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Kyojin no Hoshi 1

Star of the Giants

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Aug 7, 2009 14:08 | Go to Kyojin no Hoshi

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(*If anyone is interested in scanlating this, let me know immediately!)


tl by molokidan

Kyojin no Hoshi
Volume 1

Daily Morning Sports
The Home Run King of College Baseball
Sidebar: Nagashima Shigeo
Entry to the Giants decided!!
small text: Nagashima Shigeo, the Home Run King from Hanagata University...
(*T/L Note: Nagashima Shigeo was a real person. See here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nagashima_Shigeo)
newspaper 2:
Sports Times
Nagashima finally teams up with the Tokyo Giants

N: Showa 33 (1958), Spring...

Sign: Nagashima's Giants Entry Press Conference
Party Area
Organized by the Tokyo Giants

c: Hooray!
c: *bustle bustle*
c: Wow!
c: *mutter mutter*
R: Kawakami-san, as a great senior to your new golden rookie, Nagashima-kun, how are you feeling...?
(*T/L Note: Kawakami Tetsuharu was a real person too. See here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetsuharu_Kawakami)
K: Well, you see, even if I wasn't enthusiastic about his joining, I've already retired from my duties, so...
sfx: Wahahaha...
R: Sure seems like Kawakami-san's in a good mood...
M: Fufufu...of course he is! He welcomed in Nagashima so much that he even let the kid stay at his house.
H: Now then, the jersey that once belonged to second baseman Chiba,
H: bearing the glorious number 3, will be passed on to Nagashima-kun!

M: That reminds me, the greatest first and second basemen in all of Japanese professional baseball history have both come from the Giants, haven't they?
K: Exactly...
K: And now, with Nagashima-kun, the possibility of the greatest third baseman coming from our team has risen greatly.
K: The greatest third baseman in all of history, huh...?

K: Now that I think about it, we may have already given birth to him as well.
R: W-who are you referring to?
M: Yes, Kawakami-san, could you mean...?
K: Search for the name of a third baseman who, while included in the registry both during and after the way, did not ever participate in a single game.
R: Heh! Greatest third baseman in all of history, huh? Sounds more like the greatest lunkhead to me!
R: Right?!
M: Well, I have the public edition of the Giants registry right here, which dates back to when the team was created...
M: Hmmm...could this be him...?
small: Where, where?!
M: Hoshi...Hoshi Ittetsu, right-handed pitcher and left-handed batter!
R: Ahih!
M: He was registered from Showa 17 to Showa 23 (1942-1948), but was never in an actual game.
K: There we go. Hoshi Ittetsu...if it wasn't for the man's incredibly bad luck, he certainly would've become the greatest third baseman Japan has ever seen.
K: Hoshi Ittetsu joined the team when the war in the Pacific was starting, to get dire...a dark period of history in Japanese baseball when the foreign words like "strike" and "ball" were banned...

K: At the time, he was a nameless player, but just watching his unparalleled skill, even in practices, would have shocked anyone.
K: However, without being allowed to show his genius plays to fans even a single time, he was drafted...
K: After coming back from the war, Hoshi returned to the Giants...sadly, though, he had broken his shoulder in the war. Indeed, an unlucky man...
sfx: *silence*
K: But -- Hoshi truly was a genius when it came to baseball.
K: During a scrimmage just before the season started, I was at first base while Hoshi was guarding third.

K: Hoshi won't be able to make it with his shoulder!
sfx: smirk!

K: Ah! A wild pitch!
sfx: Uwahhh!
K: Uuuu!
U: O...
U: Out!
sfx: whaaat?
P: I could've sworn that was gonna hit me...
K: I-I can't believe it...
K(2b): He changed his return pitch from third base to make it look like it was going to hit the runner, all for the purpose of scaring him and stopping him in his tracks...impossible! It must be some kind of coincidence.
sfx: Ah!

K: It went toward third again!
P: Wah, a wild pitch!
U: O...
U: O...
U: Ou...
U: ...out...
sfx: *blank stare*
K: It wasn't a coincidence! He threw that magic ball...no, that magic pitch on purpose...
K: Hoshi...
sfx: smirk!

