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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Nana to Kaoru Special : 18

An Item That Won't Let You Close It No Matter What

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jun 16, 2009 15:12 | Go to Nana to Kaoru

Done on commission for ChronicD, only for use by him and his group.

NANA TO KAORU 2009.12 Special

tl by molokidan

black bar at top: A stand-alone chapter to commemorate the long-awaited Vol. 2!!
black text(from right to left):
Here are the paperback volumes you've heard about!!
1 & 2 are both erotic...
In this manga, the Straight-A student Nana askes her childhood friend, the virgin Kaoru, to accompany her on her "secret breathers"...oh yes, it's a veeery titillating story. In other words...it's EROTIC <3
[Special Chapter] An Item That Won't Let You Close It No Matter What
[Nana & Kaoru] is featured in [Young Animal Arashi] which goes on sale the first Friday of every month!!

N(2b): Ahhh...again.
N(2b): I've ended up coming to this store again...
N: And in my school uniform.
N: Hmmm...
N(2b): How should I put it...? This place hasn't changed....
N: It's, um...
N: an amazing world!
?(3b): Sorry...Chigusa-san. Making you help me out like this, even carrying my stuff...
N(2b): Ah, no!! It's not like we're strangers, after all!

?: Thanks, Chigusa-san! It really helps me out <3
N(2b): I was surprised, though, Tachibana-san. I mean, in front of the station...
N(3b): You were lying on the ground like that! Um..is your body alright? Are you anemic?
T: Ah...yes. It's so embarrassing!
T: We had...a new item come in.
T: So I just thought I'd try it out a little.
sfx: chira
T(2b): But, the electric pulses ended up feeling better than I expected...
N: Haa...
N: Hm?
N: ...mm?
N: Mmmm?
N: Huh?

N: Can I put the bags here?
T(2b): Thanks, Chigusa-san! Wait a minute <3 I'll put some coffee on.
N: Ah! No!! You don't have to do that...
T: It's fine! Just wait a moment <3
N(2b): Ah...okay!
sfx: potan
N: I guess...she likes me...
N(2b): Well...Tachibana-san seems like a good person. She has her scary moments, though...
N: This store...Kaoru must stop by here often, too.
N: He seemed like he knew his way around it on Valentine's Day.
N(3b): Oh yeah! Kaoru showed me some of the items here once.
N(2b): And I've had these cuffs put on me...the eye mask must have been from here too.
N(2b): I saw these SM magazines before in Kaoru's room, too. I see...Kaoru really must be getting a lot from here...
N: Hm?

N: This...?
N: What...is it?
N(2b): What? An SM toy?
N(2b): Hmmm...it looks like it might be a health item as well...yeah, it looks a little bit uncouth...
N: Which is it?
T: Speculum.
T: That's what they're called.
N: Hyannn?! Ahh...
T(2b): Oh! Sorry. Did I scare you?
N: Eh?
N(2b): Specu...lum?
T: Speculum <3

T(2b): Speculums...are made to keep mouths open. They were originally used by ancient doctors.
T(3b): This is a type to stick on the face...it looks like a gag, see? It pries the mouth open like pliers.
T: Look...it slides the mouth open like...so...
T: No matter how much you resist, you won't be able to close it...
T(2b): Your mouth will be forcefully kept open...forcefully...
sfx: haaaa...
T(3b): Try imagining it for yourself, Chigusa-san <3 If you put this on...the inside of your mouth will be visible...how humiliating...
T: Unable to stop all your saliva from dripping out...
sfx: gishih
sfx: gachih
T(3b): Teasing your mouth...teasing your body...fear...and submission...ahh <3
T(2b): It's so pathetic, so oppressive...makes my chest shudder.
T: ...ahh <3

