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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Hatsukoi Limited 14

Hatsukoi Limited 14

+ posted by michiyohayashi as translation on Jan 6, 2008 02:56 | Go to Hatsukoi Limited

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Hatsukoi Limited 14

"This is a Franky House Translation. "This is a Franky House Translation. NO OTHER GROUPS ARE TO USE THIS WITHOUT PERMISSION.
If you want to use this translation, please ask at this thread;

Translated from: http://comic.kukudm.com/comiclist/505/8407/1.htm

NOTE: Onii-chan is older brother. Imoto-chan is Younger sister.

Chapter 14 – Kotatsu, Bridge and…. / Who do you want to have a blissful dream with.

In box: A Demon King appears!
Yoshihiko: Koyoi / Who would play video games when it’s the New Year? We’re going to the temple to make New Year Wishes.
Koyoi: ah~~~~ wait, I’m fighting the last BOSS now.

Words on right: In the last chapter, Enomoto received a surprise aside from hentai presents.
Note: Hentai means pervertic, or erotic stuff.

Koyoi: Since it’s the holidays, I want to clear all my games in one go.
Yoshihiko: It’s not that I don’t understand how you feel.
Koyoi: Eat this, Super Lightning!
In box: The Demon King has received 150 damage points. / The Demon King has been defeated!!
Koyoi: Yay! Finally, peace… peace has returned to the world, onii-chan!
Yoshihiko: ok ok ok…
Koyoi: After battling for 60 hours, Hero Koyoi is finally triumphant!
Background sfx: gahaa

Koyoi: Passing the new year, and clearing all my games, I feel great!
Yoshihiko: hu! It’s so cold outside…
Koyoi: you’ll feel warm like this!
BGW: Cuddle
Yoshihiko: Stop it, you’re warm already. Hey! You’re heavy, get off!
Koyoi: heh heh heh , Koyoi is warm like this too.

Yoshi: Please let Koyoi fall in love with someone else! Ah and, if possible, please let me and Yamamoto… *heart heart heart*
Koyoi: mm.. ah… / This year’s new year, being able to come to make wishes with onii-chan, Koyoi is very blessed. So, to let this blessing continue forever. / I wish for world peace! / It’s better to wish for world peace. *heart*
BGW: I beg you~~
Yoshi: Hey, we’re going back…

Koyoi: no way~~~~ we haven’t drawn our fortunes yet!
Yoshi: ah….. ok, then let’s leave after we draw.
On paper: Fortunate (all four characters together mean fortunate.)
If you don’t ask for too much, you’ll have a nice life.
Yoshi: that that.. / wish… seems like there’s no hope of it coming true..
Near his head: hah hah…
Koyoi: ok! Koyoi wants to draw a very fortunate! / ah~~~~~~
Sfx: DO--N
On paper: Very unfortunate
In whatever you do a rival will appear. Your wishes will not come true and you will be unlucky the whole year round.
Koyoi: no no no no no …. ….
Yoshi: a, aya, Very unfortunate doesn’t mean that you won’t have any luck at all. Just tie it there and go home and everything will be alright!

Yoshi: so / very unfortunate is not that bad. I think it’s special. I only got a ‘fortunate’, isn’t that boring? And this year’s bad luck might not be used up in this year.
Koyoi: mm. I’m ok, onii-chan. / Although Koyoi has an unfortunate year! / Onii-chan is so nice to me, I feel that I’m very fortunate. / Furthermore, to be able to go through countless trials and tribulations are what makes a real hero!
Bgw: Ganbatte!
NOTE: Ganbatte is a form of encouragement. Like, ‘work hard!’ or ‘go for it!’ , ‘you can do it!’ etc..
Yoshi: looks like she’s gone back into the video game…
Koyoi: Last year I found out that Onii-chan has someone he likes. / And I drew the worst worst fortune. So I must watch out. / Koyoi, won’t lose!
Bgw: mm!

Yoshi: The way Koyoi thinks sure is simple…
Sfx: bikuun
Koyoi: ? Onii-chan…
Yamamoto: ah, it’s Bessho! / Happy New Year!

Yoshi: Ya, yamamoto-kun, Happy new Year…
Koyoi: New, New year’s January 1st and… no way
Yamamoto: You came from that street, so you went to the temple?
Koyoi: The demon king appears!

