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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Detroit Metal City 85


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 18, 2010 17:08 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 85

*Only for use by Scum-Scans.


tl by molokidan

1: Sorry, Negishi-kun, did you wait long...?
2: Aikawa-san!
3: Sorry, the meeting went longer than I expected, so I hurried after it finished.
4: Don't worry, I had a book to read, so it was fine.
5: I just had a recording for DMC before this, too...
6: It's Akutagawa Ryuunosuke's "A Spider's Thread!!"
7: You know this book, Aikawa-san? An extremely evil man named Kantada falls into Hell, but since he saved a spider once in his previous life, Buddha drops a spider's thread into Hell to allow him to climb out.
8: Ah!
9: Let's hurry!! We're gonna be late.
10: Y-yeah...you know, I thought this book might help me with songwriting.
11: Although all lives should be equal, we as humans allow our egos to get too strong and make us think otherwise.
12: How many years has it been? I wonder how everyone's doing...
13: I don't think I've seen anyone since we graduated!!
14: Aikawa-san and I, who went to the same college...
15: Welcome!

1: have come together to our seminar classmate reunion.
2: Long time no see, Yuri!
3: Yuriii!
4: You're late!
5: It's Negishi-kun!
6: Sorry we're late!
7: Haha, it's been such a long time, everyone!
8: Uwaaah, everyone looks so grown-up...
9: Over here, Yuri!
10: OK!
11: Ah...alright, I'll sit over here...
12: Ah, Togawa, you look so excited all of a sudden!
13: Aikawa-san and I have been separated...

1: Alright, one more time...cheeers!
2: Yaaaay!
3: Oh really?
4: Two more beers, please!
5: Yeah, I've finally gotten used to my job now.
6: Negishi, this guy's marrying Yamanaka next year!
7: Well, yeah...
8: Eh? Yamanaka-san, you mean from the university?! (Congratulations!)
9: What's up with you and Yuri, Negishi?
10: My job's really fun!
11: Must be nice, Yuri!
12: Yeah! You did come here together...
13: Ehh?!
14: You two always got along well talking about music and all that!
15: Um...well,
16: Oh, are you going out with her?
17: Negishi-kun and Yuri, huh?
18: Well, I dunno...you should probably ask her instead.
19: This is private information, after all.
20: Ehhhhhh?!

1: You don't have a boyfriend, Yuri?! I can't belieeeeeve it!
2: Eh, really?
3: W-well...
4: Seriously, Yuri?!
5: Of course she'd say that...(here, at least)
6: I don't have a girlfriend now either!
7: Eh? Really?
8: I'm always so bored on my days off!
9: She didn't ask you, Togawa!!
10: Everyone been saving up their cash?
11 Aikawa-san...
12: Here's your Russian Roulette Takoyaki!
13: Oh, finally!
14: OK, Negishi!! One of these is filled with really spicy peppers!
15: You've always gotten along well with Yuri, Togawa-kun!
16: Shuddap!
17: OK, that makes six!
18: Let's go out to eat on your next day off! I'll pay!
19: Really?
20: Aikawa-san!
21: Ah, my takoyaki isn't spicy!
22: Mine either! It tastes great!
23: Me too!
24: So I guess if mine isn't either, that means...
25: It's Negishi-kun!

1: Eh?
2: Aikawa-san...
3: Isn't it spicy?
4: Let's go to another place! This way!
5: Hey Yuri, since you don't have a boyfriend, what do you think of me?
6: Eh?
7: Togawa is seriously hitting on Aikawa-san!
8: He's too drunk!
9: This is like, miraculous timing!
10: Let's just give it a try! What do you say?
11: Togawa-kun, are you being serious?
12: Of course!
13: Hmmm...
14: C'mon, there's no reason to worry!

1: I can't go on dates unless it's someone I really like, though.
2: Pu!
3: Dahahaha, Togawa got rejected!
4: Sh-shut up! I'm going home!
5: Aikawa-san...
6: Cheeeers!
7: Huh?

1: Yuri's asleep!
2: She really drank a lot with Togawa-kun, I guess.
3: Yuri's pretty together, she must not get blasted too easily, right?
4: Eh?
5: You hang out with Yuri a lot, right Negishi-kun?
6: You're always together, aren't you?
7: Y-yeah, Ai--Yuri usually doesn't drink at all.
8: I guess she just got excited because it's been such a while since we saw everyone...
9: But she's with me, so I bet she isn't worried at all!
10: Probably.
11: So you and Yuri really are like that?
12: I guess you are rather trustworthy after all!
13: That must be nice...I can't count on my boyfriend at all, and he always leaves everything to me.
14: Really?
15: When I'm in trouble, too, he just stands there nervously, and I'm always the one who has to start making out or pining for sex.
16: It's like, god, what are you, a virgin?! You know?!
17: Hahaha, a virgin?!

