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Nana to Kaoru 18

Preparations of a Three-Way

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jun 14, 2009 11:15 | Go to Nana to Kaoru

-> RTS Page for Nana to Kaoru 18

800th translation!

Done on commission by ChronicD. Only for use by him and his group.


tl by molokidan

Yellow text on side: Ultra-Popular Gratitude Color Pic <3
small orange text: Super-Popular Step-Up SM Love Comedy
black/red title: Nana & Kaoru
Ryuta Amazume

Chapter 18 - Preparations of a Three-Way

The new 2nd volume is selling by the tons!
Of course, its contents are erotic...<3
[Nana & Kaoru]
Vol. 2
Read it nice and slow, stare all you want <3
red bar: Newcomers, please start with Vol. 1<3

N: It's not fair!!
N: It's not fair, Kaoru!!
N: I can't stand it!!
N: He's the one that knocked first...
K: Composure...
N: That should have been an invitation from him to take a breather...
K: show her composure...
N: But before I knew what was happening
N: I ended up being the one to restrain Kaoru!!
N: It's not fair! You're cheating!!
N: Fine! I'll just...
K(2b): bring up the topic myself! Geez!!
N(2b): ...hey, Kaoru...
K: Hm?

N(2b): What's with that...paper bag?
K(2b): Hm? Ahh!
K(2b): You're that curious, huh? Nana...
N(2b): O-of course I am! ...I mean, come on...
N: Up until now, you've always brought strange stuff in paper bags..
N: Ahh, what's with that smirk?!
K(2b): It's something I bought for you, Nana.
N: What? What is he getting so happy about?!
N: For...me?
N: Ehh?!
N(2b): Something special...for me?
K(2b): For my special...pervert, Nana <3
N: M-me?! I'm not a...

sfx: gasa x2
K(2b): Nana, I'm sure you've
N: pervert...
sfx: doki x2
sfx: dokin
N: ...me?
K(2b): seen one somewhere before.
sfx: dokin
sfx: dokun
sfx: dokin
sfx: kacha

K: A ball
K: and gag!
N: Ga...
N: g?
sfx: nih
Box: Professor Kaoru's (small text: useful!!) SM Lecture!!
K: A ball and gag is!!
sfx: fuu x4
bubble-less sfx: pishih
K(4b): The gag is the tool used in the mouth. If one had to name a visual that comes up most often when the average person thinks of S&M, it'd have to be either ropes, blindfolds, or gags! In short, the gag is a major SM item...
K(2b): Incidentally, the gag used in "one-shot gags" and other comedy instances comes from the same root as this gag! Did you know that?

K: Gags bound the expressions of the face, also squeezing an excessive amount of saliva out from within. It is a tool that brings about a number of impairments to the body,
sfx: vuuh
sfx: fuu
sfx: vuh
K: but! The greatest part of the gag is that it also steals the victim's ability to speak!!
sfx(no bubble): bikuh!!
sfx: gyuuuuh
sfx: kyuuuuh
N: Fuvuh!!
K(2b): And just as "humans are made humans," by stealing the ability of speech...gags can turn victims into virtual animals, unable to do anything more than let out primitive growls and whines! In other words!!
K: Uvuuufuh!!
K: Vuuh!
K: Vuuuuuhh!!!
K: Gags bind the very bodies and souls of those who wear them!!!

K(2b): Gags also have a variety of types...for example, this "bite gag."
K(2b): The verb "bite" is "kamu" in Japanese. It is a type of gag that is bitten with the back of one's teeth, and adding that with the appearance, it's plain to see that it was designed after horse reins...of course, the way to use it is exactly the same as well!
sfx: gishih
sfx: girih
sfx: fuu
sfx: vuu
sfx: fuu
K(3b): This gag is used in "horseplay," a very popular style of SM in the Western world! There are even some European designs that include full face masks and ears too!! As expected from the gag's birthplace!!
K: We also have these.
K: "Ring gags."
K(2B): After tightening this collar around the victim's mouth, it will stay continually open...
sfx: kyuh
sfx: fuhah
sfx: avuh
sfx: haa
K(3b): Because of the way the human body is designed, this will force anyone's tongue to hang straight out! Just like a dog <3 With that, the inside of the victim's mouth, with all its sensitive saliva glands, can be played with to one's heart's content <3
K(2b): There also exists a similar tool known as a speculum...but we'll save that for another time.

