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One Outs 20


+ posted by Meriken as translation on Jun 27, 2009 17:21 | Go to One Outs

-> RTS Page for One Outs 20

One Outs, Volume 3, Chapter 20 (pp. 69~91)

=An unexpected pair of intentional walks at the start of the game has made it no outs, runners on first and second!
=This guy's really made a habit out of taking people by surprise—!
Chapter 20: Fastball

He's quite confident...
Confident about maintaining a perfect ERA with just his fastball...

But no matter how good he is at placing his pitches,
Is it really possible for him to keep getting outs from pro ballplayers with just a fastball?

There's gotta be something else...
Something else up his sleeve...

Chapter 20: Fastball


=The third batter, Tomas...
=Has made it a full count after fouling off a number of pitches.

=Heh,//What the hell's he doing getting pressured by a pitcher like that.
=He's not getting pressured.

=He's forced Tokuchi to throw 8 pitches because he wants to see what Tokuchi has to offer.
=And now he's made it a full count...

=Tomas is the one doing the pressuring.

=No matter how good his control is, the next pitch is going to be easier to hit.

=This man's control really is amazing...
=He scatters them so they seem like loose pitches, but they're all barely grazing the strikezone.//...However...
=He only seems to be able to throw lazy fastballs...

Why hasn't anyone figured him out yet?

=3-2, full-count!
=Here's the 9th pitch of the at-bat...

=He throws!!


=There it is!

=Easy pitch—!

=I've got this—!


=Steeerike yer out—!

=A strikeout!
=Tokuchi starts off by striking out the third batter, Tomas!

=Hey hey,
=Swing and miss on a pitch like that?


=Are you sure...?
=He can't throw anything besides a fastball?

=According to the scorers... They checked all of Tokuchi's pitches on tape, but...
=Every single one of them was a fastball.


I was certain I had it...
...But in the end... I didn't even make contact.

=I heard that one of Tokuchi's victims said...

=It's almost like the ball suddenly slipped away...
=From the bat.

=That's exactly how it felt.

There's no way
That pitch
Was just an ordinary fastball!!

=High fly ball—!

=Brooklyn takes the bait on the first pitch and hits a big big big pop fly—!
=You don't need to say it 3 times—!

What the hell, you only lasted 1 pitch—

=Batting 5th—
=The third baseman... Takami!

=It's Takami!//Takami's up to bat!

=His .441 batting average leads the league by a mile!
=On the other hand, Toua Tokuchi is a rookie phenom who hasn't let up a single run since entering the pro ranks—!

=They're facing off for the very first time!!

=This is pretty intense...

=Tokuchi gets set for the first pitch...


=He throws!!


=Tokuchi throws one straight down the middle!!
=That was an easy pitch for the taking—!!

He saw I was planning to let the first pitch go by,
And purposely threw one straight down the middle!

=Steerike two—!!

=Now Tokuchi's got Takami down 0-2!!

Great placement. Superb control.

Is this all he's got?

=Tokuchi's 3rd pitch—!

—He's not going to play around.

He'll try to end it with the next pitch!!

=He throws!!


Just as I thought!!



=S-Steerike yer out—!

=He struck out looking!!
=Takami couldn't pull the trigger!
=And Tokuchi has retired the 3, 4, and 5 hitters just like that!!

=But... Uh-oh—Tokuchi looks a little unhappy as he heads back to the dugout.

=On the other hand, the strikeout victim Takami...
=Is smiling!//He even appears somewhat satisfied by the result!!

=Nice pitching, Tokuchi.

=He held back at the last second.


=That Takami guy...
=He's way trickier than I expected—

[bubble]The Lycaons are easily put away in the bottom of the 1st—
=I get it.

=Now I understand why Tokuchi's fastball is so difficult to hit.

=Wait a second...
=...You said Tokuchi's fastball, right?//...So you mean he really can't throw any breaking pitches?
=Well... Sort of.

=One question...
=What is a "fastball" in the first place?

=...A ball that goes fast.
=No kidding.

=In terms of mechanics...
=It's a pitch that puts a vertical spin on the ball.

The spin keeps the ball lifted up,
And it travels in a straight direction, almost as if it's defying gravity.

=That's right...//A professional fastball is said to make approximately 20 rotations before it reaches the plate.
=The more spin there is, the harder it is to hit.//The lift becomes greater, so it seems like the ball is lifting up. The air friction also decreases making it seem like the ball accelerates in front of the plate.//In contrast, pitches with less spin stay hanging, and are more likely to be hit.

=I get that,//But what does that have to do with Tokuchi's fastball being difficult to hit?
=It doesn't seem like that guy's got such good spin on his fastball.

="Tokuchi can only throw fastballs."//That notion is a mistake in and of itself.

=What're you talking about!!?//You just said he couldn't throw any breaking pitches...!
=No, I mean...

=It's not that he's only throwing fastballs.//He's throwing every possible kind of fastball.

=You see...
=That guy can control the number of rotations the ball makes.

=No way...!
=I could hardly believe it myself... But it's true.

The first two pitches that he threw... Were simple, ordinary fastballs.
They were about 75mph, and made about 17~18 rotations...
However... That third pitch he threw...

=Made only 3 rotations before it reached the plate.

=3 rotations...!?
=For real?
=You expect us to believe that!?

=You can count on Takami's vision...

=I wouldn't have noticed if I'd swung at that pitch.//I only noticed because I held back and watched it go by.

He probably throws those low rotation fastballs by stifling the snap of the wrist as much as possible when he releases the ball.
To put it simply,
I guess it's almost like throwing a palmball with a fastball grip...

=He baits the batter with normal fastballs.//Once he's imprinted those into the batter's mindset, he ducks underneath the bat with the low rotation fastball.

=I see...
=So that's the secret behind the pitch that "slips away" from the bat...

=What makes it even worse is that he throws them knowing exactly what the batter is looking for.

He has the ability...
To read the human psyche.

=Don't worry about it.
=Whatever the heck it's doing, it's still a crap pitch.

=H-He's right.
=A low rotation pitch isn't any different from a hanging fastball.
=There's no point in over-thinking things.

You guys just don't get it, do you.

He's gotten this far just by throwing that crap pitch...
Meaning, this guy—

Has the potential to change that crap team into the strongest team ever.

Proofread by quantula

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#1. by Kajii ()
Posted on Jun 27, 2009
^_^.. i will work on it on monday, so thank for translation

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