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Billy Bat 11

A Continuation of the Beginning

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jun 3, 2009 00:35 | Go to Billy Bat

-> RTS Page for Billy Bat 11


tl by molokidan

P: What is that?
?: An autograph.
P: Autograph?
?: Apparently, that old guy's a mangaka.

?: It'll fetch a high price now, so take it, he said.
P: Heh! Don't tell me you actually believed him, Sergeant Oonuki?
O: Want it?
P: Naw, if I take it home, it'll just end up as toilet paper.
O: Alright, but I don't wanna hear any complaints when it nets me a fortune!
P: Ahhhh...hau...hau, hau duu yuu duu...
F: Do you speak English?
P: Ahhhhhhhh, ja...jasuto moomento!!

P: Sergeant!!
P: Sergeant Oonuki!!
O: What's wrong?
F: I am Captain Finney from the GHQ Special Investigations Unit.

Chapter 11 - A Continuation of the Beginning

O: Oh, you can speak Japanese?
O: And what does that Special Whatever want with us?
F: I heard the man who drew graffiti on the officer's mansion in Yokosuka was being held here.
O: So what...?
F: I would like you to hand him over to us.
O: Haha...
O: It's just graffiti. There's no reason to hand him over to the Americans.
F: It's not just any graffiti.
F: It's graffiti that was done on an American officer's home.

O: Regardless of where it's written, graffiti is graffiti.
sfx: kusha
O: Besides, I've already let him out.
F: To where?
O: To this world...he has no present address, so who knows where he went...
F: What's his name...?
O: Why are you so insistent on getting information about a mere mangaka who decided to draw some graffiti?
F: Mangaka?

O: Anyway, the point is...
F: He may be a spy.
O: Huh?
F: There is a possibility that man may be a spy, so the American Army must interrogate him.
F: Fine...I'll talk it over with my superiors.
F: Do you hate the Americans?
F: Now is the time to be getting along, you know.

O: haa x4
O: Where'd you go, old man?!
O: Make the wrong move and the Americans will wring you out to dry!!
O: Um, excuse me, I'd like to ask you something...
O: Did an old man stop here earlier?

M: Huh?
O: A guy with bottlecap glasses and a towel around his neck...
O: And he should have ordered Uji Kintoki!!
M: Ahhh!

O: Hey kid, did an old man wearing bottlecap glasses come this way...?
B: Yup.
O: ...and? Which way'd he go?
O: White chalk...?
B: Next is Mitaka, Mitaka...
O: Mitaka...?
B: Then after that is Matsukawa, Fukushima...
O: Matsukawa...?
O: What are you talking about...?
O: Wahh!!

O: Wawawahhh!!
Upper text: Mitaka
Lower text: Matsukawa

O: D...did the old man draw all this just now?
B: Yup.
B: ...300,000 union workers fired from the national railroad company due to subversive activities...
O: Did the old man say that?
B: Yup.
O: And...?
B: Since everyone got fired, Japan's gonna get poor again...
B: and...
B: that someone's gonna get really rich!!
B: And another war will happen again overseas!!

O: Did the old man say that?
B: Yup.
Z: The next part just came to me!!
Z: I must draw it!!
Z: Please search for him.
Z: The Japanese-American mangaka employed by the occupied forces...
Z: His name's Kinji!!

D: It is by no means an easy task, and therefore our organization has decided it will be the perfect opportunity to test our abilities!!
D: We will take the challenge!!
D: And we will come out with victory!!
D: We choose to go to the moon!!
D: We choose to go to the moon!!

D: We choose to go to the moon!!
K: Huh?!
K: Haa x3
M: Awake?
M: You were really tossing and turning...are you OK?
K: Ah...
K: Yeah...

M: All my wounds are healed, so I'm going out to work tonight.
K: W...work...?
M: I don't have the luxury of playing around every day like we've been doing lately.
K: But...
M: You don't have to worry, I won't forget you for a second, Ken-chan!
K: I have to go, too...the girls will return to this room in the morning, right?
M: You can stay.
K: Eh...?

S: You can stay as loooong as you want.
S: I'm sure everyone will like you, Ken-chan.
K: No, I can't do that...
S: Just draw it here.
K: Eh...?
S: Just draw your manga here.
S: I'll go buy the equipment for you.
S: What do you need? Pen, ink, a ruler...
K: Shizuko-san...
M: Just call me Shizu-chan.
K: Thanks, Shizu-chan...
M: I'll be back, darling!
sfx: bata!

K: "We choose to go to the moon," huh...
K: Better write that down...
K: Manga...it's sure been a while...
sfx: sha sha-sha
K: The "Billy Bat" serialization...
K: I wonder if the readers are waiting for it to start up again...
K: A trip to the moon, huh...?
K: It's complete absurd, but it might be entertaining...

K: Yeah, it can work!! "Billy's Investigation of the Moon World!!"
sfx: sha shah
sfx: shah
sfx: shah shah
G: Hey there, brother...
G: Wanna play a little?
M: Hey, let's play a little, broth....
M(2b): Awww, come on! It's because everyone's in hard times these days...
?: Hey, you.

M: Oh my, what a handsome guy...
M: Wanna play a little?
sfx: guh
M: Ahhh, hey! There's no need to hurry!
M: Let's wait until we get into the room!
?: The moon...
?: it's beautiful tonight, so...
M: Seriously? Sorry to break it to you, though, but I don't do it outside.
?: A man attempting to go there has appeared.
M(2b): Yeah right...no matter how much you try, no one can be like Princess Kaguya.
?: Incidentally, the man who is attempting to go there is the President.

M: What are you talking about?
M: C'mon, let's go back to the main street!
?: You read it, didn't you?
M: Read what...?
?: You read the manga.

K: Mmmmm, it's already getting bright outside...
sfx: gatatan
sfx: gatatan
G: Haa x3
K: Ahh...sorry!!
K: I was just using your room...I'll get out as soon as possible!!
G: Are you Ken-chan?!
K: Y...yes...
K: I'm sorry...!!
G: Get out here right now!!

K: Huh...?
G: Shizu-chan...
G: Shizu-chan's in big trouble!!
Next: June 18.

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