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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Detroit Metal City 81

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 18, 2010 17:06 | Go to Detroit Metal City

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tl by molokidan

1: Boy, am I hungry!
2: Ah!
3: Aikawa-san, do you mind if we stop at this store?
4: Hm? Are you looking for something?
5: Mm, sorta...
6: Oh, here it is.
7: Huh? Dishwashing soap?
8: Yeah, this is eco-soap!
9: There are less bubbles, so the amount of water needed is lessened...the ingredients are also bio-degradable, so it's easy on the environment!
10: Wow!
11: I'm so proud of you, Negishi-kun, taking care so much like this...
12: No, it's nothing!!
13: Taking care of the earth is the natural thing to do!
14: Go ahead.
15: That'll be 740 yen.
16: Ah, I don't need a bag, thank you.

1: Please put it in here!
2: Ah, an eco-bag!
3: How fashionable!
4: Thank you very much.

1: It's important to put your heart into ecology, though.
2: Yeah.
3: Although I say I put my heart into it, though, I still enjoy it just as much as I do picking out my clothes every day.
4: They call lifestyles that take environmental problems into consideration "LOHAS," you know. In my case, however...
5: Here's your carbonara spaghetti.
6: LOHAS is simply my true nature!
7: Ah, personal chopsticks! (But it's spaghetti, you know, so we have forks...)
8: Eco is like music, you know? If you don't have fun doing it, there isn't any point...
9: I'm "playing eco," that's all.
10: Yeah, yeah!
11: We used the exact same phrase in the Special Eco Issue of Amo-Amu!
12: Ahhhh...
13: I only had a quick look at it, is that what it said...?
14: Oh yeah, Negishi-kun...are you busy next week?

1: Amo-Amu is putting on a LOHAS concert that a bunch of different musicians are coming to.
2: Would you like to come out too, Negishi-kun?
3: Eh?!
4: No, no, as Negishi Souchi I, er...
5: I still haven't played anything more than street concerts, I'll just get in the way...
6: If you sign up as an opening act, though, it should be fine, right?!
7: I'll ask the sponsors, OK?!
8: Y-you sure?
9: W-wow...
10: Ah, oh no! I need to get back to the editing room soon...
11: The music I've always just played on the street...
12: will finally reach the hearts of a crowd...
13: When I get the OK, I'll call you, alright?
14: OK.
15: And not only that, but it will help save the planet!
16: Ahhhh...
17: I can't just stand around like this!

1: A kiss to the sun, stars don't know jealousy~
2: With my music...
3: Close the aurora curtain, a date dressed in green~
4: Next up is the dolphin song, let's hurry to the park~
5: I want to play eco to as many people as I can!
6: Hmmm...
7: Ah! They stopped!
8: Uh...umm...I wrote this song thinking of the environment...
9: Fufu...MCs like this will be useful during the real thing, too...
10: I want to have everyone hum this melody and play eco along with me.
11: Hrrrm...

1: If only people were more sensitive to the environment, maybe noise pollution like this would stop!
2: Ssh! He'll hear you!
3: No one's going to get interested in the environment listening to something like that.
4: People only say stuff like that because they're influenced by TV and magazines.
5: Eh...
6: Eh...er...I don't mind if it's just because it's in style, I think it's always better if more people become interested in the environment.
7: The efforts of guys like these never amount to anything worthwhile.
8: But you know he DEFINITELY carrys an eco-bag!!
9: Puhahaha!
10: This guy isn't eco, he's EGO!
11: He just likes seeing himself act like this.
12: Uuu...why doesn't anyone understand...? (Maybe the message was too difficult...)
13: I even had some vegetables sent out from the country to start my new LOHAS lifestyle...
14: Here are some more fresh potatoes today!
15: You taste good any day of the week, Mr. Potato!
16: Why do I have to be scolded like this...?
17: Hey look, I guess we finally shut him up!
18: Uuuu...it's times like these when I have to concentrate my energy
19: and sing from the bottom of my heart!!
20: Please listen to my next song...

