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World Trigger 42

Replica ②

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Dec 14, 2013 04:02 | Go to World Trigger

-> RTS Page for World Trigger 42

World Trigger - Ashihara Daisuke

Reserved for PowerManga

World Trigger - [Chapter 42 : Replica ②]

Replica : While there are “countries” dotting the Neighbor World… namely the Neighborhood,
It doesn’t mean that these are split
By national borders like is the case for the World “On this Side”.
[World Trigger]
The Neighborhood is mostly made up of the darkness of an endless night,
And the Neighbor countries float within it just like stars.
These countries each go around this sea of darkness on a determined orbit.
Yuuma’s father, Yuugo
Referred to this state of things as “Planetary Nations”.
Osamu : “Planetary Nations”…?!
Left Text : The Neighborhood full particulars——

Replica : While their movements are slightly different from those of planets going around the sun,
Many of the Planetary Nations skim over the World “On this Side”
Revolving far and close to it.
And, it is only when they have drawn close enough the World “On this Side”,
That they can release Expeditionary Boats, open gates and invade.
You asked , “What countries come to attack?”
Well, the answer related to that question is
“Any of the countries that are now currently getting closer to the World ‘On this Side’”.

Kinuta : I know to that extent!
What I want to know is “which countries they are”!
Their “assets”!
Their “tactics”!
Replica : The deployment map here is insufficient
To explain ‘that’ in relation to which countries
So let’s append the data I hold to it.
Branch Chief Rindou.
Rindou : On it, Replica.
Go ahead, Usami.
Shiori : Alright, then here I go.

Chapter Title : Chapter 42 - [Replica ②]
Author : Ashihara Daisuke
Right Side : Complex and entangled Worlds——.
Replica : This is
An orbit deployment map of the Planetary Nations
That Yuugo thoroughly investigated with his own feet, ears and eyes.

Youtarou : Oooh~~~! It’s huge!
Kinuta : This is…!
Shinoda : Nothing less expected from Mr Yuugo…
Osamu : This is…
A map of the Neighbor World…!
Osamu thinking : Perhaps in there,
There is the country that abducted Rinji and Chika’s friend…!
Shuuji thinking back on Yuuma’s words : By having my partner investigate properly,
It’d be possible to narrow down by a lot which Trion Soldier from which country
Killed your sister, you know?
Replica : According to this deployment map,
The Planetary Nations that are currently getting close to the World “On this Side” number
To 4.

Replica : These countries are : the Maritime Nation Libery,
A water world which possesses very large and abundant oceans;
Then, the Cavalry Nation Leofolio,
Which fights with special trion soldiers mounted on horses;
There also is a country that possesses a harsh climate and topography that thwart enemies,
The large country of snowy fields,

Replica : And finally,
The City of God Aft Kratol,
The Neighborhood largest military nation.
Kido : Among those 4 which one…
Possibly how many
Could possibly launch a large-scale invasion?
Replica : I can’t say for sure.
While it is slim, the possibility exists for a totally unknown country to suddenly go on the offensive.
What’s more, there also exists “Turbulent Planetary Nations” that fly around freely in the Neighborhood,

Kido : “Turbulent Planetary Nations”…!
Shinoda : It’d be endless if we also considered small possibilities.
Kazama : Going back to the topic at hand,
That is taking up countermeasures
Seeing the Aerial Bombing Trion Soldier
And the Small Trion Soldier for Reconnaissance from the previous days
Were harbingers to a large-scale invasion.
Yuuma : In that case, it’s highly probable that
The countries involved in this are either Aft Kratol or Kion.
There aren’t many countries that use Ilugards.
Yuuma : …Anyway,

Yuuma : Can’t you make predictions using Jin’s side effect?
For example, who is coming or something?
Jin : I can’t see the future of people I’ve never met.
While I know that “something is coming to attack soon”,
I don’t know who the people will be.
Yuuma : Hmph… I see.
Kido : For now, we’ll progress on making countermeasures assuming we’ll be opposing these two countries,
So, what I’d like to know next are these countries assets and tactics.
What I’d especially like to know
Is whether the enemies possess Black Triggers or not.

