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One Outs 120


+ posted by Masa Kaneda as translation on Jun 18, 2012 12:42 | Go to One Outs

-> RTS Page for One Outs 120

Reserved for Endless Abyss

One Outs volume 14 chapter 120

1. The Lycaons will in mid-season
2. end their season

1. The Lycaons will be...
2. gone
3. In 2 weeks
4. 2 weeks
5. We won't be able to
6. play baseball...
7. Ahhhh
8. Dammit!
9. We've risen to 2nd place in the standings with great effort. //Now it comes to nothing.

1. What are you mourning about?
2. The Lycaons won't be gone.
3. There are plenty of corporations who wanna be an
owner of a baseball team.
4. There are only 12 teams. You are lucky if you can be an owner.
6. We don't even need 2 weeks.
7. We'll get offers from hundreds of corporations tomorrow.
8. The Lycaons are in their prime now.
9. Strong,
10. and popular.
11. Who would leave such a good corporation alone...?
12 Then
13 Why...
14 ...Ron Wood Capital abandon the Lycaons?

1. umm...
2. well....
3. Chief...
4. You said the team was in a healthy management many times.
5 But
6. In the press conference they said plainly that they didn't need The Lycaons .
7. I feel like our value has been denied.
8. It shocked me.
9. ....
10. Hey
11. Stop thinking negatively

1. At least we can continue to play baseball for 2 weeks.
2. Then, all we have to do is to work harder,
3. and keep winning.
4. If we keep winning,
5. People who said the Lycaons didn't have value...
6. ....could change their mind.

1. They motivated themselves.
2. The next day was 8-1, and the following day was 10-3
3. They won both games.
4. In the end, offers from corporations were...

1. ...none
2. It's strange...
3. What's going on?
4. There's a growing tendency for the protest against anihilation of the
Lycaons among the fans.
5. If you offer to buy the team now, you'll be a hero.
6. Why...
7. ...is no one offering?
8. That's...
9. obvious.

1. Saying "we don't need the Lycaons" is like ....
2. saying "managing the Lycaons is unprofitable."
3. Indeed...
4. ... this corporation is in the red and have debt of tens of billions.
(Chief's handwritten comment) Are you drunk?
5. The debt of tens of billions were simply caused by the one outs
contract with Tokuchi
6. Besides, it hasn't entered the Lycaons' records.
7. Which means, as a corporation, the Lycaons is in a healthy management.
8. *chuckle*
9. So, that debt came from where?
10. I.. don't...
11. know.
12. *chuckle*
13. I tell you.

1. It's Ron Wood Capital...
2. ...that paid the money.
3. Wha..
4. Whaaat!?
5. As you know, it's already decided that Lycaons would be sold to
Tronpos after this season.
6. The sale price is....
7. ...10 times the Lycaons' pretax profit this season
8. The pretax profit was estimated to be 5 billions considering the
profit of last season. So the team was supposed to be sold by
enormous 50 billions.
9. However...

1. because of the one outs contract with Toa Tokuchi, the annual
expenditure gradually increased
2. at one time, the pretax profit became massive deficit...
3. so that the team was likely to be sold by free.
4. The owner considered.
5. If he raised money which they pay Tokuchi from other than the Lycaons ball team,
6. it would not harm the team's records.
7. However all the departments of the Saikawa group are short of money.
8. It's almost impossible to move money within the group.
9. Then he finally used a last resort.

1. Getting 50 billions of loan...
2. ....from Ron Wood Capital by offering them the corporation's own
stock as mortgage,
3. Then with that fund, he went for the big fight against Tokuchi.
4. He had an absolute confidence.
5. But the result was...
6. a complete defeat.

1. I get it!! As soon as Ron Wood Capital realized Saikawa was not
capable of paying off the debt, they held an emergency meeting of
the shareholders.

2. By using plenty of the Saikawa group's shares as a weapon...

3. ....they took over the Saikawa group.

4. Damn, those vultures.

5. From the beginning they loaned us 50 billions with an intention of taking over the group .

6. No, it wasn't.
7. Saikawa group was reaching a dead end.
8. Sooner or later, this would have happened.

1. I feel pity for the employees who'll get fired...
2. ...and the players who won't be able to play baseball within 2
3. ...
4. Wait a minute.

5. What kind of situation Tronpos would be in?

4. It's decided that Tronpos will purchase the team.

5. But if the Saikawa group is gone, they'll be in trouble.

6. No, they won't.

7. They've already taken the next step.

8. Take a look at this.

9. These are gossips about the Lycaons written on the magazines in
the last few days.

10. Mostly they are saying that the management of the Lycaons is in a
poor condition.

1. It's Tronpos who is spreading the gossips.

2. Guess why they are doing this.

3. Because such negative campaigning...

4. ...would discourage corporations who's trying to purchase the

5. Indeed no one has offered to purchase the Lycaons.

6. In the end,

7. they are trying to buy the team by the cheapest price as possible.

8. ....
9. I see.

1. To be honest,
2. I'm relieved.
3. In any way, Tronpos is willing to buy the Lycaons.
4. Great.
5. The Lycaons...
6. ... won't be gone.

1. Hit! It flies straight to the back screen.
2. Home run
3. The game ends
4. The Lycaons wins again.
5. They carried the momentum.
6. Since the day the press conference held, their results are 9 wins and 1 lose.

7. A miracle will happen as they win.
8. They only believed it.
9. And
10. on the day before the deadline,
11. they hear a breaking news.
12. This is news.
13. The first news is about The Lycaons.

1. Today toronpos has announced purchase of the Lycaons.
2. Yeah!

1. Tronpos.
2. Who are they?
3. They are an lease finance company. They are rapidly growing
4. They won't go into bankruptcy?
5. No worry.
6. Their management is in a very good condition.
7. Anyway, we've been rescued.
8. We can play baseball
9. We can play baseball
10. Later in the day, the press conference was held.
11. They gathered around in front of TV to see the savior.

1. He's the CEO.
2. young
3. Thank you for coming to the press conference today.
4. I am the representative of the Tronpos group;
5. Mitamura Kaname
6. He is..
7. the CEO.

1. As you know, we've offered Ron Wood Capital...
2. ... to take over the management of the Lycaons
3. but please don't misunderstand.
4. Our intention is purchasing the hardware.
5. What?
6. "The hardware" refers to the stadium and accommodation,
training facilities.
7. Theirs are extraordinary good compared to other teams'.
8. On the other hand, "the software" are poor, to say the least.
9. software...
10. pardon?
11. Frankly speaking,

1. the team name will be changed,
2. and all the players, manager, and coaches will be replaced.
3. As you know, the team has gone into bankruptcy.
4. It's been caused by negligence of the executives and the
players who lost motivation.
5. It must be avoided that the ball team's employees getting involved with this and left out in the cold.
6. That's why I took action to save the team.

1. I will reorganize the staff.
2. I will restructure the team completely.

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