In box: Demon King Yamamoto, is the girl Onii-chan likes…
Conversation: It must have been crowded. / Uh, it’s ok.
Koyoi: This is the first time I’ve seen her face-on… / i.. / I will not back off!
In box: Koyoi the hero – Lv14 HP30
Box 1: Gorgeous looks
Sfx: bishii
K: ah!
Box 2: Full Breasts!
Sfx: bashii
K: ya!
Box 3: and long legs!
Sfx: beshii
K: urgh~~~

Koyoi: Koyoi doesn’t have such great assests!
Yoshi: Koyoi? Hey, Koyoi you have to greet others too!
In box: No answer, she’s like a skeleton!
Yamamoto: But, Bessho you’re great. / you have such a cute girlfriend, it really surprised me.
Yoshi: It’s not like that! It’s my sister! Sister! / It was the one on the phone the last time…
Yamamoto: ah, oh, the one from that time… …
Yoshi: I, actually haven’t got a girlfriend before…

Sfx: deree
Kthinking: ah~~~~ I don’t want to see Onii-chan show his shy side to other girls the most! Let’s hurry home Onii-chan!
Yamamoto: Imoto-chan! I’m an only child, so I really envy those with siblings. / You’re Koyoi right? What grade are you in?
Koyoi: Middle, Middle school 2nd year. / she’s really a great beauty!
Yamamoto: I really want a little sister, we can chat together and go shopping together.

Yamamoto: Koyoi, next time if possible let’s go out to play.
Koyoi: ah. Um, but… / we’re love rivals.
Yamamoto: uwa, seeing you get nervous, you’re so cute!
Sfx: kyuuuu
K: ayayayayaya / Onii-chan… onii…
Yoshi: ya ya ya yamamoto…
Y: I want a little sister, it’s nice to have a little sister.
K: ah?!

K: so… / so soft, Yamamoto’s breasts… / No wonder she’s the Demon King!
Sfx: *I can’t see too well, but I think it says ‘rub rub’
K: and there’s a nice fragrance…
Sfx: kyumu kyumu
Top of his head: huaaaaa
Yoshi: ho~~~ / Yamamoto’s breasts have been pressed into that shape…
Sfx: doki doki doki doki
K: no / why am I suddenly so nervous

Y: ah, I can’t, I’ve got something to do.
Black sfx: baa
White sfx: hetaa
Yoshi: ah, is that so?
Y: I was planning to have tea and all. / Sorry, my mom asked me to buy something.
Sfx: doki doki doki in bubbles: hua hua hua
Y: …. Um, actually I. / wanted to talk with Bessho about Arihara…. / well goodbye, byebye Koyoi…..
Yoshi: Yamamoto…
K: I think, my whole life I’ll never be able to win over Yamamoto…

Sfx: crunch
K: New Year morning and we bump into Yamamoto…
Sfx: crunch crunch
K: Koyoi is really a very unfortunate girl! Crunch crunch.

Kthinking: When I went to make wishes I should have wished for my breasts to grow bigger…
K: What world peace, Koyoi you’re such a dummy!
Y: hey, Koyoi.
K: argh, Onii-chan is so mean, I won’t bother about you anymore.
Y: Koyoi, your favourite snack is ready, do you want some? / they’re fried nicely.
Sfx: jump
Y: hmm, do you want to add miso flakes or seaweed flakes?
Sfx: jump jump
K: Koyoi wants the red bean, wants to eat red bean.
Y: ok ok ok , the red bean was prepared long ago.
NOTE: I don’t know the name of the snack.. it’s some sort of cake. I’ve replaced the name of the snack with ‘snack’

K: Itadakimasu…
NOTE: it means ‘I’m about to partake of this food’
K: delicious…
Y: Sitting at a Kotatsu and having snacks make it seem like we’re really passing the New Year.
NOTE: Kotatsu is a Japanese room heater covered with a quilt.
Y: I’d originally planned during the holidays to bring you out to somewhere fun to play. / but when I remembered that we’d have to spend a lot of money I gave up on the idea…
K: ah. / It’s the New Year, but Koyoi haven’t told Onii-chan something yet.
Y: ? if it’s new year wishes you’ve said them this morning.

K: Onii-chan, Koyoi.. / will love Onii-chan a lot this year too.
Y: ho… Is there anything good on tv?
K: !! Onii-chan you’re so mean! But I still like you. / Oh yeah… / That yamamoto said she liked Arihara… guess I was thinking too much.
<- she’s doing exercises to make her breasts grow bigger

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#1. by mab ()
Posted on Jan 6, 2008
machine i tell u XD

#2. by sakura_hime04 ()
Posted on Jan 7, 2008
#3. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Jan 7, 2008
thanks for the trans!!!

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