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Detroit Metal City 88


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 18, 2010 17:10 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 88

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tl by molokidan

1: Uuu...I don't want to.
2: I don't care if you don't want to! This is your fault for not doing it before the day of the concert, anyway.
3: At least ran your fan letters!
4: B-but, these are...
5: Uuu...
Letter 1: What kind of a place is Hell? I want to go at least once!!
letter 2: Krauser-san, please hurry up and kill me. If I die, I want to make sure it's Krauser-san who does it.
letter 3: Die die die (repeated)
letter 4: I got my hair recut into the Public Obscenity!
6: They're all obscene and insane...
7: How could I feel motivated and thankful after reading this stuff?
8: This isn't this music I want to play, nor are these the fan letters I want to read...
9: Ready, you filthy pig?
10: Okaaay...
11: Once I make my break as Negishi Souichi, the pop singer, I'll get happier, lovelier...
12: Hm?
13: This is...

1: a love letter!

To Krauser-san

The reason I write this letter to you today, Krauser-san is because I, Kuramoto Ikki would like you to hear my tale of love. Recently I found out about DMC and have been going to concerts with a certain group of people. Within that group I met

1: Within that group I met a girl named Aoi-chan,
2: Hmmm...
3: and we naturally hit it off from the start.
4: We soon started hanging out together in secret from the others.
5: Soon, I started to fall in love with her, but found out that she liked someone else.
6: Eh...but they were getting along so well...
7: Regardless, I summoned up my courage and confessed my love to her.
8: It was hard and painful, but knowing that you'll be reading this, Krauser-san, I feel much more at ease.
9: This really is too painful...
10: It looks like, however, that rape is still a distant dream for me. -Kuramoto
11: Hey, Negishi, hurry up and get ready!
12: I'm glad DMC brought someone to love, though...
13: Grotesque, boiling madness!
14: For some reason...
15: Grotesque, murder eruption!
16: I'm feeling it more than usual today...
17: Hm?

1: It's them!
2: I didn't think I'd be able to recognize them...
3: but they've been watching me from all the way back there, huh?
4: The song's over, is he gonna talk now...?
5: Agggh
6: Today's MC from Hell is about to begin!
7: About his reasons for killing people...?
8: I wanna hear...
9: I wanna hear about how he kills guys and then kills them again down in Hell...
10: H-hey, he really looks like he's gonna kill something!
11: Agh...aggggh
12: C-could it be about how he wants to kill us...?
13: Listen up...listen up, all you bastards...
14: Today,

1: we're talking about "insinuations!"
2: Oh!
3: Insinuations!
4: The creatures known as women often insinuate things to men.
5: Insinuations often make men think "Huh, this chick likes me" when in reality she really doesn't!
6: I don't like that shit.
7: Krauser-san...
8: But women would never do that to men they don't like.
9: It means they have a chance...which will certainly come!
10: Now come to me, Mad Monster!
11: This MC was so amazing I didn't even understand it!
12: W-woahhh, it's Mad Monster!
DMC Dressing Room
Entry Prohibited
C'mon in, I dare ya!

1: You do a sappy MC like that again and I'll kill you!
2: Man, the concert today was awesome!
3: Hell yeah, of course it was!
4: The MC before Mad Monster was a little confusing, though.
5: I don't really get what it was supposed to be about either... (It was too high a level!)
6: I liked it!
7: It gave me power!
8: Oh, look at Kuramoto, acting like he understood it!
9: Eh? No...
10: Calm down, Kitou-san!
11: Kuramoto probably just thought up his own interpretation.
12: Sorry.
13: Tch! Acting all smart, you newbie!
14: Fufu...

1: Kuramoto-kun...
2: I can't wait for the next concert!
3: It looks like you got some courage...I'm glad...
4: I came out of the hall together with them, so I just thought I'd follow along...
5: Krauser-san really does get possessed by a bunch of different stuff!
6: The next concert is gonna be a shaman festival!
7: I guess getting beat up by the President was worth it.
8: Hey, fuckers, what do you think Krauser-san will get possessed by next time?
9: I think it's gonna be Nobunaga.
10: Sharp as always, Kitou-san!
11: Ohhhh!
12: I think it might be a phoenix!
13: Oh, Aoi, not a bad idea!
14: Kuramoto, what about you?
15: Hmmm...
16: I wonder...

1: Maybe a cat?
2: A cat?
3: Wahaha, a cat? Yeah right, dumbass!!
4: Ahh...
5: They're laughing at him...
6: No, seriously! Cats have been revered over time as being fearsome beasts!
7: Uuuu...
8: Guess I was wrong...
9: Kuramoto-kun!
10: Woaaaahhh!
11: He's here!
12: It's the Yamato Orochi!
13: Run, we'll be swallowed up!
14: The entire orochi has possessed him!
15: Ohhh, next up is...
16: Gggh!
17: Igggghh!
18: What's gonna be next?!