H: Kawakami...looks like you're on to me.
K: Yeah, but I'm pretty sure it's only me.
K: Hoshi-kun...if you become able to throw that magic pitch on command, the baseball world will be thrown into chaos.
H: Of course I can throw it on command. The secret to that magic pitch is something I developed to make up for my broken shoulder.
K: It will only work for a certain time, though.
H: Why? It can stop any runner in their tracks regardless of their speed, resulting in an instant out! I intend to stay the third baseman of the Giants forever.
K: But, while that magic pitch may look like it's about to hit the players, it never will.
H: I see what you're saying...if the runners realize that they'll never be hit by it, then they'll be able to finish their run without worry...
H: I've already thought about that, of course.
H: As long as I make the magic hit actually strike the players on purpose once in a while, its effectiveness will last forever.
K: Y...you truly are a genius! Only a man like you is capable of creating something as miraculous as that magic pitch.
K: But...
K: That still doesn't change things! I'm only going to warn you once...Hoshi-kun...step down from the Giants like a man, before it's too late!

H: Wh-what?! I thought I already proved my usefulness as a third baseman. There shouldn't be any reason for me to have to quit!
K: There is!
K: The tradition of the Giants...
K: The tradition of glory and honor built by the blood of our forefathers!
K: You understand, don't you? None of the Giants' pitchers have ever thrown a beanball.
H: Tradition...
H: glory and honor...
H: I see. As far as pitches go, magic pitches are nothing more than a beanball...
H: And when they too reached this point, our forefathers also stepped down from their positions on the team...
H: Farewell, Kawakami-san.
H: I'll come back to get my training luggage later.
sfx: *silence*
K(2b): Ah! Sorry, I didn't mean to tell a dark story at such a festive occasion as this...
M(2b): Wait a second! Don't you think you bought into that Hoshi Ittetsu's story about his magic pitch a little too much? Wasn't it just an illusionary trick? I find this whole thing very hard to believe...
K: It doesn't matter if you don't believe me.

K: The long-disputed position of greatest third baseman will now be claimed by our golden rookie, Nagashima!
K: Come, Nagashima! Let us shake together in front of the team flag that has been passed down through generations.
N: Y-yes sir!
R: Uhoh! This'll be a great shot.
K: Ahh!
R: Ahh! x3

K: A magic pitch...
K: Hoshi Ittetsu has snuck into this hall!
N: So it's as I feared...
N: The ball made a strange turn like I've never seen before...
R: You didn't even try to dodge it, Nagashima-kun!
N: The moment I saw that ball, Kawakami-san's story about that Hoshi man floated back into my mind. I just figured that if that pitch really was a magic one, then I wouldn't be able to catch it even if I tried...

N: If I panicked and dodged, I would only end up being laughed at.
R: What an amazing analysis! That's our golden rookie!
K: Search out Hoshi Ittetsu!
K: He should still be nearby!
S: Don't worry, we've already found the perpetrator.
K: Muh?!
S: Here's the one who threw the ball at Nagashima-san...I saw it with my very own eyes!
K: This boy...?

M: Hey, what's your name?
M: Why did you do that?!
M: Regardless, if this boy really did throw that ball, then he's got to be some genius!
H: Hmph! Don't call me a genius! I can't stand anyone who's good at baseball!
H: I'm Hoshi Hyuuma! That's right! The son of that famous third baseman, Hoshi Ittetsu...
M: Wh-which means...
H: Sadly enough, whenever my dad gets drunk, he always ends up gripping the ball as if he's going to throw a magic pitch...get it?
H: In other words, if only he had been allowed to use the magic pitch, he still would have been a professional baseball player now!
sfx: snifff...
H(2b): I've been watching him since I was a baby, so I ended up learning it, even though I didn't want to! He gets drunk every night, after all!
K: You...

K: Let me see your fingers for a minute.
K: Ah!
K: Ahh...hey, you!

K(2b): I can't believe it...to think that such a child could throw the magic pitch...and his left hand was unbelievable.
K: How could he have gotten such serious callouses...?
H: Dammit! x4
K: That boy...

K: He can't be older than ten...and he seems to hate baseball...
K: But his left hand looked like he had been pitching for over twenty years.
K: Those callouses were really something.
H: Dammit...
K: In order to get to the bottom of this,
K: I'm going to have to find out just what kind of a life Hoshi Ittetsu has been leading.
H: Dammit, dammit!
K: Eh?!

sfx: *stare*
sfx: wipe x6
sign: HOSHI
H: Dammit...
sfx: creak
sfx: *gulp*

sfx: crash bang clunk clutter
M: Wh-what the?!
M: What in tarnation's goin' on over there!?
M: Tch! Old man Hoshi's just drunk himself silly again.
M: Just causing more problems to his neighbors as usual, eh?
M(2b): That reminds me, just now the Nagashima ceremony was on TV...and just before they had a little incident,

M(2b): Kawakami was talking about this mysterious third baseman that used to be with the Giants...and I'm pretty sure he said Hoshi's name!
sfx: huh?
M: It's gotta be a different Hoshi! The only magic pitch ours ever makes is with his dinner bowl!
M: I'm gonna punch you!
M: How dare you desecrate the name of our beloved Giants with that drunken fool!
sfx: hahahahaha x5
H: B-bastards...
H: I may have been caught,
H: but I'm pretty sure the part after I threw the magic pitch at Nagashima didn't get TV.

