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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Left Hand of God, Right Hand of the Devil 6

Rusted Scissors [6]


-> RTS Page for Left Hand of God, Right Hand of the Devil 6


tl by molokidan

Rusted Scissors[6]

sfx: guwaaaaaah
sfx: baki
sfx: baki
S: Gyaaaaaaaaah
S: Gyaaaaaaah
sfx: baki
sfx: Baki
I: Geeeeehhhhh!!
sfx: baki
sfx: baki

sfx: baki
S: Gyaaaaaaahhh!!
sfx: baki
sfx: baki
sfx: gata

sfx: gyaaaaah
I: Haa, haa!!
M: Izumi!!

S: This is from the skeleton that was in that basement!!
S: It's the one I saw when I went down there!!
S: Mom, that's from the skeleton I saw!!
S: It really is!!

P: Please, out of the way!
I: Haa, haa!!
I: Haa, haa!!
I: Uuuuu!!
S: Sister!!

T: Izumi!!
sfx: gabaaaah
T: Gyaaaah
I: Geeeeeehhhh

I: Geeeeehhhh
T: Gyaaaaaahhhh
T: Uwaaaaaahhhhhh
sfx: bari
sfx: bari

sfx: uwaaaaaahhhhh
G: Hiieeeee!!
G: Gyaaahhh!!
P: Hurry up! We've got to take her there immediately!!
S: Sister!!

sfx: uuuuuuuu
M: Izumi, hang in there!!
S: Sister!!
M: To the municipal hospital, please! My husband is a surgeon there!!

T: This is it!
sfx: gih
T: I hate hospitals...they're kinda creepy.

T: Listen up, you two!
T: Make sure you keep holding the flowers like this.
T: As long as we keep holding these, it'll seem like we're on our way to see someone. If we lose them, we'll have to leave immediately.
G: O-okay.
G: I understand.
T: I'm pretty sure...she was in the special care unit.
sign: Special Care Unit
N: The patient in the special care unit this time...just what kind of a disease does she have...?

G: Th...this is pretty creepy.
sfx: gih
T: Ahh!! Izumi's little brother!!

T: What are you doing here?
S: Sister is...
T: Where's Izumi?
S: In there!!
T: Oh my!
T: That seems pretty severe...
T: But why are only you outside?
T: Your father and mother are in there, right?
S: But...it's going to begin soon.
T: Begin?

T: What is?
T: Huh?!
T: What is this?
S: Ahh!!
sfx: basah

T: Ahhh?!
S: They all came out of sister's mouth.
T: Ehh?!
S: There's seven in all.
S: Including the first one.
S: It's true.
S: It's because she picked up those scissors!! I told her not to...
T: Th...that's...
T: I-Izumi must have just been hiding them.
T: S-somewhere...

S: N-no she didn't!!
S: It's true, sister threw them all up!!
S: They're like the skeleton I saw in the basement!! I really saw it down there!!
S: Remember when I told you I saw one?!
S: These are the skeletons from back there!!
T: I-I don't know what you're talking about!!
T: But...now that you mention it, these skeletons are about the size of a kid like you.
S: Uwaaaaaahhh!!
S: I'm going to turn into a skeleton too!
S: That teacher is going to come and cut me up with those scissors!!
sfx: gohhhhh
S: Uwahh!!

T: An earthquake?!
sfx: gohhhh
sfx: gohhhh
S: It's begun!!
T: What's begun?!
sfx: gohhh
sfx: baki
sfx: baki
sfx: gyaaaah
T: Blood!!
sfx: gyaaaaaah

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