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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Detroit Metal City 87


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 18, 2010 17:09 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 87

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tl by molokidan

1: I kill, therefore I kill!
2: Igehhh!
3: Woahhh, it's Krauser-san's Suicidology!
4: He's gonna die!
5: iiigeh!
6: Geigegehh!
7: That's our Negishi...looks like I don't need to blow out any flames today!
8: He's really gonna cut off his own life!
9: H-hey, he fell down...
10: Maybe he really is going to kill himself today.
11: No...don't die!
12: He's deaaaaad!
13: A stretcher!
14: Ou!
15: Krauser-san's deaaaaad!
16: He dieeeeed!
17: Ou!
18: Krauser-saaaaan!

1: Ooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!

1: Krauser-saaan!
sign: DMC Dressing Room
[Entry Prohibited]
We'll kill you even if you don't enter
2: Alright then...
3: Now that our CD's on sale, I'm going on break for a while.
4: I killed myself, anyway, so we won't have to do any more concerts for a while.
5: oh!
6: Negishi!! Did the President tell you? Legend of the Nymphobeast has been really selling!!
7: Fufu, it's been a while since I've gone home...
8: Hello?
9: I'm gonna have to be really filially pious for a few days.
10: I just figured you'd be really craving it by now...
11: Don't you think this means I've finally gripped the hearts of all our fans in Japan?!
12: A few days later...
13: Uuu...so it is true...
14: No way...
15: DMC's name isn't on the concert listing at all.

1: Krauser-san's really dead...
2: Only Krauser-san can kill Krauser-san, after all...
3: Shut up! How can that be possible? It's too early!!
4: Hey, stop it!
5: Don't cry...
6: Krauser-san just showed us true death like the Demon Emperor he is!
7: DMC will never perform in this world again!
8: It's all over!
9: Uuu...Krauser-san!
10: Uwaaahh!
11: Nooo, nooo!
12: It's the end that Krauser-san decided...we have to accept it!
13: The fuck we do!

1: Krauser-san may have died,
2: but are you really alright with that?!
3: Look at the sky!
4: Satsuopiea is still glimmering among the other stars!
5: Even without Krauser-san, his spirit...his spirit is still alive inside us...
6: Krauser-san...
7: Uuu...
8: You don't need to erase "KILL" from your forehead...
9: Sorry...I lost control of myself.
10: Go home, I said!
11: How many times do I have to send you away, fucker?!
12: Hm?
13: So he's come too...
14: Even though Krauser-san's already dead...

1: That pig...he just doesn't understand.
2: He keeps waiting thinking Krauser-san will come back...
3: Hey, pig...no matter how long you stand here, Krauser-san won't come back.
4: You're just causing problems for the owner of the hall here.
5: It may be sad, but just think of it as Krauser-san's ultimate way of teasing you.
6: Ooou!
7: This hall is the place where DMC's performed the most concerts.
8: It's the first time he performed the Fuurin Katon with the big.
9-15: Ou!
16: This is the first place he broke the record of 100 "Ou"s...
17-20: Ou
21: A countless amount of memories with Krauser-san are buried here...

1: Hey, if you know this guy, then please take him away.
2: He's been standing here for 3 days already, and it's grossing other customers out.
3: Hey...Krauser-san's gone to a place where none of us can reach him now.
4: You need to go home to your other companions.
5: Oooooon!
6: He doesn't get it...
7: You have nothing to do with DMC anymore!
8: Now just go home, you fucking pig!
9: Ouun!
10: I feel sort of sorry for him,
11: but it's for his own good.
12: He shouldn't come back again now.
13: Ouuuun!
14: The next day...
15: It's him...

1: I can't believe you're back here again, you motherfucking pig!
2: We're sick of seeing your blind faithfulness to Krauser-san...
3: Ohhh!
4: Ohhh!
5: And so, the faithful pig who continued to wait for his master,
6: became a hot topic around the concert hall.
7: That concert was great!
8: The new song was so cute!

1: Kyaaa, look, it's the pig!
2: Go away! You're disgusting!
3: Ewww, he likes it when you yell at him!
4: Goddammit, they're all sold out!
5: Ou!
6: Fucking pig!
7: Ou!
8: Haha, you're here again, you perverted old man!
9: I know you aren't really waiting for your master!
10: You just know that you'll be abused when you stand around here!
11: You just want to be satisfied!
12: You're just another sicko!!
13: Ou!

1: Pig...wanna come work at my S&M club?
2: What do you know about him?!
3: I-I'm sorry!
4: You may be able to forget about Krauser-san there.
5: Somewhere in Kanagawa Prefecture...
6: What do you think of the new one?
7: He's got a nice ass!
8: I'm going to raise him up to be the best M-Man we've got!
9: Good...I'm glad they're enjoying him...
10: Do your best!
11: Look at that dirty little gag ball you've got...I'm gonna buy you a new one!

1: Owwwww!
2: Tonight, I bestow this upon you!
3: Ouun!
4: "Testes of the Death God!" Equip it on your mouth!
5: Ouuuuun!
6: What are you doing?!
7: How fucking ade you?!
8: Kill him, please!
9: Ahhh, he's running away!
10: Waaait!
11: Uwaaah, what the hell is that?!
12: It's a perverrrt!
13-15: Ou!

1: The entranceway feels so much fresher now that he's gone...
2: Things have finally started to calm down.
3: wahh, what is that?
4: Hm?

1: H-he...
2: Pig!! Hang in there!
3: Piiig!
4: He ran all the way back here from Kanagawa!
5: What good will it do to kill yourself!
6: Hang in there, dumbass!
7: Ouuuu!
8: Piiig!
9: You think Krauser-san will be happy if you die too?!
10: It looks like it won't be long now...
11: Owner, this is his final hour!
12: At least allow him to die in the place where he has the most memories!
13: ......c'mon.

1: Well? Get onstage.
2: He's moving forward with the last of his power...
3: He's found a place where he can die...
4: I can see it...
5: Yeah.

1: Go on and let him do his worst on you...in the next world.
2: His way of life...
3: is the pride of all those who participate in metal...
4: Hoo....
5: My relaxing trip home ended in the blink of an eye...I can't believe I have another concert already...
6: My heart always gets heavy when I start to walk back here...
7: Hm?
8: You're late! I thought we agreed to be here earlier!

1: I told you to meet me in front of Pigkou! (*t/l note: There's a famous statue in Shinjuku called Hachikou, a dog who also waited for his master, that people use as a meeting spot.)
statue text: The Faithful Pigkou
2: That's Nashimoto-san...
3: But why...?
4: Woaaahhh!
5: Krauser-san's baaack!
6-7: GO TO DMC!
8: Not even Krauser-san can kill Krauser-san!
9: Woaaaahhh, the pig's there too!
10: Krauser-san brought it back up with him from Hell!
11: You're not even worthy enough to die!
12-14: Ou!
15: Look at you, acting like you enjoy it so much, pig!
16-17: Ou
18: He just died on this stage because Krauser-san teased him too long, and now it's starting all over again!

[TRACK 87 - END]

[The Faithful Pigkou]

A statue created by those who were moved by the pig who continually waited for his master, which is currently used as a popular meeting spot. Talk about Richard Gere starring as Nashimoto in a Hollywood remake entitled "NASHI - The Foreign Entertainer Pig"

[Usage Example] We can no longer keep down the voices of the people living in the area who are against the building of the Pigkou statue!

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