K: And finally!!
K: The ball gag!
K: Often named as being the most popular gag!
K: The unique characteristics of a ball gag are...
sfx(nb): huh?
K: ..er.
N: Ah!
sfx: shiiiin

K: Look what I did!!
K(4b): I got too heated up while explaining everything!! I didn't look to see if Nana was following along!! Stupid!! Stupid stupid stupid stupid, I'm so stupid!! Look how quiet she's being!!
K: T-t-things were just starting to get into the right mood...
K: D-d...did I turn Nana off...just now?
K: She hasn't said a single word...
N: Hey.
K(text): what should I do I bet she thought I was being really gross just now getting all heated up in my explanations and now she hates me
N: Uh...
N: Umm...
N: Err...
N: Um, hey...
N(2b): Huh? But...
N(2b): T...the...ah!
N(2b): The...re..st...

N: What are the unique characteristics...
N(2b): of the...ball...gag?
T: Here...
T: So this...is Chigusa's house?
T: Oh no, I guess I found it....hmm...
T: To think it'd show up in front of my eyes this soon!

T: Maybe she really will think I'm a weirdo after all?
T(2b): Challenging her at a time like this...
T(2b): But after coming this far, I can't go home now. Hmmm...
M(3b): Huh? Who are you? A friend of Kaoru?
T(2b): Kaoru? Sugimura...Kaoru?
T: Eh?
M: Ah!
M: I thought so!
T(2b): N...nice to meet you, my name is Tachi Ryouko!!
M: Sorry, thought!
M: That dummy went out all of a sudden.
M: But he left his jacket here, so I assume he'll be back any time now...
T: Ah! No, I didn't come here for Kaoru...
T(2b): Hm? Wait...?

M: What should we do, though...it's not fair since you took the time to come all the way up here....
T(2b): Kaoru and Chigusa-san live next door to each other...and go to the same school...
M: I have to go to work now, though...
T: If I introduce myself as Kaoru's friend, it should be easier to talk with her...
M: Ah! That's it.
M: Wanna come in and wait?
M: I'm sure that dummy'll be home soon.
sfx: kii...
T: Exuse me!
T(2b): Oh wait, Kaoru isn't home now, is he...sorry about that...er...
T: Woow!! So this is what a boy's room is like!!
T: Heheh!
T(2b): That's right...this is my first time in one!

sfx: sniff sniff
T(2b): I've always been at an all-girl's school, too...ah! So this is what a boy's room smells like!
T: It does smell different than a girl's...
sfx: sniff x2
T(2b): Kind of sour...interesting.
T: Woah!
T: Hmmm...
T: Hm?
T: Oh yeah! Since their houses are next to each other...
T(2b): Beyond this wall must be Chigusa-san's house. Kaoru should have told me back then...
T: If I remember correctly...
T(2b) Chigusa-san is a good student who's even on the student council. Hmmm..
T: She must be busy then...
T: No! I'll get Kaoru's help for that!
T: Ah?!
T: Eh?
T(2b): A perverted...book?! Yeah, it must be...uwahh! This really is a boy's room!
T: I shouldn't look at it...
T(2b): And yet, I just can't resist...sorry!!

Tag: Use on Nana

K(2b): You'll find out its characteristics if you put it on.
K: Nana <3
N: B-buuut...
N(2b): It looks like it'll hurt to put something like this on my face!
K: It doesn't hurt!!!
K: I'm positive it won't hurt you, Nana!!
N: Also...
N(2b): It goes in my mouth...right? What if it's dirty?
K: It's made from antibacterial materials!!
K: And you can take it apart and wash it!

