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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128
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World Trigger 49

Chapter 49:「Large-scale Invasion ⑥」

+ posted by Meltdowner as translation on Feb 15, 2014 03:00 | Go to World Trigger

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Chapter 49:「Large-scale Invasion ⑥」
Left: The far off roars---
Natsume: Uwah! That doesn't sound good...
It was extremely bright near the base just now...
Is that alright?
Chika: ............
Osamu-kun and the others...
They'll be fine......
The official members are battling...
Let's do what we can do.
Natsume: I'm already working hard on that...
Author: Daisuke Ashihara

Unknown:「Prioritise evacuation, aiding areas where evacuation is progressing slowly 」?
Newbie 1: In other words, won't us be left behind!
(TL note: Not sure if I translated the 2 sentences above correctly... T.T)
Newbie 2: Those who work are at a disadvantage......
No...... This is wrong...
Newbie 3: 「The Hero's Trial」,
I am pretty excited actually.
If the Neighbours came over,
I shall make my name well-known within Border through the battles.
Newbie 1: ......!
Newbie 2: Boss......!
...... But...
Apart from trion soldiers for capturing purposes...
Those for battle purposes and the new model that give even official members a hard time might appear!

Newbie 3: Only then,
we shall retreat.
Noobs easily fight on their lives.
Only the ones who can see the whole picture and respond calmly deserve to be called a pro.
Newbie 1: As expected......!
Newbie 2: I'll follow your lead, boss!
Kuruma: It seems that the B-class members have meet up at Azuma's......
This guy is holding us up!
Kou: I'll draw its' attention...

Kou: Meanwhile, Kuruma-senpai and Taichi, please meet up with the B-class squads.
Box: Dai'ichi Suzunari (Kuruma Squad)
Taichi Betsuyaku (17)
Kuruma: Eh......!?
What about you......!?
Kou: Until A-class squads arrive, I'll fight it till the end...
It's alright, I won't mess up.
I'm aware of my own strength.
Box: Dai'ichi Suzunari (Kuruma Squad)
No. 4 Attacker
Kou Murakami

Kikuchihara: Looks like Arashiyama squad took down the new model first...
It's because you guys are too cautious......
If it's 1-on-1 I can accept it... But there are 3 of us, we shouldn't have lost......
Kazama: We aren't even competing...
Kikuchihara: Even so......

Utagawa: Suwa-san is not in the abdomen...
There is nothing in here apart from this cube...
Kazama: I see...
As long as the new model doesn't open the gate to its abdomen,
(TL note: Again, not sure if I've translated the sentence above correctly)
It can be assumed that Suwa-san has been compressed into this cube...
Ask Tsutsumi and Sasamori to come over...
And get this to the headquarters to be analysed by the engineers...
Kikuchihara: It'd be good if he's still alive......
Utagawa: Oi.
Kikuchihara: Are things alright at the headquarters?
It looks like the building took quite a few blasts...
Kazama: It's alright.

Kazama: Taichikawa and Touma are still in the headquarters.
Touma: I can feel the shakes...
Also, General manager Shinoda is there as well.
Moreover, compared to these...
When there is real danger,
That guy will take action...
Jin: Oi oi...
Did you level this whole area,

Amou: Jin-san......
Box: Border HQ
S-rank member (Black Trigger)
Tsukihiko Amou (16)
Jin: Could you please control your power...
Amou: No way, that'd be too troublesome......

There are only boring weaklings here...
I am totally unmotivated......
Jin: Hmm hmm...
It's a good thing that you have that much energy to spare...
I'm sorry but...
Could you please take care the west part of the base as well,
in my place?
Amou: Eh--...... Why......?

Jin: The enemy is about to commence their ulterior action...
It'd be better if I go over there...
Osamu: They are all trion soldiers here......!
Kitora: These numbers...
They've exceeded that of the invasion four and a half years ago!

Replica: I do not understand...
Why would the enemy invest in this scale of battle power on this side of the world...
Osamu: !
Kitora: ......!?
The heck? Is that......
A trigger for communication?
Replica: Nice to meet you, Kitora.
I am Replica, Yuuma's guardian.
Kitora: Guardian......?
Osamu: Replica and Yuuma travelled here together...
They have a vast knowledge on matters concerning Neighbours...
Kitora: A trigger related to Yuuma... ...back to the topic...
What is it that you could not comprehend?

Replica: I've analysed the Rabbit from before...
It appears that the model uses a considerably huge amount of trion...
Including the other trion soldiers, it would be a great expenditure.
Investing such amount of trion on the world of this side... If that's the case...
「The nation」would have a weaker defense,
and usually they will try to prevent that from happening...
Even more, the battle power gathered that weakens their defenses...
are not concentrated, but deliberately spreaded out...
I could not comprehend their motive at all...
Kitora: Isn't the enemy's motive very clear?

Kitora: They disperse awaiting our countermeasure...
sfx: Wait---
sfx: Waa
Kitora: When we're scattered, then the new model executes the capturing,
isn't it?
Capturing trigger users for immediate combat power is their motive!
That is why General manager Shinoda merged the scattered B-class members...
Replica: Indeed, this possibility exists...
However, Border is able to implement bail outs...
If 「bailing out prior to capture」can be guaranteed,
from an extreme point of view, the number of casualties can be suppressed to zero...
The enemy used RUDD to investigate
prior to the invasion,
will they overlook simple matters such as this?
Spreading the trion soldiers' attack,
using Rabbit to capture squad members,
explosive attacks on the HQ base...
I believe, behind these actions, conceal......

Replica: The enemy's ulterior motive...
Osamu: 「Ulterior motive」......?
Does this mean the attacks on the base are only superficial......!?
Replica: If they really intend to capture the base, they can do it for sure...
However, it is not a good tactic.
Kitora: Why is that so?
Capturing the base means they've won, doesn't it?
Replica: If they put too much pressure into it,
there might be danger coming from the creation of black trigger.

Osamu: ......!!
Replica: If forced to the last minute, there will be people that are willing to sacrifice themselves...
There are quite a number of examples of nations that are a step away from victory,
due to the counterattack of the black trigger, suffered a crushing defeat.
Especially for expeditions without backup supplies,
the tides can change very easily.
Osamu: Then,
humanoid Neighbours do not participate in the battle as they are aware of this?
Kitora: ......I'm sorry
Our chat ends here.

Kitora: Trion soldiers have invaded the south-west area...
Osamu: !!
Natsume: Kya---------!
They've breached through!
Chika: Those who have not evacuated, please hurry to the underground shelters!
Newbie trio: 「Rooster formation」,

Newbie trio: 「Vizohunir」!!
Chika: !
Newbie 3: My my......
forbidding C-class members from battling...
It's not the time to talk about that!


Left: Something is different about this rabbit...!?
Newbie 2: Eh......?
Newbie 1: What the......!?
Osamu: !!
Over there!!
Let's go!!
I am counting on you, Kitora!!
Kitora: Don't hold me back, will ya?
World Trigger... Chapter 49/end

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