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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Detroit Metal City 83

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 18, 2010 17:07 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 83


tl by molokidan

1: Daryaaa!
2: There it is! Tozawa's Shining Elboooow!
3: This single match between Far East Pro Wrestling and the Kingdom Federation
4: is continuing at a rapid pace toward a finish now that Tozawa from FE has begun his mad assault!
5: As a second, Tozawa has his young ace, Nimura.
6: C'moooon! I'll settle this whole match with the Nimura Driver!
7: You can do it papaaaaa! Gooo, gooooo!
8: Fufu...watch closely, Runa!
9: From the seats, the Tozawa family watches the battle closely.
10: Papa'll definitely win today!
11: Ohhhh! Another rope cross!
12: After all, he has a special guest today...
13: Shachugai hiiiiim!
14: Hmmm...this is the first time I've ever come to watch pro wrestling...

1: It really does have amazing intensity when you watch it live...

1: A second Jumping Elbooooow!
2: Hyaaaah, kill 'em all!
3: The President is really happy...
4: I hesitated at first after receiving the letter...
5: This is a title match! Hell yeah, let's go!
Letter: I have sent you many letters already, but I will introduce myself once more: My name is Tozawa (cut off) from Far East Pro Wrestling, and this time I am gearing up for a title match. If possible, I would love to invite you to come watch the match, Krauser-san. I included a ticket with the letter, so if possible...
6: Eh?
7: I never thought the President would want to go, though.
8: Krauser-san! I promise to secure the belt next week, even if it kills me!
9: He's gonna be the next champion!
10: They all seem pretty serious about this...
11: I've always wanted to try and watch pro wrestling...
12: I'd be having more fun if I wasn't dressed like this and surrounded by these people, though...
13: Hey! Guri, Gura! Go buy us some booze!
14: Ah! I'll have juice, please.
15: Hey, Krauser-san really did come!
16: I guess that Nimura bastard wasn't lying after all.
17: I knew those two belonged to some minor federation, but...why would Krauser-san come all the way out here?
18: I can't believe this...
19: Lately it's been in such a decline that they've even stopped broadcasting it on televison...
20: Do you guys like pro wrestling?

1: Nah, I never watch it.
2: I watch K-1 on TV once in a while though.
3: Tch!
4: I've been here numerous times during my part-time policeman job, but...
5: the only reason I came today was because I heard Krauser-san would be descending for us.
6: Did you know that the reason for the decline in popularity is because of Krauser-san?
7: Yeah.
8: Pro wrestling first gained popularity because it mixed elements of entertainment along with the charm of martial arts,
9: but once people who began wrestling with the intent to kill like Krauser-san started to appear, most people lost interest and moved on.
10: To willfully step foot in a place like this...
11: Just what could Krauser-san be thinking?
12: Ahh, I love tomato juice...
13: Ahhh, Tozawa fell victim to the poison mist!
14: Guwahh!
15: He has been blindeeed!
16: Eh?!
17: Papaaa!

1: Onizuka's Medulla Kiiiiick!
2: Sharaah!
3: The Kingdom's ace Onizuka Hitoshi has finally moved!
4: Yeaaaaah, ice him, Onizuka!
5: Sharaaah, c'mon!
6: Sharaaah, Sharaaah!
7: Sharah, c'mooon!
8: Crush the puny far east!
9: His anything-goes, demonic true form has finally been revealed!
10: Hey, what is that guy thinking?! Does he really intend to embarrass Krauser-san like this?!
11: That wrestler holds numerous belts...
12: He ain't bad!
13: Now completely transformed into a demon, Onizuka rushes Tozawa!
14: Sharah!
15: Nooooo, break free!
16: He's lifting him up!

1: I-is this what pro wrestling is?
2: Amazing...I play tennis, but none of my matches have ever gotten this heated!
3: Just how many somersaults do these guys do a day?
4: The Demon Drooooooop!
5: It's over.
6: Hyaaaaah!
7: Waaah!
8: Papaaaaaaaa!

1: It's over! Tozawa isn't moviiiiing!
2: Onizuka is the winner!!
3: H-hey!! Get ahold of yourself!
4: I'm sorry...
5: My fan lost, but he did his best, so I'm still glad.
6: Onizukaaa!
7: OK now, President, I think I'm going to get going n--
8: Hey, you dumbshit Far Easters!
9: I hope you understand now that the Kingdom's Onizuka is the strongest in the world!
10-13: Strongest!
14: Heh!
15: Now, I want all you fuckers to kneel down and worship the strongest as he deserves!
16: Strongest!
17: Hey pal, if you care at all about your life, I wouldn't go around flapping your gums about how you're the strongest today!
18: What's that, you son of a bitch?!
19: Why so shocked?
20: Don't you know that one of our guests today is...
21: H-hey, look on the big screen!!