K: If it bothers you!!
K: I can go wash it right now!! I bought a sterilization kit!!
sfx: haa x3
N: Just...kidding!
N(2b): It feels good to make Kaoru a little nervous!
N: ..but...
N: yeah...
N: Ahhh, Kaoru...
N: Kaoru...wants...
N(2b): me...to...
N: put this on...
N: so badly...doesn't he?
N: He bought it for me...
N: for me...
N: I'm pretty sure it was in...
N: ...the SM manual I bought earlier.

N: I see...
N: From this point forward...
N: he's going to put me in that kind of position...
N: That...
sfx: haa x3
N: I...
sfx: dokun
sfx: dokun
sfx: doki

sfx: dokih
sfx: dokun
sfx: doku
K: Ohhhhhhhh!!
K: Idiot, I'm such an idiot!!
sfx: dadadada
sfx: batan
sfx: gachah
K: haa x4
K: Wah...
sfx: patan
K: Wawa...

K: I forgot!!
K: The cuffs!!
K: The cuffs are the most important part, idiot!
K(2b): There's nothing tantalizing about having a gag on if she can use her hands! Ah! There!!
K(2b): But...phew! Things are going well!
K(2b): Everything's going according to plan...Nana...
K: Nana...
K(2b): Nana in cuffs <3
K: Nana gagged <3
K: Uhyohyohyohyo!!
K(2b): How befitting!! Dammit!! She's going to look so good!!
K: Nanaa <3
K: Nana! Shit!!
K: Look!! I'm going to make you squeal so much...
T: Those...are cuffs, aren't they?

T(2b): What are you going to do to Chigusa-san?!

N(2b): Kaoru's taking a long time...what's he doing?
N(small): excuse me!
N(2b): He ran out like he forgot something...but it's almost been one hour. Come on! He's making me wait too long!
N(3b): I won't put on the ball gag for you! Just kidding.
T: I lost all respect for you, Kaoru!!
T(2b): To think you'd have something like this!! I'm gonna tell Chigusa-san!!
T(2b): What were you intending to do, Kaoru?! Why aren't you saying anything?!
T: Go on, at least try making an excuse or something!
sfx: gachah
sfx: mishih
sfx: mishih
sfx: girih
T(2b): Ahh!! Chigusa-san!!
N: Ehh?!
N: Tachi...sa...
N: n?

sfx: giririh
T: Chigusa-san!!
T(2b): Chigusa-san!! Look at this! K-Kaoru was planning to use these things on you!!
sfx: gishih
sfx: girih!
T(3b): They're fluffy and cute, but...th-th-th-they're handcuffs! I-I've never seen anything like this before!
T(2b): Cuffs, they're cuffs!! This isn't normal!!
N: Y...y-y-you're misunderstanding things, Tachi-san! These are...
N: Ehh?!
N: Eh? How?
N: Why?
N(2b): Uh...ummm...er...well...th-they're...
N: T-these are m-my...
sfx: mugyah
K: Nanaa!!
N(2b): Idiot!! Why would you tell her the truth?!
sfx: gigi...
N: You sure it's alright to let out the secret of your "breathers?!"

T(2b): It's too bad, Kaoru!! I...
sfx: mekih
sfx: muni
sfx: mekih...
T(2b): Just when I thought I had finally made my first male friend!!
K(2b): Ohh....this is the sort of person I am, so I don't really mind...
sfx: gih
K(2b): But! Nana!!
sfx: gih
T: Kaoru! Apologize to Chigusa-san!
T(2b): Chigusa-san is probably sad! Right? Chigusa-san!!
sfx: gyuuuh
K: Sure, it was my idea...
K: but it's fine, right, Nana?!