1: Mrrrrrroooooow!
2: Eh...?
3: What?!
4: A-a cat?
5: Purrrr
6: Krauser-san...
7: Why a cat of all things?!
8: Hissssssssssssss!
9: Woahh!
10: Even if this is a Bakeneko...
11: K-Krauser-san...
12: Don't you think you've been acting a bit weird lately?
13: Could it be...a slump?

1: That sure was some cat, Kuramoto-kun!
2: You must have a little demon in your blood!
3: Heheheh!
4: Fufu...we did it, Kuramoto-kun!
5: I was beat up by the President again and lost some reputation with my fans,
6: but if I don't work hard for kids like you, I'll really become a worthless musician.
7: Hey Kuramoto, you're from Toyama Prefecture, aren't you?
8: Eh? Yes.
9: The only thing that's abundant in Toyama is mountains! That's so lame!! (*t/l: The characters for Toyama are abundant and mountains)
10: There's nothing demonic about being from Toyama!
11: Y-yeah, you're right...
12: It seems like a nice place though...
13-14: GO TO DMC!
15: Woahhh, that's...
16: the DMC Person-Letters from Hell...
17: What's Krauser-san's MC going to be like today?!
18: Ahhhhhh!
19: It's...

1: Toyama Prefecture's symbol...
2: Toyama's mountains are acting as the M...
3: Wahh!
4: That's awesome!
5: Fuga...
6: Fugahh!
7: I think Krauser-san really is in a slump after all...
8: Even the greatest of geniuses get them...
9: Overall he's still the best, though.
10: I was so surprised to see Toyama tonight! It was crazy!
11: Kitou-san went home so quickly afterwards!
12: Here's your shake.
13: Yeah, it really gave me confidence!
14: Aoi-chan, how would you like to come to Toyama some time?
15: Ehhhh?

1: Fufu...looks like you're gaining more and more confidence, Kuramoto--kun.
2: Keep it up, keep it up...
3: Ah, I just mean if you're interested...
4: I'd like to watch a concert from the front row, just one time. It seems like you can catch a lot of Krauser-san's spit that way.
5: I was beat up by the President again today, and betrayed a lot of the fans' expectations...
6: But none of that matters right now.
7: My music is giving birth to love between two people.
8: Krauser-san's spit brings good fortune, you know.
9: Ok, then if I catch Krauser-san's spit at the next concert...I want to ask you something, Aoi-chan!!
10: Eh?
11: Whaat?
12: Eh? Could it be, Kuramoto-kun...?
13: No...errr...
14: If I catch some spit...

1: you'll go out with me so that I can rape you.
2: Eh?
3: Kuramoto-kun...
4: Aoi-chan...
5: I dunno, though...
6: You can't catch spit unless you get really close to Krauser-san...it's dangerous...
7: No, trust me...I said all that with full understanding of the risks, Aoi-chan.
8: Even if I don't catch any, it's not like I'll die.
9: And besides, lately, it seems like Krauser-san...

1: has been in a slump anyway.
2: Oh really?
3-4: GO TO DMC!
5: Ahhhh, the spit!
6: This is the Spider's Thread!
7: Climb it!
8: Climb and reach Krauser-san!
9: I'm gonna grab it!!
10: No, wait!

1: It's a trap!!
2: U...uwaahhhh!
3: Hiieeeee!
4: Poor bastard got caught!
5: He must be a newbie!!
6: He isn't worthy of becoming anything like a sacrifice!
7: Hyaaaa, my clothes!
8: The preparations are complete!
9-10: Ou!
11: Krauser-san is arousing the pig more than usual!
12: Ou!
13: Good boy, good boy...
14: Hiiieeee!
15: T-this is bad...
16: Here it comes!

1: The pig's mating!!
2-7: Ou
8-9: Hiieeeee!
10: As a DMC fan, that's the worst possible humiliation...
11: It's too frightening...
12: If it was me, I'd drop dead!
13: That's horrible!
14: Serves ya right!
15: This is too hardcore! Who said Krauser-san was in a slump?!
16-17: GO TO DMC!
18: The Demon King would never fall into something like that!
19: And so...
20: Kuramoto returned to Toyama.
21: I hope...I don't have any pig children...

[TRACK 88 - END]


A type of mammal. According to trusted sources, the possibility that this creature is the source of the country's beloved character "Doraemon" is very high. The publisher of this book, Hakusensha, and the publisher of "Doraemon," Shogakukan, are part of the same Hitotsubashi Group...can you still doubt this revolutionary piece of information, even now?

[Usage Example] Cats eat catsup (lol)

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