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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210
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Fullmetal Alchemist 100

+ posted by miforever as translation on Oct 10, 2009 03:31 | Go to Fullmetal Alchemist

-> RTS Page for Fullmetal Alchemist 100

OKAY! Translation is rough in a few parts, but I did try my best. Edits to this are very likely. Please do not use for scanlations. Main purpose is to give fans who can't wait a better understanding of what's going on before a real scanlation release. Enjoy.

Page 3

Where are the black hands taking Ed!!

Page 9

What in the world has happened?!

Page 10


Page 11

Ling: !?

Page 12

Ling: Ngh......

Ling: You bastard......

Page 13

Ling: ......

Ling: ......!!!

Page 14

Ranfan: Gu ...... (gck)

Ling: You Moron!! Get out of here!!

Ranfan: Your Highness......

Ranfan: Protecting you is my job...

Ling: This is too heavy for you to support with that artificial arm!!

Ling: Worry about your grandfather's........

Page 15

Ranfan: It's.......

Ranfan: already over......


Page 16

Ranfan: Briggs Soldiers!!

Ranfan: Lend me a hand!!

Soldier: !

Soldier: Roger

Soldier: Bradley!!

Soldier: With this...... It's finished!!

Soldier: Argh

Page 17

Bradley: Ngh......

Page 18

Ling: Fuu!!

Ling: Where's a medic...

Ling: Don't you have any useful Alchemist Doctors!!

Ling: I have a Philosopher's Stone right here!!

Ling: Use it however much you need!!

Page 19:

Ling: Somebody please!!

Ling: Anybody!!

Ling: This is the Great Country of Alchemy isn't it?

Ling: Isn't anyone able to!!

Ling: Why!!

Ling: Why...

Page 20

Ranfan: Your Highness!!

Ranfan: Please get down!!

Ling: ....... why...

**Ling: I won. This-

**Ling: Will I ever get used to this immortality...!!!

Page 21

Soldier: Captain!!

Soldier: Captain, hang in there!!

Ling: Sorry

Ling: Those wounds also cannot be healed...!!

Ling: You also are responsible for helping to fatal wound Bradley

Ling: Fuu's death won't become meaningless... I can't do anything for you...

Soldier: The Central Soldier second force is coming!!

Page 22

Soldier: We just ran out of bullets!!

Soldier: We can't hold any longer!!

Soldier: Captain!

Soldier: Captain, can you hear me!!

Baccaneer: Greed... is it or Ling Yao that I speak to...

Baccaneer: If you can fulfil one request, I will be eternally grateful to you I think.

Baccaneer: This door...

**Baccaneer: My home Queen's orders are that it's to stay shut

Baccaneer: Please...

Baccaneer: Protect it...

Page 23

Baccaneer: Your power can do it, right?

Baccaneer: No, I can only leave this to you...

Ling: ...Greed

Greed: Yeah?

Page 24

Ling: I need your power

Ling: Lend it to me

Greed: .......

Greed: Alright

**Greed: I can deal with this arrangement for a little while

Ling: Ranfan protect this area

Ranfan: ... Roger!

Baccaneer: Your going to do it?

Ling: Yeah

Ling: It's a promise

Page 25

Ling: I'm a Xingese person

Ling: I will never break my word

Soldier: Fire!!

Soldier: ....... eh?

Page 26

Ling: You can't wound this!

Ling: Those with family and Lovers, withdraw!!

Ling: And women!!!

Ling: I prefer not to fight women!!!

Page 27

**Soldier: (no idea "hiromuna" maybe: you're no hero (total guess))

Soldier: Fire, Fire!!

Page 28

Soldier: Wa

Soldier: Go!! Now Die!!

Soldier: Take that, Monster-!!

Page 29:

Soldier: Hii

Soldier: Wah wah wah!!

Soldier: Uuh...

Page 30

Falman: Amazing...

Falman: Ling Yao...

Falman: No, A Homunculus...?

Page 31

**Soldier: How to put it. Your ally is quite reliable.

Baccaneer: eragh... With this I can rest easily

Soldier: Captain!!

Soldier: Please get ahold of yourself!! Master Armstrong will win this battle and you'll be a hero!

