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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 279

When The Rainbow Fades

+ posted by Majikayo as translation on Feb 26, 2010 16:34 | Go to Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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[Byakuran will fight with his full power against Tsuna, who has acquired the new Vongola ring!!!]

Tsuna: You won't be able to win against me, // just because your appearance has changed.

Byakuran: Haha, who said it was just my appearance? // It's about time you stopped playing

Byakuran: Games!!

[Target 279 - When the Rainbow Fades]


Byakuran: Ugh-


Byakuran: Ngh!

Byakuran: Nn…!

Tsuna: Is that all you've got? // I've only just gotten started.

Byakuran: Ha! // Then this only the start of the start for me!!


Tsuna: Crap!! // It'll fall on Uni!!


Basil: She blocked it with flames!!

Tsuna thought: [The flames are radiating… // from her entire body!!]

Byakuran: The dispensing of the flames into the pacifier // has really begun…

Byakuran: You're really going to do this, aren't you, Uni…? // You're really going to sacrifice your life for these pacifiers!!

Tsuna: Uni?!


Ryohei: She can't!
Gokudera: Is she really prepared to die?!

Tazaru: P… Princess!!
Nozaru: You can't be serious, Princess!!

Kyoko: No, you can't!!
Haru: Uni-chan!!

Tsuna: Wait, Uni!! // There's no reason for you to sacrifice yourself for the Arcobaleno!!

Uni: I must. // Their revival is crucial in order return you all to a peaceful past.

Uni: And in turn, it will save many innocent lives as well… // The time has finally come for me to be able to make good use of my powers…

Uni: This is the only chance I can take… // and my destiny,

Uni: Which I cannot escape from.


Tsuna: Uni!!
Byakuran: Do you think you're allowed to die // without my permission?!

Tsuna: I won't hand Uni over to you!!
Byakuran: You've interfered with my plans one too many times…!!

Byakuran: If you intend to stand between us,

Byakuran: Then I'll just have to kill you first!!


Mukuro: We must not be bystanders. // Let us destroy the barrier and help Uni out.

Dino: Yeah, you're right! // Regardless of what Uni intends to do, it's too dangerous for her to stay there!!

Gokudera: But- // that barrier…
Gokudera: Won't even budge!!


[Mother… // Grandmother…]

[I will join you in a short while…]

Tsuna: It seems like you were serious // when you said it was only the start.
Byakuran: I could say the same for you, Tsunayoshi-kun… // I never expected you to last this long.


Byakuran: But the one who'll take Uni-chan will be… // Mm?

Dino: What's going on? // Her flames are growing smaller.

[I'm scared… // of death…]

[I'm scared…]
[I'm scared…]

Tsuna: ? // Uni?
Haru: ?
Reborn: What's wrong, Uni…?

Dino: Maybe… // she's fearing death?


Reborn: I wouldn't be surprised, even if she were. // Though she's the Princess of the Arcobaleno's, she's only a kid.

Tsuna: It's alright, Uni!! // Let's think of another way around this!!

Uni: I'm sorry, I'll be fine… // There is no other way.

Uni: Thank you… // Everyone.

Biancci: That child!!
Haru: Please stop!!
Kyoko: Uni-chan!!

Basil: Okay! // Now!!

Kikyo: That's…!!


Kikyo: The flames of all the box weapons have merged within the Rain Dolphin!!

Fuuta: It's the Combination System of the box weapons!!
Reborn: That might be powerful enough to break the barrier.

Basil: Now, Alphin!!

Basil: Aghhh!!


[Super Nova Ocean!!!]

Basil: Dammit, it's not working!! // It's only making small holes!!

Gamma: That's good enough for me.


Uni: …..!!

Gamma: Hey, Princess.
Uni: Gamma!

Gamma: I finally get to see you, only to have you slip away yet again. // That's not very fair, is it?

Gamma: Won't you use my flames too?

Gamma: What is it you want to ask me? // Calling me way out here…
Reborn: You…

Reborn: How do you feel about Uni?

Gamma: What kind of random question is that?!

Reborn: You know that Uni admires you, right? // I know it's none of my business, but there's no time.


Reborn: If we waste any more time, then they'll… // slip through before we know it.

Gamma: ….
Reborn: I know you're aware…

Reborn: …That the Sky Arcobaleno is blessed with deep emotion, and has a smile brighter than anyone, // but they also shoulder the heaviest responsibilities and are taken away from us by destiny.

Reborn: There's no time to wait until she grows up. // Stop treating her like a baby and look at her.
Reborn: Look at her soul.

Gamma: …….


Gamma: I won't leave you alone.
Uni: !!

Tazaru: No!!
Nozaru: Brother!!

Gamma: Do you remember what you whispered in my ear long ago? // I still haven't given you an answer.

Gamma: Come on, that's not the face to show at a time like this. // That's not what your mother taught you.


[When you're happy, // smile with your heart.]



[The two flames entrusted to the pacifiers, ceased to burn…!!! Next chapter, the story of the future comes to the final phase…!!!]

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