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One Outs 17


+ posted by Meriken as translation on Jun 3, 2009 19:32 | Go to One Outs

-> RTS Page for One Outs 17

One Outs, Volume 3, Chapter 17 (pp. 3~23)

Chapter 17: Farewell

=This is outrageous!
=You can't get an ejection by hitting the batter on purpose!!

=You think you've ended the game with zero runs!?
=If Yoshida lets any of those runners home, you're the one that's going to be charged with the runs!!

=You basically gave up on a game we could've won!!
[bubble]You were the one that ordered those errors—

=It's all your fault!! Take responsibility!!
=Responsibility—?//What do you want me to do?

=You're going to have to pay a penalty.

=Alright... 50 million per run, per the One Outs contract.
=That wouldn't be much of a penalty, now would it!!

=Quadruple the contract.
=200 million per run.


=Guess it's only fair.

=I'll cover for Yoshida's pitching with quadruple the One Outs contract.

=What's with the sudden honesty?

=Don't forget what you've just said.//Take some time to mull over your foolish actions while you sit in front of the TV.

=Just as planned.

=Under this penalty, Tokuchi will owe 400 million after only 2 runs.
=He'll plunge straight into debt.

=Tokuchi and this game are both going to end the same way—
=A walk-off loss in the bottom of the 9th!


=There's no use in worrying too much about this. Just do your best, and don't be scared of getting hit.
=Nobody's going to blame you, even if we lose.

=Just don't give up a walk.
=The fans aren't gonna stand for a walk-off like that after everything that's happened so far.

=Play ball!!//Yoshida's on the mound for the first time in 6 years—
=Let's see if he can pitch his way out of this situation!
=Not a chance.

=After all...
=His nickname was "Heart of a Chicken" back in his pitching days.

=C'mon Yoshida...


Contrary to the hopes of the players and the fans,
The game went on—

Just as Saikawa had hoped.

=Ball! 3-0!

=3-0!! It's a 3-0 count!
=He can't find the strikezone!!//Looks like this is just too much for Yoshida to handle—!!

=Heh-heh-heh,//Just as I thought.
=Yes, a walk-off loss appears inevitable.

=Hey, I've just thought of a great outcome!!

=He walks this batter to tie the game.//Then Yoshida loses his nerve and throws an easy one into the strikezone,

=Which gets hit into the stands for a walk-off grand slam!

=I see, that would be 5 runs... Raising Tokuchi's debt to over 600 million.
=Now that's nasty...

=Just one thing sir...//I doubt Tokuchi has the money to pay off that kind of debt...

=What in the world are you talking about?
=I know he won't even be able to pay 20 million.

=That's not the point.

Toua Tokuchi... The man was born a gambler.
Sensing his knack for baseball, Kojima challenged him to a match that put both their careers on the line.
But Tokuchi's response was,

"I'll just keep on gambling, even if I lose."

=Kojima ultimately emerged victorious, putting an end to Tokuchi's gambling career...
=Or so we thought.

=But he's still gambling now.//...He thinks he's found himself a good money tree, and he's shaking it for amounts he'd never dreamed of back in Okinawa.

=That's what this One Outs contract is all about!!

=And now that we're down by 380 million, he's laughing at us thinking we're easy pickings!!

=I won't let him humiliate me like this...
=This isn't going to end here.

=That's why...
=Defeating him is just a start. The real question is...

=How to completely smash that bastard into bits!!


=He's got it—!!

=That wasn't a good pitch!

=It's going—!

=Foul!! It's a foul ball!!
=So close—!//10 cm over and it would've been a homerun!

=The stadium is still stirring at that huge foul ball!

If I try to pitch outside, I'll give up the game-winning walk...

But if I go into the strikezone, I'll get hit...


I can't throw it anywhere—

=Hey hey—What's going on—?//Is that really how an ace handles himself—?


=You're not still worrying about petty stuff like winning or losing, are you—?

=None of that stuff matters.
=The only thing you need to be thinking about right now is...

=Whether you're truly a pitcher or not.

=Forget about the team, the batter, the crowd... All of it.
=Just pitch for yourself.

Just... For myself...

!! Yoshida's changed!!

Just for myself...


=I've got this!!



=Wow—!! Yoshida's pitch—
=Has split the bat into pieces—!!

=Catcher's got it!!
=A force-out at home plate!

=The throw to first...

=He's out!!

=It's over—!!//After 5 grueling hours, the game is finally over—!!
=The Lycaons have stopped their losing streak at 11, and have gotten their first win of the season at last—!!

=What's this about, Yoshida...?

=I didn't carry out my orders,//So I can't accept this...

=You're rebelling?
=Do you really think I'm going to let this go by unnoticed?

=No sir...
=I'm prepared for the consequences.

=I'm retiring,
=After today...

=Wha... Wha...
=To be precise...

=I'm going to the U.S.
=And I'll be starting my career over from the minor leagues.

=As a pitcher.

=But I don't intend to leave Japan forever.
=I'm going to grow stronger... And I'm hoping to come back and play here again someday.


=Are you insane?
=You shouldn't be having unrealistic dreams like that at your age.

=An unrealistic dream... That may be true,
=But here's what a certain individual told me—

=The thing about a low probability is...
=It's not zero.


=Hah-hah-hah—Not going as planned, eh Saikawa?

=How... When did you...?
=I was here the who—le time.
=I've got something for you.

=Here, the bill for yesterday's game.

=One hundred...
=Fifty million!?

=What the hell!? This isn't right!! You made 22 outs in yesterday's game! It should be 110 million!
=There's an extra 40 million here!!
=Oh—That's from Yoshida.


=I said I would take responsibility with quadruple the One Outs contract.
=Yoshida got 2 outs, so you obviously owe me another 40 million.

=Hey—What's this 2 million doing here?//Cool, I'll take this for now.



=Thank you—

We're still in April,
And the Lycaons have just gotten through their 12th regular season game.
Under the One Outs contract, Toua Tokuchi's tentative salary has reached—

420 million.

Proofread by quantula

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