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World Trigger 40

Chapter 40: 「Yuuma Kuga ⑧」

+ posted by Meltdowner as translation on Nov 30, 2013 16:01 | Go to World Trigger

-> RTS Page for World Trigger 40

Top: World Trigger
Osamu: Oi oi Kuga......
Rindou: Things are getting more excited now.
Yousuke: Bastard---
That white-haired kid already agreed to battle me---
Left: Yuuma VS Midorikawa!!
Osamu: Ah......
You're from Miwa Unit......
Yousuke: Yousuke Yoneya.
Just call me Yousuke, four-eyes.
Osamu: Four-eyes......!?
Rindou: Yoneya is Shiori-chan's little cousin.
Osamu: Eh...... Usami-senpai's!?
Rindou: Also, he is from the same「You」gang as me.
Osamu: The「You」gang......!?

Midorikawa: There is a black rectangle at the bottom of the screen, right?
Click on it and you can battle with formal members.
I'm the one in room 203.
Yuuma thinking: 9110 points......
Midorikawa: If the formal members denied the battle request you won't be able to battle with them,
even if you did you won't get any points.
......Therefore I do not get any benefits from defeating you.
I might as well get those 1508 points from four-eyes.
Yuuma: You can do that.
Anyway I'll win for sure.
Midorikawa: ............

Midorikawa: ...... So... How many matches do you want?
A match? 3 matches? 5 matches? 10 matches?
Yuuma: 10 matches.
It has always been 10 matches.
Midorikawa: OK---
Announcer: 1 vs. 1 rank battle, 10 matches,
Insert text: The battle begins!!
Chapter 40: 「Yuuma Kuga ⑧」
Author: Daisuke Ashihara

Osamu: A-class rank 4 unit......!?
I have the feeling that he's strong, but I never expected him to rank that high......!
Rindou: Who is stronger, you or him, Yousuke?
Yousuke: 1 vs. 1 battles huh---
I can't remember my points...
Will I win or lose---
Insert text: Yousuke Yoneya, Kogetsu (Spear) : 9443 Scorpion : 8545
Rindou: Ah, but Midorikawa is only a high school student,
shouldn't he be stronger if you look at abilities alone?
Osamu: ......!

Announcer: Kuga, bail-out!
1-0, Midorikawa leading!
Rindou: Yuuma!

Yuuma: I see.
So... this happens when you lose...
Osamu thinking: Kuga lost a match within a blink......!?
Announcer: Second match, begin!

Midorikawa: Your movements are not bad.
However, I am too much for you.
(Box) 2-0
Rindou: Argh~......!!
Osamu thinking: Even though Kuga is facing an A-class opponent...
Using only the trigger from Border, will he...

???: A-class members are at a different level for sure...
Even though the white-haired kid is not bad.
Midorikawa: Luckily it's a 10 match battle.
If it were a 5 match battle, it's already game point.
Yuuma: ............
Yousuke: Ah---
There is a huge experience gap---
Rindou: What's the big deal with the experience gap!?
How can Yuuma lose to Midorikawa!?
Yousuke: Hmm...
Hard to say.
Just look...
It's about time for him to win.

???: !!
(Box) 2-1
???: He won a match!
Can he tie with him!

Yousuke: He grasped it.
He won't lose anymore.
Osamu: Why is that so......!?
Yousuke: If he can beat our team of 4 members single-handedly,
it is impossible for him to lose to Midorikawa alone.
It seems like the white-haired kid
is trying to make Midorikawa lose badly.
(Box) 2-2

(Box) 2-3
Yuuma: Luckily it's a 10 match battle.
If it were a 5 match battle, it has already ended.
Midorikawa: ...... ......!!
Midorikawa thinking: This guy......

Midorikawa thinking: His movements are totally different all of a sudden...
Did he deliberately lose in the first 2 matches......!?
Yousuke: Even though Midorikawa is talented and realistically speaking he is very strong,
however he was enlisted in Border for only a year.
He's like a puppy who is dying to show off its talents.
But for that white-haired kid......
His movements...
Are more calm and indifferent...
Solely for the sake to finish off his opponent flawlessly.

(Box) 2-4
(Box) 2-5
(Box) 2-6

???: What happened......!?
Midorikawa can't even strike back......!?
Yuuma: I have no idea why you would humiliate Osamu in front of those audiences.
He should be the one to teach you a lesson.
However, his responds too slow when it comes to his own affair,
To the extent where he can't see through your cunning motive.
I will be in his place,
To punish you for doing boring things like this.

Midorikawa thinking: This guy......
This person is...
Very strong......!!
Shinoda: ......?
What's wrong, Kazama?
Kazama: I'm sorry but......
At the C-class hall......
Kuga from Tamakoma,
Has completely suppressed Midorikawa.

Miwa: ......!?
Rindou: My, my.
Yuuma: ...... You're an A-class, right?
Apart from Scorpion, don't you have other weapons to use?
Shouldn't you at least have another trigger?
Midorikawa: ......This is fine.
Using this...

Midorikawa: I can see our differences better.
Yuuma: Aha.
I like that expression on your face better.
Announcer: 10 match battle, end!

Announcer: Yuuma Kuga
(Box) 2-8
???: An A-class lost to a C-class......!
Midorikawa can't even strike back at the second-half of the battle...
What a crushing defeat...
Rindou: Nice job, Yuuma!
I have faith in you!
Yousuke: All right, white-hair.
You'll have to battle me next......

Jin: Yuuma,
Left: Are they battling...!?
Osamu: !
Jin: Hi everyone.
Follow me, you two.
Mr. Kido and the others are waiting for you.
World Trigger ... Chapter 40/end

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#1. by michalek10866 ()
Posted on Nov 30, 2013
So fast. Thanks
btw. on Page03 How many matches DO you want

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