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Kekkaishi 130

Kekkaishi 130

+ posted by michiyohayashi as translation on Jan 13, 2008 18:45 | Go to Kekkaishi

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Kekkaishi 130 – Kekkai and Zekkai

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NOTE: I’m translating from the Chinese manga.

Chapter 130 – Kekkai and Zekkai

Yoshi: Is Kongou leaving?

Kong: mm, I want to continue chasing Jaren.
Toki: don’t strain yourself too much.
Kong: if I don’t strain myself I won’t be able to beat it. / Rest assured, I won’t die. / Master taught me how to live in dereliction!
Yoshi: Just what the heck did he teach you?
Kong: Uncountable things! I’ll tell you what Master said. And I wrote many notes on the usage of techniques…
Yoshi: ah, no need.
Kong: Anyway! It was great to be able to come here, / though I’ve come back to the starting point, I’ve gained a lot!

Kong: i… couldn’t understand anything clearly. / I can’t confuse myself based on appearances. / Understand the opponent and accept it, then I’ll become even stronger. / I also discovered my own way of thinking was superficial. / It’s all thanks to you.

Kong: about 1% of it!
Yoshi: 1%!?
Kong; I’ll seal it soon! Because I’m great!
Yoshi: this guy… after he went back to his old self he became so noisy..
Kong; anyway, you work hard too. / I’ll wish u all the best.
Yoshi You have to seal Jaren well.

Kong: of course!
Yoshi+kong: let’s go!
Kong: thank you all, I’m going now. / but… / if you should have need of me…

Kong: just face that star and shout!
Yoshi: which star!
YoshiThink: but… I feel that he’ll successfully seal Jaren sooner or later. / then i… will also, sooner or later…
Teacher: ok / Write your seat number and name in the right hand corner. You can leave when you’ve handed it in---

Teacher: ara, / what a solitary atmosphere.
On paper: Sumimura Yoshimori
Yoshi: Ketsu!

Yoshi: Well, I must be careful to get the exact position…
Kong: An unwavering will is strength!!
Yoshi: that’s the principle, if I want to be strong, the more I want to be strong, the stronger I’ll get. / Speaking of which, those manuals and secret manuscripts… / many of them wrote how to maintain your frame of mind… / and the problem of whether it’s suitable or not… / who knows, there might be other ways to seal karasumori.. / but I only know kekkai techniques, I’ll have to find a way to do it with my skills. / then… / I’m left with the other kind of Kekkai----

Yoshi: let this energy expand, / if I make it into a spherical shape--- / Zekkai…! / eh? It disappeared.

Yoshi: damn, this shouldn’t happen! / he! / har! Go, zek… / zek…
yoshiThink: Geeze---- I heard, it should turn out like that,[imagined] then why? / is it a concentration problem? Or is my will not enough… / no! I’m serious! / It’s definitely impossible not be able to do it! The problem lies in my having never seen a real zekkai! / plus, aniki can do it, so I can’t be unable to do it. / eh? Wait, actually I should be able to do it better…
bgw: In the midst of contemplating

Voice: ….. what?
Yoshi: hi, how’re you doing?
Voice: I’m asking you what is it.
Yoshi: uh… / I’ve got something to ask you.
Bgw: what’s he pissed off about…
Yoshi: How’re you doing in the Yagyou…
Kagemiya: what how… / There’re no missions. If you want more details, every day it’s either training or cleaning. But there’s nothing much to clean actually---
Yoshi: hey hey, can you tell me again in more detail? / About what happened in Kokuboro…
Kage: Kokuboro? / aah, you mean what you made that time…

Kage: At first I thought that was Zekkai, / but it wasn’t. / because Zekkai is a frightening Kekkai technique that turns everything other than it’s caster into nothingness when touched.
Yoshi: huh? / waaaa [imagined] / ah….
Kage: but that time… / though Kaguro was destroyed, I was fine…. / It didn’t look black like Zekkai… / and I felt that the inside was very stable… / It was flawless… / so perfect that it was suffocating…

Yoshi: what’re you taking about? / I don’t get you. / Speak in simple Japanese. / Did you see it?
Bgw: Sen-chan, is that Yoshimori? Let me talk to him later.
Kage: Shut up! You were the one who made it, how would I know, moron! DU!
Yoshi: the more I hear about it the more confused I am… / dammit! / Then I’ll train like crazy!

In box: a few days later
Yoshi: speaking of which! / the me today--- / is reeeally different!
Madarao: what song is that?
Yoshi: this song is a battle technique to heighten my concentration! / good, it’s here! / Behold the results of training for the past few days!
In box: Udedango
It pulls down everything around it and rolls at great speed.

Yoshi: Today’s demon--- / is quite scary! / however! / watch me, sure-kill…. / Zek . Kai !

Toki: Ketsu!
Madarao: what the… it’s useless…
Yoshi: Shut up, when I was practicing, I succeeded once out of every ten attempts!
Toki: That technique called Zekkai… / It feels dangerous, and uncomfortable…
Madarao: the Kongou kid could do so many things in a short span of time… but you didn’t improve at all.
Yoshi: what did you say! I was working so hard these past few days…

Yoshi: right… / ah----- that’s right! / That’s it, I get it now! / Zekkai / doesn’t suit me. / I don’t have any inspiration! This must be the so-called ‘unsuitable’!
Bgw: ah--- I quit----
Madarao: what the…
Yoshi: I’ve reached a new beginning! Walk the same path as Aniki? No!

Yoshi: Just wait. / I will use a new technique that suits me to seal Karasumori!
Bgw: target---- seal! / are you an idiot….
Hakubi: is it ok to leave that idiot alone?
Bgw: he seems weird recently
Toki: it doesn’t matter. / he / has great intuition. / so, who knows, one day…. Maybe.
Hakubi: Hmm…

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#1. by ChaosCloud ()
Posted on Jan 14, 2008
#2. by Slashout ()
Posted on Jan 15, 2008
Thanks a lot :).
The "recent" really quick scanlations are what took me back into the manga. I stoped reading and then a few month later there was 3 or 4 chapter each week... I couldn't resist ^^.
Thanks again for your work.
#3. by Dragon04 ()
Posted on Jan 15, 2008
thanks. Always happy for more kekkaishi

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