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One Outs 24


+ posted by Meriken as translation on Jul 28, 2009 16:20 | Go to One Outs

-> RTS Page for One Outs 24

One Outs, Volume 3, Chapter 24 (pp. 159~180)

Chapter 24: Bandage

There's something missing from the Lycaons, preventing them from winning a championship.
It's not about ability or luck, or anything like that—It's something decisive...

In other words, it's something that the Mariners already have.

"Our objective is to crush Tokuchi."

...I won't let you!!

Chapter 24: Bandage

=Hiromichi Kojima has finally made an appearance!!
=He's been sidelined ever since he injured his right elbow during the off-season, but...

=It's a do or die situation!!
=And this man is their one and only hope!!

=The Mariners have sent in their 4th-year ace reliever, Tomosaka—!!

=You're a legend, Kojima-san...
=I also grew up watching you and wanting to be like you...

=At 43 years of age, and still recovering from an injury... Right now...//You don't scare me at all!!

I can do this!!
I've got to do this!!

It ends...
Right here!! With me!!

=Forget about it!

=You can't hit.
=Not with that elbow.

=Am I wrong? His elbow hasn't healed yet, right?//He doesn't have much left in the tank. What's the point of pushing him this early in the season?

=Or maybe he's planning on retiring after this game.


=Wow!! Tokuchi is denouncing Kojima!!
=Sympathy, gratitude... Is this man incapable of expressing any of these feelings towards his teammates—!?

=What's up with Tokuchi's attitude?
=But hey,
=I guess Kojima's elbow is really in bad shape.

=Tokuchi—!! What the hell—!!//Kojima-san's pushing himself so he can help you out!!

=Don't use pissy words like "help" in the middle of a battle.


=It still feels a bit odd, but it won't have any effect on my batting.

=You can't hit Tomosaka's pitches going at 80 or 90%.

=Still... Are these bandages really necessary...?
=It's alright. Keep it like that.

=Lemme give you one word of advice.

=The first pitch is gonna be a fastball on the outside corner.

=I'm positive.
=You may as well go for it.

=That first pitch is your only shot if you're not in 100% condition.

=Whether or not you hit it is all up to you.

=Kojima is making his way back to the batter's box!
=His right arm is...

=So he's still having trouble with his right elbow!?

=What makes you so sure that the first pitch is gonna be a fastball on the outside corner?

=Because the bandages are white.
=The white shows up really well against the deep green color of the fences.


=How is Kojima planning to defeat Tomosaka with his injured arm!?

=A closed stance!?

=Oh my, Kojima's taken a rather extreme closed stance. He's almost standing over the plate. You don't see this very often.
=He must be very worried about Tomosaka throwing a slider to the outside part of the plate.

Closed Stance
Refers to a batting stance where the foot closer to the pitcher is positioned closer to the plate.
There is also the square stance, where the feet are positioned evenly, and the open stance, where the foot closer to the catcher is moved closer to the plate. The closed stance has the disadvantage of making it harder to see the ball, but allows for increased power, and makes it easier to hit pitches that break to the outside.

=Geez, that makes it totally obvious that he's waiting for a pitch on the outside...

=I don't know what you're planning, Tokuchi,//But I do know there's not a single pitcher out there who'd throw exactly where the batter wants them to.

=Just wait and see.

His stance makes it blatantly obvious that he's waiting for a pitch outside...
And Tomosaka's slider is breaking even better than usual today—

He must be aiming for the outside fastball, while also watching out for the slider breaking to the outside.
Then I guess we'll just go with...

=A fastball high and inside.
=A "brushing ball!!"

The brushing ball
Is a pitch thrown right across the batter's chest, with the intention of turning the batter's upper body outwards.
If used effectively, the batter loses the nerve to step in, and will be unable to reach pitches on the outside part of the plate.

=High and inside!!

=The pitch is set!!

=Here's the 1st pitch—!

You've only got one chance... On the first pitch.

=Fastball on the outside corner!!
=I'll take your word for it, Tokuchi!


=High and inside!
=Low and outside!

=There's no way it's gonna be low and outside—!!

=High and inside—

=He throws!!

=Low and outside!?


=It's in—!!
=A hooo—me run!!

=A walk-off homer!!

=Unbelievable!! The Lycaons have won their second consecutive game with a walk-off!!

=The baseball prodigy, Hiromichi Kojima—
=Is alive after all—!!

=I don't get it.
=Why'd he throw to the outside corner...?

=There was an experiment,

Where they took an accomplished marksman,
And had him take 50 shots at a target.

He managed to get all 50 shots within a 10cm radius.

Next, they placed a jar 3 feet away from the target.
...However, this jar—

Was a priceless artifact. A national treasure.
...Then they had him take 50 more shots, exactly as he'd done before.

Of course, a jar 3 feet away from the target,
Should cause no problems for a marksman with the ability to shoot with an accuracy of 10cm.

=Or so they thought.

Turns out, he missed his mark by an average of 7cm, in the direction away from the jar.

=It's called psychological repression.
=The subconscious awareness of not wanting to break the jar had caused the marksman to unknowingly take a safety-first approach.

=Same goes for that pitcher...
=In his case,

=Kojima's elbow was the priceless artifact.

Tomosaka is a prime reliever, but he's still 20-something years old. He's just a kid.
On the other hand, Kojima is a baseball legend.

The catcher probably asked for a fastball high and inside. And the pitcher tried to throw it there.
But what if his pitch were to hit Kojima's injured elbow...? That would almost ensure Kojima's retirement...

The prospects of ending a legendary player's career must've been quite terrifying.

That subconscious fear represses the action of throwing the pitch high and inside.
His pitch wound up low and outside because—
His mind took a safety-first approach!

=Nobody wants to break a priceless artifact.


Calling out Kojima-san, making him wrap the white bandages... He did all that...
Just to increase Tomosaka's psychological repression—?

=Hurry up and quit if you're too scared to throw inside—!
=Go to hell—Tomosaka!
=Don't bother showing up anymore!

=A mistake caused by youth, huh...//I feel for him. He won't be able to recover for a while.

=That's what winning is about.

=You guys have the wrong idea about what it takes to win.
=Winning isn't about exceeding the opponent in strength, let alone waiting around for a streak of good luck.

=Winning is about...

=Making your opponents lose.
=Making them taste defeat.

=Crushing a fallen opponent.
=Kicking them when they're down.
=Rubbing salt into a gaping wound.

=Winning is about trampling over corpses... It's not something beautiful.
=It's brutal.
=If you still want to make it to the top, then—

=Steel yourselves.

The Lycaons were missing something they needed to win a championship.
But not anymore.

The man who has everything the Lycaons lack

Is right there.

Toua Tokuchi's pitching statistics for today:
12 innings
50 at-bats
12 hits
2 walks
...Zero runs
Toua Tokuchi's tentative salary under the One Outs contract is—

735 million

=That was a good game.

=Get Tokuchi on the phone.
=I want to express my honest appreciation for the work he did today.

=...Yes sir.

=Is this Tokuchi-kun?//That was a stunning performance today.//We couldn't have done it without you.

=I'm the owner. I'm happy when my team comes out on top.

=Anyways... On to business.
=Do you remember what's stated in the 3rd Amendment of the One Outs contract?

=That's right...
=The one about increasing the rate of the contract depending on the importance of the game.

=For tomorrow's game...

=Let's make it 20 times the standard rate.

Proofread by quantula

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