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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 280

The Last Blow

+ posted by Majikayo as translation on Mar 5, 2010 09:02 | Go to Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

-> RTS Page for Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 280

Please credit Majikayo if using as reference for international translations.


Target 280 - The Last Blow

[Who will prevail in this last battle… / White?!! / Black?!!


[Uni and Gamma sacrificed their lives during battle…!!]

Tsuna: Gamma!! // Uni!!


Tsuna: Uni…!

Fuuta: The Arcobaleno aren't reviving!!
Reborn: No, the flames should have been properly absorbed. // It'll take a little more time.

Byakuran: Hey, you! // What have you done?

Byakuran: You killed the final piece of the puzzle that I'd been searching so long for… // You've put all my efforts to waste.

Byakuran: My dream to awaken the Trinisette and make this world far greater than any dimension… // Is ruined all because of your little friendship games…

Byakuran: Do you know...


Byakuran: What this means?!!

Byakuran: Ngh! // Agh!


Tsuna: Who do you think it was that killed Uni?

Tsuna: Because you made this world the way it is… // Uni…

Tsuna: Died!!


Tsuna: I won't forgive you, // Byakuran!!!


Byakuran: Hm? // You won't forgive me?

Byakuran: Haha! // Hahaha!!

Byakuran: Ahahaha, what nonsense!! // You're a joke of a human being!!

Byakuran: I'd understand if you saw value in her as a powerful device!!

Byakuran: After all, Uni was an item that I needed // in order to become an invincible God!!


Byakuran: But to see her as a woman of all things! It can only be a momentary intoxication of hormones that you'd think you could oppose me with humanism!

Byakuran: If that's your answer to living obediently trapped inside the human society, // then it's pathetic!!

Byakuran: Hypocrisy could never win against the ugly desires of humans! // That's how this world is made!

Basil: Roots are growing out of Byakuran's legs!!

Kikyo: He's stabilizing his body!! // He means to put an end to this!!


Tsuna: Operation… X…

Gokudera: !!
Yamamoto: Tsuna's gonna counter with his X Burner!!

Byakuran: You really ruined everything for me!! // That doll with the pacifiers was my ultimate toy!!

Tsuna: Don't you dare insult Uni anymore than you already have!! // You don't even deserve to say her name!!

Ryohei: Agh!
Gokudera: The barrier is breaking!!

Byakuran: Die!!!
Tsuna: Byakuran!!


Byakuran: Graaaaaagh!!!


Tsuna: Aarghhhhh!!


Pg. 80

Pg. 81

Byakuran: Aaaaaaagh!!!

Girl1: We've finally found a rightful bearer of the Sky Mare ring.
Girl2: There's no one who deserves this more than you.
Byakuran: Who are… you?

Girl1: We have come into your life as a part of your 'thought'.
Byakuran: Fu-
Byakuran: Ahahaha!

Girl1: What is funny?
Byakuran: It took you long enough♪
Girl2: !?


Byakuran: I've been waiting for something absurd like this to happen. // I've long since stopped believing in reality.
Byakuran: It feels so wrong that I was living the life of a normal human being.

Byakuran: No matter where I look, humans, society... // they're all just scenery to me.

Byakuran: And when I was able to jump into a parallel world for the first time the other day,
Byakuran: I realized that I'm merely a 'conscience' programmed into a game.

Girl1: You're free to to think that,
Girl2: but are you ready to bear the Mare Ring?
Byakuran: Of course♪
Byakuran: If that's a key item in order to make this world entertaining, then I'd love to have it.

Byakuran: Just so you know, once I get that Mare Ring... // I might cause mass destruction or wipe out an entire population or use for some very nonsensical things.
Byakuran: Would you try to stop me?

Girl1: We will never interfere with you.
Girl1: However, if this is a game to you...

Girl1: [Then do not forget that there two other sky rings... // In other words, two other players.]

Pg. 83

Byakuran: That's great! // A game would be boring without rivals, after all!

Byakuran: Aaaarghhhhh!!!

[I never knew that other people had the ability to tickle your heart, or make it twinge…]

[It's not that I'm giving up… // I'm good at finding amusement in things, and when it comes to having fun, I put everything I have into it…]

[But… // Somehow, this world just doesn't feel right…]

[I'm sure you'll understand… // Doesn't it feel wrong?]

[Hahaha, // Those eyes tell me you don't agree in the least…]

Pg. 84
[It's so blinding…]

[I've lost to you.]

[The battle ends…!!!]

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#1. by hdiuy ()
Posted on Mar 5, 2010
Hi i was just reading your translation when i read :
Girl1: [Then do not forget that there two other sky rings... // In other words, two other players.]

I wondering if you would leave out the word 'rings' after 'sky' ? Since in the raw its '...' after 'sky'.
EDIT: I mean not literally leaving out the word 'rings' in the sentence since it would sound weird, but i was wondering if you could rephrase the sentence w/o the word 'rings' after 'sky'.
#2. by zambo92 ()
Posted on Mar 5, 2010
I think it could be "two other skies"?
since the arcobaleno one isn't really a ring is it... still, awesome job as usual maji-chan :)

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