1: Yeah, a man isn't worth anything unless he can make decisions quick and easily on the spot!
2: Guys like that can't make women happy!
3: Ah, so that's really how it is?
4: He's probably got so little experience that he hasn't built up any confidence.
5: When it comes down to it, a man's gotta be a little forceful, even if he ends up being a little wild.
6: Yeah!
7: Wow, Negishi-kun, you look so timid yourself, but I guess that isn't the case huh?
8: No...I'm a Kyushu Boy after all! (*t/l: Men from Kyushu are known as being very masculine)
9: Ahh, I see!
10: You're from Oita, aren't you?
11: So then, you must have banged Yuri, huh?
12: Umm, you should probably ask her about that...
13: But, I am a Kyushu Boy, so...
14: That's like, so deep!
15: Oh no, I missed the last train!
16: Eh?!
17: What should we do?!
18: You can make it if you dash.
19: Ah, but what about Yuri?!
20: Ahh!

1: Don't worry, Yuri has me.
2: Ohhhhhhh!
3: Sorry...Negishi-kun...
4: Sh-she's sticking so close to me...
5: Uuu...I'm fine...
6: It must be hard for you to walk, huh Yuri--kawa-san....
7: If we get to a wider street, we should be able to catch a taxi.
8: Uuu...
9: When I'm in trouble, too, he just stands there nervously, and I'm always the one who has to start making out or pining for sex.
10: It's like, god, what are you, a virgin?! You know?!
11: This is completely what she was describing...
12: Hm?

1: I-it's a love hotel!
2: A-at this point...
3: Y-Yuri--kawa-san, are you alright...?
4: If I don't enter here now, I'll never...
5: D-don't you think you'll puke if we ride a taxi now...?
6: She wouldn't want that!
7: I'm sure of it...
8: You look sleepy, so it must be hard to keep walking, right?!
9: Don't you want to lay down?!
sfx: zzz zzz
10: H-huh...?
11: What?

1: There's a hotel right here, wanna take a reeeest~?
2: Er, if you don't want to, that's fine, though...
3: You're a good person after all, Aikawa-san...
4: B-but I'm a Kyushu Boy, so want me to decide?
5: Do you mind?
6: Let's take a little rest then.
7: OK?
8: You can't lay down at a normal shop after all and we having jobs related to music don't really want to go to karaoke or something like that so this really is the only place...
9: No, wait!
10: This place looks open.
11: Are you really OK with this, Aikawa-san?
12: Alright, I'm going to count to 10, and if you don't say anything, I'm gonna go in, because I'm a Kyushu Boy!
13: What the hell is that guy doing?
14: Alright? 10, 9, 8, 7, 6...6, I said?
15: 5...
16: 4...I said 4, OK? ...3...2...
17: ...2...1.
18: ...ok then.

1: You didn't say anything, so I guess it's OK.
2-3: If you don't want to, say so.

1: Wh...
2: What should I do?!
3: Right now...
4: I'm in a hotel with Yuri-kawa-san...
4: Wh-what should I do?
5: What should I do next?
6: Nnuuu~
7: S-she's asleep!
8: T-that's right! I should take a bath first!
9: She should be awake when I come out!
10: I need to cleanse my body!

1: Then what do I do first?!
2-3: First
4: A kiss!
5: First is a kiss!
6: But how?
7: How do I do one?!
8: How, how...
9: Dammit!
10: Why do things like this always happen to me?!
11: She's the one who pulled me in here, after all!
12: How could I kiss such a nymphomaniac like that?!
13: She probably gets drunk and gets gangbanged like this all the time!

1: You nymphotic hotel fuck princess!!
2: Negi...shi...ku...
3: I can't go on dates unless it's someone I really like, though.
4: Uu...uu
5: This woman
6: continually indulges in men down in satyr hell.
7: Nn...
8: She's a nymphobeast!
9: This nymphobeast happened to show a pure face just one, however,
10: Eh?
11: and saved a Negishi.
12: Therefore, I have readied a single thread for you.
13: With this, you will have a chance to kiss me.

1: Kyaaaaaaa!
2: Now, climb!!
3: Nooooooooooo!
4: You know what, a 100% bonafide nymphomaniac like you is better off in hell!
5-6: cough
7: And so, Negishi spent the night with Aikawa-san,
8: Huh?
9: Was that a dream?!
10: Negishi-kun, you walked me to a hotel last night, didn't you?
11: Eh...y-yeah.
12: Thanks a lot. I drank too much, sorry...
13: It's alright.
14: and was thanked the next day.

[Track 85 - End]

[Kyushu Boy]

A man born and raised in Kyushu. Of course, many different types of men come out from the area, but stereotypically they have such unique qualities as "pretending to be people's boyfriends even though they're just friends" and "counting 10 seconds before entering a love hotel."

[Usage Example] "You're a Kyushu Boy, aren't you?! Answer honestly!"
"Sorry, I can't go out with you. The truth is...I'm gay!"

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