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Monster Soul 1

Monster Soul 1

+ posted by michiyohayashi as translation on Jan 15, 2008 08:12 | Go to Monster Soul

-> RTS Page for Monster Soul 1

If you want to use this translation, please ask at this thread;

NOTE: I scanned this manga in and uploaded the images to imageshack... If there's anyone who has the raws for the next chapters, please pm me..

*EDIT* THANK YOU Dragon Guard for providing the future raws~!

Cover page

Character Information

Words on right: Character Introduction
Monster = Evil, who the heck made that rule? This story will destroy that assumption, with monsters fighting for peace.

She has a pure heart, and is careless and lively. A self-declared idol of the Monster World?

As can be seen, his huge bulk contributes much to his bursts of power. Has a kind heart, and actually gets moved easily and cries.

He doesn’t care if it’s human or monster, if it’s a bad guy he won’t let him off! Is [black Airs] most temperamental?

ACROSS PAGES: Black Airs Revealed!

On banner: The Monster Troops’ Strongest Group
In box: [black Airs] … is relatively the most active monster group in the war between humans and monsters long long ago. There are 4 group members, add Joba and there’re 5.

Although small and relatively weak, his caring heart for his comrades is bigger than anybody’s!

Gathered monsters and tried to start a war again, is the leader of a rebellion.

Was a monster who bullied Aki when he was a kid. The reason for bullying him hides a surprising secret?

Very intelligent, is the big sister of [black Airs]. Has been taking care of Aki and the others since young.

Vargan Brothers>
Monster bounty hunters. Only their slyness is above average.

Content page and cover page

Chapter 1 – Black Airs Appear!
Chapter 2 – Monster Rebellion!
Chapter 3 – Strength can change your way of thinking!
The complete volume of Monsters
Adorable monsters which got scrapped
Monster Gallery
Drafts and postscript

Page 1

Skeleton: This is the world where humans and monsters dwell; Elfenland / And this story is about catching Monsters.
Monster: Kyupi! / Kyupi! Kuypi!
TYPE: Monster
Name: Joba
Species: Onion monster
Voice: aniki… this is a onion monster kid.
Joba: Kyupi! Kyupi!
Voice: uuha, that’s quite rare! This fellow will fetch a high price. / But it’s really noisy…. Think of a way to shut it up! / Or it’ll attract other monsters.
Joba: Kyupi---- Kyupi----
TYPE: Human
Name: Vargan Brothers
Job: Bounty Hunter

page 2

Guy: Ey----
VarganBro: ar? / What is it!
Guy: It is my friend, / kindly return it to me!
TYPE: Monster
Name: Aki
Species: Unknown
Joba: Aki! Aki!
VarganBro: wad? / who are you? This monster’s your friend?
Aki: I’m also considered a monster.

VarganBro: Stop joking! You’re just a brat!
Bgw: haahaahaa
Bgw: Gao~~!!! / Bikuu
Aki: ahahahahahaha!
VB: hu! Hu! / hu! / hu! / Aniki, this guy’s really a monster! / what? / give me the gun!
Aki: Too bad, I think… your bullets won’t hit me.

page 3

VB: -----Every bullet hit him!
Voice: really…. So useless.
VB: who’s it? / uhoughhhh! This… what is this?
Sfx: buaaaaaa
VB: Sand? / uwaaaaa!
Sfx: shaaaa

VB: a woman?
Girl: Aki, you…. Are so embarrassing!
TYPE: Monster
Name: Touran
Species: Golem
VB: aniki! This fellow’s a monster too! Quick, fire! / huh?
Bubble text: pala / pala / pala
VB: Mon… monster---- / I already said that he was one!
TYPE: Monster
Name: James
Species: Frankenstein

page 4

VB: what is it this time? / waaa!
Sfx: suru suru suru
Woman: Don’t you guys feel embarrassed? This is monster territory.
TYPE: Monster
Name: Mamii
Species: Mummy
Mamii: I honestly can’t believe that monsters can be caught by humans.
Aki: Yeah! Joba’s already been retrieved.
Joba: Kyupi!
Touran: They won’t catch it next time.
James: affirmative!

