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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Durarara!! 10

+ posted by Majikayo as translation on Mar 19, 2010 14:30 | Go to Durarara!!

-> RTS Page for Durarara!! 10


DRRR!! So far?!

Seiji: I'm Yagiri Seiji. // I'll begin my 3 minute summary.
Seiji: Start.

[A nonsensical argument that sprung up between Heiwajima Shizuo and Orihara Izaya!! Thanks to Simon of the Russian Sushi Shop, Mikado was just barely able to slip away from the scene. With Anri in tow, they make a run for it. What will happen to them?!]

SFX: trickle

Seiji: Huh, there's still some time left. // You guys go on ahead.

[The story starts on the next page!]


[DURARARA!! // 10 WaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWa!!]
[Just for now, let's escape all the noise…]


[He intended to pull Anri to safety but...?]
SFX: run
Mikado: So… Sonohara-san!!

Mikado: W… Wait for me, Sonohara-san… // Can't breathe…
SFX: gasp

Mikado: Want to… // rest a bit…?
SFX: wheeze


Sonohara: Um, // thank you back there.

Mikado: (Ah, no!) I mean, Orihara-san is the one who helped you out!

Mikado: Were those girls back there classmates from Middle School?
Sonohara: …Yes.

Mikado: I see. // Could it be that you were helped by that girl named Mika in MIddle School, but without her now, those old classmates have started to pick on you again?


Sonohara: ……
Sonohara: H… How do you know?!
Mikado: (Erm-) // Well, from that conversation, that's what assumed!

Mikado: By the way, is it Harima Mika from our class?
Mikado: She's been absent for a really long time.

Sonohara: Harima-san… // She hasn't been home since the day before the welcoming ceremony.
Mikado: Eh-
Mikado: Isn't that something the police should know…?


Sonohara: It's not that she's gone missing. // She sent both her parents and I messages.
Sonohara: She writes things like "I've gone a trip to heal myself. Please don't worry" // or what station she's at.

Mikado: A trip to heal herself? Did something happen?
Sonohara: Well, um…


Sonohara: Will you please not be too shocked if you hear?
Mikado: I think very few things could surprise me after witnessing a trash can flying through the air.
Sonohara: Harima-san is…

Sonohara: A stalker.
SFX: spurt

Mikado: (Eh-) Stalker…?
SFX: drip
Mikado thought: (Ah…)


Mikado: Oh… // Sorry… Sonohara-san…
SFX: Aaaahhhh!
SFX: squeak

[According to her, Harima Mika has had stalking tendencies since Middle School.]
[For example…]


[The 411!! // The Real Harima-san.]

Guy: You dropped this.
Mika: Huh?

SFX: blush
Mika thought: What a nice person!

Mika: (Hehe!) My destined soulmate♡ Wonder what kind of room he lives in?
SFX: scratch

Guy: My family's going on a trip to Kyoto.

SFX: click click click

Mika: Thanks for inviting me♡
SFX: shock
Guy thought: (Why is she here?!)

[The 411!! // The Real Harima-san. The End.]


[Atop that, her grades are good,]
[and her family is wealthy. Apparently, they're paying rent for her room that costs more than a hundred thousand yen a month.]
Mikado thought: Anything seems possible for her…

[The cause of Harima Mika's sudden trip was Yagiri Seiji-kun.]
[Coincidentally, she sat next to him during entrance exams.]


[That was when she fell in love at first sight.]

[And by chance, he saved her from a group of punks that were harassing her, and so she realized…]

[that he was her destined soulmate.]
Seiji: (Are you alright?)


[Following that, Harima Mika began to visit Yagiri-kun's house,]
[but she failed to show up at the welcoming ceremony.]

[According to Yagiri-kun, he had a talk with her the day before the ceremony, and told her that he wouldn't date her and that if she continued to bother him, he would call the police.]
[He said he hadn't seen her since then.]

Mikado thought: So that's what they were talking about then.
SFX: Relieved
Mikado thought: But would she really give up on her "destined soulmate" just because he threatened to call the police?


