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Kekkaishi 123

Kekkaishi 123

+ posted by michiyohayashi as translation on Jan 9, 2008 15:09 | Go to Kekkaishi

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Kekkaishi 123 – Kiyoko

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NOTE: I’m translating from Mandarin and Japanese. I refer to the tankobans when the Mandarin raw is too blurred.

Translated from: http://comic.kukudm.com/comiclist/208/4953/62.htm

Pages 62 - 71

In box: Previously, of Karasumori Academy’s 77 mysteries (something like that), the one that spoke of a young girl who brings disaster –Kiyoko-chan – has appeared… / The school is now under a curse..
Class: Good Morning Gowasu----! / Is there a way to part it tidily gowasu! / ah, it’s very pretty like this gowasu!
Yoshimori: (´・ω・`)なに・・・この学校。。。 What happened to this school…
Ichigaya: Sumimura, you were acting weird since yesterday gowasu.
Tabata: yeah, Sumimura… / Why are you in that strange get-up? So weird gowasu!
Yoshi: I’m weird? / damn, I can’t stand it anymore! / ! / wait, am I the only one who is unaffected?
Chapter 123 - Kiyoko

Yoshi: Oh yeah, if it’s that psychic fellow… / Kanda!
Kanda: ah! / Good morning gowasu! Suminura-kun!
Chapter 123 – Kiyoko

Kanda: waa! Are you alright? / Sumimura-kun!
Yoshi: I’m alright, forget it… / Whatever I ask this fellow is a waste of effort to ask…
Plump gal: I think… Sumimura-kun’s dressing today is even uglier!
Bgw: how atrocious…
Blackhairgal: Yurina… what’s so good about that guy?
Kanda: eh? This… though he’s a little strange today…
Yoshi: Anyway, I have to catch Kiyoko… Tokine didn’t mention anything strange, so the High School section shouldn’t be affected yet. / Targeting the Middle School… send a load of Shikigami… / no.. it’s like searching blindly… / that’s not it.

Yoshi: She’s here! / Ketsu! / Kiyoko you…

Kiyoko: I feel that lacked strength.. / gu!
Bgw: なんか がっくり it’s like he’s depressed.
Kiyoko: eh?
Yoshi: you…. Anything’s fine, I beg you to stop talking nonsense and making the school do all these weird stuff…
Kiyoko: weird stuff?

Kiyoko: Damn brat! / you dare say that again. / Do you know how old I am? / I died soon after I left my mother’s womb. / It was not easy for me to wait all this time… / Are you going to deprive me of my amusement?
Yoshi: Rubbish!!
Bgw: Isn’t that action only used when you’re greeting people?
Kiyoko: Hmph! Kekkaishi are all cold hearted! They’ve got hard heads, brainwashing doesn’t work!
Yoshi: what? You know about us?
Kiyoko: Of course. / How many times do you think I’ve come here? / I’m different from brats like you. Don’t judge by my appearance, I’m actually already a old granny.
Bgw: kekekeke

Yoshi: You’re just a wandering spirit, don’t talk as though you’re a big deal! / Forget it, get down here right now!
Kiyo: Just a wandering spirit?
Bgw: fuu---
Kiyo: you… do you know how painful it is for wandering spirits don’t head to rebirth or become demons? / Normal wandering spirits and I… cannot be compared!
Yoshi: Shut up!
Bgw: stop doing that action…
Yoshi: 1? You… you said that you’ve come here many times… / then do you know about Karasumori?
Kiyo: what? You have something to ask me, brat?
Yoshi: this Karasumori… / what is it?

Yoshi: if you tell me, I won’t take action against you. / This unknown power which eddies out… / How can I… / stop this power?
Kiyo: No idea.
Yoshi: what----?
Kiyo: I’m just a wandering spirit, how would I know about these things.
Yoshi: this fellow…
Kiyo: I know your plan, / but, if you do that in the 神佑地 Shinyuuchi, you’ll suffer the wrath of heaven.
Yoshi: Shinyuuchi?
Kiyo: Are you an idiot? It’s land that has power like this one. In English it’ll be ‘POWER SPOT.’ / There are lands like this scattered throughout the country. Every Shinyuuchi is different from the place humans use. 土地神クラスかてええとこ五分や The power is about the same as that of Land Gods Class. *not sure about this sentence*

Kiyo: In other words, people like you… / Don’t think too much, just be good and follow orders to protect this Shinyuuchi.
Bgw: ahaha…
Yoshi: It can’t go on like this…
Kiyo: then… I’ll tell you something / you’re one of history’s most stupid kekkaishi. / hu!
On yoshi’s head: buchii

Kiyo: haaa---- / catch me if you can gowasu!
<- can’t see her!
Yoshi: sorry! / dammit… I can’t use Kekkai techniques in front of everybody… / what is that?
Voices: that person looks really weird. / why is he dressed like that? / Wa, how ugly… I can’t believe it, he actually has that sort of hairstyle… / Who is he? / hu! Don’t laugh out loud…
Yoshi: It’s not the same… / Kiyoko! / I must catch you!

Bgw: hahaha---- it doesn’t matter, later!

In box: Middle School Social Studies Teacher.
茶野 元晴 (タンテイー茶野)
Kino Motoharo (nickname Tanteii Kino)
He has a dazzling smile that drives some students crazy. Side parted hair suits him very well.

Kino: I’m really popular with the female students today… / is it because of the new tie?
Bgw: hehe--- / sensei---
Yoshi: don’t think that I can’t use Kekkai techniques in front of people! / Nenshi!

Yoshi: You can’t run away this time, can you?
Kiyo: waaaa!
Yoshi: you little….

Kino: eh? / eh? / eh?

Kiyo: Ow, ow!
Yoshi: I took so much effort… / If you cause trouble again, I won’t take it easy on you!
Kiyo: I didn’t cause trouble! you were the one who made the Sensei’s wig fall off! / bgw: and it was funny!
Yoshi: what? / That was all because you… / hahaha… / That’s the problem… / If it’s a detestable fellow then I can forget it… / but that person is a good Sensei who thinks of his students. / To do that to him…

Yoshi: anyway, don’t come again. / get it!
Kiyo: Ow, ow!
Grandpa: Kiyoko? / ah, that girl who loves to play pranks. Did she come again? / She is a wandering spirit who loves to travel around the world. / I really wish that she would stop using Karasumori as her maintenance ground… / Never mind, she likes to play pranks…. But she wouldn’t do anything bad. / Just treat her nicely, who knows, you’ll know something good from her.
Bgw: chew… chew… / Shuuji, another bowl please.
Yoshi: oh… / Too slow.
In box: The next day, the school was back to normal.
Ichigaya: Morning, sumimura.
Tabata: ah! Did you know? Kurosu sensei…

Yoshi: I didn’t hear anybody mention anything about Kino Sensei’s wig incident. / Was it Kiyoko….
Kiyo: I came to tell the truth. / One day Karasumori will….

Kiyo: to have anyone face up to me like this is rare. / he’s not like other kids. / Never mind, I had fun too. / I actually didn’t want to say anything of relation to it, but in the end I told him the truth.
KiyoThink: Forget it.. Karasumori is interested in this kid too. / I came to tell the truth. / One day Karasumori will… / awaken!
<fast asleep!

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#1. by Calootoo ()
Posted on Jan 9, 2008

Another 3 translations, YOU ARE THE BEST!

Please, continue making them.
#2. by imintheradio ()
Posted on Jan 10, 2008
cool..thanks yah..

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