Mamii: You won’t come near here again right? Humans.
VB: Of… of course.
Touran: Joba are you unhurt?
Joba: Kyupi!
Touran: It’s fine now.
Aki: The one who saved Joba was me! Touran!
Touran: You didn’t do anything!
James: Affirmative! Affirmative! Affir---mative!
Mamii: ok…. stop squabbling, it’s unsightly.
VB: are they all really monsters? / Def… definitely correct! The complete volume of monsters has the records! / uho… / could they be…

page 5

VB: Black Airs! / the most active monster group in the war between humans and monsters in ancient history still exists? / The bounties are all….? / How… how exaggerated….! / Only this brat’s the not worth a lot… / Aki, species unknown… why is he in the Black Airs? / Never mind… isn’t this a great chance? / what? For.. forget it, the opponents seem really tough….? / Trust me on this.

Skeleton: secret underground labyrinth THE . Ryuuto / but to monsters, it’s just a city.
Monsters: Recently there’s been an increase in savage human bandits. / The cave in the west had all its treasure chests taken. / In far off cities, there’re also children who take us monsters and put us in cages to play with. / waaaaa! That’s horrifying! / can humans and monsters…. / ever live together peacefully…


All: Happy Birthday! / Touran!
Joba: Kyupi!
Touran: waa! / Thanks guys----!
Mamii: come…. Blow the candles.
Touran: yea! / breathe in-----

Sfx: bogooooooooo
Aki: hey---- even the cake was blown away!
Touran: ah!
Mamii: Jeeze… what’s the fuss over a small matter like this! What a disgrace.
Aki: is this considered a small matter! Ah----- my cake-----
Touran: Hey----! When did it become yours!
James: Birthday… what a joyous occasion. Uuu! Uuuuuuuu!
Mamii: hey! You over there! Stop crying! What a disgrace.
James: huhuhu! Sfx: poroo
Mamii: Your face!

page 7

James: My…. My face… where is it?
Mamii: It’s at the place that’s making noise.
Aki: Jeeze…. There’s no helping you, James. Take it.
James: Ye… yes! / I’m really thankful for that, Aki.
Touran: Ahahahahahaha!
Mamii: Stop pulling pranks on him! What a disgrace! / Really… messing with you guys, I’m so sweaty now. / I better take them off.
All: Doing THAT is disgraceful!

VB: aniki… are they idiots? / huh…. Indeed they’re idiots. / No matter what, now that we’re in the monsters’ labyrinth… our identities wouldn’t be revealed would they… / quiet! If you act suspiciously like that you will be discovered. / coming here is alright… but how do you plan to catch them? / heh heh heh heh! Wait and see.

page 8

Aki: That’s a Plue plushie.
Mamii: why’re you telling her before she opens it?
Touran: That’s great-----! / thanks!
<bor--- bor---- / bor---- bor----
James: Touran’s horn flute is ringing.
Aki: Mami-nee… buy that horn flute for me too.
Mamii: You won’t have a chance to use it.
Touran: who is it?
In box: Horn flute ( a horn shaped communication flute)
Touran: hello hello?
Voice: It’s me--- I want to give you a birthday present, can you come out alone to meet me?
Touran: what? / who is this?
VB: It’s me----
Touran: me?
VB: yep, me! You forgot! / That’s phone scam!

Touran: though I don’t know who it is, I’m going to check it out.
Aki: Buy it for me.
James: Why don’t you buy it yourself…
Mamii: Be careful
Touran: Relax relax.
Voice: WA---- sfx: GON
VB: she came! How’s that? My trap’s not bad huh. / hey…. You just took a hammer and knocked her from behind! How underhanded… / who cares, lucky thing’s that she’s gullible.
Touran: I… I was too careless…
VB: You’re careless indeed.

page 9

VB: This golem… her skin feels like a human’s.
Bubble words: Pinch! / pinch! / pinch! / pinch!
VB: Aniki! Don’t touch her unnecessarily! / This rope can seal monsters’ powers! / As long as it’s tied, even high classed monsters are helpless. / as expected of aniki! We can catch every one like that--- / aya… no matter how stupid they are, we can’t keep using the same method. / I’m going to use this golem as bait… and lure the others out… / Aniki! This plan is brilliant! / Come one! Let’s set an amazing trap and wait for them to fall into it. / We will catch Black Airs ourselves!

