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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Jormungand 3

PULSAR phase.1

+ posted by Meriken as translation on Aug 20, 2009 22:50 | Go to Jormungand

-> RTS Page for Jormungand 3

All of my translations are RESERVED

Jormungand, Volume 1, Chapter 3 (pp. 97~127)

Chapter 3 | PULSAR phase.1

=Are you sure it's alright!?
=My phone isn't working at all!//Electrical interference? Maybe? That's not gonna cut it!
=Hurry up and find out why this is happening!!

=Watch out! Our lady is pissed! {Heh-heh-heh.}

Chapter 3 | PULSAR phase.1

=Man, that ticks me off. They're being way to sloppy over at headquarters.
=We're supposed to meet up with Valmet and Tojo in the next city, but I can't get in touch with them.

[black box]A certain country in Eastern Europe//Near the Russian border
=That aside,
=What are those guys?
=Stop right now!!

=A border patrol unit. What do you wanna do, Koko?
=We've got no reason to stop!!

=If they think a light WAV can stop a 20-ton truck, they're in—



=What the—!?


=An ambush!?



=Hey! Don't go out, miss!!

=See, I told you to stop!
=Shaddup, tax thief!


=What the heck is this—!!!
*explosions and gunfire*

=Heh-heh-heh, they must be fighting over a pipeline.
=This place is a total warzone now.//There's your reason why the phone isn't working.

=GMS cellphone bases,
=Phone companies,
=Microwave communications facilities... You either blow them up, or get yours blown up.

=Once that's done, you start controlling information to your advantage.
=Even satellites aren't all-powerful.
=Secrets in the midst of battle.

=Wow—You're quite knowledgeable, Mr. Lehm!
=You think so?
=I'm no good at fighting with my head.


=2 large trucks, and a single unit armed with assault rifles.//And there's an out of place woman dressed in white screaming her head off—Orders?
=Looks like a military escort.

=That's the buyer. Hold your fire.

=Okay okay, we're not enemies.
=But not friends, either.

=Thank you so much for coming!
=I didn't know you were so young, Miss Hekmatyar!
=Nice to meet you, Major Pollock!

=Sorry for the disturbance. My men are a bit on edge, as you can see.
=We acknowledge receipt of the 8 anti-air missiles in the freight container.

=Very well, Major. Please sign these documents, and...
=Oh no, there's no rush! Please, take a seat.

=How long has this been going on?

=Just 8 hours ago.

=I thought Lieutenant Colonel Grant was the one responsible for this delivery.

=...It happens every now and then.
=Career officers who lose their nerve when it comes to actual combat.//Well, let's just say he never existed in the first place.
=Whoa, I shouldn't have asked.

=This is bad!
=This is very very bad!!

=This battlefield is totally burning up!
=And this commander is dying to get his hands on some new weapons!
=This place is gonna swallow me up!

=There's your signature. And also, we'd like to place some additional orders...
=Here we go!!

=See, I knew it.

=Long time no see, Koko—

=And Lou, too!!

=Huh? Where's Valmet?
=Valmet's on a separate mission.//If you two are hanging around here, that means...


=What a coincidence, Koko Hekmatyar.
=England's CCAT company—//President Currie!!
=Coincidence my ass!

=What do you want?
=What is this, a new recruit? Man! That is so funny!!

*explosions and gunfire*

=What was your purchase from Mr. Currie?


=Used launchers, and new missiles!
=We gathered them from all over Eastern Europe.

=Wonderful, isn't it? Those attack helicopters will be dropping like flies once again!
=What a sight!

=Yeah right, you just wanna get outta here as soon as possible.

=Cheap,//Plentiful,//And strong.
=Those are the products most sought after on the battlefield.

=Thank you for your advice.
=Our contract is now complete, so we'll be...

=Wait, please! What about the additional orders!?
=A radar unit!!

=Our radar sites were destroyed by the bombings!
=We need a ground radar that will serve as a substitute.

=Ohh, that's a bit out of my league, I'm afraid...
[keep typo]=I don't have something like that ei—
=You certainly do.

=Daughter of Floyd Hekmatyar, the magnate of marine transport!
=Koko Hekmatyar, one of the executives in charge of on-site affairs,
=For HCLI's Europe & Africa Arms Transportation Division!

=There is simply no way,
=That you wouldn't be able to procure a basic radar unit.

=This geezer—!!
=He's trying to turn us into a scapegoat!!

=No way!!
=Can't do it!!

=Huh? What's going on?
[x2]No wa—y

=D-Don't let her get away!


=We play along and you pull this kinda shit!?

=Control yourself!!

=Please, let's not do this. This isn't a Hong Kong movie.
=Major Pollock,
=You may not look it, but you're actually quite an ambitious fellow, aren't you.

=Total control of information!

=You've given the mountain infantry orders to kill anyone who attempts to flee—
=By crossing that ridge, haven't you. Civilians, journalists, all of them.

=You're going through all that trouble just to conceal a scramble over a pipeline?
=Are you planning to take up the reins yourself?

=Oh, heavens no.
=How embarrassing... Hah-hah-hah.
=But...//You've heard the phrase "Soldiers are paid to kill," haven't you?
=We would certainly qualify as an ambitious outfit in that sense.

=And you and your colleagues are the forces of justice,
=For trying your very hardest to keep these soldiers alive as long as possible by giving them weapons.

=I simply must obtain your merchandise!
=Won't you carry out your justice for us?

=Alright! I'm counting on you//For the radar business.
=I must be going now.
=No need to worry about the money.

=Looks like the storm has passed,
=Don't you think?


=Well well, this new commander—
=He's quite the troublemaker, isn't he.
=Not really.
=Why don't you run home already?

=See ya!


=What's it gonna be, Koko?
=Whaddya mean what...?

=We're taking off!!
=After we pretend to agree to the deal!!


=We have to find Valmet and Tojo, too.//According to my intel, this place is almost out of war funds.
=They talk big, but still.//Which means they're gonna pay us if and only if they win this dispute, right?

I, Koko Hekmatyar!!
Would never make a deal on credit!!


=He—y, Tojo. Shouldn't we have waited for Koko at that ridge from before?
=Don't be silly, it's not our fault they did a raid.

=It's almost nightfall, but they're still going at it.
=Hooo, scary.

=What's with this battlefield! It's like being in a huge sandtrap!
=Oooh—That's a nice way of putting it.

=Let's check out the ridge again in the morning, sis.
=Yes, let's do that.

=And we've got the phone,
=All charged up this time.


=It's really been a while,
=Since I slept without a roof over my head.

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