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World Trigger 42

Chapter 42:「Replica ②」

+ posted by Meltdowner as translation on Dec 13, 2013 21:19 | Go to World Trigger

-> RTS Page for World Trigger 42

Replica: The Neighbourhood... consists of 「nations」that are scattered within the world of Neighbours.
They are different from the world on this side,
as the nations are not defined by their national borders.
Insert text: World Trigger
Replica: Covering almost all of the Neighbourhood are endless nights.
Within the darkness, the nations are floating as if they were stars.
Every nation revolves on their fixed orbit in the sea of darkness.
Yuuma's father, Yuugo,
named this existence as 「Planetary Nations」.
Osamu: 「Planetary Nations」......!?
Left: Full view of the Neighbourhood---

Replica: However, the nations differ from the planets revolve around the sun.
Most of the planetary nations revolve back and forth,
clashing with the world on this side.
When they are real close to the world on this side,
only then it is possible to send out expedition boats by opening the dimensional gates to carry out invasion.
「What nations are attacking?」
The answer to that question would be,
「The ones that are currently approaching the world on this side」.

Kinuta: We understand these!
The important questions are 「Which nation is it」!
What's their 「Military Capacity」!
What's their 「Military Tactics」!
Replica: If we were to determine the specific nations,
the data on this diagram would be insufficient.
Please update it with the information I provided.
Branch Chief Rindou.
Rindou: OK, Replica-sensei.
Usami, if you please.
Usami: Alright.

Right: The complex network of the Neighbourhood---
Replica: This...

Chapter 42:「Replica ②」
Author: Daisuke Ashihara
Replica: ...is the orbital diagram...
...that Yuugo personally compiled during his travels.

Rindou: Woah~~ It's huge!
Kinuta: This is......!
Shinoda: As expected of Mr.Yuugo......
Osamu: So this is......
The map of the Neighbourhood......!
Osamu thinking: Perhaps, within that...
Chika's friend and Rinji-san that were abducted are within one of these nations......!
Miwa recalling: I could ask my partner to conduct thorough investigations.
It is possible to roughly pinpoint
the nation whose trion soldier who killed your sister.
Miwa: ...........
Replica: According to this diagram...
The number of planetary nations that are currently approaching the world on this side...
is 4.

Replica: Surrounded by a rich, vast sea is...
...the Marine Nation, Liberi.
Using special trion soldiers to battle cavalry is...
...the Cavalry Nation, Leoforio.
Relying on harsh climate and terrain to thwart enemy attacks is...
...the Snowfield Nation, Kion.

Replica: And...
...The largest military nation in the Neighbourhood...
Aftokrator, the Holy Land.
Kido: Is it only one of these four nations......
Or a few of them
that took part in the large-scale invasion this time?
Replica: Hard to say.
The possibility of an attack from an unknown nation could not be denied.
Also, unlike planetary nations that revolve on their fixed orbits,
「Chaotic planetary nations」that revolve freely exists in the Neighbourhood.

Kido: ............!
「Chaotic planetary nations」......!
Shinoda: We shouldn't ponder over possibilities that are too slim.
Kazama: Going back to the topic.
Few months ago, the bombarding-type trion soldier,
and the small trion soldier used for spying purposes,
should be seen as a prelude to the large-scale invasion
and then to discuss our countermeasures.
Yuuma: The nation with a higher probability is either
Aftokrator or Kion it seems...
Since there are not many nations that uses Illgars...
......Speaking of which...

Yuuma: Can't we utilise Jin-san's side-effect to predict this kind of matter?
As to where are they from...
Jin: Unfortunately, I am unable to see the future of the people I've yet to meet.
Even if I can sense「Something is attacking here soon」,
I can't tell who's attacking.
Yuuma: Owh...... I see.
Kido: For now, let's make those 2 nations our supposed opponents to devise our countermeasures.
Next, we'll need to know their military capacity and tactics.
whether they possess black triggers.

