Sister.

Namie: Ahh, Seiji!
Namie: What's wrong?


Seiji: I might have killed someone. // What should I do?
Namie: Seiji!
Namie: Seiji!


Namie: Take care of that!
Man: Yes.

Namie: Seiji!
Namie: It's alright. It'll be alright.

Seiji: This is about HER, and not that woman over there but-
Namie: I see.


Namie: So you were the one that took her out.

Namie: It's alright. // There's nothing to worry about. Just leave it all to your sister.


[Regardless the reason,]
[Seiji is relying on me. He needs me.]

[I'll protect Seiji with my own hands, no matter what it takes.]

Namie: I love you, Seiji.


Seiji: Ah, this is love.

Seiji: This is love, without a doubt.

Seiji: Why is love so dear, when you've lost a love you've only just grasped?


Seiji: Though I did say that I would leave it to sister,
Seiji: I can't just leave her by herself.

Seiji: It was a mistake that I gave her back.
Seiji: I need to make a protest.

Seiji: And if that fails too, then we'll escape together.

Seiji thought: And if worst comes to worst, I'll just steal my sister's card key again.
Seiji: ?
SFX: vroom
Seiji thought: This car… It's the car the laboratory uses to kidnap people…


Seiji thought: So they're out collecting subjects for the experiments again.
Seiji thought: They make me sick.

Seiji: How can they do that to real, live people?

SFX: turn


Seiji: That's…!!

Anri: Thank you very much for today.
Mikado: It's nothing-


Mikado: It's our first time talking like this,
Mikado: but I look forward to being in the class council with you.

Anri: But I've known about you, Ryugamine-san.
SFX: clang
MIkado: Eh?

Anri: There was a list of names at the office when I turned in my school enrollment form…

Anri: That's where I saw a name that sounded very nice, // and someone came along and checked off that name.


Mikado: I- I see…
Mikado thought: Huh? This sounds a bit odd…
Anri: And today, // I was saved by that person.

Mikado thought: Wait a second!!

[Isn't this kind of like what happened with Seiji-kun and Harima0san?!]
[Don't tell me I've got a stalker now…]


[But if it's a cute girl like her, is it alright?]
[No, of course it's not!!!]

[She could stab people!!]
Anri: (I've taken care of the hindrances.)
[She could burn down my house, and kidnap my family!!]
[But if she's got a good personality, she might not be so bad as a stalker… No wait! The fact that she's a stalker makes her personality bad enough!!]

Mikado thought: But if I had to decide…
Anri: I'm just kidding.

Anri: I'm sure it would only be an annoyance if someone like me followed you around. // Don't worry, I'm not a stalker.
Mikado: Eh?! // Ah…
SFX: giggle


Mikado: Sorry…
Anri: No! It's me that should apologize!!
Mikado thought: And here I was thinking up such stupid things.

Mikado: Um… Er...
Anri: …..

Mikado: I'll see you tomorrow… // then.
Anri: Yes, I'll see you at school tomorrow.

SFX: step
Mikado: Sonohara-san may be a little unfair, but deep down, she's a good person.
MIkado: She's just a little clumsy about life in general.


Mikado: Maybe my friendship with Kida-kun is a little similar.
[It's because Kida-kun helps me along, // that I'm able to step into this new world.]

Mikado: But honestly. I may have dreamed of the unordinary, but stalkers and runaways… // This is all just a bit too much.


Person: Hey, that sound just now-
SFX: whisper
Person: Could it be…

Mikado: It's the black bike!!
SFX: dash

Mikado: I wonder what's up!
Mikado: It sounds more worked up than usual!
Mikado: It's close!
Mikado: If I turn this corner-


Mikado: Eh-
SFX: bam
SFX: thud


Mikado: Ow…
Mikado: Ah, sorry!!
Mikado: Are you okay?!

Girl: Please!!
SFX: clamp
Mikado: Ack!
Mikado: Eh?! // Um…
Girl: Please.


Girl: Help me!!


[Tokyo, Toshima District, Ikebukuro.]
[Three days have gone by.]

[Something was bound to change if I came here.]
SFX: gasp
[I knew that the unordinary would happen eventually.]
SFX: gasp
[And right now…]


[I was in the midst of the unordinary.]

Side panel: Mikado is being chased by the black bike!! What will happen?!]

Continued in the June Issue on sale May 18th.


Title: TV Animation "DURARARA!!" Voice-Over Report Manga
By: Torino Saito
[I stopped by the recording for episode 17 of the anime "DURARARA!!" // There are many important scenes in this one too.]

[Manager - Katoppe]

[There were many people for the recording of episode 17. It was lively.]
Side: We present this report from the very secret recording.]

[First off, there were the good friends MIkado and Masaomi.]
Toyonaga: I did invite Masaomi too, but you were busy.
[Toyonaga Toshiyuki-san voices the clumsy Mikado in a very cute and cool manner.]

[Miyano Mamoru-san voices Masaomi in a very believable high schooler manner.]
MIyano: Ah, no worries.
[They didn't have any scenes together but…]
[But they seem to have a compatibility to rival their characters!]
(Pair Look?!)
Toyonaga: Woah!
Miyano: No way!


[This episode, Mikado is met with a shocking ordeal.]
SFX: Ugh…

[Anri confesses her love (?) for an unexpected person…]
[Sonohara Anri voiced by Hanazawa Kana]
Hanazawa: There's someone very cool. (Did I mention they're very cool?)
Toyonaga: C-Cool?
[I can't get enough of Mikado's stuttering!]

[And Certy too…]

Sawashiro: They're strong… no. // Scary… no. // Cool!
[Certy Sturluson voiced by Sawashiro Miyuki]
[Who is the person that she acknowledges as 'cool'?!]

[And during their short breaks, they looked like they were having lots of fun.]
SFX: shoulder massage
SFX: Kyaa
[The recording studio warmed my heart as I watched.]

[Next up is the Yumasaki・Karisawa pair.]
[The situation is incredible!!]


Side: Look forward to seeing the voice actors in action!! The TV animation is currently being broadcasted now!!]

[Masaomi is different than usual…]
Miyano: Dammit…
Miyano: Dammi!
[Startled by Miyano-san's serious acting.]
[Watch it on tv for details!!]

[So many surprises that this anime keeps you on the edge of your seat!!]
[Don't miss one second of it!]


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#1. by soDeq05 ()
Posted on Apr 17, 2010
Thank you. We'll get it done by today =)

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