1: "Voice of the Planet!"
sfx: puppuuuuuuh
2: O-oh no!
3: I ate too many potatoes!
4: You think a fart is the voice of the planet?!
5: Now he's doing air pollution!
6: That was a big one, he must really be singing enthusiastically!!
7: Kuuuh!
8: Ah, he ran away!
9: Aw, but he was so funny!
10: No...
11: My eco life isn't just an act...

1: My refrigerator...
2: is a waste of electricity. I need to turn it off.
3: Going to the toilet also wastes water and paper...
4: I need to watch how much I eat and cut down on my usage.
5: I shouldn't do laundry or take a bath unless I notice a signifigant smell, either...
6: I should be able to conserve a lot...
7: Not turning on the lights, TV, or air conditioner will also prevent CO2 from being created.
8: Four days later...
9: ...I need to drink as little water as possible and just nibble on vegetables...
10: But now I'm not only hungry, but I've really started to smell...
11: I haven't even washed my face in order to save water!
12: One week later...
13: Now...I don't even have the strength...to move my body anymore...
14: In order to...save the atmosphere from CO2...I need to keep my breathing down.
15: Ten days...have passed.
16: If only I could stop this breathing...
17: ...hm?

1: Wait a minute!
2: What's wrong with Negishi-kun?
3: I told him we got the OK about his performance, but he hasn't been answering his phone or replying to my texts...
4: Maybe I should try calling his house phone.
5: I wonder if he's busy writing music...
6: Sorry, but I'm not home right now...
7: Answering machine...
8: Guess I'll leave a message.
9: Hello, Negishi-kun? This is Aikawa.
10: How is your LOHAS life going?
11: Eco...?
12: I hope you can transmit your eco-ness to everyone at the live tomorrow.
13: Bitch...

1: What, are you asking me to die?!
2: I hope everyone can come to live like you!
3: Well then, see you tomorrow!
4: You're just a bitch pig spewing out impure juices...how many times have you used ECO to sleep with men?!

1: Stars rising above the forest, clouds sinking into the sea...
2: It's time for all people to return to the land~
3: Thanks for today, everyone!
4: It's wonderful!
5: Sure is quiet...
6: We aren't using a single light here -- there's nothing but the light of the stars and human voices!
7: Where's Negishi-kun...
8: He hasn't contacted me at all...
9: I managed to slide his performance to a later slot...
10: But if he doesn't come in turn for this one, I don't know what lese I can do.
11: Hm? Someone's coming out!
12: Huh?

1: Uwahh!
2; So bright!
3: Kyaaah!
4: What's this noise?!
5: Hey! This is an eco event, isn't it?!
6: Stop wasting electricity!
7: LOHAS or ANUS, it's all the same to me...
8: Stop bitching about petty shit like electricity!!

1: Destroying the human race is truly what it means to be ECO!!
2: The theme of this event is humans coexisting with the earth!
3: This has nothing to do with you, so go home!!
4: Coexisting?! What a foolish excuse!!
5: He isn't the performer...
6: What IS that?
7: What do you know?!
8: Kyaaah!
9: I know everything!!
10: Kyaah!


1: Listen to the "Voice of the Earth!!"
2: Kyaaah!
3: Gross! (Oehh!)
4: Hey!
5: First start thinking about all the electricity your revolving beds and vibrators waste!
6: Only after that will you be able to talk about being eco!!
7: Now it's time for the true eco song: "SATSUGAI!!"
8: Ruuun!
9: I'm never coming here again!
10: This is horrible!
11: I'm sorry, Aikawa-san...
12: I went astray in my eco life...

[TRACK 81 - END]


A personal bag used for shopping in order to keep from wasting new plastic bags. Speaking of natural resources, this book is also made of the resource known as "paper." In order words, if books are leftover and not sold, then that just means more valuable resources have gone to waste...so thinking of it that way, don't you think it's better to buy two instead of one?

[Usage Example] Got it? Once the group date starts, just naturally move the topic over to "Who carries an eco bag!?"

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