1: the strongest in the Milky Way, Krauser-saaaaan!
2: Who the hell is that?!
3: K-Krauser?
4: He's a Far Easter?
5: Woaaaahhhhhhh!
6: Nimura registered Krauser-san's naaaame!
7-9: Go to DMC!
10: Awawawawah!
11: Why are we the only ones going wild here?!
12: President, I'm going home!
13: !! "Go!"
14: Ehhhhh?!
15: I-if I don't step up...
16: The President will kill me!
17: Woaaaaahhh, Krauser-san's...

1: entered the ring!!
2: Uuu...
3: What should I do...?
4: Go to DMC!
5: How can you say you're the strongest if you don't even know who Krauser-san is?!
6-7: Go to DMC!
8: Say what, motherfucker?!
9: Kill him, Onizuka!
10: Smash his medulla!
11: He does have some creepy-ass aura about him...
12: but I've never even heard of this asshole!
13: I won't be able to go home unless I do something...
14: Hey shitface, I dunno who the hell you are, but c'mon!!
15: I might as well take your head too while I'm at it!
16: Eh?
17: You, take my head?
18: Don't make me laugh.
19: Uuuu...this is the only thing I can do.
20: I have no choice now...!
21: Hey, what is he doing...?
22: His neck!
23: Is he going to...

1: break it?!?!
2: Woaaaaahhh, Krauser-san broke his own neck!
3: He spit up a bunch of blood from his house and died!
4: Is his way of saying there's no way you could ever take his head, bastard!
5: Fucker...you playin' around with me?!
6: Bring it onnnnnn!
7: Uuuu...I'm scared!
8: I just need to keep playing dead...
9: Shut up! Krauser-san's saying that you're too weak to take him on!!
10: Stop acting so conceited!
11: What?!

1: Next week! He'll give you one more chance to face him!
2: Fine by me!
3: Ohhh, it looks like one more showdown between Kingdom and Far East has been decided!
4: Nice one, Onizukaaa!
5: And the loser's federation is disbanded!
6: Sounds interesting!
7: Now both groups' reputations are at stake!
8: Hmph! You think you can run away from ME?!
9: If we tag team together, there ain't no chump who can stand in our way!
10: There you have it, folks! It'll be a tag match! Nimura and Krauser from the Far East vs the Kingdom Federation in a revenge match!
11: Add "-san," dammit!
12: Kill 'em both, Onizuka!
13: It looks like we'll have to wait until next week to see the true power of the mysterious Krauser!!

1: Eh?
2-3: Go to DMC!
Sign: DMC Dressing Room
side: If you can enter, you can die
4: Hahaha! I heard all about it, Negishi!
5: You're going to enter a pro wrestling match next week!
6: You really are a revolutionary!! I promise to come cheer you on!
7: Uuuu...
8: The people there just got too excited and started saying things like that, it has nothing to do with me...
9: I'm not coming next week, you know.
10: Eh? But the President...
11: Alright, now all my preparations are finished, and I can go on my trip...
12: if I go overseas for a while, no one should be able to find me.
13: I don't even really want to play death metal, why should I have to do pro wrestling on top of that...?
14: Hm?

1: That's...
2: the young DMC fan...
3: I think I remember seeing her at the wrestling match yesterday.
4: Why is she sitting on the street like this at such a late hour?
5: Wh-what's wrong, little girl?
6: are you all alone? Where are your mama and papa?
7: Runa came to cheer on Krausher-shan.
8: He'sh gonna get revenge for my daddy.
9: Eh?!
10: S-so that's it...
11: Sorry...but I heard that Krauser-san won't be able to do that after all...
12: You liar!
13: Krausher-shan will definitely get revenge!
14: Y-yeah...well anyway, don't you think you should go home for now...? I'll walk you there if you like.
15: No!

1: My papa told me! Krausher-shan's gonna get revenge!
2: Papa said so!
3: Krausher-shan's shuper shtrong!
4: He'sh the shtrongesht in Ginza!
5: A child this small is believing in me...
6: He'sh the shtrongesht in Ginza!
7: Papa shaid sho!
8: In Ginza!
9: I...
10: Am I really going to abandon this child and run away...?
11: Runa-chan.

1: I promise you...
2: that I will get your papa his revenge no matter what.
3: Yeah right, gobou!!
4: Ehhh?!
5-7: GO TO DMC!
8: In the red corner!
9: Far East Pro Wrestling's Nimura and Krauser have just arrived!
10: That's Krauser-san to you, dammit!
11-12: Go to DMC!
13: I'm a terrorist from Hell!
14: Yesterday I raped my mom, tomorrow I'm gonna carve up my dad!


[TRACK 83 - END]


1: An eight-block neighborhood located in Chuuou-ku, Tokyo. It contains numerous famous restaurants and department stores. Saying that a man is the strongest in Ginza means that "he's so strong that he can look up and down all eight blocks without finding an appropriate rival."

[Usage Example] I saw Krauser-san in Ginza. I think he was...yeah, he was sitting down over there. His makeup looked perfect too.

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