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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Detroit Metal City 80

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 18, 2010 17:05 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 80

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tl by molokidan

N: Lately, the President...
P: Sink that piece of shit into the Tokyo Bay!!
P: I want my money back!
N: has been unusually irritated.
P: FUUUU..where's Negishi?!
P: Have you written any new songs yet, motherfucker?!
J: The President has been really dangerous lately...
P: Fatherfucker!
N: Y-yeah...
N: And finding it difficult to watch, Wada-kun has...
P: Hurry up and get it back!!
N: Wada-kun, are you really serious about going...?
J: The President is always working her hardest for us, it's only natural that she gets a little tired once in a while!
W: I already made reservations for a night at this ryokan (*A Japanese-style inn usually located in the country which provides traditional style food, onsen, and other frills)
book: Izu
W: You two better thing of some things to bring that will make the President happy!!
N: I-Izu...
N: planned a vacation of relaxation and solace!

W: Would you like something to drink, President?
N: Uuuu...what a heavy trip this is going to be...
T: Ah, I can see the ocean now!
C: Your anus!
C: No cum yet, got it?
Camus's shirt: I'm Bukkake

P: I dunno what you dumbfucks are trying to accomplish by dragging me out to a place like this...
P: but the minute my cunt dries up, I'm carving each and every one of you up!
W: Y-yes, ma'am! Not to worry, just focus on relaxing today!
P: Hear that, Negishi?! I don't need to worry, do I?!
N: N-no...
P: Huh?!
N: I do think it's a shame that the President has to live a life where each day is filled with irritation...
N: If she can find joy, she should theoretically calm down a little...
N: We're going to have to make a chance like that for her today...
P: Hey, piggy! Let's see you drive this thing with a blindfold on!
T: Eh?!
W: But President, this is the highway, don't you think that's a little... (if you're bored, I can perform a few card tricks...)
N: D-don't do it, Nashimoto-san!
C: Your anus!
T: I've got no dignity...
P(top left):C'mon, let's see it, pig!!

N: Woaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!
W: Hiiieee!
P: Hyaaaha!
P: Hyaaaahahahahahahahaha!!
C: That's it, in your anus!
C: Now I want you to go outside like that.
N: I can't take it! x2
W: Phew...I thought we were gonna die back there...
N: If I hadn't taken the blindfold off immediately, we would have...
W: I had the President go into the onsen for now.
W: Depending on when she gets out, it might become dinner time, so we'd better get ready too.
W: You guys did bring presents for her, right?
N: Yeah.
sfx: rip rip
N: I really want this to be a chance for her...

N: The President is a woman, after all!
N: I want her to find happiness!
W: Wow, Negishi, seems like you really have confidence in yours.
N: Eh?
N: Hahah! Well, I did put a lot of time into it...
W: Dumbass! I put time into mine too, you know!
W: Alright! In any case, let's make sure we fill the President with joy before she leaves!
P: Hoo...that onsen of yours ain't too shabby...
sfx: tap tap
W: We have prepared your dinner over there.
P: Huh?! I can eat now, too?!
W: Go ahead.
P: Ohhhh!

K: We have been waiting, ma'am!
N: Ouf!
N: Ouf!
J: For your dinner tonight, we have prepared various dishes and a pig body smorgasbord.
P: The Surprise DMC really made me wet!!
N: Ouf!
N: Ouf!
J: Alright, she's happy!!
P: Ohhh, you even set up your instruments...
J: Looks like it was worth having Nashimoto bring along the equipment after all!
P: Now we just have to keep this pace up, filling this night with our gratitude toward the President and making it the greatest one she's ever had!
J: Well then, shall we have a toast?

P: Ha-hah! Damn, the food and the sake are pretty good too!
P: Bring me all you've got! C'mon!
J: Yes, it relaly is good!
J: Another bottle over here!
N: Ouf!
N: Ouf!
sfx: jiggle jiggle
K: Everyone's really drinking a lot...
K: It's really been a while since I've seen the President in this good a mood.
sfx: hyaaahahaha
P: sake, sake, sake!
K: Now, if our top batter here Wada-kun does one of his performances,
K: the President's mood will get even better, and the night will be a success!
J: Um, President, here we'd all like to express our feelings of gratitude to you one by one.
K: Oh, here it comes!
J: I, Jagi, have written a letter to you, President.
K: A letter?!
sfx: cough
J: Please listen closely.
J: Dear One Who Stops the Hurrying Legs of the Remarkably Beautiful New Green Season
J: Alright, all of the deep emotions I put into the opening line have grabbed her heart!

J: I realize you are extremely busy as of late, but am eternally thankful for being able to share this meeting with you.
J: I see....so the "main lines" come after the "opening line"...
J: I was just about to make a rude gesture toward the President with that!
J: Time to show you what I've come up with after buying "How to Write a Letter" at the bookstore and spending a whole two days on writing it!
J: Despite your severity, President, you still possess great tolerance and are able to understand all our feelings.
K: What a stiff sentence...
K: Look at her face already!
J: And after looking upon your hale and hearty visage each day, I feel all the more admiration toward you.
J: H-huh?!
J: Thanks to your sagely guidance, Detroit Metal City has now reached its fullest moment.
J: This can't be happening!
K: Just finish it, Wada-kuuun!
J: Moreover, President, you are mag..magna...dammit, how do you pronounce this word again?!
K: It's magnanimous, isn't it...
J: Magna...magna...dammit, I forgot!
J: Without you, President, I fully believe we would never have soared to the echelons of success.
K: He skipped over it!
J: We are in your debt for now and ever.
K: Phew, finally finished!

