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One Outs 19

Intentional Walk

+ posted by Meriken as translation on Jun 11, 2009 01:10 | Go to One Outs

-> RTS Page for One Outs 19

One Outs, Volume 3, Chapter 19 (pp. 47~67)

=This is insane!!//3 starts in a row after 1-days rest!?
=They don't even do that in high school baseball nowadays!
[sign]Owner's Office

=Tokuchi would never agree to such a...
=He's got no choice.


=Amendment 1 of the One Outs Contract.
=He'll be fined 500 million yen unless he follows every single order that comes out of the dugout.
Chapter 19: Intentional Walk

=Yesterday's press conference has already made an impact. The tickets for all 3 games are already sold out.

=This is how you do business.

Chapter 19: Intentional Walk

=Lyacons fans packed the stadium.
=However,//None of them came expecting their team to win.

=Well yeah, I want them to—But I doubt it.
=They can't beat this Mariners team.
Yuichi Okazaki (age 22)//Part-timer

=Huh? Kojima's not in the lineup today? Pinch hitting? Ohh—//Will they win? Hah-hah-hah, they can't even win when they have Kojima.
Hideaki Naka (age 31)//Office worker

=I came to see Tokuchi get hit.//Luck won't get him any further.

=And the mood was no different in the Lycaons dugout.

=.470 batting average up and in.
=.433 even on low and outside pitches—?

=*Sigh—* So basically, you throw it in the strikezone and you'll get hit.
=That's just depressing.
=Hope I won't have to pitch today.

=Where's Tokuchi?
=He's over there.

=He's probably pissed off about having to pitch like this.


=It's Takami!

=He's taking his batting practice.
=How would you like to start?//A fastball, maybe—?

=Just throw whatever you want.


=Guess I'll try my sinker then...





=Takami's swinging really well.
=That was 14 pitches over the fence.
=Looks like he might hit another homer today.//It's gonna be real tough for the Lycaons...



=That ball...
=You might want to get another one. It could hurt somebody...


Saw the loose seam?

His visual acuity is unbelievable...

=He—y! Itsuki—!
=Looks like you're doing pretty well—!

=But I'm gonna up my average to .430 during this series.//We'll see whose winning in 3 days.
=Hey hey, we're playing against the Lycaons, not each other.

=The Lycaons!? Hah!!
=You think those guys are any match for us!?

=Hey Kojima—They still aren't letting you play, huh—?

=Guess you just can't beat old age—


=The long layoff's probably made you forget how to hold a bat.

=Lemme teach you a thing or two about hitting homeruns.


=That's how.
=Learn something?

They were all

Even after being ridiculed like this,

Deep down, they all knew that the Mariners were far superior to them.


=Here's the data on their starting lineup. Take a look before the game starts.

=Tomas 47.2% on curveballs high and inside,
=46.4% for fastballs high and inside...


=What the hell do you think you're doing!?

=Who do you guys think we're playing today?

=This % for this pitch, that % for that pitch... I don't know how you got all this data, but...
=Unfortunately, this only shows you how the Mariners have played in the past.

=But the opponent we're playing today isn't the Mariners from the past.//It's the Mariners of today.

=You guys've just lost your nerve thinking about the past Mariners.
=That's not...!

=Then let me ask you something.

=Did any of you notice how during batting practice, Tomas whiffed on the 3rd pitch, an ordinary outside fastball?

=Or how Brooklyn homered on the 7th pitch, but kept shaking his head like something was wrong?

=What about their starter, Shimabara, adjusting his taping twice during catch?//Or Misaki burping 5 times while he was picking up stray balls in the outfield?//How about the manager getting ticked off when the coach stepped on his foot?

So he wasn't just lying around...
He was keeping tabs on the other team!

=What's the use of looking towards the past?//If past data dictates reality...
=Then our .331 winning percentage last year means we shouldn't even be playing the Mariners and their .667 winning percentage.

=The only way to find clues for beating the Mariners today
=Is by watching the Mariners of today.

He's exactly right.

All of us...

Are acting like losers when the game hasn't even started yet...!

=Hey,//Check it out.

=Our enemies are staring at us.

=Those faces are gonna turn pale in no time.


=Alright, it's time to play ball!
=The first game of the season between the Lycaons and the Mariners!

=The fans have packed the stadium to see an unprecedented pitching move,
=Where Toua Tokuchi is slated to be the starter for three straight games!

=Mr. Sekine, what do you think of this murderous rotation using Tokuchi?

=They've probably giving up on this series,
=And are offering Tokuchi up as a sacrificial lamb to give their other pitchers a chance to rest.

=The Mariners have a powerful middle-lineup consisting of three players hitting above .400.
=Tokuchi's got to get those first two batters out if he wants to have any chance of keeping that zero intact.

=Let's see how Tokuchi deals with the lead-off hitter, Yamakawa—


=A walk! An intentional walk!!
=Tokuchi is intentionally walking the leadoff hitter!!

=No, that's not the end of it!

=He's also given the next batter a free pass to first!
=He's foolishly allowed runners on base before facing the 3, 4, and 5 batters—!

=Unbelievable!! Unheard of!!
=What in the world is this man thinking—!?

=What could this mean, Mr. Sekine...?
=Well, you see...

="The Mariners lineup is nothing,"
=Is what I think he's trying to say.


=His teammates must be furious at him for pulling a stunt like this!




=Huh...? They're laughing!
=Tokuchi's insanity hasn't caused them to panic at all...!
=They look pretty happy!

And before they knew it, it was all gone.
Everything they'd felt towards the Mariners.

The fear,
The resignation...

And once they remembered how small they had felt before,
They laughed.

=Stop laughing!!

=Now then...

=Let's get this started.

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