N(2b): I...I...
N(2b): a...a-asked him to.
N: Please...let him go.
T(3b): Ehhh?! Eh? Ehhh? ...really?
K: Nana...you idiot.
side: Ryouko-chan knows the secret now, so she's part of the gang <3 Will the next installment bring a development capable of answering up to everyone's expectations? It's gonna be erotic...

v2 extras

Chapter 9 - A Body That Draws Attention to itself
Chapter 10 - Scared?!
Chapter 11 - Winter and Canned Coffee
Chapter 12 - Reading Surreptitiously
Chapter 13 - Pervert
Chapter 14 - Rules
Chapter 15 - Rope, Again
Chapter 16 - Nana's Super Present Plan (Part 1)
Chapter 17 - Nana's Super Present Plan (Part 2)

This manga is fiction.
Any similarities to real persons, groups or incidents are purely coincidental.

It's Because You're Young, Nana-chan
N: Ah!
N(2b): They're...gone. The marks from the rope yesterday...
N(2b): So they disappear...after sleeping for a night. Rope marks...
N(2b): I was sure they'd always be there...forever.
N: But they dis...
N: appear.
N(bubble-less): Hmm?!
N: Wha? Wh-wh-what am I thinking about!!?
N(2b): It's a good thing they disappeared!! Oh yeah!! I need to hurry up and get ready for school!

Behind the Stage Back Then
sfx(bubble): haa x2
sfx(no bubble): doki x2
K: Oh...ohhhhh!!
K: Nana...nananananana's Nana's papapapapapanties...?!
K: Papapanties!! Th...th-they're warm?! Nananana's temperature, Nana's papa...
sfx bubble: guh...
K: Th-th-that means...
sfx: haa x2
sfx(no bubble): doki x2
K: Ca...calm down, calm papapapanties panties! Nana's panties Nananananana's temperature papa calm down panties!
K(2b): Come back soon, Nana!
N(2b): Shut up! Stupid Kaoru! Y...y-you'd better wait!!
K: Calm down!! Panties!! Pananananana's Nanananana's pa papapapanties panties calm down panties warm mine Nana's panties calm Nana's Nana's Nana's...

Special Compilation Bonus Manga

And then...?

(start from bottom panel on right)
N(2b): I just bought it on a whim...this.
N: This.
N: About throwing it away....
N(2b): should it go in the...combustible side?
N: The box it came with didn't say anything...
N(2b): Hm? "This product is a massage device?"
N: "Please use it for shoulder cramps and the like?"

N: Shoulder cramps, huh...?
N: Like this?
N: Ohh?!
sfx: vvvvv x6
N(2b): Ah? ...ahhhh
N: Feels good...
N: I think...I like this.
N: Is this really how
N: it's supposed to be used...?
N: Fuu
N: Mmm
N: Ahh
sfx: vvvvnn
sfx: vvvvv
sfx: vuiiiiih
sfx: vvvv x2

N: Hah
N: Ah
N: ..mm
N: Hah
N: Ah
N: Haa
sfX: vvvvv
sfx: vviiii
sfx: vvvv
sfx: vvvv
sfx: vviiii
N(no bubble): Hmm?!
N: Eh?
N: Huh?
N: Me?
N: Huh?!
sfx: vvvv
N: Me?
N: Huh?!
N: Wha?! Wh-wh-what?! What was that just now?!
N(2b): Dangerous!! This strawberry thing is dangerous!!
N(2b): I-I'm gonna have to shut it up in my desk!! Ahh, that scared me...
[To be...continued?]

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#1. by kanapox ()
Posted on Jun 15, 2009
WOW!!! You are going to translate N2K??? Gee, thanks! Kinda pity it had to be by commission, I think the series is good enough to atract more than one willing translator, but unfortunately wasn't so...
#2. by Amit ()
Posted on Jun 15, 2009

Congrats on your 800th tl.
#3. by molokidan (Hidden Boss ΣΣ(゚Д゚;)ナヌッ)
Posted on Jun 15, 2009
Thanks Amit.
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