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Kekkaishi 121

Kekkaishi 121

+ posted by michiyohayashi as translation on Jan 5, 2008 20:18 | Go to Kekkaishi

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Kekkaishi 121 - Slap

If you want to use this translation, please ask at this thread; http://www.franky-house.com/forums/showthread.php?p=24734#post24734"

NOTE: I’m translating from Mandarin and Japanese. I refer to the tankobans when the Mandarin raw is too blurred. Lines with markings were translated from Japanese.

Translated from: http://comic.kukudm.com/comiclist/208/4953/46.htm

Pages 46 - 53

Chapter 121 – Slap

Yoshimori: I’m ok!
Grandpa: Yoshimori! / You idiot, just…. Where are you hurt?
Yoshi: I said I’m ok!
Masamori: No, you… when you get back, you better go for a full body check up.
Grandpa: He’s right!
Yoshi: huh, I’ve already said that I’m ok.
Guy: Sen is ok too.
Kagemiya: Didn’t you know that I’m great?
Yoshi: ah, Toki…

Grandpa: She hit with such strength…
Yoshi: That hurts…

Tokine: Don’t act on your own like this again! / You’re always so rash…. / And this is history’s most most most most rash! / Do you know how many people… / you’ve given trouble to, how many people were worried for you?

Yoshi: Sorry.
Tokine: I don’t forgive you. / Definitely won’t forgive you…. / If something like this happens again… / If you die too, I…
Yoshi: eh…

Yoshi: Ah! / Eh? / No! / Waa… Hold on…
Masa: Tokine, / that…
#Yoshi: Uh… / sorry… / ごめんてば!I’m sorry! / I… / I… / was really rash… But I really had no other way but to go…. / I know I’ve given everyone a lot of trouble… / But, if I don’t get revenge for Shishio…. I can’t take it…

Yoshi: But! I… acted on my own… and got others involved… / And they could’ve gotten injured because of it…. / At that time I really regretted it…. / I honestly feel… very sorry! / Toki…
Tokine: Don’t you understand what is most important yet?

Tokine: Because of Gen’s death… Furthermore you both think alike… / You’ll be upset because people get hurt for your sake. / You have to cherish yourself more!
Yoshi: Sorry…

Tokine: Yoshimori! / Yoshimori!
Masa: … / Aa… Yoshimori is… / Asleep… / Look… / He’s sleeping like a log….
Tokine: Jeeze… / Sorry… / I hit too hard.

Talking: You Amazon! / Sen! / Who are you again? / Get someone to bring him back! / Captain… Yoshimori is going to fall over… / yes….
Grandpa: Looks like there’s no need for a lecture…. / Even so… / I didn’t expect the outcome to be… / This guy defeating Kokuboro himself… / hmmm… / Do I say he’s reliable… / or just plain rash?

Masa: Then… / Thank you for your care! / If something happens, / we’ll come again.

Pg 105
Father: くるなんて言い方。。。/ ここはお前の家なんだから。
Don’t say that… / This is your home too.
Masamori: はい。/ 良守、/ 無茶すんなよ。
Yes. / Yoshimori, / don’t act recklessly.
Yoshimori: ああ。。。/ お前もな。
Ah… / you too.
Father: 良守!!
Yoshi: いて
Grandpa: 兄に対してお前とはなんじゃー!!
What are you saying to your big brother!!
Guy: ホラホラ / 押すなよ、秀。
come come / Don’t push me, Shuu

Shuu: 良守君!本当はもうちょっと話したかったけど、もた。。。元気でね!
Yoshimori-kun! The truth is I want to tell you something, that is…You’re looking good!
Come, Sen-chan too~
Kage: じゃーな。See ya.
Yoshi: おう yea.
Masa: それじゃ。Bye now.
Grandpa: 正守。Masamori.

Grandpa: もう少し休みとって家に帰って来い。
Come back and visit us when you’re free.
Masa: 夜行、結構大所帯になっちやつたんで、
Yagyou, is a pretty big department
There’s so much work I don’t have time to eat.
では各自、 / 本拠地及び、次の持ち場に移動! / 解散!
Ok then everyone / back to headquarters and, return to your posts! / Dismissed!

Tokine: ついてくんな! Don’t follow me!
Yoshi: だーかーら、B-U-T
We go to the same school!
Tokine: 歩き飲みやめな!
Stop drinking as you walk!
The straw will stick to the back of your throat!!
Yoshi: ささりません---- プロだから
It won’t happen --- I’m a pro.

Yoshi: Keke…. / kekeke… / Amazing, I might be a genius… / I’m just mixing flour, yet so many ideas are popping into my head…. / kekekeke… / mu!! / eh…? / Was I mistaken?

Grandpa: It should be ok… / that guy… / showed such great power in Kokuboro… / I saw it with my own eyes, there’s no mistake…
#Grandpa: あれだけのことがあっても, That just happened… / and to continue his daily life without any shackles… / The older brother has carved a niche for himself in the underworld…

Grandpa: I’ve heard, that one of our ancestors lost himself in flirting with power, and disappeared in the darkness. / Even the Founder Hazama Tokimori was lost in the darkness… / However, the founder still found himself in the end… / Now, what is most important is one’s clear ’will’…/ and… / a ‘understanding heart’. The key does not lie outside his body… / but having his own formidable will, as well as a heart that is appreciative and forgiving / Those children have power and kindness / I can only believe in them now.
Grandpa: Candy castle… I’ll let it go today.

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#1. by makhan ()
Posted on Jan 5, 2008
cookie monster XD
thanks micchan ^^
#2. by ChaosCloud ()
Posted on Jan 5, 2008
#3. by mab ()
Posted on Jan 6, 2008
cookie XD

mak maki what r u doing :p

go go our proud translator XD
#4. by michiyohayashi ()
Posted on Jan 7, 2008
edited! chinese scans missed 4 pages... anyone can tell me where to get better ones?

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