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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

One Piece

Strong World

+ posted by milcor1 as translation on Nov 26, 2009 20:53 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 0

Page 1:

Box: Roughly 3 years before the beginning of the great pirate age
Box: Marine Headquarters
Voice: Fleet Admiral Kong!
Outside text: The era before Luffy was born

Out in the open seas of the New World // “Roger” and “Golden Lion” have made contact!!!
Garp: Finally!
Voice: Can’t you wait Garp!!

Voice: Our conversation isn’t over yet!!!
Garp: Maybe for you but I’m done
Aokiji: You just blew a chance of raising your rank again didn’t you Garp // You really are cool~~~

Garp: To do things my way I don’t need a rank higher than this // Otsuru-chan, if you’re setting sail let me ride as well
Otsuru: You don’t have permission for battle do you? // You’d just break the boat immediately so I don’t want you on
Garp: Don’t say that! I’m the one who needs to bring down Roger!!!

Page 2:
Sengoku: Garp!! Leave the matter of Shiki to me // You stay back!!!
Garp: Ah don’t worry, you can have all the accolades
Sengoku: That’s not what it’s about!!

Vice Admiral: Whoa!! Even Admiral Sengoku and Vice admiral Garp are setting sail!!
Momonga: That’s because it’s Roger..!! Garp can’t let this go…!!

Box: New World

Buggy: Captain Roger~~!!! Your life should be number one!!! This is one time where we should temporarily obey Golden Lion!!

Shanks: No matter how many times you get cut you’ve gotten a body that won’t die now so it’s fine
Buggy: I’ve got a lot of weaknesses!! Idiot!! // Oh Mr. Crocus how’s the captain’s condition?! // It would be better if he didn’t stop right! Put a stop to this doctor

Page 3:

Crocus: Unfortunately he’s good to go
Man: Give it up, we’ve been together a long time now but we’ve never stopped Roger!!
Buggy: Mr. Rayleigh!!!
Rayleigh: Believe in Tom’s Auro Jackson!!

Rayleigh: Roger doesn’t have anymore time..!!

Shiki: How many times have we had this talk Roger!! We had a lot between us when we were young but let bygones be bygones!! // You know the location of the weapon that destroys the world!! Together with my military force!!! // And the perfect plan I’ve devoted countless nights to // We can control this world immediately!!! Become my right-hand man Roger!!!

Roger: I don’t have any interest in ruling the world Shiki!!! // If you don’t do things the way you want to then there’s no point in being a pirate is there? // No matter how much pressure you put on me

Page 4:

Roger: I refuse your offer!!! // “Golden Lion”!!!
Buggy: Don’t do it captain!!
Rayleigh: Move
Buggy: How many ships do you think there are here!!!

Golden Lion: So by that answer you mean // you wish to be killed here right now!!

Roger: It means we’re going to crush you all!!!

Page 5:

Box: The chief of this huge pirate fleet known as // “Golden Lion Shiki” and // the future “Pirate King” Gold Roger collided // it would come to be famously know as the [Ed Wor naval battle] // Roger’s ship which was thought to be in a hopeless situation // was saved by a suddenly raging weather storm // the result // half of Shiki’s pirate fleet sank // and due to an unforeseen accident that befell Shiki // the fight was narrowly declared drawn due to injury and both left the battlefield

Page 6:

Indigo: How’s that rudder?
Doctor: Ah.. Dr. Indigo
Doctor: It won’t come out // it’s dug itself pretty deep in there // if we try and pull it out it could affect his life
Indigo: I see…

Shiki: That’s fine, it’s something that often happens
Doctor: Getting a ship’s rudder stuck in your head during the middle of a battle is not something that often happens
Indigo: But to have such a will to live
Shiki: They don’t call me a lion for nothing
Shiki: Huh? There’s a rooster over there
Indigo: It’s you
Together: Yes!!!
Doctor: Well…
Box: Approximately 2 years later – The Roger pirates had finally // accomplished what was thought to be impossible and conquered the Grand Line // and Gold Roger would become to be known as the “Pirate King” // Afterwards the Roger pirates mysteriously disappeared // and 1 year later after that…

Page 7:

Box: The news of the pirate king’s arrest // had surprised the entire world
Panels between boxes: Extra!! // Extra!!