Osamu : Black Trigger…!
Replica : As we sojourned in these countries more than 7 years ago,
The current situation might be different but
According to my records,
In those days,
There were 6 in Kion
In Aft Kratol there were
13 Black Triggers in existence.
Shinoda : 13 Black Triggers…!

Replica : However, since Black Triggers are scarce no matter the country,
They are commonly used in the defines of country itself.
It’s hard to think that several of them could be invested in an expedition so
There would be only one at most.
Also, the bigger the size of the boat
That is used in the expedition is, t. he greater the trion expenditure is.
Offensives make use of Trion Soliders that can be operated in large quantities as eggs
So it is standard to narrow down the expedition personnel’s to a small number as much as possible.
Shinoda : In other words, as the enemy forces will essentially be Trion Soldiers
There will be few humanoid Neighbors.
Replica : According to the current intelligence, that’s how it should be.

Shinoda : Then, just in case, let’s take into consideration the participation of Humanoid Neighbors into the war
And focus our Defense System as the core of our countermeasures against the Trion Corps.
Since you have experience both the cases with the Aerial Bombing Trion Soldier and the Small Trion Soldier for Reconnaissance,
Tell us anytime if there is something you noticed.
Osamu : Y-Yes, sir!
Osamu thinking : So that’s why I was summoned too…?
Shinoda : Yuuma, Replica, please supply us with the intelligence we don’t know.
Yuuma : Roger, roger.
Shinoda : Then,
Let’s ambush these Neighbors.

??? : Damn it,
Rank 112
Out of 128 people…
Reality sure hurts…
Box : C-Class Sniper, Natsume Izuho (14).
Natsume : I don’t feel like I’ll ever get promoted to B-Class…
Getting to the top 15% in 3 weeks is totally impossible, ain’t it?
Chika : Don’t say that,
If it’s you, Izuho then I’m sure you can become a Regular Member.

Natsume : Come to think of it, what’s yer rank?
Chika : Eh?
Natsume : So you’re Rank 41!
So ya were only showin’ gentle mercy ‘cause you have room to spare?!
Chika : T-that’s not it…
It’s because my master told me that
“Snipers only become better only by training”,
“So you can definitely become a Regular Member if you don’t slack”…
Natsume : That only mean slackers like me fail, doesn’t it?
He told you that ‘cause yer serious Chikako.
Chika : Don’t say that,
Let’s become Regular Members together.

Natsume : Good grief…
As excepted, the optimistic mood of someone sayin’ she’s saying for A-Class is different.
Chika : I-I guess so…
Natsume : Well, don’t worry ‘bout it.
Oh, that superior that kneeled back when you did the other day s’ranked fourth!
Rank 1 is… Narasaka?
Geh, perfect score?!
He’s at a monster level.
Shinoda : Mikumo, Yuuma.
Osamu : General Manager Shinoda…
Shinoda : Thank you for cooperating today,
Especially that intelligence on the Neighborhood. That was a great help.

Yuuma : It’s alright,
I entered Border after all so that’s the least I could do.
Even that round old man said so.
Shinoda : Even Kinuta congratulated you,
Saying “That orbit deployment map is worth 30 30 expeditions”.
Replica : In each countries, the Neighborhood triggers continue their particular evolutions
So never make light of them when dealing with the following.
Shinoda : I’ll keep that in mind.
Deeply indebted to your father for what happened in the past.
It’s really a shame Mr Yuugo passed away but…
I’m glad I got to meet you so
Tell me if there is anything that troubles you.

Shinoda : Mr Kido didn’t say anything but I’m sure it weighted on his mind,
He’s the one that has known your father the longest after all.
Yuuma : I see…
Shinoda : If you wish it,
I could have you promoted to Regular Member.
If anything, you have the talent for it in you
So how about it?

Shuuji : …What are you here for?
Jin : I heard from Kazama that you were feeling down.
Truth is I have a favour to ask you.
Left : Jin, what he is thinking——
World Trigger …Chapter 42 / End.
Next issue, Yuuma and his friends are preparing for the Neighbor large-scale invasion and then..?!

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