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Kekkaishi 124

Kekkaishi 124

+ posted by michiyohayashi as translation on Jan 9, 2008 15:15 | Go to Kekkaishi

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Kekkaishi 124 - Nail

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NOTE: I’m translating from Mandarin and Japanese. I refer to the tankobans when the Mandarin raw is too blurred.

Translated from:

Pages 71 – 80

Chapter 124 - Nail

Chapter 124 - Nail

Yoshimori: Hmm…
Madarao: What the heck are you doing?
Yoshi: I want to find Karasumori’s source of power, and where the influence of its power ends….

Yoshi: Amazing, Madarao! This wall is the common boundary line
Madarao: So you can tell the difference now. Bgw: heh!
Yoshi: But isn’t this strange? / This school wasn’t built 400 years ago…
Mada: It should be to match with the size of the land exactly, I guess.
Yoshi: But, I heard that in the past, the school was smaller than now.
YoshiThink: that means, the school was built according to the boundary… / In other words, the person who changed the boundary is powerful! / Who the heck was it? Our ancestor? / And, what the hell for?
BGW from right to left: Karasumori Power / Land (small) / Land (big)
Is it to lower Karasumori’s power… no, though Lord Uro’s bed needs to be fixed regularly, Karasumori shouldn’t be the same… / speaking of which, this guy… / he’s always been at Karasumori, yet he knows nothing… / Is there something wrong with his memory!

Madarao: what’s wrong again?
Yoshi: There are too many things I don’t understand here. / if I can know the answers… / I’ll be more confident…
Madarao: what confident?
Yoshi: didn’t I say that I wanted to seal karasumori…
Madarao: ahahahaha… now? Kekeke! / You haven’t forgotten it yet? Ahaha, you’re such a stupid kid!

Madarao: Jeeze, what’s there to be angry about! / I was just being honest. You’re so childish.
Tokine: I’ve seen this scene before many times.
Bgw: You’re so childish!
Tokine: ah, an intruder!
Madarao: Found it, Yoshimori! / a long awaited big prey!
Tokine: it’s movements are slow! / Do we drive it into a corner, or attack from above…
Hakubi: since you want to chase it out, you attack from above of course.

TokiThink: But, it’s demonic aura is very strong, its body is also huge… / even if we use Kekkai to catch it… it’s so far away, can we control it?

Guy: Ha!!

Guy: good!
Yoshi: ah? / what is that? / you bas….
Guy: Success! I’m great!
Yoshi: hey!

Guy: I got the wrong one…
Yoshi: hey…
Bgw: sorry…

Guy: This is my prey! / I killed it, so I’ll clean it up! Does anyone have a problem with that?
Yoshi: eh? / didn’t you say you got the wrong one earlier?
Guy: wrong one? When did I say I got the wrong one! / Did I say it?
Yoshi: no, because…
Guy: are you thinking of asking for information? / who are you?
Yoshi: who are YOU? / I’m saying… This Karasumori is the land that has been guarded by us Kekkaishi for generations. / Please don’t act on your own.
Tokine: he didn’t want to be a kekkaishi, yet now he’s acting so grandly…
Guy: Karasumori? Bgw: surprise!

Guy: here? Karasumori is here? / If this is Karasumori, then… / It’s that, right? Once spirits come here, their power and recovery rate would increase…
Yoshi: he? Aa…. / spirits?
Guy: That guy’s target is this place... / It’s bad now… / I’m great… good job! / you can say that it’s just nice, right on target!
Bgw: hahahahahahahahahaha
Yoshi: What the heck is wrong with you? Bgw: are you listening to me?

Guy: you over there! Is that the right attitude to ask people something?
Yoshi: You’re the intruder!
Tokine: ok, ok! / Since you didn’t mean any harm we’ll forget it, but it seems you’re also a technique user… can I ask you some questions? / I’m the Kekkaishi here, my name’s Yukimura Tokine, what about you?
Guy: Since it’s a girl that’s asking, there’s no reason not to answer! / I’m the strongest exorcist, the name’s 金剛 毅 Kongou Takeshi!! / Virgo, I’ll be 17 this year! Pleased to meet you! / can I do it?
Bgw: I’ve decided / confirmed.
Tokine: there’s no need to hold back..
Yoshi: This guy’s name…
Toki: he’s older than us…

Kongou: ah! Crap!
Tokine: eh? What’s wrong?
Kongou: How could I… / forget to take into account my physical strength!
Yoshi: heyhey, he fainted.
Tokine: is he alright?
Yoshi: seems like he’s unconscious. / wa, this fellow is heavy. Bgw: drag…

Yoshi: nails…? / he said he’s an exorcist…
Toki: disappeared?
Yoshi: after that, I brought him home… It was as if he hadn’t eaten in ages… after that Grandpa gave him a checkup…. / that guy’s body was covered in wounds… / he was exhausted, though he’s young, his body’s weak… / but when it was morning, he disappeared!
Tokine: eeh….

Yoshi: but I think he will come back soon. / because I hid some of his things.
YoshiThink: so tired, quickly go home and sleep…
Voice: Who is that person?
Bgw: looks left… looks right…
Kongou: ah! / Found you! / as I thought, you’re a student here!

Yoshi: it’s broad daylight! / what you’re wearing is too weird!
Kongou: how rude! / oh yeah, / You guys took care of me but I didn’t thank you. This goes against Master’s teachings. / Anyway, Thanks!
Yoshi: eh? / Didn’t you come for the nail?
Kongou: nail?
Yoshi: 一番太い釘、一本抜いといたんだけど。The thickest nail, I took it out and that’s it.
Kongou: A------! / you rascal, give it back!
Yoshi: I’ll give it back, but before your wounds are healed, please stay at my house!
Kongou: There’s something I must do no matter what! I can’t be that leisurely!
Yoshi: eh, but…

Yoshi: your body’s in a terrible condition now. My Grandpa said you should rest properly…
Kongou: mm… / thanks for your concern. / I’ve been chasing a spirit… / My mission is to completely seal that fellow. / Before that is done, I definitely won’t die.
Yoshi: …………seal?

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#1. by imintheradio (Registered User)
Posted on Jan 10, 2008
great work..thanks

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