Shiki: Roger was…..captured!!?
Voice: The information seems to be fact…!!

Shiki: You liar!!! You think I’m going to believe that!! // The extent of that man’s strength…! You guys should know it!!! // Gyah!!

Voice: Chief! Please calm down!! // Uwah..!! // Don’t start talking nonsense!!! // Chief!! Where are you going!!?

Voice: There’s an intruder!!!

Page 8:

Voice: The location is the bay of Marineford plaza!! // How many enemies!!?
Voice: Ah! // Could it be!!!
Voice: It’s one individual!!! The enemy is.. “Golden Lion Shiki”!! He’s alone!!!
Shiki: Roger would never be captured by you weaklings // Hah // He’s the man I acknowledged!!!
Shiki: Pirate King!? So what!!! If he lent me his hand // We could have controlled the entire world!!! // We were never ones to agree but he and I have come from the same era // If he’s here bring him to me!!! If he’s to die let him die by my hands!!!

Page 9:

Voice: Admiral Sengoku…!!
Sengoku: Roger is the ‘Pirate King’

Sengoku: You won’t get another chance at him // The execution is one week from now at his birthplace in “East Blue” // Logue town ‘where it all began’

Voice: Vice Admiral Garp…!!
Garp: Roger’s death // will crush the spirits of pirates everywhere

Shiki: So the legend of Pirate King Roger…. // will end in “East Blue” the weakest of the seas // Don’t make me laugh!!! // For a man on deathrow that’s an insult to that bastard!

Sengoku: It is the weakest… in a manner of speaking. “East Blue” is a symbol of peace..!! // We will not allow you to disrupt the execution

Page 10:

Box: “Garp” “ Sengoku” “Golden Lion”
Box: The fight of these 3 // along with the conclusion resulted in the partial destruction of Marineford
Voice: What is this… // Move the casualties!!!
Box: As a result the pirate “Golden Lion” was imprisoned in Impel Down

Page 11:

Box: One week later – Along with the death of “Pirate King” Gold Roger // the curtains of ‘the great pirate age’ will open!!
Box: That same day the news spread throughout the world // In each person’s mind was a foreboding for the seas that were about to rage

Page 12:

King: A terrible era’s begun
Kashii: They said there’s going to be more pirates Oimo // They won’t attack here
Giants: Nuah!!
Voice: Tonjit!! Did you hear the big news!
Tonjit: One day I will challenge the world’s number one in bamboo stilts
Voice: Captain Cricket!! Roger’s left his treasures and died!! This is awesome!!
Cricket: Ain’t that a romance!!
CP9: Justice is stronger!!! We have to become stronger!!! // Ha // Ha
Voice: Ahh! How could this happen!!? A cursed baby has been born!! A curse from the pirate era! // Ogyaa Nura Becha Ogyaa Nura Becha
Boa: “Great pirate age”? We’re going to become those kinds of pirates? // It means only the strong pirates can form a crew

Page 13:

Box: Underwater prison Impel Down
Voice: Did you hear this big news!! The Pirate King left some huge treasure when he died!!
Box: Level 6
Voices: Uwo // Uwo

Prisoners: The great pirate age has begun!!!
Prisoners: Let us out! Right now!
Shiki: …..!! Why did you die Roger
Voices: A new era’s begun!! A sea for a new generation of pirates!!!
Shiki Nonsense……. // Those with only an eye for treasure will only get in the way..!! // What do they mean a new pirate age….!!! // Pirates are rulers of the seas…!! I’ll make them understand

Page 14:

Box: 2 years have passed since Roger’s death… // The legend of Impel Down collapses
Magellan: Chief Warden!! Reporting in!! // “Golden Lion” has escaped!!! He is somewhere still in his prison uniform!!
Voice: What happened to his seastone shackles, did they come off!!?
Magellan: No sir! The shackles have not come off!!! // He cut off his own feet!!
Voice: Do whatever you can to find him!! He’s too important to escape!!!
Shiki: Jihahaha…. // Do you not know my two swords…? They have names // ‘Outou’ and ‘Kogarashi’
Hannyabal: Shi…. Shi… Shi…!! // I want to be promoted!! Ah!! I made a mistake!! Shiki!!