**Soldier: Until now, you've been in the centre of it all and seen more action!

Baccaneer: Hmm...

**Baccaneer: Central's dirty sky is different to it's surface.

Baccaneer: Farewell Comrades

Page 32

Baccaneer: From Briggs's Peak, to a slightly higher place

Baccaneer: I'm...

Baccaneer: going ahead...

Page 33

Woman: Are Radio Central not giving a second report?

Man: Maybe another station then?

**Man: Because of the calls for a Broadcasting Ban

Elicia: The flying flames can't come here, right...

Elicia: Mama~~

Elicia: Today, I promised Tabitha that we'd watch the Eclipse...

Gracia: But the radio said not to go outside.

Gracia: I'm sure you can make it up to Tabitha Elicia.

Gracia: It'll start really soon so you can watch it together with Mama.

Gracia: The Eclipse

Page 34

Elicia: Okay......

Page 35

Ed: Bwaaaah!!

Ed: Gueh!

Ed: Ow ow...

Page 36

Ed: Teacher!!

Izumi: Argh...

Ed: Are you okay!

Izumi: Yeah, somehow...

Ed: Al!?

Page 37

Ed: What!? What!? What's going on, hey!!

Izumi: Where are we Ed!

Ed: That's what I want to know! Hey, Al! Get ahold of yourself!!

Father: 1

Father: 2

Father: 3...

Father: 4 people?

Father: One more person should do it

Page 38

Father: Hmm......

**Father: Now, how will I make the last person in this place?

Page 39

Ed: Hohenheim!?

Hohenheim: Ed...ward...

Hohenheim: Alphonse also was caught huh...

Hohenheim: Oh and Izumi too

Hohenheim: I appologise for my pitiful appearance here.

Izumi: No no no, how'd you end up like this?

**Father: Absorbing the Philosopher's Stone within Hohenheim is not going as well as I thought.

**Father: He's being quiet for the moment, so I've allowed him to leak out.

**Ed: So (tsu-ka is another unknown)

Ed: Pitch Black guy, What the hell are you!

Page 40

Hohenheim: My clone

Hohenheim: The Homunculii's Father and creator

Ed: Huh!? That's Him!?

**Ed: What the hell happened. His outward appearance has changed...

Father: That's enough unnecessary chatter from you Hohenheim.

Father: Be Quiet

Hohenheim: .................

Father: Now then...

Father: Welcome

Father: Human Sacrifices

Page 41

Father: Welcome to my castle

Ed: Al, Wake up!

**Ed: This guy's dangerous

Ed: Al!?

Ed: Hey!?

Ed: Al!!

Ed: Alphonse!!

Page 42

**Doc: Really, What do those above hope to achieve from this useless situation.

Doc: We've been preparing for this day, together with the 5 human sacrifices........

** (come back to) Doc: We lay the small bait of Immortality and they come to eat. that small bait, and they come to eat with their commrades merely you, that's why job can't be,

Page 43

Page 44

Mustang: You...

Page 45

Doc: Yes, good.

Doc: Well well now.

Page 46

**Doc: We have a radio dialogue specially for you that I think is good, appealing to the the general populous's predjudices that I'm giving to you.

Doc: There's no one to save you this time Mustang.

Doc: You

**Doc: A little bit of Human Transmutation and you will open the gate.

Page 47

Mustang: What'd you say?

Doc: Anyone is good

Doc: Deceased relatives... lovers... friends...

Doc: You and a comrade are good... lets say

Doc: Hughes? So? Does that work

**Doc: Arrangements can be made for this person, for example

Mustang: Refered to as... a Human Sacrifice?

Doc: Yes

Mustang: When the Elric Brothers opened the gate with Human Transmutaion, the revival failed.

**Mustang: It will fail and I understand that. Think I'm a fool?

Doc: Ah, I see.

Page 48

**Doc: Please open the gate and return here. That will be good.

Mustang: I refuse!!

Mustang: No Human Transmutation!!

Mustang: And no opening the gate!!

Doc: I'll say it again, shall I?

Doc: This time, you have no choice

Page 49

Page 50


Doc: Now

Doc: Won't you open the gate

Doc: Mustang

Roy's choice is...!?

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