Nana sfx: gokuh
T sfx: kyuh
sfx: nguh x2
T sfx: haa x4
T: Just imagining it...
T(2b): Ahh <3 Oh no....<3
T: If you'd like, Chigusa-san..
T: Should I give it to you...as a present?
N: Ehh?!
N(2b): Ehh? Ahh...but--
N(2b): It's fine, it's fine! T-t-t-this is expensive, isn't it?
T: Oh no! Think of it as thanks for helping me out today...
N: B-but I don't r-r-really...
T: Besides...
T(2b): You're interested...aren't you?
sfx: doki
T: Chigusa-san <3

N: Y-y-your
N: Your feelings are more than enough!!
N: W-well then, I'll be off now!!
sfx: pyuuuu
sfx: batan
S: Oh, boss, you're back.
S(2b): Huh? Who was that girl?
T(2b): Mmm <3 I got blown off....
T(2b): Ah! But her master is a normal customer here...
S: Ah! That little guy?
T: Hmmmm...
T(2b): What should I do...?
Sign 1(small): Direct Import from England! Speculum
Sign 2(big): Special Price-Down Sale
Sign 3: 1,050
This Item Only!!

K(2b): Oh, Nana! You're properly dressed <3 ...a-about the breather this time around...
K(3b): I...I got my hands on something AMAZING. It's a direct import!! ...it's really super expensive.
sfx: gasa gasa
K(2b): A-about...this....Nana <3
K: Do you know anything
K: about this?
N: A speculum?

K(2b): Y...eah. That's
K: it.
N: Faaahiiih, faaaouuuhh!!!

N: Fu fuohh fiiffh
K: Huh? Are you mad, Nana?
K(2b): But Nana, you didn't resist when I put it on you.
sfx: pinn
N: Faf fiifh hoofffah
K: If you did, I would have stopped <3
N: Fofofuh
K: Now let me just disinfect my hands...
K: ahh...that's right.
sfx: goshi x3
K(2b): This time around...I'm determined
sfx: goshi x2
K(2b): To make this breather...
sfx: guih
K: just as exciting...
K(2b): As all the past ones, Nana <2
N: Ahh...?
N: Eh?

N: Wahh?!
N: Ggnn!!
N: Yes!
N: Kuh...
N: The inside of my mouth!
N: Is being...
N: looked at...
N: ...ah.
N: Annnn!! If I knew this was going to happen...
sfx: haa x3
N: I would have
N: brushed my teeth better this afternoon!
sfx: haa x3
sfx: peron
sfx: fukyuh

sfx: nuroh
sfx: kuni
sfx: nurruh
sfx: chipuh
N: ...Agggh <3
sfx: kuchu
N: Eww!!
N: faah <3
sfx: Tsuuu...
N: Oh no!
N: Ahh!
N(3b): H...he's playing...with...my tongue!!
sfx: chupoh
N: Annn <3
N: Hyafuh!
N: Hoh!!
sfx: gakih
N: Ahh
sfx: gachih!
N: It...
N(3b): won't close! My own mouth...
sfx: doki
sfx: dokun
sfx: doki
N(2b): Because of...this thing...
sfx: haa x7
N: H...!! Huh?
N: My tongue?

N(2b): My tongue's...hanging...
sfx: haa x4
N: out?
K(2b): Hey Nana! Your mouth...
K(3b): It's wide open, you know. Your tongue is hanging out too, did you know that?
sfx: haa x2
N: Noo....
N: Kaoru...
K: Your saliva..
sfx: haa x3
sfX: tarah
K: Won't stop either...
K(2b): Nana <3 You're covered in drool.
K: Your tongue hanging out like a dog...
sfx: haa x3
sfx: poh
sfx: pata
sfx: poto
K: ...ahh <3

sfx: doku
sfx: dokun
sfx: haa x4
K: It's so wonderful <3
K: Nana <3
sfx: doki
sfx: doku
K(2b): Wonderful...I want to
K: Keep watching forever <3
sfx: doki x2
sfx: haa x3
N: ...ohh!
N(2b): The inside of my mouth...is getting dry!
sfx: haa x2
N: My chin...
N: my tongue...is shriveling up...
sfx: kasa
N(2b): Hm? Kao...
sfx: gasa
N: What's that sound? Kao...ru?
N: Eh?

