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World Trigger 49

Large-Scale Invasion ⑥

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Feb 26, 2014 08:27 | Go to World Trigger

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World Trigger - Ashihara Daisuke

Reserved for PowerManga

World Trigger - [Chapter 49 : Large-Scale Invasion ⑥]
Chapter Title : Chapter 49 - Large-Scale Invasion ⑥
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Insert Text : Roars, far off and resounding!!

Natsume : Ugh, the sounds are creeping me off
And it even shone really intensely around the Base moments ago.
Wonder if everything’s goin’ well?

Chika : It’s fine.
Osamu and Kuga…
And the Regular Members are fighting after all.

Chika : Let’s just do whatever we can, ‘kay?
Natsume : Ok, I’m still good to go at it!
Author : Ashihara Daisuke

Three idiot : “Relief willing priority be given to the sectors the evacuation isn’t progressing in”?

Three idiot : That’s the same as saying we’ve been put off, ain’it!
So we hard working people are out of pocket, heh…!
Insane… that’s definitely screwed up.

Three idiot : It’s like we’re “heroes subjected to a trial”
Ain’t it…?

Three idiot : C’mon, I’m totally thrilled.
Being told Neighbors are coming
Just means we can leave our names in Border’s records with this war, right?

Three idiot : Leader…!

Three idiot : We won’t only be facing Capturing Soldiers,
But also those Fighting Soldiers and even these new models rumored to be dangerous even for the Regular Members, ya know?

Three idiot : Then if do we meet some,
Let’s just strategically withdraw, ‘kay?.

Three idiot : Sure, third rate people thoughtlessly put their life on the line
But first rate people gotta look at the whole situation then cope with it cleverly, right?
We’ll follow your lead, leader!

??? : B-Class members are all converging to the place Azuma’s at…
But there ain’t no way for us to combine forces with them with this thing’s standing in our way!

??? :I’ll draw its attention.

??? : So please Kuruma, combine forces the other B-Class Unit together with Taichi.
Box : Suzunari Daiichi (Kuruma’s Unit) - Sniper, Betsuyaku Taichi (17)

Kuruma : Eh…?!
What will you do by yourself…?!

??? : I’ll face it until A-Class members arrive.
Don’t worry, I won’t do anything reckless.

I understand what my duty is.
Box : Suzunari Daiichi (Kuruma’s Unit) - No.4 Attacker, Murakami Kou (18)

Kikuchihara : Heh! Looks like Arashiyama’s Unit defeated a new model before us.

Kikuchihara : It’s all because the two of you are too cautious…
I’d understand if it were one-on-one but c’mon, d’you really think we'd ever lose against one with the three of us…?

Kazama : We’re competing against the others or anything, you know?
Kikuchihara : I know but still, c’mon…

Utagawa : Suwa is nowhere to be found in its abdomen.
The only thing there was this cube.
Kazama : Is that so…?

Kazama : Unless we think as the inside of new model’s abdomen as being a gate then
The only other valid explanation would be to consider that Suwa has been entirely compressed into this cube.

Kazama : Call Sasamori and Tsutsumi.
Let’s have the cube analyzed by the engineers at Headquarters.

Kikuchihara : I hope he’s alive though…
Utagawa : C’mon, man.

Kikuchihara : We’ve been prey of incessant attacks before but
Is Headquarters fine?
Kazama : No problems on that side.

Kazama : Touma and Tachikawa are over there, bidding time.
Touma : Looks like I fell asleep.
Kazama : We’ve even got General Manager Shinodo there if it really comes down to it
And anyway,

Kazama : If the situation becomes really dangerous
He’ll definitely make his move.

Jin : Whoa, whoa,

Jin : You’ve completely leveled the place, haven’t ya?

Amou : Jin…
Box : Border Headquarters - S-Class Member (Black Trigger), Amou Tsukihito (16)

Jin : Seriously man, hold back some, won’t ya?
Amou : No shit, it’s a pain in the ass…

Amou : Each and every one of them has a dull color, they’re only small fries.
D’you really think I’d get in the mood with something like this…?

Jin : I get it.
Anyway, the fact you’ve got room to spare makes me glad.

