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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Detroit Metal City 82


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 18, 2010 17:07 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 82

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tl by molokidan

1: Iiiiiin the mooooorning~
2: I wake up and you're here, baking cheese taaaarts~
3: Sweeeet babyyyy, that's what you aaaare~
4: sweet, sweet, my sweet lover~
5: You know?
6: Ahahaha!
7: Uuu...no one's stopping in front of me today, either.
8: Even when mom's sick in bed like this, she still worries about you, brother!
9: Eh...
10: If you're really gonna become a musician, you should just hurry up and do it already!
11: Tomo-chan...you think I don't want to hurry up and make mom proud with my music?
12: Uuu...
13: Hey, everyone, let's make our hearts pitter-patter together~
14: Loooooveeeeerrrrss~
15: Hm?
16: Yes...

1: That is quite a nice one you have there...

1: Wh-who's this guy?
2: Ha ha ha! Spectacular hairstyle!
3: My apologies for surprising you.
4: I simply couldn't leave you to your performance without saying something, you see.
5: I'm a vocalist just like you.
6: Vocalist?
7: And as one who utilizes the way of the "bard" to put food on his table, I was attracted to you like a magnet!
8: You're a musician...?
9: Murakura Ganpachi...
10: I've been playing for so long...but this is the first time anything like this has happened.
11: Ha ha ha! Spectacular hairstyle!
12: My office is close by, so if you like, shall we go there and have a chat?
13: It looks like my chance has finally come...
shogi piece: "KING" (t/l note: The King piece from shogi, Japanese chess)
fan: "ENKA" (t/l note: A type of traditional Japanese singing. If you want to get an idea of what it's like, watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cn2GBy3RgTQ . This is Kitajima Saburou, one of the most famous enka singers ever, singing "Brotherly Duty." Enka songs traditionally have old-fashioned topics and deal with things like familial piety, etc.)

1: Enka!
2: You have the potential, I can sense it!
3: E...Enka?!
4: But I don't sing enka, I sing pop!
5: Ha ha ha! You have an enka head, though.
6: If I'm not playing the kind of music I want to, then there's no difference between this and DMC...
7: Sorry, but I'll be leaving now...
8: Are you making your parents happy?
9: If you get on Red-White, they'll be proud! (*t/l note: The Red-White Competition is a music show that comes on at the end of every year where popular artists perform on two teams, Red and White)
10: Red-White!!
11: That's true, watching Red-White at New Year's is a Negishi family tradition...
12: What a wonderful girl~
13: If I say no, I mean no!
14: I met her parents must be so proud.
15: If I got onto Red-White, my mom would...
16: Well?

1: It is always too late when you decide it is time to make your parents proud.
2: But if you walk the flowered road of enka, it will never be too late!
3: Th-this kimono...
4: I have been saving this kimono for the moment when I found the right disciple. As I thought, it suits you wonderfully!
5: Guess I'll try and sing an enka version of "Sweet Lovers," then...
6: Should be good practice, too.
7: Now then, what is your name?
8: Ah...Negishi Souichi.
9: Souzaburou! Show me the lyrics to that song.
10: M-my name is...Souichi.
11: Here are the lyrics.
12: Hoh.
13: Hmmmmmmm...
14: Sabu...unfortunately, lyrics such as these cannot be used for an enka song.
15: Sabu?!
16: First, the name "Sweet Lovers" must go.
17: Wait, before the lyrics, what's with this Sabu...

1: "The Sweet Lover, Daigorou!"
2: Ehhhh?! Daigorou?!
3: And then let us change the lyrics a tad.
crossed-out lyrics: when I wake up in the morning you're there
baking sweet tarts
new lyrics 1: I wake up to the Japanese sea
There is my old mother, preparing dried fish
crossed-out lyrics: Sweet baby, that's you
Sweet sweet, my sweet lover
new lyrics 2: The moon behind the thin clouds brings your visage to my mind
Sweet Lover, Sweet Lover, The Sweet Lover Daigorou
4: But, um, this is a song about the fun of love...
5: And here is the chorus!!
crossed-out: Sweet Sweet L-O-V-E-R (x2)
new: Throw away your life
in the northern sea
here shall I die
in the northern sea
6: You're completely changing it now, aren't you?!
7: Uuu...my clothes, name, and lyrics are all totally different now.
8: Just what was it about me that drew you in...?
9: These days, there are no more children whose heads burn with the soul of enka.
10: Heads?!
11: Now, Sabu!! It is time for your to begin lessons and practice for your debut.
12: You know, I'm just in the middle of growing my hair out right now... (it is growing out rather weirdly, though...)
13: And so...