Osamu: Black Trigger......!
Replica: It had been 7 years since we last stopped by those 2 nations.
Things might be different now.
According to my records...
At that time,
Kion has 6.
As for Aftokrator,
they are in possession of 13 Black Triggers.
Shinoda: 13......!

Replica: Due to the rarity of the Black Triggers in any of the nations,
they're usually used to protect the nation.
It'd be hard to imagine that they'll send out quite a number of black trigger holders for expedition purposes,
at most it'll only be 1.
As for the expedition boats,
the bigger their size, the more trion they consume.
Usually, trion soldiers in egg-form allow a huge number of them to be transported during invasions.
Basically, they try to minimise the number of humanoid Neighbours in the expeditions.
Kinuta SFX: Nod Nod
Shinoda: This means no matter what, the enemy's mainpower would be trion soldiers...
And humanoid Neighbours consists of only a small fraction?
Replica: According to the current situation, it seems so.

Shinoda: Then, we shall consider the possibility of humanoid Neighbours taking part in the invasion...
To build a defense structure focusing on countermeasures against the trion army.
You participated in the bombarding-type and spying-type trion soldier cases.
If you found out anything please report to us immediately.
Osamu:Yes sir!
Osamu thinking: Is this why I was summoned......
Shinoda: Yuuma and Replica, please assist us in filling in intelligence that are not known to us.
Yuuma: Understood.
Shinoda: Then...
Let's face the Neighbours head-on!

Natsume: Urgh...
out of 128...
The reality is so cruel......
Box: C-class Sniper
Izuho Natsume (14)
Natsume: If this goes on, I feel like I'd never reach B-class......
It is impossible for me to reach the top 15% within 3 weeks time...
Chika: There is no such thing...
If it's you Izuho-chan, you'll be an official member for sure...

Natsume: Speaking of which, Chika,
what's your ranking?
Chika: Err...
Natsume: 41st!
Is this how you show sympathy and affection!?
Tell me!?

Chika: No... I don't mean that......
My teacher told me before...
「Snipers can be proficient through training」...
「As long as you don't slack, you can be an official member」......
Natsume: Owh... So people who are lazy like me will fail...
Whereas people who are taking this seriously like you will succeed, is that so?
Chika: Well, there is no such thing...
Let's become official members together!
Natsume: ............

Natsume: Oh, my......
Those who claim that they're aiming for A-class are not the same...
Chika: Is... Is that so......
Natsume: Well, it's fine.
...... Wow, the senior who kneeled down to apologise is ranked 4th!
1st is Narasaka......san?
Ehh, he scored full marks!?
What a monster!
Shinoda: Osamu-kun, Yuuma-kun...
Osamu: General Manager Shinoda......
Shinoda: Thanks for your cooperation today, guys.
Especially for the intelligence on the Neighbours, it helped a lot.

Yuuma: Well, it's nothing.
It should be my responsibility to help out since I already joined Border.
Didn't that chubby uncle said so?
Shinoda: Mr.Kinuta is very glad.
He said「that orbital diagram is worth 30 times more than an expedition」!
Replica: Triggers in the Neighbourhood in each nation have evolved differently.
You should never take them lightly.
Shinoda: I'll keep your advice in mind.
happened to be under your father's care before...
It is really regrettable that Mr.Yuugo passed away.....
But I'm glad that I'm able to meet you.
Should anything trouble you, you can tell me.

Shinoda: Even though Mr.Kido did not say anything, he actually cares.
After all, he's the one who knew your father for longest period of time.
Yuuma: Ohh......
Shinoda: If you hope so...
I would like for you to be promoted to an official member.
You have that kind of strength.
What do you think?

Miwa: What do you want...
Jin: I heard from Mr.Kazama that you're pretty depressed---
Miwa: ............
Left: What could Jin be thinking---
Jin: Shuuji...
Actually, I'd like to ask you a favour.
Miwa: ......!?
Bottom: Next issue, Yuuma and the others prepare to face the large-scale invasion by Neighbours......!?
World Trigger... Chapter 42/end

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