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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Detroit Metal City 84

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 18, 2010 17:08 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 84

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tl by molokidan

2: Krauser-san!
3: Onizukaaa!
4: Kingdom!
5: Onizukaaa!
7: The members of both teams have stepped onto the stage!
8: In the red corner, from Far East Pro Wrestling...
9: I have to do this...
10: Johaaaann Krauserrrrr II!
11: Woahh, he took off his cloak!
12: I watched some pro wrestling DVDs to study up.
13: He finally took his 1 ton cloak off!
14: All I have to do is act like I'm fighting, like it's a show, and entertain the audience.
15: Ha ha ha! So you'll be the one I kill tonight!
16: Ohhh, Krauser-san's walking toward the opponent's corner!
17: Well, fight hard until you die, alright?
18: Ahh, he's trying to shake hands!


1: W-woahhhhh, he slapped Krauser-saaaaan!
2: Bastard!
3: Ohh, now Nimura jumped out!
4: There's the gong!
5: Nimura's elbow explodes on Onizukaaaaa!
6: In the blue corner is a foreign assistant for the Kingdom.
7: Iron Machine is waiting there with his fullmetal body!
8: Meanwhile, Krauser is still outside o the arena where he fell!
9: Uuu, that hurt...
10: Nimura's mad attack continues in the ring!
11: Faiii!
12: Fu...it looks like Krauser-san's attack dealt a lot o damage!
13: Yeah!

1: That guy's arm is completely broken now!
2: I can't believe he didn't even know about the metal cheek!
3: He fell right into Krauser-san's trap and swung his arm as he could, ater all!
4: There's no way I can do this.
5: It isn't a show at all...
6: There it is! Nimura's back droooop!
7: Nimura-kun, I'm entrusting this to you.
8: Nimura is pulling Onizuka over to his corner!
9: C'mon!
10: Ohhhhh, over to Krauser-san!
11: This is a combination match! Wanna do a combo?!
12: Eh?
13: Hey!! Krauser-san!
14: Hn? No...

1: Krauser doesn't notice!
2: What are you doing, Nimura! Why can't you focus on what's in front of you?! (Dumbass!)
3: Krauser-san isn't always thinking about pro wrestling, you know!
4: He's busy with a lot of different thoughts, you know!
5: Dammit!
6: Sharaaa!
7: Onizuka has lifted Nimura uuuup!
8: He slams him down on the mat!
9: Uuu...
10: Nimura-kun...this is pro, so just finish it up yourself, please...
11: And then from the top rope--

1: A diving body press!
2: Nimura-kun!!
3: Sharaa!
4: Directly following into Onizuka's Sure-kill Demon Hold!
5: Guwahh!
6: Nimuraa, you idiot! Change with Krauser-san!
7: You can't do this on your own!
8: Hurry up and change out, dammit!
9: Nimura-kun, what are you doing?
10: Kuhah!
11: You need to fight harder!
12: Woah! Nimura is looking for help from his own corner!
13: D-dammit...
14: Krauser-saaaaan!
15: Ohhhh!

1: Krauser still hasn't noticed!
2: Nimuraaa, what are you doing?!
3: You suck at this!
4: Put your hand in a place that'll be easier to see!
5: Dammit!
6: Shara, c'mon!
7: You too!
8: Ahhhh, the poison mist has gone into Krauser's fae!
9: And here's some more!
10: He spit on him too!
11: You son of a bitch!
12: You're gonna make Krauser-san mad!
13: Ahhhh!

1: Krauser didn't notice at all!
2: Poison mist is nothing to Krauser-san!
3: He bathes himself in poison everyday!
4: Hack up a loogie, not spit!
5: Kuh...what are you doing, Nimura?!
6: Onizuka's lariat is fired!
7: Guwah!
8: I'm working this hard...why aren't you?!
9: The Demon Hold once more!
10: Give up yet?!
11: How long do you think I can keep ignoring all this?!
12: It's no use...it's just a matter of time now...
13: There's no way he can win...
14: A star of victory has once again begun shining or the Kingdom!
15: Gg-gghh...
16: Dumbass!
17: Ahhhh!

