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One Outs 121

Secret Plot

+ posted by Masa Kaneda as translation on Jul 15, 2012 13:35 | Go to One Outs

-> RTS Page for One Outs 121

reserved for E-A

One Outs 121

title. Secret Plot

1. I will reorganize the staff.
2. I will restructure...
3. ...the team completely.

1. So, this place is your hideout.
2. You...
3. Mitamura, the representative of Tronpos
4. *smirks*
5. It was hard to find you.
6. Well...
7. ....
8. If the company has gotten into such situation, you would arouse....
9 … hostility among the employees and you would be in danger.
10. But look what you've done.
11. Not only your company got taken over, //but you reluctantly gave up your ball team.
12. What did you intend to do about the promise with me?
13. ...
14. ... you....

1. ...got a secret loan from Ron Wood Capital by offering them the corporation's own stock as mortgage, right?
2. How did you know?
3. kukuku
4. I know everything.
5 That was a daring attempt .
6. Were you unable to use your main bank?
7. There were many problems.
8. many
9. problems
10. There was this clause in the contract of the sale of the ball team;
11. "The sale price is 10 times the Lycaons' pretax profit this season."
12. You were doing something dirty, right?

1. something like...
2. … fixing the players annual salaries in order to inflate the pretax profit.
3. Haha... there is no way...
4. … I can do that.
5. I don't think so.
6. For instance, how about this?
7. making player's salary based on his performance
8. In that way, you can make under-performing player's salary literally zero.

1. However, performance-based pay is prohibited by the agreement.
2. Besides, if the player succeeded beyond expectation, you would have lots of loss.
3. Speaking of the Lycaons,
4. If Tokuchi was paid based on his performance, I guess things would have been terrible.
5. Just say it.
6. You know...
7. ...everything, right?

1. Right.
2. I know everything,
3. You made the one outs contract with Tokuchi...
4. At first it was believed that the advantage was on the ball team's side, but Tokuchi's unexpected success made a huge loss.
5. And you asked Tokuchi to accept a revise to the contract.
6. But even with the revised contract, Tokuchi held a dominant position.
7. You went for the final battle with Tokuchi after getting the loan from Ron Wood.
8. But you lost miserably.
9. ...
10. ...Why?
12. Why do you know so much details...?
13. kukuku
14. Of course, I know everything.
15. Because...

1. Toua Tokuchi is an assassin we've sent into.
2. !!?
3. Wh..
4. Whaaat!?
5. Kukuku
6. Judging from your reaction, you haven't noticed it at all.
7. The day I met him was...
8. ... March 4th, one month before the season open.

1. That day, I was in the middle of exchanging information about the purchase of the ball team with my subordinates.
2. What? The Lycaons ball team is attempting to inflate their pretax profit?
3. Yes.
4. The players' salaries were either unchanged or pay-cut on the grounds that they were the lowest in rank in the last season.
5. Besides that, six high-earners were designated for assignment.
6. This makes the total amount of players' salaries reduced by 3 hundreds millions.
7. It's obvious that they are trying to increase the sale price of the ball team.
8. Damn, Saikawa.
9. dirty bastard.
10. Excuse me, sir
11. Tokuchi Toua?

1. ...What can I do for you?
2. kukuku
3. I've heard an interesting story from a source.
4. It's about that the Lycaons will be sold to this company next year.
5. !?
6. Who is this guy?
7. That information is confidential.
8. I'm afraid to tell you this, but...
9. I know nothing about the Lycaons's future.
10. That's just a gossip.
11. Now would you leave us please?
12. The sale price of The Lycaons is 10 times their pretax profit this
13. Because of that, they are now desperate to increase it.

