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Translations: One Piece 920 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Desert Punk 11

+ posted by Meriken as translation on Sep 11, 2009 20:02 | Go to Desert Punk

-> RTS Page for Desert Punk 11

All of my translations are RESERVED

Desert Punk, Volume 2, Chapter 11 (pp. 131~162)

=Ten or so minutes after the skeleton city in the South quieted down from stupendous storm to utter nothingness, the villagers rushed on to the scene.


=O-Ohhh—D-Desert Punk won...
=Th-The village is saved...

=Damn right I won.
=Get these 4 some medical attention. The officials pay good money if you hand 'em over while they're still alive.
=Oh my...



=U-Umm the bomb...!
=What about the bomb on the well...!

=That reminds me,
=You bastards were talking about killing that maniac immediately or something, weren't you.



=That was a real nitro container I found in the village, but it's filled with water from the well.
=The cyanide is fake. It's just sand colored with some ink.

=It's a fake...
=Hah... Hah-hah-hah-hah.

=W-Well yeah, of course.
=No matter how crazy he acts, he's still a desert native.
=You wouldn't destroy the well of your worst enemy!
=That's just how desert natives work!



=You bastards are so...
=So poor and dirty and smelly, and...

=Such cheap pussies—!
[arrow]Place where the bullet hit.

=You fucking make me sick.






=How are you feeling, sir?



=Ohh, Mari... You were taking care of me, huh... Thank you...

=And that outfit...//That simple yet sexy outfit means... Means—

=...We made a promise.

=A-Are you sure...!?


=You're beautiful.
=Mr. Kanta...







=Hey, let go.
=It's hot out here, ya know—

=That's right, it's me. Who did you think it was?//Dunno what kinda nice dream you were having.

=What is this place!?
=Why the hell am I here!!?

=You got rid of the Edogawa Gang, and they didn't wanna have anything more to do with you, so they kicked you out.
=They pretty much hated you.//Look like they did take care of your wounds though.//...Geez.

=I could've been mayor of that village if things worked out!
=...//What the fuck are you doing here?

=Heh. I can't stay in that village anymore either, thanks to you.
=After you fainted, they carried you over here with a truck, and I clung onto the roof for half a day, getting scorched by the sun.

=Bastard—What the fuck are you planning?
=You could've killed me and grabbed the food and water if you'd wanted to.

=Hah. I'm not planning anything. I'm from the city. Don't know anything about the desert.
=I just want you to take me over to a village somewhere.

=I'm not taking the word of a spy.
=It's true—You gotta believe meee.

=Whaaat!? This is all the food and water we have—!?

=You didn't bring anything?
=A little... But I finished all of it just now.
=One-shot's worth of ammo left, huh.
=Hey—! Hey—! What are we gonna do!? We don't even know where the hell we are—!

=All the equipment and medical gear is still intact.
=We don't even know which direction we're supposed to go—!



=What's wrong?
=Hey, it's a letter.
[letter]To Mr. Desert Punk

I am really, terribly sorry that things had to turn out this way. To be honest, we were terrified of what you might do to us once you woke up. This is for the sake of my daughter, Mariko, too. We thought long and hard before making this decision. It may be strange to write such a letter after it's all been said and done, but I sincerely hope you will be able to make it back to your hometown. I will make sure to send you the money.//To the savior of our village,//-Mayor.

=Fucking pussies...! Shoulda killed me if you were gonna do something like this!//You don't even have the balls to do that!?

=Hey! Which way is the settlement village!?
=Huh!?//Uhh—That way.

=I can't act like I did before if the Oasis officials are there...

=The amount of food and water the villagers gave us should be just enough for us to make it to a village somewhere.
=Which means...

=—And if the settlement village is in that direction...
=If I go about the same distance in the opposite direction, there's gonna be...

=Should be 2.5 days at the most.//Good!

=Tamehiko, huh. Hmmm—
=What's up—!?//What are mumbling on about?

=Hey, we're heading back to that settlement village.
=Lead the way.


=Y-You've gotta be kidding me! It's a half-day drive! Who knows how long it's gonna take to walk back!
=And I'm gonna be hanged if I go back to that village.//That's ridiculous. I'm not going back.

=Alright, then you can die.

=I want to get back to the village ASAP. That's why I need you to show me the way.
=But if you don't want to, then there's nothing I can do. I'll go by myself. You can go ahead and die a dog's death out here.


The Kanto Great Desert.
This is a hell
Where nothing moves,
And nothing grows.

A human being will die within a day if they are thrown out into this hell with no equipment.

=The soft sand offers little traction, and sucks the stamina away like a sponge.
=Moisture is slowly but surely lost from the body through exhalation.

=At 60℃, there is no humidity. So the temperature drops slightly in the shade, and the sweat takes away some of the heat as it evaporates.
=Even still, the body temperature rises to 50℃. It's more than enough to start to lose consciousness.

=Desert natives cross the land by covering themselves with desert equipment.
=But Desert Punk and Tamehiko have only the bare minimum of equipment with them.//The survival race from hell has begun.





=C-Can I...//Can I have some too...?


Normally, I wouldn't give a guy like this a single drop.

=S-So good...

=This is the maximum water you can drink at one time.
=Huh...!? I want some more, but...//You're right. We need to save up.

