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One Outs 23


+ posted by Meriken as translation on Jul 27, 2009 00:14 | Go to One Outs

-> RTS Page for One Outs 23

One Outs, Volume 3, Chapter 23 (pp. 137~158)

=Lycaons Stadium—

=2 hours prior to the 2nd game between the Lycaons and the Mariners—
Chapter 23: Irregularity

[bubble]Damn it Tokuchi!! I told you not to smoke on the field!!

=He's a good pitcher.
=I can see how you were willing to get injured just to have him on the team.

=I was surprised to find out he's able control the rotation on his fastball,
=But what surprised me even more is his toughness.

=I never imagined
=We'd be shut out by a pitcher starting on one-days rest.

=3 starts in a row is simply absurd.

=Maybe for a normal pitcher,
=But he can pull it off.

=True, there's a chance we might get swept if we go in without a plan.

=Tokuchi has one glaring weakness.

=One fatal weakness that will deprive him of all that stamina.

=The weakness,//Stems from the differences between the gambling game called "One Outs..."
=And the sport of "Baseball."

=...What do you mean!?
=I can't tell you anymore than that.

=You'll find out during todays game.
=...But,//Let me put it this way.
=We're not playing to win today.

=Our objective is to crush Tokuchi.

Chapter 23: Irregularity

=I think he's just bluffing.

=Yeah, me too.
=That guy's stamina is unreal. I can feel it when I'm catching his pitches.
=He was throwing way better yesterday than he was 3 days ago against the Eagles.

=...Takami said this,
="Tokuchi's weakness..."//"Stems from the differences between 'One Outs' and 'Baseball...'"

=There's one thing that's bothering me...
=Check out their starting lineup for today...

=They're all left-handed hitters except for the 3rd and 5th batters...!

=Against Tokuchi the right-hander, huh...
=Yeah, left-handed hitters are said to have a natural advantage against right-handed pitchers.

=But this isn't what Takami meant, is it?

=And now,
=The game has started—



=All 3 batters grounded out to end the first inning.

=Tokuchi starts off nicely!!
=He's showing no signs of fatigue from his back-to-back starts!!

=Well? How's Tokuchi?
=No worries!! He's doing absolutely fine.

=I was thinking,//Maybe this is the difference between "One Outs" and "Baseball..."

=How "One Outs"
=Is a game designed to favor ground outs...

=An outfield fly is an out in baseball, but the pitcher would lose if it were One Outs.
=A skilled pitcher in "One Outs" is essentially a pitcher who's good at getting the batter to "ground out."

Tokuchi's pitching style is exactly that... He gets more ground outs than strikeouts.
The advantage of this style of pitching in baseball is...

It allows him to conserve his pitch count!!

=True... You need to throw at least 3 pitches to get a strikeout, but 1 pitch is all you need to get a grounder.
=Which means, their plan is to make Tokuchi throw as many pitches as possible, and force him to use up his energy... That's gotta be it.

Is that it...?
Alright, then...
Be extra conservative with the pitch count today.
Don't tell me.
That guy ignores me. He just throws whatever he feels like throwing.

Is that really all there is to their plan...?

It happened in the top of the 2nd.

=Now Takami's in the batter's box!!
=This is their 4th match-up!!
=Tokuchi has yet to give up a hit to Takami!!

=What will Takami bring to the plate this time around—!?

=Tokuchi's 1st pitch,

=He throws!!

=Oh my—!
=Takami's looking to try a bunt—!!


=Tokuchi throws it outside!

=What a unique plan!//What is Takami aiming for—!?



=Those guys are concentrating depleting your stamina today.//Same goes for that bunt just now.
=They're trying to make you waste pitches outside to increase your pitch count.

=You're falling right into their trap if you keep doing that.
=Let him do whatever he wants with the bunt. Just don't throw any extra pitches.

=Takami attempted two more bunts, fouling on both attempts.
=He ended the at-bat with a grounder to first.

=1 hit, zero walks, 1 strikeout, 11 grounders, 31 pitches.
=Ideal pitching up to this point.

=What were we so worried about? He's getting even more grounders than usual!
=This just goes to show how good our battery is.

=The irregularity occurred in the 5th.

=Takami hits it—!!
=Deep to right field!!