J: As I reflect on the past in this way,
K: Enough already!! (Who cares about reflecting!)
J: it becomes all the more clear how merely participating in music such as this for many years is also the boon of your guidance, President.
J: I am not aware of how much it has contributed to the development of your company,
J: but for me, coming to work at this company and receiving your kindness is something I am thankful for from the bottom of my heart.
J: Uuu, President...
J: Your face looks so irritated...(Why?!)
P: Hey, more sake!
J: Here I must excuse myself. Sincerely yours,
K: Wada-kun! I need to make some preparations for my turn, so I'll be right back.
W: O-OK!
W: Oh shiiiit!
W: We've gotta find a way to cheer her back up or else!!
W: H-hey, Nishida, you're next!
K: Will he be OK...?
W: Oh, a present! I wonder what you got her...
W: Ah, you dumbass! The stuff inside fell out...

W: Doehhhhhh!!
sfx: vviiiiiin x3
sfx: boing boing
W: What are you giving her stuff like this for?!
P: Huh?!
W: Ummm, President, forget about that...
W: In its place, I'll um, do something...
W: Something...
K: Once I give you the signal, come on out.
K: I know this is gonna be a success!
K: Hm? Sounds a little too noisy in there...
K: Ehhh?!

W: If IIIIII could caaaall the
W: endless flowing looooove forever--
(*Note: GLAY's "However")
K: W-we're just going to have to ignore him...
K: President, today I've brought someone for you...
P: Nnn?!
W: I just couldn't tell you in woooords
K: I finally found him...
W: to know the
K: In order to bring him here, it took a very long time, and much negotiating...
W: meaning of love--
K: but then I finally realized...
K: with the power of this man's love, you can change.
K: Please, come in.
K: I know he can change the President...
K: If this man can't, then...

G: 'sup?
G: This little doggy of yours said he wanted me to come no matter what...
G: so I figured if I'm that necessary, I can't refuse, riiight?

G: Anyway, if you're really in that much of a jam,
G: then I'll make you happy!
P: You SOB!
P: What's the meaning of this?!
K: O-oh no...whether we like it or not...
K: No...it isn't what you think!
K: We're all going to die here...
K: This is...ummm!
K: Sorry!
G: Hm?
K: I'm sorry, Genki-san!
G: Ehh?!

K: Don't act so goddamn nonchalant, you fucking stalker!!
K: Sorry!
G: Gohhohhhhhh!!
P: What?!
W: Eh?
K: I guess it just means I didn't kill you enough last time!
P: Haah! Yeah, that's it, Krauser!
G: Uuu...you bastard...
K: You aren't "Genki" anymore! (*Remember, it means in healthy or in good spirits.)
K: That was close...
K: Your new name...
K: Now to go right into the music...
K: is the same as my new song.
P: New song?

K: "Diseaaaaaaaaaaaase!"
K: Corroding your health!
K: Even famed doctors will die! The virus is I!
K: I just corroded your veins a little while ago!
P: When did he...
J: This isn't the time to be singing HOWEVER!
K: Now I'm in the middle of eating into your brain!
K: Death sentence! Only three more months left!
K: Administer, administer, administer the medicine!
G: Bubehh! I don't want any meat!
K: Feasting on the remains of your heart!
J: As expected of Negishi...so this is what he had confidence in...
K: Death sentence! Only two hours left!
K: Administer, administer, administer the IV!
P: Ahhh....so wet!
P: This song was so well thought out, right down to the performance...it's perfect!
G: Bebohh! I don't want any sake!
K: Death sentence! Only one second left!
G: Hiiieeee!!

K: Administer, administer, administer the enema!!
J: Administer, administer!
sfx: zuppussh zuppusssh
G: I don't want tuna in my ass!
G: I don't want salmon roe in my ass!
G: I don't want...bonito in my ass!
G: I don't want tuna...
sfx: betan
K: My disease will eat right through you!
P: Hyaaahaha! Here's another flood song! I'm so fucking wet!
N: And so, after successfully entertaining the President,
N: DMC left Izu.
N: Nooo, you can't!
W: I wonder what the President thought of my "However"...
C: You still didn't put it in yet, did you?
P: This was the best day ever! FUUUUCK!

[TRACK 80 - END]


A type of medical treatment used in only the most metal of times. By getting in a very humiliating position and opening one's anus, they allow the enema to be inserted deep within their ass to allow quicker suction from the rectal membrane. There are many different uses for it depending on the type of medicine, and it cannot only alleviate fever, but also cause even the noisiest of M-Men to become silent in ecstasy.

[Usage Example] I'm sorry, sir, but none of the nurses here are trained to administer enemas...

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