Jin : Sorry but
Take care of my area for me, won’t you?
It’s the West go the Base.

Amou : No way… Why would I…?

Jin : Well, the enemy will start going all out anytime now
And I guess even I’ll have to get moving too, you know.

Osamu : It’s crawling with Trion Soldiers all over the place…!

Kitora : They’re
Even more numerous than when the First Invasion took place.

Replica : I cannot understand,
I wonder why they’re investing so much forces assaulting the World on this side, what a mystery that is.

Kitora : What’s that…?
A Communication Trigger?
Replica : Nice too meet you, Kitora. My name is Replica,
I’m Yuuma’s overseer.

Kitora : Overseer…?

Osamu : You see, Replica came here while traveling with Yuuma.
He’s really well-informed on Neighbors.

Kitora : In other words, you’re a trigger related to Kuga, huh…? …Also,
You were saying you couldn’t understand but what about exactly?

Replica : I tried analyzing that Rabit from before and
Discovered a considerable amount of Trion had been put to use in its body.

Replica : Adding up the other Trion Soldiers to that means the Trion used up amounts to an enormous cost.

Replica : Investing so much Trion to attack the World on this side
Would mean having their “homeland’s” protection become insufficient.
So avoiding such a situation is usually the norm.

Replica : There is also the fact the invested forces are expressly dispersed without focus
Kyouko Cameo : The five directions being West, North-West, East, South and South-West!
Replica : And that this is done even at the expense of making their country insufficiently guarded,
I just cannot perceive the intended application of this.

Kitora : You’re talking about the enemy’s aim but it’s already given, isn’t it?

Kitora : The enemy is obviously dispersing its forces waiting for us to take measures against that
Insert : Wait~
Kitora : To better capture us with new models when the soldiers are defeated
Isn’t it?
The enemy’s aim being to readily and steadily capture trigger users

Kitora : General Manager Shinoda had the dispersed B-Class combine forces.
Replica : This is indeed possible.

Replica : However, Border has the bail-out function
So if thé members were to be thorough in “bailing out before being caught” then
In the most extreme case, the number of casualties could be strictly limited to zero.

Replica : Do you really think the enemy
That conducted the investigation with Rads bidding his time
Before coming to attack would overlook something as simple as that?

Replica : The Trion Soldiers dispersed invasion in all directions,
The Members’ capture by the Rabits,
As well as the Bombing Raid on Headquarters’ Base.
I have a feeling…

Replica : That the enemy’s true aim is hiding is the shade of all these actions.

Osamu : The enemy’s “true aim”…?
Are you telling us that even the bombing raid on the Base was nothing more than a sham…?!

Replica : Had they been really intent on making it fall then it would undoubtedly fallen.
However, this wouldn’t have been a really good move for them.

Kitora : Why?
In war, making the tower control fall is as good as winning, isn’t it?

Replica : They probably fear
A Black Trigger could be created if they drive us too much into a corner.

Replica : Being forced to a corner would cause the appearance of people resisting and willing to lay down their lives.
In the past, it was common for the invading country
To be routed by the counterattack of a Black Trigger and that until they saw victory close at hand.

Replica : It is extremely easy for the forces to topple over, especially when,
An expedition without supplies is concerned.

Osamu : In other words,
We also need to be cautious of the fact that Humanoid Neighbors aren’t taking part in the battle…?

Kitora : …Sorry but
We’ll have to stop there with the talking.

Kitora : Trion Soldiers have even invaded the South-West sector.

Natsume : Grrrrrrrrrrrrr, enouuuuuuugh!!
They’re freakin’ invadin’ us, look!
Chika : Let’s hurry and bring the people that failed to escape to the Shelter!

??? : “Bird Battle Formation”,

Three idiots : “Vizofnil”!! TN : written as Shining Bird!!

Three idiots : …Good Grief,
Guess it ain't really the time to say

Three idiots : C-Class members are forbidden to fight, ain’t it…!

No Text

Three idiots : Eh…?

Osamu : Over there!!

Osamu : Let’s go!!
I’ll be relying on you, Kitora!!

Kitora : You better not drag me down, you hear!

Left Text : There is something wrong with this Rabit…?!
World Trigger… Chapter 49 / End.

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