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Detroit Metal City 86


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 18, 2010 17:09 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 86

*Only for use by Scum-Scans.


tl by molokidan

1: DMC's unprecedented 42:19 3rd single,
2: "Legend of the Nymphobeast," has finally gone on sale.
3: The President has prepared a special in-store event to commemorate the sale in 5 different places over the country.
4: Vibe!
5: She can't come, though, so this is a meeting to decide what we're gonna do.
6: Er, OK.
7: I don't want to travel all over the country as DMC...
8: What about you going solo, Wada-kun?
9: I REALLY don't want to go...
10: Huh?! Are you fucking crazy?
11: Your popularity has been waning lately, Wada-kun!
12: Vibe!
13: The President said so too!
14: Eh, the President did...?
15: Show her your strength by doing a solo tour!!
16: Fukuoka...
17-19: GO TO DMC!
20: And now, presenting our guest...
21: He has descended to us all by himself today...

1: Alexander Jagi-sama!!
2: Fu! See, I'm popular even when I'm alone!
3-4: GO TO DMC!
5: Jagi-samaaaaa!

1: What cheers! How does it feel to be among your Fukuoka fans, Jagi-sama?!
2: Rape me!
3: Murder me, please!
4: Fu...I totally got it, even without Negishi...
5: Now it's time for me to answer all your passionate cries!
6: Shut up! Jagi-sama's gonna speak now!
7: Speech of the devil!
8: Fuukuokaaa, you're the best!
9: Eh?
10: H-huh?
11: Y...yay
12: The best?
13: And what is the charm of Fukuoka to someone like you, Jagi-sama, who controls the world?
14: Fukuoka...something about Fukuoka...
15: Ummm...
16: I just...came here by bullet train.
17: The air is delicious.
18: Kuuuuh...

1: Whatever, I'll just blow some flames!!
2: Woahhh, Jagi-sama's flaaaames!
3: Jagi-sama is planning to burn down Fukuoka!
4: Burn me alive!
5: If you don't burn a CD he's gonna burn you up!
6: I managed to get them excited with my fire...
7: But I'm not gonna be any good unless I can pull them in with my talking...
8: I guess just shouting the name of the place isn't enough to grab their hearts.
9: Maybe I need to get there sooner and really scope out the area.
10: Nagoya...
11: The first one I ate just like it was, but it was delicious enough just like that.
12: I added some condiments the second helping, though, and it had a totally different flavor.
13: And you add tea to the third helping, so it goes right down.

1: That Hitsumabushi was delicious! (*t/l: A nagoya delicacy in which you eat in three portions like just he described)
2: H-Hitsumabushi...?
3: Yup!
4: It was like, super fuckin' delicious!
5: Jagi-sama?
6: Hitsumabushi?
7: H-huh?
8: Oh, so you ate some women just like one would hitsumabushi?
9: Ohhh, so that's it!
10: Ah...
11: So it was a three-way...
12: Well, women are no more than a way to kill time for me, anyway...
13: You know, killing time...
14: I kill them, to kill time...you know...

1: Ohhh!
2: Yeaaaah, it's Jagi-sama's flames!
3: Burn me, burn me and violate meeee!
4: I should have met with the interviewer before hand.
5: And study the rhythm of the area's people!
6: Osaka...
7-8: GO TO DMC!
9: I heard DMC was doing an event in Osaka, so I came to watch, but...there sure are a shitload of people in here!
10: It's like a whole bunch of fresh ones were packed right in here!
11: Helloooo!
12: There he is!
13: Jagi-sama!
14: H-hey, it's just the bassist!
15: And what the hell was that entrance about?
16: I bet you like Osaka's food, eh, Jagi-sama? You've eaten a lot since you descended here, am I right?
17: Hell yeah I did! Takoyki, okonomiyaki, doteyaki, gyoza, hormone yaki, kushikatsu...

1: What the hell am I, Galsone?! (*t/l: Galsone is a famous female eating champion in Japan. And these two are doing manzai, a really popular type of comedy that began in Osaka.)
2: But eating a lot lets your crap come out much smoother, so I bet you enjoy that, right?
3: Enjoy it? What the hell am I, Dezumu?!
4: Uwahh, he used our name!
5: Don't take us down with you!
6: Kuuuuh!
7: Yeaaaah, the flames!
8: You rock, Jagi-samaaaaa~
9: Dammit, I was totally representing their area....what happened?!
10: Flashy...I must need to be more flashy on the outside!
11: Next up is Sendai. Sendai, Sendai...
12: Sendai...
13: Hey, look...Jagi-sama's eye...
14: Maybe he got pleasure from carving out his own eye...?
15: N-no!

1: I'm cosplaying Date Masamune.
2: There it is!
3: Jagi-sama's flaaaames!
4: Uuu...
5: They always go wild over the flames, but why nothing else...?
6: I guess as a musician, I need to do a performance.
7: I have no choice now but to call in some surprise members!
8: Tokyo...
9-10: GO TO DMC!

1: Woaaah, Jagi-samaaa!
2: Burn me up! Burn me aliiiive!
3: Fukuoka, Nagoya, Osaka, and Sendai all became seas of flames!
4: I'm home, Tokyooooooo!
5: Okay, y'all ready out there?!
6: Uwaaahh, the band's equipment is all set up!
7: Will the whole band be here today?!
8: Fu...looks like the sharp ones have already picked up on what's gonna happen!
9: Woaaaahhh, I knew it!
10: The band's gonna get together and play Legend of the Nymphobeast live!
11-12: GO TO DMC!
13: Krauser-saaan! Camuuuus!
14: GO TO DMC!
15: Surprise 'em, guys! C'mon out!
16: Eh?!
17: Introducing...

1: Jagi with Emerald Fire!
2: Eh?
3: What is this...
4: Alright, yeah! First up, we have...
5: On Guitar!

1: Sooooooi!
2: Wh-who the hell?
3: I dunno.
4: And then, on drums!
5: Nero!
6: Who are these guys?!
7: I dunno!
8: Let's burn down the house, boys!

1: This is GLAY's...
2: They're a copy band!
3: "Lips"...

1: Thank you, Tokyooooo! See you agaaaain!
2: Yeaaaah, Jagi-sama's flames!

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