sfx: kyapoh
N: Ah?
N: What's...that sound?
sfx: topu
sfx: toro
sfx: haa x3
N: Huh?
N: Hm?
sfx: haa x5
sfx: dokih
sfx: dokuh
sfx: kucha
sfx: nicha
N: Ehh?!
sfx: haa x3
N: Eh...?
N: Sw...
sfx: toro
sfx: topun
N(2b): ee...t? Ah...<3

N: What?
N: Wha...
sfx: remu
sfx: kucha
N: Ahh...
N: Ta..stes
N(2b): g...ood? Sweet
sfx; haa x3
sfx; kyuh x2
N(2b): Sweet!! Is it going to make me drool more?!
N: What's this smell...?
sfx: haa x5
sfx: chuu!!
sfx: nchuu
sfx: nroh <3
sfx: chupah <3
sfx: chupun <3
N: It's wonderful...
N: Ho...ney?
N: Ahh <3
N: Delicious
sfx: haa x3
sfx: nuryah
sfx: nuchah <3
N: Delicious...
N: Ahh! Oh no <3
N: It...feels...good?
sfx: haa x5
sfx: nuro
sfx: rero
sfx: reru
N: Feels good...
N: I want
N: mo..re...
N: More...it tastes good...
sfx: nn!!
sfx: gupoh <3
sfx: guh
sfx: picho
sfx: pichu
N: Ahh!
N: More...more!
sfx: nurirya

sfx: haa x5
sfx: chi...pa <3
sfx: chiroh <3
N: Kaoru's...finger.
N: More...
N: Ahh?!
N: Wa
sfx: guih
N: Wait!!
N: Ahh...<3
sfx: hafuh
sf: chumu <3
sfx: chuh
N: Mmm...<3
sfx: chiro
sfx: chuh
sfx: chuh x3
N: Kao...

K(2b): M...my finger.
K: You want it
K: that badly?
sfx: kuih
sfx: Ggnn!!
sfx: haa x5

K: Ahhhhh
K: Woooow <3
K(2b): Look <3 at all that drool, Nana
K: My finger will swell up <3
N: Ohhh?!
K: Also...
K: ...you know, Nana,
K: your drool
K: has a certain smell to it.
sfx: sniff x2
N: Fueeehhhh!!

sfx: haa x4
K: It really is getting too sticky.
K: Towel, I need a towel...
sfx: haa x3
sfx: gokuh
N: Eh?
sfx: nichih
sfx: dokun
sfx: doki
N: Ehh? Ehhhh?!
sfx: dokun x2
N: ...no.
N: Noo!!
N: Noooooo!!

K: Just kidding.
sfx: gohh!!
N: Faafuffii hahyahiiihh!!
sfx: dosah

G(2b): Then it seemed like Chairman Yagami was a little scared!!
G: I think he even cried a little <3
N(2b): So the Chairman has a problem with scary things, huh...that's cute <3
G(2b): And then, he said it's a secret between me and you, big sis!
G(2b): Eheheh <3 Now I have a secret with the Chairman <3
N: It really seems like Chairman Yagami
N: really acts subservient when it comes to older women...
G: Yagami-senpai's a really great guy,
sfx: pon <3
G: but I think as a little brother,
G: he's got a tough road ahead of him.
sfx: torooh
sfx: toro x4

sfx: toro
sfx: topun
G: Eheheh <3
G: Time to eat...
G: Ah...
G(2b): H...uh? Nana?
G(2b): What's wrong? Are you hungry, Nana?
N: Eh?
N: Oh...it's just....
N: saliva..
sfx: daraah...

Side text: Just like Pavlov...<3 "Nana & Kaoru" appears in YA Arashi, which goes on sale the first Friday of every month! It's erotic...

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