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Kekkaishi 122

Kekkaishi 122

+ posted by michiyohayashi as translation on Jan 6, 2008 02:32 | Go to Kekkaishi

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Kekkaishi 122 - Visitor

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NOTE: I’m translating from Mandarin and Japanese. I refer to the tankobans when the Mandarin raw is too blurred. Lines with markings were translated from Japanese.

Translated from: http://comic.kukudm.com/comiclist/208/4953/53.htm

Pages 53 – 62

Chapter 122 – Visitor
In boxes: It’s been a few months since I’ve returned from Kokuboro… /
#少しずつ暖かいなってきて But it’s getting warmer… / My favourite season is coming soon…. /
#YoshimoriThinking: まだまだ肌寒いが。。。Still, I feel a little cold… / If I make use of the sunlight and my Kekkai… I can sleep comfortably in the open!
In boxes: Since then, as to changes… / My senses have become more keen.

In box: In comparison to other places, Karasumori is a miraculous place, I finally comprehend that.
Chapter 122 - Visitor

Classroom: gara! / really? / e…. it really appeared? / It’s horrible! It seems… / I heard it from someone in Class 1. / This time who will be…
#Yoshi: なんか女子が騒がしいな。What are the girls talking about?
Hiromu: Seems like it’s gonna appear soon.
Yoshi: appear? / eh? / What is it… / Something seems wrong somehow…
Ichigaya: Sumimura?

YoshiThink: Could I be wrong?
Yoshi: scram, Hiromu, this is my seat.
Hiromu: During seat changing, wasn’t it because of my information that you got the back seat? / Ok, you can have half.
Yoshi: there’s no helping you.
Ichigaya: they’re actually ok with that arrangement…
Yoshi: oh yeah, what did you say would appear?
Hiromu: キヨコちゃん Kiyoko-chan from the legends.
Yoshi: Kiyoko-chan?
Bgw: gu gu…
Hiromu: Sumimura, you’re always so clueless about the school. / One of the 77 mysteries of Karasumori Academy.

BGW: Many years ago, a mysterious young girl appeared at Karasumori Academy… / She had jet black hair, ruby red lips, and wore a trailing white kimono, barefooted… When Kiyoko-chan appears, great disaster will befall Karasumori Academy….
Hiromu: This legend is what the female students are passing around.
Yoshi: He--- / Isn’t disaster a common occurrence for this place? / oh yeah, who was the one who said that Kiyoko-chan was gonna appear?
Hiromu: I don’t know.
Yoshi: Didn’t you investigate?
Hiromu: That is the freaky part… / no one has ever seen Kiyoko-chan.

YoshiThink: What a contradictory Kiyoko-chan legend…. / Forget it… I’ll go sleep on the roof…
Girls: But, Kiyoko-chan….. / What do we do, this year… / I heard that someone died the last time… This time what…
YoshiThink: Damn--- I still feel that something’s wrong… / No choice, I’ll have to ask around!
Yoshi: Kanda!

Yoshi: um… you know the Kiyoko-chan legend?
Kanda: mm! I know!
Bgw: darkhaired: Just like that! Fair-haired: yeah!
KandaThink: Sumimura-kun actually initiated our conversation… Haven’t talked to him in ages.
Yoshi: Do you know where the rumours came from? You girls should know more about this than us!
Kanda: um…. I’m not too sure either… / I think it’s from the Middle school section. / But, nobody has ever seen Kiyoko-chan, 現れたって噂だけワーシと広まって、 it’s all just a rumour that she’ll appear, if she doesn’t appear, the rumour will naturally disappear!
YoshiThink: nonsense…
Yoshi: So is she a spirit or a demon? You didn’t see anything?
#Kanda: 変なものは見るけど、着物姿の小さい女の子は見てないよ I saw some strange ones, but I didn’t see a little girl wearing a kimono.
Yoshi: ah I see….
YoshiThink: I didn’t feel any evil aura either, it should be just a rumour!
Yoshi: Forget it, I won’t find out anything anyway…. I’ll just leave it!
Kanda: eh? You can’t not do something!

Kanda: Kiyoko… / appears in order to tell the truth.
Yoshi: Truth? / what truth?
Kanda: so, kiyoko-chan… appears only because she wants to tell somebody the truth about something!
Yoshi: Truth huh… / Hiromu, scram. / That’s my seat.

Hiromu: Stop joking, your seat is over there! Right, Ichigaya?
Yoshi: Why is your hair parted to the side?
Hiromu: ah?
Yoshi: ah! Right, speaking of which, Ichigaya usually parts his hair somewhere near the middle! What’s up with you guys?
Hiromu: eh? / This is normal! Sumimura, what’s wrong with you? Ah, class is starting.
Yoshi: wrong wrong wrong! You guys were definitely not like that earlier!
Voice: Then, the next question…
YoshiThink: eh…..?

Hiromu: Sumimura, the next class is gonna start. / The next class is 黒須先生 Kurosu sensei’s, I think you better wake up.
Yoshi: eh?
Class: ahaha… / really?
Yoshi: Why’s everybody drinking coffee milk?
Hiromu: why? Isn’t it normal?
Dark bubble: gara! Gara!

Kurosu: ok, let’s start the class.
YoshiThink: It’s too weird… / hmm? It’s impossible for the teacher to join in on the prank. / Could it have something to do with the Kiyoko-chan legend? / But this legend is different, / Kiyoko-chan appears just to tell the truth… / Tell the truth? / eh, I think I remember something…/ just now when I was sleeping, I…

Kiyoko: I came to tell the truth. / This week’s hair will all be side parted.

Yoshi: a------!
Kurosu: Sumimura, what is it? Is there a problem?
Yoshi: no… / noth… nothing.

Yoshi: If I guess correctly, Kiyoko-chan didn’t come to tell the truth… / but to make what she said the truth. / like a suggestive hint, to make things go the way she wants… / Anyway, I have to catch her first…
Hiromu: Sumimura, let’s go back together.
Yoshi: ah, sorry… / I’ve got something to do.
Hiromu: mm! / Then we’ll go off first! / hey, are you ok? / Sumimura was very weird today!
Yoshi: No I’m not!

Yoshi: Damn it--- / Where is she? / hu… / hu…
YoshiThink: Couldn’t find her… / well, she didn’t do anything bad… / It wouldn’t matter if I left it alone, right?
In box: The next day--

Girls: Morning gowasu! / Did you finish yesterday’s assignments? / Of course gowasu!
Guys: I’m feeling kinda full gowasu! / me too gowasu!
Class: Gowasu! / hey gowasu! / what is it gowasu? / gowasu gowasu!
Ichigaya: ah, Sumimura gowasu!
Hiromu: Morning gowasu!
Yoshi: oh no… This school is ridiculous!
YoshiThink: Abominable Kiyoko-chan, I’ll catch you for sure!!

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#1. by mab ()
Posted on Jan 6, 2008
wow u r here michi-chan XD

go go machine :D
#2. by B-One_2 ()
Posted on Jan 6, 2008
hey thar micchan^^ Thank yee fo' dis:p
#3. by eaballer10 ()
Posted on Jan 7, 2008

I LOVE KEKKAISHI <3 Highly Appreciated, miss ; )

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