1: my special training for my debut as an enka singer began.
2: Sabu! Enka is all about the punch! Deeper vibrato, deeper!
3: It will be three days in a row, but...will you come tomorrow?
4: Stick your chest out more! Like this!
5: A good voice stems from posture!
6: Yes.
7: I don't have any plans right now, so I'll do my best.
8: Gan-san's love toward singing
small text: here shall I diiiieeeeeeee
9: gradually sucked me more and more into enka!
10: Huh?!
Sign: The Brotherly Strait
c/w: Oh, Bar
Murakura Ganpachi
11: You made your CD debut with this 8-inch single, Gan-san?!
12: Where did that fall down from...? That happened long ago...
13: Please sing it! "The Brotherly Strait!!" I want to hear it!!
14: I...cannot sing anymore.
15: Ehhh?!
16: A few years ago, I had surgery on my throat...and the doctor stopped me.
17: I now possess a body that will never grip a microphone again...
18: I am so sorry, Sabu...
19: I know I used filial piety to tempt you into trying enka, but in truth, I merely wanted to find someone to pass everything on to!
20: But by that point, my feelings toward enka...

1: If it is your wish, master.
2: ...were genuine.
3: One week later...
building text: Nursing Home
4-6: Ahhh...
7: Now, your long-awaited first stage...
8: Go and show them the results of your training.
9: Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to listen to Sabu-san!
10: It doesn't matter where I am...
11: I want them to listen...
12: Father, mother...and...
13: Gan-san!

1: Oh...
2: Oh My God...

1: No one's listening!!
2-5: Ahhhh...
6: Here shall I die, in the northern seaaaaa~
7: Do not fret it, Sabu. That happens to everyone their first time.
8: Okay...
9: It just means you have to try hard again tomorrow.
10: Maybe my feelings toward enka truly haven't become genuine yet.
11: The truth is, I'm also playing music at another office called Death Records...
12: And I have to play a concert for them tomorrow...
13: I want to concentrate solely on enka, but I'm in no position to.
14: The way I am now, I'm just causing you worry, Gan-san.
15: You like enka, do you not?!

1: Then grasp it.
2: Gan-san.
3: Tomorrow, I have to return to DMC.
4: As if to cut my ties with enka, I flew into Gan-san's breast.
5: Mmmm, magnificent!
6: More, mooore!
7: What is that?
8: Grosss...(let's go)
9: Time and time again...
10: Krauser-saaaan!
11-12: GO TO DMC!

1: The first song tonight is our new one, "DISEASE!"
2: I'm back here again!
3: Corroding your health! Even famed doctors will die! The virus is I!
4: Woaahhhhh, give me a fatal diseaaase!
5: What an awesome new song!
6: Uuuu...
7: I guess this really is the only place
8: where I can make people happy...
9: Is filial piety
10: Administer, administer, administer the madness!
11: an impossibility for me?
12: Agggh!
13: Alright, Negishi's voltage is rising!

1: Gan-san!!
2: Wh-why is he here...
3: Death Sentence! Only 10 seconds left!
4: Hm? Krauser-san's voice is getting softer!
5: Why?!
6: He's cutting through the crowd
7: Who the hell is this guy?!
8: and coming this way!
9: Ohhhh! What the hell is this old-fashioned guy doing here?!
10: Eh?!
11: Who the hell...no one told me about this part!
12: He's climbing up on stage!!
13: Ahem...after visiting Death Records, I was told to come here.

1: Sabu, where are you?
2: Sabu?
3: Sabu!
4: Get off the stage, ya damn geezer!
5: You love enka, don't you?
6: You're a homo, aren't you?!
7: Enka?! Fuck!!
8: If your dreams have become one,
9: you must simply walk forward...down the road of enka!
10: Walking aimlessly by a street corner~
11: Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet~
12: I saw the young you there~
13: This song...is about me?

1: Believing the day would come when we could clothe your hometown
2: dressed in matching crane-print kimono~
3: My dreams of seeing you on your first stage grew larger!
poster: Daigorou the Sweet Lover -Sabu
4: My desire to make you into my disciple~
5: I will sing until my voice is gone.
6: Ehh?!
7: "The Brotherly Strait!"
8: K-Krauser-san's singing with him!
9: He's making a fist!

2: He threw it dooooown!
3: Woahhh, Krauser-san sung enka with a single puuunch!
4: Krauser-saaaan!
5: Yeaaaah! Only old geezers listen to enka!
6: It's one step away from becoming obsolete!
7: Administer, administer, administer the fist!
8: Ahhhh, uwaahhhh!
9: He's making a different voice now that he has a fist in his ass!
10: This is a new way of a singiiiiiiing!
11: Yeeeeees, yeeeeeeeeeees!!

[TRACK 82 - END]

A secret, special singing method used in enka to add inflection to the melody. It is different from simply holding up a "fist" time to time like some singers too. If you ever want to successfully pick up a milf at any of the nearby snacks after a gig, mastery of this skill is paramount.

[Usage Example] You don't even know the difference between fisting and vibrato?! Stop underestimating the Showa Period!

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