S: I'm very sorry, everyone.
H: I can't count on you for anything, Akiko! How could you let papa drink again?!
A: Oh, looking at you, acting completely innocent as usual!
A: Look for yourself. It's all your fault, Hyuuma!
H: Yahhh!

H: H-he really did it this time...
I: Buuuuurp!
H: The only reason we bought that TV
H: was because he wanted me to learn how the professionals play...we haven't even finished paying it off yet!

A(2b): Today, dad was very calm, and hadn't even started drinking...he was even watching the Nagashima ceremony on TV...
A: Then the magic pitch came on...dad knew right away that it was all your doing, Hyuuma!
H: What?! Big deal...
H: If papa wasn't like that, none of this would have ever happened...
A: Stop acting like you haven't done anything wrong! Of course he's going to get angry!
A: Throwing a magic pitch like that
A: at Nagashima-san, who's done nothing wrong...it's horrible etiquette!
H: Oh yeah? We'll see about that...
I: She's exactly right, you birdbrained moron!!
I(3b): No matter how far I may have fallen, I'm still Hoshi Ittetsu...to think my child would do something so stupid...and cause such great embarrassment to my former allies!
H: Liar! You're lying, papa!

H: You aren't mad because I threw the magic pitch at Nagashima, papa!
H: You're mad because Nagashima saw right through it, without getting even a little scared!
H: The magic pitch you created didn't work on Nagashima!
H: That means you lost to Nagashima, and you can't take it!

H: Look! It's just as I thought!
A: Hohoho...in that case, let me guess what you're really thinking, Hyuuma.
H: Wh-what's that?!
A(2b): You can't stand it either, Hyuuma! And you're sad! That's why you came home crying!
A: It won't help trying to wipe your face like that, I can still see your dried tears...
sfx: hohoho...
H: Idiot, idiot!
H: You're such an idiot!

H: You're so dumb! And ugly! No one's ever gonna wanna marry you!
A: Poor thing...
A(2b): If only he was allowed to use the magic pitch, dad would have become the greatest third baseman in Japanese baseball history...Hyuuma surely wanted to believe this himself, too...
A: Now he knows it was really dad's dream, too...
K: So that's it.
K: That's why the kid tried the magic pitch his father entrusted to him with on my golden rookie, Nagashima...

K: Honestly, though, they're living too poor a life.
K: Hoshi-kun probably doesn't even want to meet up with his old teammates, the way he is now.
K: I should give him a little something.
bill: 1000 yen
K: Now where should I put it...?
K: Oh, the size of that hole is perfect.
K: It's just about the size of a baseball...how befitting of Hoshi-kun.

H: Whatever! The point is, baseball made papa this way! And I hate it!
H: As far back as I can remember,
H: the only toy I've ever had was a bat and a glove...
H: For playtime...
H: this was the only thing he allowed me to do!

K: Ahh!
K: A-a ball came out of the hole...
K: Uwahh!
K: W-what was that...?
K: Ahh, here it comes again!

K: Ah!
K: A-a coincidence...
K: I-it has to be some kind of coincidence...
K: Uuu!

H: Even I wanted to play with tops and cards at times...
H: like all the other kids!
H: But...
H: papa only ever allowed me to do this!

H: For five....six...
H: ...and seven years...
sfx: zzzz
K: Those childhood days sacrificed have given birth to something miraculous...
K: Those long years of pitching have bored a hole into the trunk!
K: Even if one managed to get a ball through that hole, it'd be extremely hard to get a direct hit on the tree.
K: And yet, Hoshi's boy can do it, at such a young age!

K: If there was even a tiny deviation in control or speed...
K: there's no way it'd head back in the exact same direction.
K: I can't just withdraw now!
K: If there is any deviation from the batter's side, as well, the ball won't fly in the right direction.
K: My friend...Hoshi Ittetsu! Let's see if you're really qualified to be raising a boy of such genius talent...
K: I, the bullet runner Kawakami, will be the one to test your baseball spirit!