Touran: u! / uu! / Silver rope? / but… this should do it…
Aki: How slow! Sfx: Gumooo
Aki: Touran’s taking too long to shit!
James: She didn’t go do a big one! Aki.
Aki: no, it’s shit.
Mamii: Please stop saying such a crude word! What a disgrace.
Joba: Kyupi----

page 10

Joba: Kyupi! / Kyupi! Kyupi! / Kyupi! / Touran!
In box: Warning to Black Airs, the golem is in our hands! If you want to save her, come to Adolia Church!

Aki: is this a challenge?
Mamii: it’s a threat.
Aki: Does golem mean Touran?
Mamii: those bounty hunters we met earlier today did this.
Aki: Mami-nee… this is Touran’s Horn flute!
<bor---- / bor----
Voice: Black Airs? The golem has been captured by us Vargan Brothers. / if you wanna save her… / aniki! We already wrote those on the threat! There’s no need to repeat! / e…..eh? Ye…. Yeah, it’s like that, I’m hanging up. Du!

page 11

James: there’re sand words here... / they should be what touran left, right?
In box: Guys.. this is a trap… don’t come…
Aki: uarghhhhhh!

Aki: those two bastards…
Mamii: seems like they don’t know… / the outcome of making us angry…
James: Affirmative….

page 12

VB: aniki… will it really go smoothly? / my plans have never failed. / If we get this reward….. uhaha! We’ll live our dreams! / what shall we do first? / we take the money of course. / idiot! I’m asking what we’ll do after getting the money! / we spend it of course---- / idiot-----!
Touran: hmph!

page 13

Touran: too bad... nobody’s going to come. / because I’ve already told them it’s a trap.
VB: uhu! / yeah… good job! You’re stupid but you thought of something. / uhuhu… / [nobody’s coming]? Of course I know that. / because this isn’t Adolia Church.

VB: I’ll tell you, I’ve already set a trap in front of Adolia Church just for them.
Touran: eh?
VB: you should know… / what is this, right? / that’s right… it’s monsters’ weakness… holy water.
Touran: ah!
VB: they will fall into a pool of holy water. / is holy water really effective? / of course it is! It’s really expensive! / how ‘bout we test it out?
Touran: wa! / <splash / aaaaaaaaa…… a aaaaaa!

page 14

Touran: aaaaaa…. / xuuuuuuu / uuu….
VB: amazing. / told you so.
Touran: u… / hu!
VB: great! We’re going to be rich! / hahahahaha! / right now those guys…
Touran: Please let them off.
VB: ah?
Touran: Kill or sell… do whatever you want with me! / let them go…

VB: Don’t worry, you’ll see them soon. / In hell!

page 15

Touran: ah? / Aki?

VB: wha… what happened? / how did you know it was here?
Aki: though I didn’t know where the church was, / I followed Touran’s sand and came here.
VB: aya----? It’s true----! / you.. look stupid… but you actually think fast!
Touran: Why did you come, I already told you not to.
Aki: because… you haven’t opened your birthday present.
Touran: Jeeze…. Stupid.
Aki: hey… you were the stupid one who got captured, I kindly came to rescue you, and you say these things to me!
Touran: sorry! / wink / thanks!

page 16

aki: huh?
Touran: I was tied up with silver rope just now… / I can’t use any power now… but I’m fine!
VB: heard that? The golem said she can’t use her [power]. / ye… yeah. / there’s only that hooded kid, we can take him on! / the reward for his is only 1000J though. / There’s nothing to be afraid of! Catch the two of them… then set another trap to get that mummy and that Frankenstein. / Hahhahaha! Lady Luck is still on our side!
Touran: hu! Hu!
Aki: Touran.. your wound..
Touran: ah.. I’m fine!
Aki: did they do that?

Sfx: stare
Touran: that’s right! / uhu!
VB: a.. aniki… he seems mad… / dammit… he’s just putting up a show, we still have holy water.

page 17

VB: what the…! Those little little horns……..! he scared me! / sososo….so cute! Hahahaha!
Aki: Why do you want to hunt monsters?
VB: hmph! What is there to ask! / it’s because you guys are monsters!

Aki: If that’s the case, then I’ll start… / hunting you! / but you remember this. / It’s not because you’re humans.

page 18

Aki: it’s because you hurt my comrade!