=I'm not really in a position to say this, but... You really are crazy.
=There's barely enough food and water, but you're still sharing with me just to get back to that village?

=Heh-heh-heh. Suicidal, right?
=You're willing to go that far just to bully some weaklings?

=I hate guys who are weak..
=I'm not gonna sit back and let them get away with this.
=What a horrible person.

=C'mon, break time is over. Let's get going.
=Wha—t? I wanna rest a wee bit longer...
=I told you we need every second of every minute!

=I'm gonna get hanged once I get back to that village...
=That kinda makes me less willing to keep going.


=Alright, fine! I'll make sure they don't hang you!
=Really!?//Then let's write up a contract so you won't be able to break your promise.
That pose if fucking annoying.
=...You little...

=Heh-heh-heh, I may be acting like a little bitch,
=But I'm the one holding the reins. I'll keep using this tactic so the going gets easier on me.

=With cheap-ass idiots like this, it's better to keep feeding them little by little so they don't lose hope.
=That way, they'll last longer in circumstances like these.

=Night. -10℃. The sand reflects all of the sunlight that had beamed so mercilessly down during the daytime,
=And the land transforms into a frigid hell which sucks away just as much energy.
=Quite a contrast from the daytime.


=I'm sleepy... I'm tired...
=Fool! You're dead if you go to sleep!

=I don't care... Just let me sleep...
=RAHH—! I won't have you die here!

So pathetic... Why am I sleeping with a guy...
Especially one this dirty and smelly...!


=Hey—Hold on—You're getting hard down there...
=I'm not into that kinda stuff, okay.

=ACK!//What was that for—!?
=You shut the fuck up—!

Desert Punk's intricate plan was gradually beginning to unravel.
His greatest miscalculation was Tamehiko.
Tamehiko was a far more ugly and pathetic man than Desert Punk had ever imagined.

=Gimme water—!
=I can't stand it anymore—!
=You fucking...!

=I caaan't...

Midway through their journey, they had used up every single object needed to support their livelihood.

An unfathomable greed and desire for revenge.
Those were the only things supporting Desert Punk now.

=—But ultimately, he collapsed.
=The Kanto Great Desert isn't sweet and sugary like in the manga universe.

=Hey, there he is.

=Ohh—This unsightly object is definitely Desert Punk.
=Is he still alive?
=WEE-AH-HAH-HAH-HAH-HAH!!//He got last! Desert Punk got lost in the desert—!!
=Moron! Moooron! Ah-hah-hah-hah-hah!!

=You're a fucking disgrace...
=Let's kill him.

=2 days ago
=The 21st Settlement Village in the West Oasis District

=The villagers had struck water after enduring unimaginable hardships,
=And are finally being rewarded for their efforts.

=U-Umm...//Are you the handymen who come from the same village as Desert Punk?
=Oooh, she's hot.

=The Kawaguchi Brothers had been hired as guides for the officials from the West Oasis.

=I heard Desert Punk did all kinds of shit over in this village.
=Can't blame him. If the officials weren't here, we also might've...
=We're childhood enemies with Desert Punk.

=Well... Actually...

=They threw him out in the desert while he was unconscious...!?
=Y-Your Dad... The mayor took him out of the clinic without telling you guys, and...!

=That's good!! That's awesome!!
=AH-HAH-HAH-HAH-HAH!! What a loser!!
=HEE—HEE-HEE-HEE! I'm dying!//...Dying...!

=S-So... Have you heard anything!?//Did he make it home safely!?
=I heard they threw him out just about midway from this village to the next.

=Nope, nothing...//Wait, didn't we pass through the midway point? We didn't see anything.
=Nah... Remember how we took a detour around the Great Dunes?
=Ohh—Yeah yeah. That place, huh—
[map from right]Next Village//Great Dunes//21st Settlement Village//Skeleton City

=...You got some business with Desert Punk, lady?

=Mariko told them everything.

=Whoa—! What a crazy promise!
You don't need to keep a promise that's not even part of a contract.
=That freaking pervert—!

=But Desert Punk fulfilled his promise to protect the village. He's our savior.
=And we still treated him so horribly...

=Which means that bastard might be thinking about coming back to this village.
=Ohh—That's possible.
=He's that type of guy.
=Huh...!? B-But...
=Desert Punk doesn't know the location of this town.

=That guy is a bigger stalker than a venomous snake. He's really, unbelievably persistent.
=If it's been 3 days, and he still hasn't made it back to the village, that means—

=DWA-HAH-HAH-HAH-HAH!! No way!! He's totally dead!!
=HAH-HAH-HAH-HAH!! He's so fucking stupid!! HAH-HAH-HEE...!!//BLEH

=L-Listen, please!!

=There's a job!!
=I've got a job for you!!

=And that's how we got the job of rescuing you if we found you on our way home.
=So now Miss Mariko owes you nothing. Serves you right.

=But still... He had his hands full taking care of his own idiot self, but he was also lugging around this piece of extra luggage...!?
=What incredible tenacity...//No... More like a grudge at this point.

I burned...

I'm all burned out.

So this job is over, once and for all. And it came with the unbearable humiliation of being rescued by the Kawaguchi Brothers. Well Well.

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