1. I can easily get...
2. … such information.
3. Who the hell is this guy?
4. To tell you the truth, from this spring I'll join the Lycaons for a trial period
5. Tomorrow, a meeting is going to be held to discuss about my salary this season.
6. As you guys know, Saikawa is a cheap bastard.
7. I'm an inexperienced player. So you can easily imagine that he'll
make my salary practically free.
8. Now here's my plan.
9. I'll propose a performance-based pay system to him.
10. !?
11. 5 million yen per out but each time I lose a run I pay him 50
million yen. //Mathematically, even a player with lowest ERA can
be minus. The stingy Saikawa would definitely jump into this

1. uh-huh
2. interesting.
3. So what do you think?
4. Let's team up.
5. I'll exploit his stinginess and pluck shitload of money out of his0
hands. //That corresponds with your intention of decreasing the
Lycaons' pretax profit, right?

6. You guys back me up with information gathering and financial support.

7. The more support I get from you, the more money I get from Saikawa.

8. Are you interested?
9. …
10. Interesting.
11. That's indeed an interesting plan, however...
12. There is one problem.

1. We don't know you are skilled enough to pluck money out of Saikawa's hands.

2. That's it.
3. Hey
4. You were the first batter in a college ball team, right?
5. You try him.
6. Let's see your performance.
7. Rule is simple
8. You throw 20 strikes and if he gets one hit, you lose.
9. He's a rookie, but only one hit in 20 pitches makes...
10. ...our advantage a little too big.
11. kukuku

1. That's easy.
2. Let's do it.
3. To be honest,
4. that was an excuse to drive this dubious guy away.
5. But the result was...

1. not only he didn't get a hit, but his bat didn't even touch the ball.
2. Then I made up my mind.
3. I'll team up with him.
4. kukuku
5. …
6. kukuku
7. Now you get it.
8. You've been deceived so far....
9. ...by Tokuchi

1. and by me
2. Goddammit!
3. Dammit!
4. Dammit!
5. ...Mitamura
6. Don't think you'd get away with this.

1. I'll sink...
2. ...you and Tokuchi
3. everyone
4. I've received a fax from Saikawa.
5. fax?
6. What kind of excuse he makes now?
7. Just ignore it.
8. But...

1. You'd better see this.
2. This is shocking.
3. What do you mean "shocking"?
4. anyway,
5. I read it.
6. To all the Lycaons players
7. First of all, I, as the owner, deeply apologize for causing a confusion like this.

8. I know whatever I say it makes a poor excuse.
9. But I'm really sorry.
10. However I have to confess one important thing.

1. The poor management of the ball team was...
2. ...due to Tokuchi Toua's excessive salary
3. !?
4. What!?
5. When I made a contract with him...
6. I was set up by him...
7. ...and ended up making...
8. …a performance-based pay contract.
9. !!
10. performance-based pay!?
11. Really?
12. And
13. his annual salary, as of now, is...

1. 33 billions
2. th..
3. 33 billions
4. Smart guys like you would see the point.
5. The ball team running into the red, as you've heard on news,
6. is basically caused by the payment of excessive salary to Tokuchi.
7. oh no
8. can't believe it.
9. However
10. There is one thing you can do.
11. Tonight, a press conference about the sale of the ball team will be held.

1. Right there,
2. you guys reveal this fact in front of the press.
3. I'm sure people would also point a finger of blame at me.
4. However I'm gladly to take responsibility.
5. On the other hand, you guys are innocent.
6. You must be saved.
7. Therefore,
8. I suggest you to tell the truth that without Tokuchi the team will be in healthy management.

9. Having misled by the gossips, lots of corporations are hesitating to acquire the ball team.

10. But as soon as you reveal this fact...

1. ...there will be lots of corporations that will make an action to buy the team...

2. therefore, you all will be saved.
3. We'll be saved.
4. We'll be saved by doing this.
5. Wait a minute...
6. This means we discard Tokuchi-san, right?
7. ....
8. kukukuku
9. Die, Mitamura
10. Die,
11. Tokuchi!!

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#1. by flamefox ()
Posted on Aug 7, 2012
thank you for the translation....will you be translating the rest of the chapters too?
#2. by Masa Kaneda ()
Posted on Aug 7, 2012
Thanks for the comment and the thanks. Yes, I'm willing to translate the other chapters. The pace is depends on how much I have spare time though. And I guess EA will release the next chapter soon. I can't tell you when, but soon...

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