1: Don't put a black dot on my recooooord!! (*In sumo, black dots are symbols for losses)
2: Krauser-san has finally noticed what's happening!
3: At last, he's begun!
4: He's done thinking about whatever it was!
5: Ohhh, Krauser jumped in!
6: He cut off the hold!
7: Doryaaa!
8: Krauser-san!
9: Pro wrestling or pro fishing, it doesn't make a difference!
10: He's changed with Nimuraaa!
11: You really think you can defeat the Demon King?!

1: Ohhhh, Krauser's Chopping Wind!
2: He did it! Krauser-san's "Demon Chop!"
3: D-does he intend to kill the guy?!
4: He's gonna kill him with a chop!
5: Ahhh, Onizuka...
6: wasn't affected at all!

1: Ohhh!
2: Ahhhhh!
3: It worked! Krauser-san's attack was just so fast that the damage was delayed!
4: Nuooo!
5: Nuooo!
6: It was the speed of light!
7: It's like when the sound of lighting comes after the flash!
8: Oh come on, that was so obviously a low blow!
9: He broke the rules!
10: Low blow my ass! You think the damage from that kick hit him already!?
11: Here we go! Krauser-san's getting into the pose for a Giant Swing!
12: H-here it comes, the Nympho Wheel!
13: Will he be able to swing him?!
14: What the hell is this guy?!
15: He's totally weak!

1: Ohhh!
2: It worked! He swung him so fast that we couldn't even see it!
3: It's like how we can't see the earth spinning!
4: Huohh!
5: His attacks are universal in scope!
6: Onizuka returns to his own corner without delay!
7: Hey...he's switching out!
8: That masked guy looks dangerous.
9: What is he doing in such a minor ring like this...? (Money...?)
10: The fullmetal bodied Iron Machine!
11: The trump card of the Kingdom has finally come out!
12: I know a lot about this guy...
13: He's a strong-style wrestler, a monster with an impenetrable body that has put numerous wrestlers out of commission in foreign countries.
14: And now this monster is going to face Krauser-san!
15: And now, desiring the pleasure known to him as destruction,
16: he steps into the ring!

1: Ohhhh! Iron Machine suddenly covered his face and ran out of the ring!
2: Nooo!
3: Iron Machine!!
4: Ohhh, Iron Machine has returned already!
5: C'moooon!
6: Alright now, get him, Iron Machine!
7: You can kill a pussy like Krauser-san in an instant!
8: Now, what will this murder-lusting body be capable of?
9: Hmmm?!

1: Doesn't it look like his body is drooping a little?!
2-4: Ooofu!
5: It looks like the body of a dirty middle-aged man!
6: His voice sounds gross too!
7: Fu...Krauser-san's just so buff that he makes his opponent look out of shape.
8: It's an optical illusion!
9: This is what happens when you step in the same ring as him.
10: Wh...what's going on here?!
11: What?!
12: Krauser begins once more with his chops!
13-16: Ouu!
17: He runs into the rope to build up momentum!
18-19: Ou!
20: This elbow is...

1: an anal one!
2: Ou!
3: Krauser hops right on and rides his opponent!
4: Ooou!
5: More!
6: This is a sprainer!
7: It's the Anal Hold!
8: Ou!
9: He's in there! Deep into the tissue!
10: His opponent's anus is about to be destroyed!
11: Noooooo, I've worked so hard to build up my reputation!
12: He's putting Iron Machine onto the ropes!
13-14: GO TO DMC!
15: Now he's climbed up too!
16-17: Ooou!
18: Could this be?!
19: Uwaaaaahh!
20: This is...

1: The Anal Busteerrrrrr!
12: Ooooouuu!
13: He fell straight to the ground!
14: The Nimura-Krauser team has attained complete victory!
15: What amazing technique!
16: It's a total win!
17: He took revenge for papa!
18: Krausher-shaaaan!
19-21: GO TO DMC!

[TRACK 84 - END]

[Pro Wrestling]

The strongest martial art. First things first, you all must read the author, Wakasugi Kiminori's favorite pro wrestling manga, "Kinnikuman." If you accidentally buy the amateur wrestling manga "Amateur Wrestling Ken-chan," however, you can read that too, just be prepared to get upset.

[Usage Example] Your girlfriend's like a pro wrestler.

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