Page 15:

Shiki: I’m sorry for you guys but I’ll be getting out of here // I don’t need my feet… take them // Thanks for these two years
Hannyabal: Vice Warden Magellan~~!! Shiki’s here save me~~~!!
Box: In the end // the pirate who was once defeated // “Golden Lion” broke through his cell and set out to sea once more
Shiki: Uwoahh!! // Hah… Hah…!! // Hahahaha // There.. new feet // Jihahahahaha!!!

Page 16:

Sengoku: It’s Sengoku. I know it’s your time off Garp but… it’s about Golden Lion
Garp: Yea I heard // We better be careful…. He’s not the kind of man to wish for peace // but he won’t challenge us immediately… he’s one to meticulously prepare himself
Old man: Makino! Where’s Garp?
Makino: He just said he was heading for the mountain!
Ace: Ah---Ah---
Garp: Damn brat don’t just start walking around!! // Come here Ace!!
Garp: Ace-chan!! It’s Grampa Garp!
Ace: Ah--- Ah---
Voice: Ah! Garp! So you’re back!?
Man: I wanted this child to inherit the dojo… but she’s a girl…
Man: That’s fine, you’ll become strong won’t you Kuina
Yassop: Huh? It’s rare to see a ship here

Page 17:

Shanks: I’ve come here after hearing about the famed Yassop // Ah… I’m Shanks the pirate
Butler: The Going Merry…. Yes! // It would be nice to make this boat one day
Marine: It seems like that Shiki escaped..!!
Bellmere: If he comes to “East Blue” I’ll beat him up!
Marine: Haha! We’re looking forward to that Bellmere!!
Pirate: “Golden Lion” huh….
Pirate: They say he’s a pirate who can make anything fly
Voice: Our child here is frothing at the mouth!! // Damnit another failure!!
Kureha: He’s done it again….!!
Man: Your highness!! Aren’t we spoiling Sir Wapol a bit too much!? // I know.. it’s giving me a headache
Voice: Nico Robin is in this country!? // Even though she’s only a child her bounty is 79 million…!!
Robin: Hah… Hah

Page 18:

Gamon: What!? Oh crap!? I can’t get out!!! // How could this miracle fit happen!!!
Woman: How’s the sea train
Tom: Ta..!! Ah..!! !!..!! !!..!! Not bad
Franky: I helped out so it’s alright!!
Iceburg: This guy wants to keep attaching weapons
Laboon: Buoh!!!!
Crocus: It’s hopeless Laboon, I rode Roger’s ship // I’ve come after confirming it. The Rumbar Pirates are already…
Brook: Bink’s~~~ sake~~~ // 42 degrees! Ah! It’s difficult!! 42 degrees is difficult!! // Ah! I let out a fart!! Yohohoho!!
Hachi: Nyuu~~~!! I’m here Shackie
Shackie: Oh Hacchan welcome <3
Hachi: Is Rayleigh here?
Shackie: He’s inside. Want some juice?
Hachi: Okay

Page 19:

Hachi: Rayleigh?
Rayleigh: So you’ve come out Shiki.. // What are you going to do from now…
Shiki: How’s an ocean without Roger? There’s no one in our way now // Now it looks like it’s your era “Whitebeard”…
Whitebeard: If you’ve come with such boring talk // I’ll immediately send you to the bottom of the ocean “Golden Lion”
Shiki: Jihahaha I’m glad you’re still as hard-headed as ever
Shiki: I’m think I’m going to disappear for a while // I’ll show the feeble people what fear is like from a real pirate
Whitebeard: You’ve got something up your sleeve again…

Page 20:

Box: “Grand Line” The unexplored region that reaches the clouds “Melviu”
Shiki: Dr. Indigo // Is there any progress in your research
Indigo: There was one… discovery // It seems like there are a few plants preserving the balance here // Ones that are unique to this island
Shiki: Cut to the chase Indigo! How many years will it take to fulfill my plan?
Indigo: …10…15..no 20 years at the earliest
Shiki: The plan will be put into motion 20 years from now!!! // I will show hell on earth!!!
Box: 20 years will pass
Outside text: This is how it began!!

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#1. by Sarvorva ()
Posted on Nov 27, 2009
wow very good translation ....
keep good working...
#2. by bobrianto ()
Posted on Nov 27, 2009
oooh, this should be on the front page

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