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Durarara!! 9

9 WaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWa!!

+ posted by Majikayo as translation on Feb 18, 2010 02:36 | Go to Durarara!!

-> RTS Page for Durarara!! 9

Note to English Scanlators: Please use these translations with the raws provided by Majikayo on MangaHelpers! Happy Scanlating!


Togusa: Heya, I'm Togusa Saburo.
[Last time on DRRR!!]
Togusa: Thought I'd read the plotline while I'm waiting for Kadota-san, but I can't seem to find it… // Where is it?

[Ryugamine Mikado finds his classmate, Sonohara Anri, being bullied.]
[Then appears Orihara Izaya, who drives away the bullies!]
[As Mikado lets out a sigh of relief, a trash can flies across his vision.]
[Izaya is thrown off his feet.]
[Who is that bartender that stands before him!?]

Yumasaki: (Sorry for the wait~!)
Kadota: (Hey,) you got some weird parking ticket.
Togusa: Eh!? Now way!! (Why!?)
[The story begins on the next page!]


[The anime is currently airing on MBS and TBS!!]
[DVD volume 1 of the anime is on sale February 24th!!]
[Extra publications of comics volume 1 completed!!]

[A peaceful and quiet moment.]

[Original novels 1~7 are big hit and on sale now!!]
[9 WaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWa!!]


Shizuo: Didn't I tell you not to show your face in Ikebukuro again?

[Who is this man who seems to be acquaintances with Izaya…!?]
Shizuo: I--za--ya--kun.


Mikado thought: Why-
Mikado thought: Why did a store trash can come flying?
Mikado thought: Why?

Mikado: What is a bartender doing here!?
Izaya: Shizu-chan.

Izaya: Didn't you work near the west exit?
Shizuo: I was fired ages ago.


Shizuo: And...
SFX: (ga) grab

SFX: (hyoi) lift
Shizuo: I told you not to call me that!

Mikado thought: !?
Shizuo: Izayaaaa!!
SFX: (bun) throw


SFX: (dogo) crash

Mikado thought: He threw
MIkado thought: a trash can!!

Izaya: You're as strong as ever, // Shizu-chan.
SFX: (gakon) clang
SFX: (pachin) snap
Shizuo: I said, shut up with that name… // How many times do I have to tell you?


Shizuo: I have a name.
Shizuo: and it's Heiwajima Shizuo!


SFX: (zoku) jolt
[Heiwajima Shizuo]

[Th…This person…]
[I remember Kida-kun telling me...]

[People that you don't want as enemies.]
[People that you shouldn't get involved with.]


Izaya: Come on, Shizu-chan. // Are you still angry that I put the blame for my crime on you?

SFX: (jiri) grit...
Shizuo: I'm not angry… // Not angry at all.

Shizuo: But // I just
SFX: (da) dash

Shizuo: want to beat the shit out of you!!
SFX] (gan) ram


Izaya: You know,

Izaya: I'm not too fond of your violence, because there's no logic behind it or a way to talk some sense into you.
SFX: (gigi) creak...

Izaya: How troublesome.
SFX: (chaki) swipe
Izaya: Won't you let me off?


Shizuo: Let you off?
SFX* (gi) glare
SFX: (meki) crunch

Shizuo: Why don't you just run, then!?
SFX: (bogo) crumble

SFX: (gugu…) heave...


Shizuo: Though even if you run, I'll still blast you to pieces!!
Izaya: !

Izaya: Missed me!
SFX: (go----) swoosh


Mikado: Eh?


Person1: Chief! // Chief, there's been trouble!!
Person2: The thing is…!

SFX: (ban) bam
Namie: What did you say!?


Namie: What do you mean they got away!?
SFX: (kopo x2) glub x2

Namie: If that gets discovered by the police, it's all over!
SFX: (bi) jab

Namie: Fine…

Namie: Send out every single one of your subordinates to search!! // There's no need to be secretive like always!


Namie: Command them with every ounce of your willpower! // If trouble arises, make them take care of it!

Person3: Should we send out orders not to harm it?
Namie: ….. // Well...

Namie: Though it is a shame, // when it comes down to this, I don't care whether it's dead or alive.


Namie: Now go!!
SFX: (ba) swipe
SFX: (bata x4) dash
Person1: Yes!

SFX: (giri) clench...
Namie: The obedience was all an act… // You were really waiting for the opportunity to escape!!
SFX: (gashan) crash


Mikado: …Huh?

Mikado: !!

Mikado: You're…!!


Simon: Fighting no good.
SFX: (gago) thunk
Simon: Fighting make you hungry.

Simon: You trouble if stomach too hungry.

Shizuo: Egh? What the hell? // Simon…
SFX: (ira) annoyed

Shizuo: Move out of the…
SFX: (jya) dash
Simon: !

Shizuo: …way!!!
SFX: (pan) smack


SFX: (zazazazaza) scrape
SFX: (gigigigigi) push
SFX: (zuzuzu…) scrape

SFX: (ga) grab

Simon: Shizuo, you hungry. Eat sushi, eat sushi.

Shizuo: Simon! Shut the hell…

SFX: (hyoi) duck
Izaya: Shizu-chan, you even made an arch for me to get away through.
Izaya: How kind of you.
Shizuo: (Agh!) Izayaaaa!!

Izaya: Right then, I'll be off now♡
Shizuo: Wait, you little weasel!! // Simon, let go!!
SFX: startle
Simon: (Sushi good.)
Izaya: No thanks!

MIkado: Sonohara-san, it's now or never!!
Sonohara: Eh… // Eh!?


[Mikado desperately makes a run for it with Anri. Will they be all alone together in the next chapter!?]

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#1. by dreamt (Registered User)
Posted on Feb 18, 2010
Thank you for the translation~! <3

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