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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Bleach 481

The Tearing

+ posted by Meiun as translation on Feb 18, 2012 16:17 | Go to Bleach

-> RTS Page for Bleach 481

Pg 1-

[First Panel]
Bubble 1- Haaaah~♪ ahh~
Bubble 2- Like I thought taking a bath a little early in the morning is such a good thing,

[Second Panel]
Bubble 1- …………

[Third Panel]
Bubble 1- Hey now!
Bubble 2- Why isn't anyone respondin', idiot?!
Bubble 3- If it's Love you want, he went off to buy Jump and some coffee milk.
Bubble 4- Then you shoulda' answered me, Lisa!!

[Fourth Panel]
Bubble 1- In the first place I dun' have the key, so I can't open the door, get over here now!!
Bubble 2- Hachi is the one with the key.
Bubble 3- And where is Hachi!?
Bubble 4- He was hot, so he went to cool off at a cafe for a bit.
Bubble 5- Well no duh yer' gonna get hot wearin' a suit to a public bathhouse, idiot!!!

[Fifth Panel]
Bubble 1- !

[Sixth Panel]
Bubble 2- A shinigami's scent...!?

Pg 2

[First Panel]
Bubble 1-................
Bubble 2-...What the hells' that?

Pg 3-

Bleach 481
The Tearing
Kubo Tite
"More gentler, and much more stronger."

Pg 4-

[Second Panel]
Bubble 1- Yes sir, I wasn't listening!!
Bubble 2- But I didn't say anything.

[Third Panel]
Bubble 1-............
Bubble 2- Listen, now that you're up you can get going.

[Fourth Panel]
Bubble- Huh?

Pg 5-

[First Panel]
Bubble 1- Thank you for waiting!!
Bubble 2- For some delicious bread!!

[Second Panel]
Bubble 1- Ah! You opened your eyes, I'm so glad!!
Bubble 2- Are you sure it's okay to pass it off as delicious? Isn't discarded bread just unpopular?
Bubble 3- Yep, and people who say things like "discarded," won't get any~!

[Third Panel]
Bubble 1- It's just as Inoue-san said.

[Fourth Panel]
Bubble 1- And yet it seems that you're always eating it the most like it's delicious,
Bubble 2- For real, you really don't know your manners.
Bubble 3- ...that's true.

Pg 6-
[First Panel]
Bubble 1- Oh shut up! And how the hell did all of you get inside here with your loud footsteps without even ringing the bell!?
Bubble 2- We met up with Yuzu-chan outside.
Bubble 3- So how about you stop gibbering on, and bring some plates so we can divide the bread equally?

[Second Panel]
Bubble 1- That's why I said shut up! And why is it that I'm being ordered around by you!
Bubble 2- It wasn't a order, it was advice. And it's in your best interest to listen to it.
Bubble 3- Shut up!

[Third Panel]
Bubble 1- Ahh-------!!!

[Fourth Panel]
Bubble 1- You shut up too!!
Bubble 2- y-y-yo-you--you're from last night...

Pg 7-

[First Panel]
Bubble 1- I was wondering about your lack of reaction, so you just realized?
Bubble 2- FYI it wasn't last night, it was two days ago.

Pg 8-

[Fourth Panel]
Bubble 1- That was close, Kurosaki!

Pg 9

[First Panel]
Bubble 1- What are you talking about!? The way you shot your arrow just now was totally close! Did you come here just to be a pain in the ass, Ishida?
Bubble 2- What was that?

[Second Panel]
Bubble 1- If you were a little more............

[Fourth Panel]
Bubble 1- I went ahead and applied first-aid treatment for the time being,
Bubble 2- When it's over I'll come heal you.

[Fifth Panel]
Bubble 1- No helpin' it,
Bubble 2- Let's settle this in one go.

Pg 10-11

No text

Pg 12

[First Panel]
Text- ...-----they were amazing...

[Second Panel]
Text 1- Those large amount of hollows were all done in by these people in a instance....
Text 2- I'd heard rumors regarding the substitute shinigami, but to think he was this strong...

[Third Panel]
Text 1- ! That's it---...
Bubble- Here!

[Fourth Panel]
Bubble 1- Eh?
Bubble 2- Here's your share, eat up. it's delicious.

[Fifth Panel]
Bubble 1- Eh...but...
Bubble 2- You can't eat like that, right? A proper gigai is right beside you. Hurry and enter it.

[Sixth Panel]
Bubble 1- Eh?
Bubble 2- Uwaahh!!

Pg 12

[First Panel]
Bubble 1- Everything you do is a pain, why are you frightened by your own gigai?
Bubble 2- Tha...that's not it...
Bubble 3- This isn't the kind of situation to be doing this in...

[Second Panel]
Bubble 1- Is Shino-san...
Bubble 2- Is Shino-san all right...
Bubble 3- I'm back.

[Third Panel]
Bubble 1- I bought the cola...

[Fourth Panel]
Bubble 1- Ryuunosuke...!!

[Sixth Panel]
Bubble 1- Shino-san...!! I'm so glad...! Your wounds have healed...

Pg 13

[First Panel]
Bubble 1- Friggin' Pathetic!
Bubble 2- Ouff!

[Second Panel]
Bubble 1- Why even though your wounds had healed did you sleep throughout the whole day!!
Bubble 2- Wait, hold up Shino-san! It hurts!!
Bubble 3- Stop it with those, "Gyahs!" and "Kyahs!" God you're pathetic!!
Bubble 4- Yeah ok, shall we?
Bubble 5- It seems like he might like this Yakisoba bun, so I'll put that aside for him.
Bubble 6- You probably only said that because you don't want to eat it.
(The text beside Inoue is something about the cola that fell.)

Pg 14-

[First Panel]
Bubble- Ikkaku!

[Second Panel]
Bubble 1- You were contacted?
Bubble 2- Isn't that obvious?!
Bubble 3- Can't you tell from me running!

[Third Panel]
Bubble 1- There's no way those Rukongai folks can just disappear on their own...
Bubble 2- I don't know what's happening but, they sure as hell better not underestimate the Eleventh divisions jurisdiction....

[Fourth Panel]
Bubble- Oh yeah,

[Fifth Panel]
Bubble- I still haven't heard your name---...

[Sixth Panel]
Bubble- That's right.

Pg 15

[First Panel]
Bubble 1- Allow me to tell you,
Bubble 2- Ibán

Pg 16

[First Panel]
Bubble 1- !!!

[Second Panel]
Bubble 1- You want to know my full name? It's Azgialo Ibán*.
Bubble 2- Do you have anymore questions?

[Third Panel]
Bubble 1-I don't really know who you are, but for starters,
Bubble 2-...get the hell off my bed.

"A fearless messenger!!"

Bleach 481/End

*There seems to be a bit of a debate over the correct way to write his name. So until be get it confirmed in romaji, I'm going to stick with the little research I did and go with Ibán.

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