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World Trigger 40

Kuga Yuuma ⑧

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Dec 14, 2013 03:10 | Go to World Trigger

-> RTS Page for World Trigger 40

World Trigger - Ashihara Daisuke

Reserved for PowerManga

World Trigger - [Chapter 40 : Kuga Yuuma ⑧]

Top : [World Trigger]
Osamu : H-hey, Kuga…
Youtarou : Things have become interesting.
Yousuke : Damn,
Even though the white midget had a prior engagement with me.
Osamu : Ah… Miwa’s Unit…
Yoneya Yousuke.
Just call me Yousuke, four eyes.
Osamu : Four…?!
Youtarou : Yousuke is Shiori’s cousin.
Osamu : Eh… Usami’s cousin?!
Youtarou : Also he’s my “you” brother.
Osamu : Your “you” brother…?! TN : basically refers to the first kanji on their names which is the same for both Yousuke and Youtarou and is read ‘you’.
Left Text : Yuuma vs. Midorikawa.

Midorikawa : There is a black square on the bottommost part of the operating panel, right?
On panel : 940 Kogetsu
2810 Raygust
568 Viper
030 Kogetsu
800 Meteor
Midorikawa : You can compete Regular Members if you press this.
I’m room 203.
On panel : 4053 Asteroid
1420 Meteor
2020 Kogetsu
9110 Scorpion
1200 Kogetsu
3500 Meteor
2300 Asteroid
3020 Viper
Yuuma thinking : 9110 points…
Midorikawa : Although, you can’t fight if the Regular Member refuses to,
And, points can’t be taken even if you fight.
…Meaning I won’t bring me a profit even if I win against you.
Instead, I’ll take 1508 points from that four eyes.
Yuuma : Alright.
On Screen : 1508 Scorpion
It’s only if you win anyway.

Midorikawa : …Then, how many rounds should we have?
1? 3? 5? 10?
Yuuma : 10 rounds.
I always fight in 10 rounds.
Midorikawa : Ok.
Announcer : Competition unrelated to Rank Battle 10 rounds fight,
Insert : Battle Start!!
Chapter Title : Chaper 40 - [Kuga Yuuma ⑧]
Author : Ashihara Daisuke

Osamu : A-Class Rank 4 Unit…?!
I knew he was strong but to think he was that above…!
Youtarou : Which of you is stronger, Yousuke?
I dunno about solo,
I forgot the number of points I have, ya see.
I won and lost lots of times.
Insert : Yoneya Yousuke
Kogetsu (Spear) : 9443
Scorpion : 8545
Yousuke : But well, Midorikawa is still only a middle school student,
So as far as ability goes, ain’t ‘he’ superior to him?

Announcer : Kuga, Bail Out.
1-0, Midorikawa leads.
Youtarou : Yuuma!

Yuuma : So that’s it.
That’s what happens when you lose.
Osamu thinking : Kuga suddenly lost a round…?!
Announcer : Second Round, start.

Midorikawa : While your movements aren’t bad,
They also aren’t a threat to me.
Box : 2-0
Midorikawa ○○
Kuga ××
Youtarou : Aggh~~…!!
Osamu thinking : So even for Kuga against an A-Class,
Without a trigger of Border…

People speaking : As I thought, A-Classes are above the cut.
Even that white hair midget is being beaten like crazy.
On screen : 9110 - Scorpion.
Midorikawa : You should be glad this is a 10 rounds fight.
Had it been in 5 rounds, you’d already be game over, you know.
Yousuke : Ah,
There is quite a difference in experience.
Youtarou : What do you mean by difference in experience?!
Does that mean even Yuuma is losing to Midorikawa?!
Yousuke : No,
It’s the opposite,
The opposite.
Keep your eyes peeled,
He’ll start winnin’ any time now.

Box : 2-1
Midorikawa ○○×
Kuga ××○
?? : He took one round back!
So even simultaneous strikes are OK!

Yousuke : He caught him.
No way he’ll lose anymore now.
Osamu : What do you mean…?!
That there ain't no way for the guy that survived 4 vs 1 when attacked by our unit
To not to be able to handle all Midorikawa who is by himself.
I don’t for sure but it seems that white hair midget,
Really wants to beat the hell out of Midorikawa.
Box : 2-2
Midorikawa ○○××
Kuga ××○○

Box : 2-3
Midorikawa ○○×××
Kuga ××○○○
Kuga : You should be glad this is a 10 rounds fight,
Had it been in 5 rounds, he’d be over already.
On screen : 1508 - Scorpion
Midorikawa thinking : That guy…

Midorikawa thinking : His movements suddenly changed…?!
Was he only cutting corners in the first two rounds…?!
Yousuke : Sure, Midorikawa’s talented and really strong but,
It’s only been around 1 year since he entered Border,
So he moves like an impatient puppy that wants to show off the techniques he’s learned.
But as for that white haired midget…
His movements
Are much more quiet and simple,
Movements that are ‘simply used to kill skillfull opponents’.

Box : 2-4
Midorikawa ○○××××
Kuga ××○○○○
Box : 2-5
Midorikawa ○○×××××
Kuga ××○○○○○
Box : 2-6
Midorikawa ○○××××××
Kuga ××○○○○○○

People speaking : What happened…?!
Midorikawa couldn’t win at all afterwards…?!
Yuuma : I don’t care about why you wanted Osamu’s popularity to drop.
And really, Osamu himself should be the one to somehow settle things with you but
He’s pretty slow as far as things concern him.
So much that he ‘won’t even notice things are being done in a cheap way’ by someone like you.
So in the end,
I do it in his stead,
So that you don’t do something that boring ever again.

Midorikawa thinking : That guy…
This person
Is strong…!!
Shinoda : What’s wrong, Kazama?
Kazama : If you would allow me…
It seems that currently, in the C-Class booths…
Kuga of Tamakoma is
Overpowering Midorikawa.

Rindou : Oh my.
Yuuma : …You’re an A-Class, right?
Don’t you use anything else other than the Scorpion?
You have other triggers, right?
Midorikawa ; …It’s fine this way.
Fighting this way,

Midorikawa : I can gauge the ‘difference’ between us properly.
Yuuma : Heh?
That’s a nice face you’re making there.
Announcer : 10 rounds fight, over.

Announcer : Kuga Yuuma.
On screen, partially hidden : Midorikawa - Kuga
Box : Midorikawa ○○××××××××
Kuga ××○○○○○○○○
People speaking : An A-Class lost to a C-Class…!
In the second half, Midorikawa couldn’t do anything.
It was defeated decisively.
Youtarou : Well done, Yuuma!
I believed in you!
Yousuke : Alright, white haired midget.
This time for sure you’ll compete with me…

??? : Yuuma,
Four eyes.
Osamu : Jin…?!
Jin : Hello there.
Come with me for a bit,
Kido and the other higher ups summoned you.
Left : Finally, the confrontation…?!
Insert bottom : World Trigger …Chapter 40 / End.
Next issue, commemorating Comics Volume 3 going on sale, center color!!

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