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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

D.Gray-Man 192

The Apostle, Revealed.

+ posted by Majikayo as translation on Mar 2, 2010 00:05 | Go to D.Gray-Man

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English reserved for I Eat Manga, but may be used as reference for International Translations.


[It was a like a lotus flower.]
[From within the depths of the mud, it shed light upon the world.]

[Almost as if]
back text: Whose memories are these…?
[That person once said that it resembled the destiny]

[Of an Exorcist.]


1st bubble: Creak
Doctor: Remove the machine and the IV.



[I see...]
back text: The awakening of truth / is the beginning of a harsh reality…
[So that's how it is.]

Bottom: Hosino Katsura // The 192nd Night - The Apostle, Revealed.


Person: I see… // Then let us leave the persuading to uncle.

Person: No, keep this area blocked off from the main branch. // Whatever you do, don't let Bak in.

Person: Ah… Nothing has changed. // I'm counting on you to keep watch.
Person: I'm sorry to force you into this dilemma, Pho {TLN: spelling?}-à (I’ve seen the spelling as Fo before but I’m sure Pho is more correct…)

[I'm thinking she's a fairy or something…]

[Her name is Pho.]

[I've met her before,]
[When I was crying because of the painful synchro tests.]


Yu: Ha…
Person: !
Yu: Hahaha…!

Yu: Hahahahahaha!
Person: Yu…
Yu: Ahahahahahaha!!


Yu: Ahahahahaha!!
Person: Yu, I'm going to do something
Person: That might be a little painful, but it'll be over very quickly.

Person: You'll never wake up again.

Yu: You lied to me.

Yu: The Second Exorcist Project?
Yu: Artificial Apostle?


Yu: Lies.
[They were never hallucinations.]
Yu: All lies.
[Did you seal them away? Destroy them?]
Yu: Everything was all a lie!

[The memories?]

Yu: I was killed by an Akuma, wasn't I?

Yu: What is the date…?

Yu: How many years…

Yu: Has gone by since that day…?


Yu: What did you do?!

[Memories of death.]

[Him too?]
[And them?]
Yu: What did you do to us?!

[Then what about…]
[That Innocence…?]

Man: Let's begin, Chang.


Yu: !!

Yu: Agh…! // Ngh!
SFX: Thump
Yu: Ugh…!

Yu: You bastards-
SFX: Thump x3
Yu: Aren't you supposed to be our "allies"…?

Man: The Innocence is what matters…
Man: In order to win the Holy War!


SFX: Thump
Man: Without you Exorcists,
Man: We can't save this world!

SFX: Thump


Yu: Aghhhh!!
SFX: Thump x2
[What is that?]
SFX: Thump
SFX: Thump
Yu: Aghh! // Argh!!
SFX: Thump x2


Yu: Aaaarghhhhhh!!

Road: Allen.
Road: Allen!

Allen: Agh!!

Road: Get it together! You can't lose yourself! // You'll be swallowed by Kanda Yu's emotions!


Road: Remember who you are!

Road: Remember, Allen!
Road: You're Allen.

Road: Allen.
Allen: ….. // Ro…
Allen: Road…?

Road: Geez, do you have to get lost everywhere you go?
Road: Listen, that wasn't reality. It was just Kanda Yu's memories.

Yu: Aghhh! // Arghh!!
Road: They're things that happened in the past.
Allen: …..


Allen: ? // Why is it suddenly dark…?
Alma: It's gone…

Alma: The Innocence is gone?!
box: ※It's Alma.


Voice: Where are you, Alma!
Voice2: Sorry, I let my guard down… // I didn't think he would rip apart his body to get out of the shackles…
Allen: Alma?!

Allen: ! // His arms and legs are bloody…

Alma: (They're too quick to get here!)

Allen: Are we… in the lab?
Road: They're Alma=Karma's memories. (okay are they trying to say Alma's/Karma's....i'm confused...just leave as is T^T) // They've been influenced by Kanda Yu's memories.
Allen: Influenced?

Road: Wisely shows it to them, too.
Allen: (Wisely? Ah, that turban head…)

Road: It's proof that they're starting to awaken~!


Allen: Is that their goal?

Alma: I won't let them get rid of him!
SFX bubbles: Gasp x3
Alma: Hang on, Yu…


Edgar: Alma!

Alma: Oomph!
Alma: I- // I slipped…
Edgar: ……

Edgar: ! // What are you doing down there?!
Alma: Ack!

Edgar: Get back here, Alma! I know that Yu is precious to you, // but-
Alma: No!
Alma: How can you guys understand?!


Alma: Ah…

Alma: I'm going to save Yu.
bubble: Let go
Alma: We can fight, as long as we have the Innocence…

Edgar: Alma…!

Edgar: Don't go, Alma!!


Edgar: Alma…
Person2: [Did you find him, Edgar?!]
Edgar: Yu… // Ugh…
person2: Where is he?!
Edgar: Argh...

Edgar: Aaarghhh!!!

[Doctor's voice]
[Is growing faint.]

Allen: !


Alma: Wah!

Alma: So many!
Allen: It looks like we're in the Innocence shrine…


Alma: Innocence!

bubble: Flap


[Fire Wings]

Allen: ?! // Alma?!
Person1: Did we get him?!
Person2: What a nuisance!


Alma: I // no
Alma: ce
Alma: nce…

Alma: Yu…

Allen: !!!
Alma: Yu…

Person1: That doll can still move!
Voice: [Wait, don't harm him! That child is an apostle!]


Person1: No!
Person2: He intends to resist us with the Innocence!

Alma: Yu…
Alma: Give him // back-

Edgar: Don't attack him, Crow!!

[Fire Wings]
Allen: Stop!!


Alma: I'll save
Alma: Yu!


Road: Poor child.

Road: He must've seen it here.
Allen: Seen it…?
Road: Yes.


Road: Their real bodies.
Road: The real identities of the Artificial Apostles.


Road: Because of the Holy War, // In order to preserve the incompatible experimental bodies, the Order began to create artificial bodies.


Road: By transplanting the brains of the subjects that are no longer fit to battle, // they were experimenting whether the Innocence would transfer successfully.


Road: That was the Second Exorcist Project.

[Took a fatal blow to his head during a fight with an Akuma.]
[He's been in critical condition for an hour now.]

[No virus response.]
[A command from Chief Leverrier.]
[He is to become a test subject for the Second Exorcist Project from hereon.]

[Take him to the 6th Laboratory.]


[The Exorcist is Noise Marie.]
[We ask for authorization to accept him into the laboratory.]

[It was said to be like a lotus flower.]


[From the depths of the mud,]
[It shed light upon the world.]

[That way of life,]


(Will wither, in the end, won't it?)

[It will wither, and drown into the mud.]
back text: The truth destroys all hope...!!

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