Mikado: By the way, // are you closest to Harima-san?
Sonohara: I'm not sure but…
Sonohara: It's true that we were always together.

Sonohara: I'm clumsy when it comes to communicating with people… // And Harima-san was the one who helped me with that.
Sonohara: She could have gone to a school of a higher level, and yet she chose the same one as me for my sake. // I felt guilty about that.


Mikado: That's probably because-
SFX: bam
Mikado: she didn't want to lose having you as a convenient tool to make her look good☆

[Yeah, like I could say that. // But wouldn't it be better if I could just make her see it once and for all…?]
SFX: giggle

Sonohara: It's alright. I know.
SFX: baddump
MIkado: Eh?! // Wh…What do you know…?

Sonohara: I know that I just there to make her look better.


Sonohara: That's why I'm using her as well.

Sonohara: I probably couldn't take it if I didn't do that.

Sonohara: The reason I chose to become Class Council // was because I wanted to do the things she wanted do, while she was absent.

Sonohara: But to be honest, it's all just for my own self-satisfaction. // I felt that I could surpass her if I became class council.


Sonohara: It's not fair, is it.
Mikado: Rather, I think it's unfair of you to tell others about this.

Mikado: It kind of sounds like you're trying to get people to forgive you by telling them this.

Mikado: It's the right choice to want to surpass Harima-san,

Mikado: so why don't you try having more confidence in yourself?

Sonohara: You're… // right.


Sonohara: Thank you.
Mikado: Ah- // No…

[How pretty would a girl like Harima Mika have to be to use Sonohara-san as an ornament?]

[Not to mention Yagiri-kun's girlfriend, who's supposedly above her.]


SFX: Bang
Namie: I object!

Man: However, at this rate, this company's standings will…
Man: Even if we merge companies, it won't be too bad if we consider the other party's conditions.
SFX: crumple


Namie: What they want isn't the Yagiri Company! They're after that!!
Namie: As the chief of the lab that monitors that, and for my own family's sake, I won't allow it!!

Man: Namie!!
Namie: This is ridiculous!
SFX: slam

Namie: That again… It's driving me into the corner again.
SFX: clack

[Ever since that day 20 years ago…]

-20 Years Ago-
SFX: rattle


SFX: dash
Namie: Welcome home!

Uncle: You came, Namie?
Namie: Yup! I heard you would be coming home, Uncle!
Uncle: I see, I see.
Uncle: Then as a reward, I'll show you something special.

Namie: What is it?
Uncle: This is something I got while I was overseas.


Namie: Wow, it's pretty. Is it a doll?

SFX: jump
Namie thought: It's warm! // This head is alive!!


[My Uncle had gotten his hands on the head of the fairy, "Durahan".]
Mika: I must have have the initiative in this.

[Sister, I…]

Namie: Seiji!


Namie: That's right. This is for Seiji's sake!

[Around the time Seiji was born…]
Namie: Mother, Father! // Seiji's crying.

[My parents had made a grave mistake with their clients, and they had been laid off from their important posts.]

[It became my responsibility to look after Seiji.]


Namie: You're eating such junk again, Seiji!!
Namie: I know, Seiji!
Seiji: ?

Namie: Want me to show you something special?
Seiji: Uncle will get mad at us if we go in without asking.
Namie: That's why we have to keep this a secret.

Namie: Take a look, Seiji. // Isn't it beautiful?


[I still regret what I did to this very day.]


[It wasn't long after]
[that Seiji's behavior began to change.]

Seiji: Sis.
Namie: Mm? // What is it, Seiji?

Seiji: I want to go to Uncle's place tomorrow.
Namie: Hm? Why? We just went today.


[And then…]

Seiji: Sis, are you going to Uncle's place tomorrow?

Seiji: Sis, I wanna go to Uncle's place tomorrow.

Seiji: Sis, I'm going to Uncle's place tomorrow.

[That day came…]

Seiji: Sis,
Seiji: I like that girl's head.
[A boy with with a pure love, Yagiri Seiji. However, his love was twisted.]

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