VB: wha… wh wh wh what is that? / a long-horned werewolf?
Touran: this is Aki’s true form. / You as bounty hunters didn’t know? / those who look like souls, / are S-Class monsters.

page 19

Touran: Aki’s species is Diawolf.
VB: waaaaaaaa!
Touran: die----!

VB: urgh!
Black sfx: aaaaaaaaaaaaa
Aki: monster fist...

page 20

VB: eurgh!

page 21

Touran: aya----

page 2

Touran: nice job. / heeeeh-----! / Whenever he uses up his soul form he’ll fall asleep, if he can maintain consciousness, that’ll be the greatest power. Heehee
Aki: hu----- hu-----

Touran: Then again… Heavy!
VB: that was so embarrassing…. No.1 vargan brothers couldn’t defeat a monster… / that can’t be helped… aniki… that was a member of Black Airs. / damn---- I’m not happy! If that’s the case, I’ll gather all the bounty hunters and destroy this labyrinth! / aniki! That’s too much!
VB: ah! That’s weird! Why isn’t anyone picking up! / Docchiku’s team and merryleopards aren’t responding! / aniki!

page 23

Mamii: these people should be the last group of bounty hunters in this region right?
James: Affirmative
< bor----- / bor------ / bor------
Voices: then lets start again… / Happy birthday!
Aki: here! Plue.
Joba: Kyupi!
Touran: It’s not this one!
Mamii: what a disgrace.
James: Mami-nee! Where did my face go again?

The complete volume of Monsters – excerpt
Aki Species:? Type: monster
In pic: ------ every bullet hit him!
Although able to move at speeds too fast for the human eye to follow, sometimes that power doesn’t work. One of the reasons is not thinking carefully before moving. Usually a carefree fellow, but once you antagonize him….
Reward: J1000-
Danger level: one star

Aki Soul form
Species: Diawolf Type: s-class monster
Text Below pic:
Once Aki gets angry, he’ll turn into his diawolf soul form. Though his explosive strength and speed increases significantly, a flaw is that he’ll immediately fall into a deep sleep. With a strong body as a weapon, he’s a master at using Monster Fist, and has an ultimate attack.
Reward: J7000000-
Danger Level: unmeasurable

page 24

Adorable monsters which got scrapped part 1

page 25

Chapter 2 - Monster Rebellion!

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#1. by makhan ()
Posted on Jan 15, 2008
michi rocks XD
#2. by shego ()
Posted on Jan 15, 2008
Is this from the same guy who does Fairy Tail?

And what happened to Embalming? If there's one monster themed shonen thinger I want to read, I'd have that ( or Steel Ball Run ).
#3. by guill666 ()
Posted on Jan 15, 2008
chinese scans...
#4. by zidane ()
Posted on Jan 15, 2008
And what happened to Embalming? If there's one monster themed shonen thinger I want to read, I'd have that ( or Steel Ball Run ).

Embalming took a break this month....i was disappointed too...

and thanks michiyohayashi for your trans!
#5. by Koen (Celestial Belgian)
Posted on Jan 15, 2008
:o is he doing two series at the same time?
#6. by KaitoKief ()
Posted on Jan 15, 2008
thanks, i wanted to read monster soul for a long time
keep it up^^
#7. by Kira666 ()
Posted on Jan 15, 2008
Thanks for the translation!

Quote by koenosaki;686688:
:o is he doing two series at the same time?

No, this was before Fairy Tail. I think that this was a test for Fairy Tail.
#8. by shego ()
Posted on Jan 16, 2008
Quote by zidane21ps;686638:
Embalming took a break this month....i was disappointed too...

2 chapters out and the guy takes a break?!

Man, that Kenshin guy is worse than Oku Hiroya!
#9. by Shiranui ()
Posted on Jan 16, 2008
Hell thanks...
anyone have the full and the better raw..?? :D
#10. by GGpX ()
Posted on Jan 16, 2008
Quote by shego;687010:
2 chapters out and the guy takes a break?!

Man, that Kenshin guy is worse than Oku Hiroya!

You've obviously never heard of the notorious Hagiwara Kazushi, the mangaka of Bastard!!

Infamous for being lazy and not finishing his chapters for the monthly deadline in Ultra Jump (A lot of sketching that's finalized for the tankobon release) and taking multiple month breaks after a chapter.
#11. by imintheradio ()
Posted on Jan 16, 2008
yeah,cool..cant wait for the scans=)

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