H: Hyaaah! I-it's coming back three times as fast!

A: Kyaaah! Dad, watch out!
sfx: snore
H: It hit papa in the face...
I: Wait...this isn't the diamond!
I: Hooo...
H: Ah! There's a mark on his hand...
I(2b): Why did the ball fly toward me like that?! You messed up, didn't you, Hyuuma?!
H: N-no, I didn't, papa!
H: Someone hit it from the other side!
I: That's ridiculous!

I: Even if that really did happen, there's only one man in all of Japan capable of performing such a feat...
H: Eh?
I: Kawakami Tetsuharu!
K: H-Hoshi...
K(2b): Jumping right into pitching mode after catching that ball...I expected no less. You past the test! I...I'm overjoyed...
K: Now, it's your job to clear up all doubts and raise up the true greatest third baseman in all of history...
K: For the Giants of tomorrow...
I: Hyuuma, look!
I: That constellation there represents the greatest team in all of pro baseball, the Giants.

I: I was once one star among the many up there...but now, they have all become impossibly distant...
I: Hyuuma! It is your destiny to rise up to the stars, no matter what!
I: You will fly right smack dab into the middle of those stars, shining stronger and brighter than any one of them! Illuminating the sky!
H: I hate baseball...but I can't say I don't love the way papa always gets so excited about it.
I: We've covered the basics with your training up until now.
I: Now it's finally time for the full-blown secret training!
H: Ah well, I guess I'll just humor him for now.
I: And so, the strenuous secret training began...

Newspaper: The golden rookie Nagashima (Giants) struck out by Kaneda (Swallows) 4 to 4!
sfx in last bubble: *children clamoring*

B: Kaneda's really something!
B: Just goes to show you, even if you're a home run king from one of the big six doesn't mean you're anything special compared to the pros!
B: But golly, to think it'd be 4 to 4!
H: The pro world is a stern place.
B: Haha, what?
B: Hyah!
H: You think it's that fun just to keep swinging at balls with sticks everyday?
B: Owwww...come on Hoshi, I'm sick of you always putting down baseball!
sfx: hahahahaha

sfx: Cough
S: It's sensei!
Y(2b): Now, children! Your sensei here is a great baseball himself, so what do you say we get into class today with that topic?
Y: The truth is, Kaneda's guts as a pro simply overwhelmed Nagashima.
Y: Guts! A human being without these can do nothing!
Y(2b): Hoshi! You have good handwriting, so come up to the board. Let's see if you can spell guts.
H: Okay...
Y: This word hasn't appeared in our textbook yet, though, so are you sure you can spell it?
H: Y-yes, I know it...

Y: Here's some chalk.
board: GUTS (really shakily)
C: Pfffft!
C: Hee hee!
C: Hee hee hee! Lookit, those are SOME lily-livered guts he's got there!
sfx: Hahahahaha!
C: His guts are shakin' in their boots!
sfx: hahahahaha

T: For physical education today, we'll be practicing our mat exercises.
T: Hey, Hoshi, what are you still wearing your sweater for? Are you sick or something?
T: Judging by what happened before, it sure seems like you are...
H: I'm not sick. I just...forgot to wear my shirt underneath.
T: Hmm...fine. I think it's about time we find out the real reason, then...
T: to stubborn old Hoshi's mysterious embarrassment earlier...
T: Now, since you're the best in the class, Hoshi, demonstrate a handstand for the rest of your peers.
H: A-a handstand?!
T: What's wrong? Normally you always say "I've been waiting!" and jump right into position...

H: I-I'll do it...
sfx: wahahaha! hahahaha!
sfx: wahahahhaa!

sfx: haa, haa, haa...
T: T...that's enough, Hoshi! Something's wrong with your body!
T: There's definitely something wrong here!
N: It's not Hyuuma's body that's the problem...
N: No, in fact, this is all part of his father, Hoshi Ittetsu's secret training. But what, pray tell, could that training be...?

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#1. by Tsurugi_Momotarou ()
Posted on Aug 7, 2009
Thank you so much, let's hope someone scanslates this.

A pure classic~
#2. by molokidan (Hidden Boss ΣΣ(゚Д゚;)ナヌッ)
Posted on Aug 9, 2009
You're welcome! Yes, it is a monumental classic.
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