=Over the head of the right fielder, Kitamura!!
=This one's gonna be extra bases!

=A triple!!
=Takami's finally gotten a hit off Tokuchi—!

=Maybe Tokuchi's tired...!
=N-No way...

=That was just a coincidence! He was dealing with the wrong guy!
=He'll get the next batters out...

=Though it was unclear how much conviction the manager had when he uttered those words,
=Tokuchi shut down the rest of the lineup to make it through the pinch.

=Is the bullpen standing by?
=Why should we relieve him when he's doing fine?

=He said it himself,
=He wants to stay in the game...

=Tokuchi continued to be hittable, giving up 9 hits by the end of the 7th.
=—Still, he did not give up any runs.

A 0-0 stalemate—
The situation clouded the judgement of the Lycaons dugout.

Tokuchi's stamina—
Was steadily being depleted.

And during the 8th,
=Uh-oh—There's a chopper to first.

=First baseman Mikami fields it,

=Tokuchi goes to cover the base—


=Tokuchi falls!!
=What's wrong—!?


=I got it.
=This is what Takami was talking about.

=The difference between "One Outs" and "Baseball..."
=It's how...

=The pitcher is just another "infielder" in baseball.

=Take a look at Tokuchi's pitching up to this point!
=Of the 23 outs, 21 have been ground outs.

=But aren't those ideal results!?

=Of the 21 ground outs, 20 of them went to first base!
=Do you understand what this means?

If the ball flies to the right of the first baseman, or deep along the foul line, the base is left wide open. The pitcher has to cover the bag.
Meaning, each time a grounder rolls to first, the pitcher has to run full speed
To cover a distance of roughly 20 yards.

=And that's not all. Takami and the others have tried 18 drag bunts, including fouled attempts.
=This was also done to make the pitcher run as much as possible...

=Then they lined up all those left-handed hitters so—
=It would be easier to get grounders over to first.

All this,
To crush Tokuchi.

=I got the hint during the Eagles game.
=Tokuchi was looking overly fatigued that day.

=At first, I thought it was because his pitch count was nearing 160.
=But I was wrong.

=That game, Tokuchi was trying to pitch with only 8 players on the field.//He had to run around to cover an enormous amount of ground.//The result, fatigue.

=His weakness,
=Lies in his "legs."

=That guy's got pretty good stamina when it comes to throwing.
=Probably a result of those harsh battles he went through back in Okinawa.//But all that collapses when he's forced to run more than he's used to.

=The reason is quite simple.
=There's simply no need to run when you play "One Outs."

=After getting two outs in the top of the 8th, Tokuchi has allowed 2 runners to reach base—!
=Runners on second and third—Another tight situation for Tokuchi!!

=Up to bat is Tomas, who's already had 2 hits today...

=Tokuchi's 3rd pitch—
=He throws!


=A strikeout!!//Tokuchi hangs on to get through yet another tight situation!!

=No worries.

=He's already got nothing left in the tank.
=Let's take this one step at a time.

=We've got to get a run for Tokuchi!!

Despite their enthusiasm,
Perhaps it was the gap between the champions and the gutter team...

For the Lycaons, 1 run from the Mariners—
Loomed far and away...

But Tokuchi held on.

Summoning all his strength,
To keep his opponents at bay.



=Yer out!

=He slid into first base!
=What is this, high school baseball?

And then—

=The game entered extra innings.

But even then,

The stalemate continued.


=Oh no—! Right fielder Okazaki chases a foul fly and goes crashing into the fence!!

=You okay!?

=Wake up!! Hey!!
=Uhh...//The ball?

=You caught it.
=You caught it man!


=What a spirited effort!
=Tokuchi's been saved by the defense—!!

Do you feel it, Tokuchi...?
This is "Baseball..."

The biggest difference between "Baseball" and "One Outs,"

It's not about getting grounders, or having to play defense.

The one key difference between "Baseball" and "One Outs" is...

You're not alone.


=Put me in!!

=Announcing a substitution for the Lycaons.

=Pinch-hitting for the 5th batter, Kondo—

=Number 9!!

Proofread by quantula

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#1. by Kajii ()
Posted on Jul 27, 2009
thanks ^_^

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